From darkness to light (Episode 6)


Episode 6

Sanky smiles… He wakes up and looks at Swara’s photos and he smiles..
He thinks..
Ohh god!! She’s soo beautiful!! Such a cute face..seeing her face in the morning making me soo pleasant!!

He smiles and keeps her pic as wallpaper…

He gets fresh up and goes down..

AP: sanskar, come have ur breakfast!
Sanskar: Haaa Ma!!

He is having his breakfast.. At that he gets a message, his screen gets on.. AP watches Swara’s pic in his mobile.. And gets shocked!!

AP: sanskar who is this girl??
Sanskar: (smiles) she is my friend Ma!!
AP: friend??
Sanskar: haa ma, she’s cute na??
AP: Yaa she’s so cute!! But who is she?? I never seen this girl anywhere?

Sanskar: Maa she’s my new friend.. I forgot to tell u.. You know she’s soo innocent!! There’s a big story Ma!! Il tell u later… I have to go to office now, I have meeting today!!

Ap: hmm okay… By the way, today I talked with Kavitha, she’s busy in shopping and all.. Soo Sanksar when r u guys decided to marry??

Sanskar: Maa soo soon?? Let me settle completely.. And she’s still studying mom.. Why soo soon??

AP: hmm okay!! But decide soon!!

He smiles and leaves,

In office;

He gets involved in meeting and work..

After the shopping, Kavitha feels alone.. She calls Sanky!!
Seeing her call he cuts it as he is busy in meeting…
Kavitha gets angry.. She keeps on calling and he keeps on cutting!!!

7:00 pm!!

His work gets over and calls Kavitha!!

Sanky: (smiles) Hii kavitha!!

Kavitha : why did u cut my calls Sanksar??

Sanksar: Kavitha…I’m in meeting, y can’t u understand me?? If I cut a call can’t u understand that I’m busy??

Kavitha: Sanky.. It’s been a day since I talked to u.. Why don’t u understand?? Is meeting more important than me??

Sanky: Yess Kavitha!! It’s important.. You know about my dreams right??? They are very important to me..

Kavitha: ohh really?? So meeting is important than me? Kk fine I’m sorry bye!!

She cuts the call….

Sanky is shocked to see her behaviour.. He calls her, but this time she keeps cutting the call!!
He gets angry… And keeps on calling her!!

Seeing his call she gets angry and she messages him!!

Kavitha: what Sanskar?? What’s ur problem, when meeting is important.. Go and sit in that meeting.. U don’t need to talk to me… And plzz don’t irritate me with ur calls…Bye!!

Sanskar: Kavitha listen!! I dint mean that.. I was just telling I was busy.. That’s it!! I’m sorry!!

But she doesn’t give reply!!

He thinks, arey what did I do now?? Why is she angry on me?? I was in meeting why can’t she understand.. He gets angry,
Okay… Let her be angry!! Even I’m angry.. Even I won’t talk with her…
(Saying this he switch off his mobile…and he goes home!!

He was soo frustrated!!! And he sleeps soo early..
After sometime, AP enters the room!!

AP: sanskar, wake up.. U dint have ur dinner.. Wake up..
Sanskar: Maa Il eat later!!
AP: sanskar, it’s 10:00pm… Get up! Have it now.. After eating u can sleep!!

Saying this she leaves!!!

He wakes up and went down to have dinner..

AP serves him food.. He simply starts eating it!!
Ap notices him being in tired and angry!

Ap: sanskar!!
Sanksar: Haaa Ma!
Ap: Kavitha called me.. She cried so much.. Why did u hurt her Sanskar?? Are u avoiding her??

Sanskar is shocked…
Sanskar: what??? She called you??? Maa.. I dint hurt her.. She called me when I was in meeting.. So I cut her call… Is that wrong??
Why can’t she understand me?? This is not all an issue mom!! Why she’s making such a scene??

