From Darkness To Light (Swasan) By Neha Epi 16

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Episode 16
Ragini and Swara comes out from hospital..
Swara, tell me where do u want to go??
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar!!
Ragini thinks who was this Sanksar…
She thinks about Sanky…
“Is he is that Sanskar?? Noo Ragini.. They are many sanskars in this world.. And if he knew Swara,
when I said I’m going home for Swara, then he should have reacted hearing Swara name.. But he
was normal.. So I guess he is not that Sanskar..but il just ask him! No no Ragini, don’t tell anyone
about Swara.. Again she will be in trouble..

(She keeps on thinking as she is soo confused)
Ragini: (smiles) Swara, come lets go home.. Today will spend time at home.. We can have fun, lets
cook our favourite foods.. Okay??
Swara: but Sanskar… (she cries)
Ragini: Swaraa… I’m sorry, Sanskar went out.. He is busy, he will come definitely..
(She gets an idea and smiles)
Ragini: Swara you know what?? Sanskar told me that… If u cry, then He won’t meet you.. And he
wants you to smile all the time.. Then he said he will meet you and he also said that he will bring
many gifts..
Swara: really?? Okay!
Ragini: (smiles) hmm.. Come lets go home!
They keep walking, Ragini watches pani puri stall and gets excited..
Ragini: Swaraa, come lets have panipuri..
(She holds her hand and takes her)
Ragini : swara you know I’m a crazy fan of pani Puri.. But in Singapore we won’t get it.. I missed
pani Puri for many years..
Swara: (smiles) pani Puri?? What is that?
ragini: you don’t know?? Come il make you to eat it!!
She takes her near pani Puri stall… She starts having it and gives it even to Swara!!
Ragini: Swara did u like it??
Swara: Itss so spicy!!
Swara: (smiles) Angel?? Sanskar kept that name for
And she puts the Kajol and maskara to make her look bigger and beautiful.. She applies red lipstick
to her sweet lips..
As soon as she applies lipstick she starts licking it!

Ragini (laughs) swara, don’t lick ur lipstick!!
Swara looks at Ragini confusingly
She takes her near the mirror
Swara looks herself in the mirror and gets happy!!
Swara: (jumps with excitement) is that me??
Ragini gets stunned to see her saying her like that.. She fees so pity for her life she’s leading!! She
looks at her lovingly and hugs her…
Ragini: Swara your so so so beautiful!!!now ur looking so cute like an angel!!
Swara: (smiles) Angel?? You know Sanskar used to say that I’m an angel!
Ragini gets happy seeing her so excited whenever she uses the word Sanskar!
Ragini: Swara tell me onething, you like Sanskar??
Swara: (smiles) Yess!! I like Sanskar soo much.. He is my best friend..he kept my name as Angel!!
Ragini smiles and looks at her lovingly..Nd she understands that Sanksar kept her name as Angel..
Swara again goes near the mirror and looks herself in the mirror,
Swara gets happy and she looks at Ragini and kisses her cheeks!!
Swara: Thankyou for making me smiling!!
Ragini hugs her seeing her innocence..
Ragini: Swara, I don’t understand why those 2 ladies are trying to kill such an innocent girl like u..
What will they get! But don’t worry.. I’m with you.. Your like my sister… I’m there to protect my
She hugs her and cries remembering how Kaveri and Kavitha planned to kill her..she gets angry and
looks at Swara and cups her face
Ragini: (cups her face) whatever circumstances comes I will never leave you Swara! We might not
be sisters of same blood.. But our relation is meant with heart.. Let us be ‘SWARAGINI’ together!!!
Swara : (smiles) swaragini??

Ragini: (wipes her tears and smiles) Yess.. Swara.. Swara+Ragini is swaragini…
Swara gets happy and gets excited hearing the new name..
Swara: but my name is Angel.. Not Swara.. Sanskar said my name is Angel.. Nd he used to say that
I’m an Angel and I’m Jesus child!!
Ragini: hahaha Swara.. Ur so innocent.. And you know what May be ur Sanskar’s angel.. That’s why
he kept that name for u..I think I don’t have right to call like that:. So from today il call you Swara
Swara: (smiles) I’m only Sanskar’s Angel?
Ragini: Yaaa!!
Swara: when will Sanksar come??
Ragini: he will come!! Until then you should smile like this?
Swara: okay!
They both talk to each other for sometime!

