From darkness to light (Episode 7)


Episode 7

next day :

laksh is back to singapore..

early morning :
he wake up, he gets fresh up and read the newspaper, he gets shocked to see ragini pic in the newspaper.. as she has got the best designer award…

laksh smiles looking at her pic.. as he dint expect she will win..
he continues reading that news.. where rgini gave a statement to her success..

ragini: im so happy today, my dream came true.. this is because my family and there is an other person, who gave my life back to me.. i don’t know his name, but i met him in the flight, and due to my negligence i left my file.. i got to know that when i reached my destination.. i was heart broken to know that my deisngs were missing.. But to my surprise, that person helped me by giving my file to me… I’m very very thankful to him!!

laksh reads the news and smiles.. nd he thinks..
these girls are really mad..

he closes the newspaper and goes to meet kavitha…

kavitha room:
he watches her sleeping, he goes towards her and kisses her forehead,

laksh : good morning kavitha
kavitha: opens her eyes, seeing him he starts crying and hugs him…

laksh is shocked..

laksh: kavitha what happened?? why r u crying?
kavitha: bhai, sanskar doesn’t love me.. he doesn’t care for me..

laksh: what??
kavitha: yess bhai. he doesn’t have time for me.. he is always busy with his works.. (she tells him what happened)

laksh looks at her and starts laughing…

laksh: kavitha… dont u think its so silly?? i mean this matter.. sanksar already said ryt, he has meetings this week… his working hard for his company… so don’t disturb him, you know about him right, he is straight forward, nd he only speaks true.. he won’t hide anything to us.. i know about him completely… don’t worry kavi…

kavi: dont support ur frnd all the time bhai.. he dint even call me after that.. he knows that I’m angry on him.. he dint even call once after our fight..

laksh: hmm kavitha, why dint u call him??? why can’t u keep ur ego aside.. u should adjust!! when he dint do anything wrong why should he say sorry, u disturbed him while he is in meeting, so u say sorry…

kavitha: never… let me see how many days he will stay without talking to me..

saying this she again sleeps covering her face..

laksh: oooofff!!! thank god I’m not in love with anyone.. these girls are bigggg cracks!! example my sister… i don’t know how sanskar will bear her…

he smiles!!!



sanskar still sleeping…

he dreams about his angel.. her smile, her face, her hair.. he can’t even forget tat in his sleep… he smiles remembering his dream.. suddenly he hears shouting voice… it was kavitha…
he suddenly wakes up..

sanskar: ohhh god!! sanksar how can u forget about kavitha?? u dint even call her.. ohh god! u should cool her now.. ssanskar ur dead if u don’t try to convince her.. cause all her kavithas party!!

he immediately calls kavitha…seeing his call kavitha gets happy.. bu she shows her stunt by not lifting her calls…

laksh notice her calls and tells her to lift the call…

kavitha first denies but later lifts it!!

sanskar: kavi im so sorry… i know I’ve hurted u so much.. I’m very sorry!!

kavi: (smiles) its k sanskar, i forgive u, but next time don’t repeat this!!

sanskar: (smiles) okay madam!!!

they both talk for sometime…

sanskar: kk kavitha, i should get ready for office, il talk to u later
kaitha: ooff again office.. Kk but lift my call when I call u…

sanskar: okay!!

he cuts the call and gets ready!!!


swara room:

she looks throughout the window, and talks to her friends, birds, butterfly

she remembers how she enjoyed in the sea.. she looks at the sun and speaks…

swara: yellow sun, u go fast and send ur friend yellow moon soon… today my friend will take me to sea, i can play with water again..

she eagerly waits for night to come..

raj is talking with kaveri on call…
she tells him something..
raj cuts the call and looks worried… rosy watches him!!

rosy: raj what happened?
raj: tomorrow morning kaveri is coming to meet swara…
rosy : (shocked) what?? raj will she take her tomorrow??

raj: no i guess, may be she’s coming to see her..

rosy is scared…
raj: why r u tensed???

rosy: i know if she comes she will definitely beat her.. she’s not kid raj, she’s big now!!!!! its not good to beat girls mostly at this age.. plz stop her from beating!!

raj: im helpless rosy.. I’m sorry …

he leaves!!
rosy gets sad thinking about swara, and she goes to her room.. she watches swara playing with the birds..