AP: yes Sanksar this is not at all an issue.. You both should sort out!! These fights are common.. But don’t again fight for this silly reasons.. U all are grown up.. Ur not kids anymore!! And u should adjust Sanskar, ur well matured to understand the problem.. Kavitha is bit childish.. When u both fight, u try to convince her.. But don’t scold her!!

Sanksar: okay Ma!!

He leaves to his room…without eating…
Ap feels bad for hurting him!!

He gets angry and remembers Kavitha’s words!!!!

He angrily goes to Ajay house.. So that he can divert his Mind!!

Ajay: sanskar, Thankgod u came.. I was calling u since evening.. Why did u switched it off??

Sanskar: ohh I’m sorry dude.. I’m bit irritated!!

Ajay: irritated?? But why??
Sanskar: being single is best yar!!
Ajay: Kya hua Sanskar??

Sanksar: Ajay!! If she has problem with me, she should talk to me.. Why did she called my mom?? Is she complaining about me to my mom?! That’s making me soo angry!!

Ajay: u mean Kavitha??
Sanksar: Yess!!

Ajay: (smiles) hmmm… This is common Sanskar don’t worry… You know about her na, she’s soo pampered.. So she’s not knowing what is right Nd what is wrong!! U just follow in her way and understand her!!

Sanskar remembers Ap words and his promise to Laksh, that he will keep Kavitha happy all the time…
He thinks:
“I promised Laksh, that she’s my responsibility, if he gets to know that we fought! He may feel bad.. ”

Sanskar: Yaa Ajay ur right, May be I really hurted her, Okay I will talk to her…

Saying this he switch on’s his mobile!!

As soon as he switch on, he watches Swara’s pic.. A smile appear on his face..

He thinks..
“This girl has some magic, her smile can convert any saddist to sweetest!!!, till now I’m very irritated but now I’m soo cool!! She’s really an angel!! ” and Yaa today I should meet her, I forgot about her..

Sanskar: Ajay.. Today I need to meet to Angel! I’m going!!
Ajay: Kk but first talk to Kavitha..
Sanskar: il talk to her later! It’s already late man.. I think Angel slept!! I will meet her and come..

Ajay: okay wait even I will come…

They both go to the terrace at that time, he watches rosy taking her food…

Ajay: arey that lady is still here.. Sanky I think it’s risky!! Don’t meet her today..

Sanky: Arey Yaar, she’s taking dinner at this time?? It’s soo late.. Soo sad Angel might feel so hungry na!

Ajay: hmm.. What am telling and what ur speaking??? Now a days ur becoming a caring person for her… Hahahaha!!

Sanky: Hahahaha very funny!! Stop kidding… I told u to find duplicate keys, but u dint get it.. Nd talking rubbish!!!

Ajay: I’m sorry dude I forgot!!!
Sanky: it’s Kk.. Leave it!!!

Mean time:
Swara room:

Rosy: Beti I’m so sorry for late, I was bit buys in work… Come have ur food..

Swara: (smiles) it’s okay…
Rosy: Beti, it’s soo hot, don’t leave ur hair, tie ur hair…
(She ties her hair with a band)

Swara feels comfortable..and smiles..

Rosy: (smiles) okay have ur dinner and sleep… Tomorrow il come…okay beti!
Swara: okay!!!
Rosy: (smiles) good night!!!

She leaves…

Sanskar notice her leaving…
Ajay: Sanky she’s leaving..
Sanky: shhhh..

(They hide near the pillar… Rosy hangs the room keys on the nail.. And leaves!!)

Sanky: okay Ajay, I will meet her and cum..
Ajay: okay take care…

Sanky goes to her terrace, he gives signals to Swara, by keeping the torch light again on the wall..

Swara was about to eat, she notices the light, and gets happy, thinking that her friend has come…
She gets excited and runs towards the window..
Seeing her shadow Sanskar smiles and hides..

Swara looks for him… She searches for him by peeping out..