Sanskar goes to a ajay’s house… Ajay is not at home..
He calls Ajay.,.
Ajay: sanskar I came out.. Just wait for 10mins I’m coming! Stay in my room..
Sanskar: okay dude take ur own time!!
He cuts the call when he was about to go to his room.. He remembers his Angel.. And goes to
He looks at the door, which was opened.. He remembers what all happened and gets sad..
He goes to Raj terrace… And goes inside her room..
He looks at the window, how Swara used to wait for him near the window..
His eyes are filled with tears, he goes near the window and puts his hands outside of it, like how
Swara used to touch his face when he used to come to meet her…
He gets emotional and cries reminding Swara.. He takes out his mobile and looks at her pic..
Suddenly he hears a sound!!
He looks back.. It was rosy!!
Rosy: sanskar, what r u doing here??
Sanskar doesn’t answer her, Nd he caresses Swara’s face in his mobile!
Rosy: sanskar, I know ur angry at us, I’m sorry.. I couldn’t save my Beti..
(She cries remembering Swara)
Sanskar: (cries) I’m not angry at you aunty, but j won’t leave Raj and that lady.. How could they kill
her, she don’t know anything, she just know how to smile..
She don’t know anything!! Why God is punishing her?? She trust Jesus so much na, how could he
do that to her? How can he take her with him!!
I won’t leave them aunty.. Even You all are a part in ruining her life.. But I’m leaving you because my
angel loves u.. But I won’t leave that Raj!!
Rosy: no Sanskar, plz don’t punish Raj.. Infact Raj saved her life long back when Kaveri was about
to kill her!!
Sanskar: what??
Rosy: yes Sanskar, after kidnapping her, Kaveri thought to kill her long back, but seeing such a
small kid, Raj dint allow.. Even he likes her Sanskar, but situation made him like that.. Plz forgive
Sanskar: Kaveri?? Who is she? Why does she want to kill Angel??
Rosy: I don’t know Sanskar, but after that new girl told the truth about Beti, then Kaveri decided to
kill her!
At that time Ajay comes to the terrace searching for Sanskar.. He watches Sanskar talking to rosy..
And goes to them..
Ajay: Sankar ur here? I was searching for u!! Come lets go to our room…
Sanskar leaves looking at the room..
Ajay room:
Ajay: sanskar, what’s happening to u??
She’s no more Sanskar, I’m happy because atleast before she died, she has enjoyed her little life
because of u…Or else she would never enjoy anything in her life!! May be God sent us to make her
life happy atleast in these days..
Sanskar: but what about me Ajay?? If God sent me to make her life happy, even he sent her to make
my life happy.. But how can he take her in the middle..
U don’t know Ajay, I was very happy when she’s around me.. Her heart is pure, we can’t find any sort
of hatred in her.. Who is like that in these days??
I couldn’t save her in time Ajay.. That’s killing me!!

He gets frustrated and looks up seeing the stars and moon..
He remembers how she used to play with the moon thinking that the moon is following her…
He gets tears in his eyes..
Sanskar: Ajay, look at that moon just few days back she used to play with that moon, thinking that
the moon is following her… And today, she’s with that moon..
Ajay notices his tears..
Ajay: sanskar, plz don’t cry!! We Will meet some and will lose some.. This is all a part of life..
Sanksar: but i don’t know why Ajay, I always want to see her smile, but this all happened in a
fraction of second I missing her soo much… Her innocence her smile.. I always thought to make
her be with me.. In my house… That Too in front of me always.. She became so important for
me..not only me even my family..
How can I tell my mom and Uttara about her..
Ajay: Noo Sanskar, plz don’t tell them.. They will slowly forget her.. Plzz Sanskar..
Sanskar: Kk.. Nd Yaa Ajay.. How can u tell to Kavitha about Angel.. When ur telling me not to tell
anyone why did u tell Kavitha?
Ajay: (confused) I told?
Sanskar: Yaa.. Today morning, Kavitha consoled me about Angel.. How will she know when you
don’t tell her ?
Ajay confused..
Ajay: wait a minute.. I never told Kavitha about anything, I don’t even have her contact number
dude.. I dint tell her?? How will she know??
Sanskar: (shocked) what?? Then who told Kavitha about it?
Ajay: I don’t know.. How could she know Sanskar?? This is impossible.. Only, you me, rosy aunty,
Raj, that lady and some new girl.. Except us.. No one knows it!!
They both start thinking… Suddenly… They both look at each other shockingly..
And both shout at a same time
Sanskar and Ajay: is that new girl Kavitha??
Sanskar: Noo Ajay.. Kavitha?? No!! I know about her.. She can’t do that, why will she try to kill her,
we can’t blame her..
Ajay: no Sanskar, why can’t she be that girl.. Only Uttara and Kavitha can inform about Angel.. How
can someone inform that lady…Uttara doesn’t do that, because she likes Angel.. Nd Kavitha has a
problem with Angel, that day she scolded Angel..