she gets sad looking at her, her eyes are filled with tears..

swara looks at her and smiles..
swara: rosy ma, when did u come??

rosy goes towards her and hugs her..
swara: (smiles) did i made you smile??

rosy: kya?
swara: you hugged me na??

rosy gets overwhelmed and hugs her and kisses her..
rosy: ya beti.. you are my life, you gave me lots of happiness coming into my life, but I’m not a good mother, I’m not saving my daughter.. I’m so helpless..
i want you to be happy beti..

she kisses her forehead!!

she makes her sleep on her lap, and caresses her hair… As soon as she starts caressing Swara sleeps happily on her lap…

Rosy thinks..
I know that Kaveri will torture her, I think she’s coming to take her.. How can I stay without my Beti..I want her to be happy.. I should do something.. I can’t allow them to leave her on the road.. How will she live?? This world is full of evil, will this world give her peace?? It’s better to make her stay here in front of me without any problems…

She cries looking at her!!!


Kavitha frnd comes to meet her…

Kavitha: Hii Archana!!
Archana: hello Kavitha…
They both talk for sometime…
Kavith: soo Archana, ur so lucky to get such a life partner, Sudeep is soo good..

Archana: don’t take boys so easily Kavitha.. They may be good in front of us…u know I have doubt on my husband that he has an affair with his collegue.. These girls na, they will trap boys easily.. We can’t trust them!! I hate such girls!! I don’t have peace of mind Kavitha!!

Kavitha: ?what?? Affair?? Thankgod I don’t need to worry about my Sanksar, because he only loves me!!
(She gets happy)

Archana: achaaa!! Let’s see…

They both spend sometime talking about their life!!

Sanskar is in call..
Sanskar: I don’t know what you do, I want her to work in our company.. Our company needs her!!

Person: okay sir!!

He cuts the call..
Sanskar is busy in his work.. After some time Kavitha calls him..

Sanskar lifts the call…

Kavitha: hello darling, what’s up??
Sanskar: Nothing, just checking files.. What about you??
Kavitha: sanskar,, today I met my friend.. You know I told them about u… I was just praising you…She is soo excited to meet you.. Nd shes coming to India for her cousin marriage…she invited us for the party… We both are main! When I reach India we will meet her okay??

Sanskar: hahah lol!! Next week na Kavitha.. We can think about that later…

Kavitha: arey Sanskar, we need to have planning.. We should plan before itself.. How can u plan in Nick of a time…That’s impossible!!

Sanksar: hahah but u know about me right, I like to do the things at a time what comes in my mind.. If we plan and think before those won’t workout!!

Kavitha: Hahha achaa!! But I’m there na, don’t worry.. I will make it workout!!

Sanskar: hmm okay!!
(At that time lady PA comes)

PA: excuse me sir,

Sanskar: Yess!
PA: sir we talked with that lady, she accepted our proposal to work in our company..
Sanksar: wow that’s great.. Nice work!! Thankyou so much!!
Pa: it’s my pleasure sir!!
Sanskar: so from when she’s joining..
PA: tomorrow she’s coming to India…and she asked 3 days time.. To settle!!

SanskAr: okay!! She’s from Singapore?? Kk, do onething give her our company flat, company car..

PA: okay sir…

She leaves… Kavitha listens to their conversation!! Nd remembers Archana words… She feels jealous!!

Kavitha: sanskar, why r u giving her flat and car.. What’s so necessary??
Sanskar: Kavitha this is business.. Our company needs her.. She’s a great designer!! We need her Kavitha.. Nd she’s not from India.. So she’s our responsibility now…

Kavitha: I don’t know what u do Sanksar.. I don’t like you giving her more importance!! What if she takes advantage.. You don’t know about them Sanskar.. These girls are soo cunning they will trap u.. I don’t want to loose you…

Sanksar: hahaha Kavitha.. Nothing like that..
Kavitha: sanskar I don’t want that girl to join In ur company.. Do something to stop her.. This is final!!

Sanksar: Kavitha don’t joke okay!!
Kavitha: no Sanksar, I’m serious.. I just don’t want her, if at al she’s important than me then okay.. Don’t talk to me..

