when darkness meets light (Episode 2)

Thanks guys for huge support and it’s my second time I am uploading…due to some technical errors..

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In India
The crowd starts to shout…Abhi..Abhi..Abhi waves his hand. He says I am so happy that many of my fans really wanted to love me..marry me but sorry guys..I am already married..and thanks guys for your support in my bad times too…the crowd chears him

In Paris
ADITI was watching abhi’s concert in tv.she too shouts abhi…and pragya comes there by her voice.
Pragya: why are you shouting like this…baby
ADITI : mumma ,my rockstar Is performing
Raglak comes there…
RAGINI: tday di is going to shout her..
Laksh: ya you are correct. .poor girl
RAGINI asked him to do something
PRAGYA looks at aditi .she ask why are you pampering him all time.
ADITI : I like him mumma…see how sweet he is
Pragya: you don’t know about him.
ADITI : you know about him mumma and winks at her
PRAGYA looks at her in anger.
Laksh comes saying he is my friend princess.
PRAGYA looks at him
ADITI : really chachu…can you take me to him
PRAGYA shouts aditi …will you stop talking about him…aditi was shocked by her anger and was about to cry but ragini hugs her and takes her in arms.ADITI placed her head on her shoulders and starts to cry.PRAGYA says I am leaving.

In India
Abhi was on his way to home when a small girl stopped him.he smiles at her.the girl asked him for his autograph…Abhi kneels down before her and signs.and leaves to mm

In mm
In abhi’s room
Abhi was there thinking when purab comes.
Purab: abhi…what are you thinking
Abhi: whom I gonna think..it’s about them.
Purab: abhi…
Abhi:she would have grown up n.a…
Purab: ha 4 years old
Abhi: oh..do you know her name
Purab: why you suddenly asking these questions..
Abhi : tell me n.a.
Purab: aditi
Abhi: ya I know she would have kept aditi as she was saying that when aditi was inside her
Purab: abhi…please you have to
Abhi: do you have her photo. .
PURAB says wait …and takes his phone and gives him.it’s photo where aditi,ragini,laksh and pragya are there
Abhi: oh..so cute ..and she is like pragya..and she ..she changed a lot.
I am not a good son,not a good husband nor father and you know first time when doctor gave me …I hold her n.a…an was so small..and i was fulfilled by her. .Ifelt complete when I hold her.she smilled at me purab and cried a little bit too…
Purab: you are having more love for pragya di but why you asked her a divorce
Abhi says I am not a right person for her purab …that’s it leave…

In Paris.
PRAGYA was working and she was busy too when ragini called her
Ragini: di are you busy
Pragya” ya ragini ..I am she said by looking at laptop.
RAGINI : di actually aditi is having fever.she can’t even able to stand.you don’t worry me and laksh will take her to hospital.
Pragya: what …but how..no I am coming home with doctor.but is she now
Ragini: she is lying behind me ..you wanna talk to her
RAGINI gives the phone to aditi
ADITI says mumma in sad tone. ..PRAGYA broken down by her voice
Pragya: are you feeling bad baby for what I said in morning.
Aditi: no mumma ..you were right ..I am sorry…I need you mumma ..please come soon n.a..PRAGYA says ha baby mumma id coming and leaves from office

While pragya in car thinks that nowadays I am not caring about aditi.because of me she is week and blames her…

In Pragya’S room
While pragya enters the doctor was checking aditi. She was lying by keeping her head on ragini’s lap.PRAGYA could not see her like this. Laksh was standing beside him.PRAGYA simply sits beside ADITI
ADITI after seeing pragya she rolled towards pragya and pragya too hugs her.
ADITI : I missed you mumma
Doctor: arey aditi are you sleeping at right Time or not
ADITI : ya aunty I slept yesterday with my mumma only
Doctor: but beta you need more rest
Laksh: I said n.a. aditi
ADITI jumps to him and he takes her in his arms.he kissed her cheeks.at says chachu…you know n.a….I want to see mumma before I sleep
Doctor: okay I am leaving.PRAGYA come with me

On the way ,doctor says pragya really ADITI needs you .she needs only you and your love. There is a difference for a third person and mother.I know laksh takes care but she need you..I hope you understand and leaves …
Pragya thinks about her words..
Thanks guys for your support and keep supporting.

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