Sanskar gets tensed and think about the situation how kavitha scolded Angel.. He gets doubt on
Kavitha… His face is filled with sweat..
Sanskar: may be ur right.. But how is this possible? What if we are wrong??
Ajay: what if we are right?
Sanskar gets tensed.. He gets angry and thinks about kavithas words.. Suddenly he gets an idea
and runs to meet rosy…
Ajay: sanskar, where r u going?
Sanskar: I want to meet rosy aunty, may be she can help us..
They go to terrace… They watch rosy sitting in Swara’s room and crying thinking about her Beti…
Sanskar runs towards her…
Sanskar: aunty.. We need ur help!!

Rosy gets shock seeing him again
Rosy: what’s it?
Sanskar: can you plz find out who is that new girl, who helped Kaveri..
Rosy: but how can I? I don’t about that girl..
Sanksar: il send her picture to you, ask Raj, whether she is the one.. Plz do this help to us.. Nd I
promise I will leave Raj..
Rosy gets happy and accepts it!!
She goes down to talk to Raj.. Sanskar and Ajay follows her..
Raj and rosy room:
As soon as rosy comes in.. Raj tries to speak with her..
Raj: rosy, I’m sorry.. Plz talk to me!
Rosy: I will talk to u, but one condition..
Raj: what’s That?
Rosy: I want to know who is that girl who informed Kaveri about my Beti.. How dare she does that??
I won’t leave her Raj.. Tell me who is that girl??
Raj: I don’t know about her, if I can see her face then I can tell u…
Rosy: I have pics of some photographs, cause I have doubt on our neighbours.. Tell me if that girl is
from that pic!!!
Raj: Kk.. I will tell..
Sanskar and Ajay gets happy…
Rosy shows Kaveri pic..
Raj gets shock seeing her…
Raj: yes she is the one rosy.. She came with Kaveri.. She even cried meeting beti.. She talked to her
for some time And she left running from here!
Sanksar is shocked to know that the girl was Kavitha.. His eyes are filled with tears.. They are
completely speechless…
When they were about to go.. Raj continues talking while Sanksar listen them..
Raj: I felt sad for Swara, when they were taking her..
Sanskar and Ajay are shocked to hear the name Swara…Even rosy..
Sanskar and Ajay: Swara??
Rosy: Swara?? Who is Swara Raj?
Raj: ur Beti real name is Swara..
Rosy: Swara?? (She gets happy) my Beti name is Swara?? But why did you kidnap her Raj? Atleast
tell me now? Plz?
Raj: I will tell u everything rosy, but don’t tell this to anyone… Swara is my friend Shekar Gadodia’s
daughter!! This Kaveri is shekars relative.. She kidnapped Swara for some revenge..
Sanskar is shocked.. His mind is full blank!!
Shekar uncle daughter??? Is she Swara?? Angel is Swara??
He is completely mute..
He just leaves from there.. And starts crying!!
Ajay: sanskar what happen?
Sanksar: Swara, Swara is Laksh sister??
Ajay: what??
Sanskar: yes!! Angel is Swara!! That means Swara dint die.. They kidnapped her.. Oh god! Angel is
Swara.. Nd now they killed her.. How can I couldn’t save her Ajay.. She is Swara!!
He cries on his knees… He was heart broken…
Her remembers all the time he spent with her..
Sanskar: Swara is with me these many days… That day.. On Holi… Shomi was soo worried for
Angel.. That’s because of mothers love Ajay.. God showed Swara to her mom.. And today he again
seperated..But how can Kavitha do This?? Did she knew what she did?? Did she knew that she is
her sister? I won’t leave her Ajay I will tel this to Laksh I hate her..
He shouts loudly
Ajay: sanskar cool down!! First ask Kavitha, talk to her!!
Sanskar: okay.. Il talk to her now itself.. I won’t leave her today
He leaves
Episode ends

Sanskar tells truth to AP.. AP slaps Kavitha..

Credit- Neha
Guys should i complete this ff first then start the new ff’s or should i post all the ff’s.
If u guys want all the ff’s then the schedule for the ff’s will be like this.
Today the prologue of the ff’s then from tom i ll be posting 1 ff and on day after tom another. I ll be posting FDTL everyday.
Plz tell ur views…….

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