Sanskar is shocked..
Sanskar: ?Kavitha r u mad?? What’s happening to u?? Why r u behaving soo strange these days??
Kavitha: sanskar I’m possessive!! I can’t see you with some other girl.. Ur only mine!! If I see a girl around u I will kill her..

Sanskar: Kavitha, u can’t be like that.. Now I’m working, I need to talk to different people.. They will be ladies too.. U can’t kill all of them ryt?? Hahahah

Kavitha: haha very funny!!! I’m just warning u Sanskar… By d way tell me onething… If I talk to a boy won’t u feel jealous??

Sanksar: hahah lol.. Why will I be jealous?? I will never feel jealousy.. I’m totally free Kavitha.. I gave u freedom.. But only until marriage.. After that u be with my mom, u don’t need to do job.. Be happy!!

Kavitha: what?? U mean after marriage will be here??

Sanksar: Yess!!
Kavitha: Noo Sanksar.. Wil stay alone.. I love to stay in abroad..that life is different.. Will stay in US!

Sanksar: ?what?? US?? Noo way Kavitha.. I want to look after my parents.. How can I leave them

Kavith: ? Sanksar, even I’m leaving my Parents and coming na.. I already told I’m not at all a sentimental girl.. I like to live my life happily.. Why do u always say family family?? Let us enjoy..
(She keeps talking while Sanksar gets angry)

Sanksar: ?Kavitha plzz cut the call.. Nd plz don’t disturb me, I don’t feel like talking to u.. I never expected u to be like this.. I’m sorry if ur hurt!! Nd plz never think to separate me from my family… If this you want I don’t want u too.. Bye!!

He cuts the call…
He gets irritated.. Nd thinks..
How can she think like that…. Why can’t she be like a family girl.. My mom loves her soo much.. In fact all supports her.. And how can she think to take me far from everyone…This is too much!! I’m not at all liking it!!

He gets soo frustrated..
What’s happening to me?? I’m soo restless..
He closes his eyes…

He remembers his Angel.. He suddenly opens his eyes..

Arey it’s already 9:00… I should meet her, I think she will be waiting for me..
Instead of thinking about the fight with Kavitha, let me spend sometime with Angel.. I will get some peace of mind too..

He leaves..


swara waits for sanksar, as she is soo excited to go to sea!! she starts singing her songs.. and entertains herself!!

sanskar goes to meet swara,
Ajay: sanksar shall I come with u??
Sanksar: no dude.. U be here.. I saw Raj down.. If u be here u can give us some updates…
Ajay: okay.. But where r u taking her??

Snaksar: to the lake view!! She will like Taft place..

Ajay: okay dude… Careful…

Snaksar Goes near her room…he hears her songs and smiles.. he slowly goes near her room, and again takes the keys… and opens the door!!

seeing him coming swara gets happy and gets excitd and smiles!!

sanskar: angel.. I’m back!!
swara smiles…

swara: I’m waiting for u..
sanskar: waiting for me??
swara: yess!!! i want to meet sea, i want to play with the water again..

sanskar: (smiles) sure.. but not sea.. we are going to a park.. you know it will be beautiful, we can go for a night boating…

swara: smiles…

he again takes her out.. nd they reach the place.. it was just a park with a big kind of lake , only for boating!! and a garden place!!


swara looks at the big garden around her and gets so excited.. she runs near the garden!!!

sanksar looks at her happy face and smile..
sanskar: angel careful!!

swara: it’s so nice.. so big flowers!!
friend, here they are so many red roses.. this is so nice..

sanskar: (smiles) u liked it???
swara: yes!

sanksar: angel, come will go inside, will go for a boat ride.. that will be very nice.. later u can play in this garden!!

he holds her hand and takes her inside!!

she watches many things around her.. she was so surprised to see such a beautiful creation!!

she smiles looking at it!!

They go near the lake… Seeing the water she gets soo excited…

Swara: (smiles) sea??? (She looks at Sanksar)

Sanskar: smiles) Noo Angel!! It’s not sea it’s a lake..

While they were talking.. They see a batch of students who came for boat ride..

Seeing them Swara gets tensed and she again holds Sanskar hands and closes her eyes with fear..

Sanskar smiles seeing her…
Sanskar: Angel.. They won’t do anything to u.. They r even our friends,

Swara: friends??
Snaksar: Yaa new friends.. They won’t harm you… Okay!!

He keeps his hand on her shoulder, and takes her,

They get inside a boat..Nd even those students sit opposite to them..

Boat starts moving… With that jerk she holds his hands…as she was bit tensed…but when it starts going bit fast.. She started enjoying!!!

Swara gets soo excited… Sanskar shows her some lights of the houses, She looks around and smiles…

She totally gets involved in it!!
At that time she notices the moon… Wherever the boat is going she watches the moon also coming back of them..
She smiles and keeps watching it…

The college students keeps staring at her…they were 8 students.. 5girls and 3 boys.. They talk about Swara!!

1 boy: arey look at that girl, she’s soo beautiful na!!
2 boy: Yaaa the way she’s smiling she soo cute…

Even the girls watches her and goes near her..
Girls: hello!! Woww soo cute u are!!

Swara gets tensed seeing them and hugs Sanskar..Nd turns her face…

Sanksar smiles and caresses her hair…Nd cups her face..

Sanksar: Angel, talk to them.. They won’t do anything..

Girls are surprised to see her fear…
Girls: arey why r u scared??

Sanksar: actually, she’s scared of things.. Nd she’s soo innocent..

Girl: arey don’t worry.. We won’t do anything…we are your new friends okay??

Swara slowly turns her face and looks at them.. She still hugs Sanskar…

Girl: so friends??
Swara smiles looking at them..

Girl: woww soo cute…(she starts pulling her cheeks)

All girls comes near her and starts talking to her…

Swara too smiles and looks at Sanksar..

Girls talk to Sanksar…
Girl: can we take her to our place??

Sanksar feels uncomfortable when they ask him like that.. As he know his Angel can’t be free with them..

Sanksar looks at Swara’s face…she sleeps on his shoulder holding his hands tightly!!
Snaksar holds her hands…

Sanskar: nooo actually, she’s scared… Let her be here!! If u want u can talk here itself!!

Girls: okay…
They starts talking to her… Even boys join her..

Boy: Hii beautiful what’s ur name??
Swara: (stammers) A.n.g.e.l!!

Sanksar smiles looking at her, as she remembered her name..

All looks at the way she’s talking.. And look each other faces…they understood that she’s very innocent!!

Boy: Wowww Angel!! U really look like an angel.. That suited u well!!

And all boys started calling her Angel.. Nd they give her some chocolates…slowly Swara gets used to them!! And starts being free with them…

At that time Sanksar gets call from Ajay…he goes some distance and talks with him.. Nd he keeps looking at his Angel..

Ajay: sanskar, just now Raj and his wife went out.. U can come slowly no problem!!
Sanksar: Thankyou dude..
He keeps on talking … Nd keeps on looking at her !

Taking this as an advantage all boys starts making her laugh.. And keeps calling her Angel!!
Hey Angel look there!!, hey Angel.. Do u want this??
They keep on repeating the name Angel..

Sanksar gets angry listening to the word Angel form there mouth!! He looks at them angrily… He feels jealous when everyone calling her Angel!! He goes near Swara, and keeps his hand on her shoulder… Swara looks at him and smiles…

Sanskar: okay guys, nice meeting u all.. We reached.. Nd we should go now!!

Boys: (smiles) nice meeting u too bro!!
Nd bye Angel!!

Sanskar again gets angry.. Nd he looks at them angrily…

Finally they reached the place and they get down…

All those students leaves…
Swara and Sanksar walks holding each other hands!! He looks at Swara’s face.. She was soo happy!!

Sanksar: Angel!! Did u liked it??
Swara: Yess!!
Sanksar: Come now will go to the garden place..

They both walk.. Again Swara notices the moon following her… And smiles..

They reach the garden!!

She started running again and turns around… Looking the flowers… Nd nice cool breeze hitting her face making her face look soo glowing and fresh!!

Sanskar stares at her and Sits on the grass looking at her playing .. He thinks..
“Angel who r u?? Why r u in that room?? Who r ur parents??
I want to help u out.. I want you to meet ur parents… But don’t know anything about them.. Are they Alive??

He keeps thinking… At that time, Swara agin watches the moon… And starts moving front looking at the moon… She notice moon following her… She smiles and go backwards… Again moon follows her…

She starts laughing loudly!! Her laugh makes him coming back to his sense…
He looks at Swara..

She starts turning around laughingly…

Sanskar: Angel why are you laughing??
Swara: (looks at Sanskar) I’m soo happy!! That moon.. Is my best friend!!

Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar: Angel, come here!!
She goes near him…she watches him sitting and she too sits on the grass beside him…

Sanksar smiles and looks at her..

Sanskar: so tell me, what moon did to u??

Swara: (excited) it’s coming back of me….

Sanskar: what??

Swara: haa see…
She again starts running front and back.. And moon starts moving here and there…

Seeing her Sanskar laughs loudly

Swara looks at him laughing..

Swara: (laughs) did moon made u smile??

Sanksar looks at her… Nd stares at her innocence lovingly..

Sanksar: nooo… U made me smile!!

Swara: really?? Then kiss me??
(She shows her cheeks)

Sanskar gets surprised and he remembers her kiss and smiles…

He laughs and cups her face..

Sanksar: ur soo innocent angel!!
Saying this he sleeps on the ground…

She again goes near him and again looks at him sleeping on the grass and she sleeps beside him…

Sanksar smiles and turns towards her!!

Sanskar: Angel.. Moon also feels that ur her best friend…It loves u so much.. Wherever u go it will be with u..

Angel: does she like me??
Sanskar: yes..

She gets happy and starts clapping her hand!!

Swara: it made me smile but how can I kiss the moon??

Sanskar: (smiles) Hmm.. U can give her flying kiss..

Angel: what is that??

Sanskar teaches her flying kiss.. Swara gets happy and starts Giving flying kisses to the moon..

Sanksar stares at her lovingly.. Swara feels something itchy and sits..

Sanksar gets worried..Nd he sits..
Sanskar: Kya hua??
Swara: ahhh!! It’s itching!!! (She holds her neck)

Sanskar gets worried and looks at her neck.. Her neck became red…It was that grass which made her feel itchy..

He smiles and again sleeps..
Sanskar: don’t worry Angel.. It’s just, the grass..
Saying this he makes her sleep on his shoulder..

Swara feels soo soft in his arms and hugs him..

Sanksar looks at her and smiles!! He feels soo happy in his heart… As soon as she falls on him, she goes to a deep sleep.. As she’s soo comfortable sleeping in his arms..

Sanksar: (smiles) Angel!! Ur soo special!! U know u make my heart feel soo happy wen I’m with u.. All my tensions will go away.. Some magic is around u!!
U have a pure heart… U don’t know what’s jealous, what’s hatred.. Ur soo simple!!
And how dare those guys call u Angel??
Ur my Angel.. I kept that name for u.. Only I Have that right to call u…

He looks at her, she’s sleeping hugging him.. So peacefully!!
Sanskar: Angel??
She doesn’t respond… He smiles and looks at her beautiful face…

At that time Ajay again calls him saying Raj reached home…

Sanksar gets up, he was about to wake her, but seeing her sleeping.. He lifts her and takes her near the car..
She places her hands around his neck and sleeps hiding her face near his neck!!

He takes her home.. And slowly takes her to her terrace..
Ajay: Sanky shall I come to open the door?? How can u open when ur carrying her??

Sanky: Yaaa Ajay!!

Ajay opens the door.. And Sanky places her in her room.. When he was about to go.. She holds his shirt..

Sanskar looks at her lovingly, he feels sad leaving her alone.. Seeing her sleeping soo peacefully.. He caresses her hair and kisses her forehead!!

Ajay is shocked…

Sanksar: good night Angel!!
(His eyes are filled with tears)

He slowly frees her hand and leaves…he don’t know why he was sad!!

Ajay is soo confused to see tears in his eyes!’

They both leave…

Ajay: so how did u enjoy??
Sanksar: she’s soo innocent Ajay… She’s totally enjoying it.. I want to free her completely.. She don’t know anything..

Ajay smiles looking at him..

Episode ends!!!


Kaveri reaches Raj house.. Ajay watches her and Raj going towards Swara’s room..

He slowly follows them.. Thinking he might get any clue..

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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