Sanskar smiles seeing the way she’s searching for him and smiles…
He goes near the wall and suddenly watches her room keys..

He gets happy.. Nd he takes the keys!!

While Swara still looks for him, peeping out…

Sanskar slowly opens her door without her notice
He gets happy, when the lock has been opened.. He goes inside

He looks at her, she was still looking out side… He smiles and goes towards her..
Nd he taps her shoulder..

Swara looks back, Nd gets shocked seeing a shadow in front of her…she gets scared, she closes her eyes and starts shouting…

Swara: ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Sanskar: (tensed) shhhhhh!! Angel it’s me!! Ur friend!!
He closes her mouth!!

It’s 12:00!!
The church lights gets on… As whole night service has been started.. Those lights make her room little bright!!

Hearing his words, Swara slowly opens her eyes.. She watches her friend standing in front of her…

Seeing him Swara gets soo happy and she smiles..

Swara: (claps her hand in excitement) u came???
(She slowly touches his face with love and trying to believe that he is only the one who is in front of her.

Sanskar gets dazzled to see her soo close..her beautiful soft mild hands which touching his face made him soo happy!! He can see her happiness in her eyes…

Swara: (happy) u really came??

Sanksar cups her face…

Sanskar: (smiles) yes Angel I came… I told you yesterday na, that I will come…see I really came.. anyways So tell me what are you doing??

Swara: (smiles) I’m having my food,
Sanskar: ohh I’m sorry for disturbing… Come have ur food..
Swara: (holds his hand) come, even you have it!!
Sanskar: nooo Angel.. It’s already late first you have it!!

Swara: (smiles) okay..

She sits down, and she started eating her rotis with her two hands..

Sanskar looks at the way how she’s eating and smiles…

Swara: why r u smiling??
Sanskar: nothing… U look soo cute while eating

Swara smiles… Sanksar again stares at her

Swara looks at him staring…
Swara: do u want to eat?? Come will share..
She gives him one roti…

Sanskar: (smiles) share??
Swara: yes, you know I like to give it to my friends.. Everyday morning I used to give my breakfast to my friend bird.. And from today every night I will give you also.. Okay??

Sanskar: (smiles) achaa!! Okay fine… Even I will join with you..

Swara smiles and gives him one roti… He starts rolling it and starts eating it..

Swara looks at the way he is eating..

Swara: you shouldn’t eat like that…rosy Ma used to say me that, we should eat with curry!!

Sanskar: (smiles and teases) ohh really?? I don’t know how to eat like that..

Swara: laughs… Hahah u don’t know how to eat.. Wait il tell you..

She shows him how to eat…Sanskar smiles seeing the way she’s teaching him…
He stares at her admiringly!!
And he starts eating like her…

Seeing him eating like her, she gets soo excited and happy feeling she taught everything to him and starts clapping!!

Sanskar looks at her acts lovingly… Her laugh, her doing everything he started liking it..

After the dinner…
Swara goes to washroom to wash her hands…
Sanskar goes out and looks around, he gets a plan and he calls Ajay..

Ajay: (tensed) sanskar, Kya hua?? Is everything fine!!

Sanskar: Yaa dude… I’m planning to take her out… Just a long ride..

Ajay: what?? Now…Sanksar I think it’s risky…
Sanksar: I will manage… Don’t worry!’
Ajay: okay… Bing her here… You can take her from here..
Sanskar: okay!!

He cuts the call and again goes inside the room.. He looks at Swara, who is again standing near the window and searching for him..

Sanskar: Angel.. What r u searching???
Swara: (looks back and smiles seeing him) I thought u went…

Sanskar: achaa..without wishing you goodnight where will I go Angel?? He winks
K leave that.. You gave me ur food na.. So I will show u something..

Swara: (excited) u again brought those lights??

Sanksar: Noo.. I will show you this beautiful city.. Come with me!!
He holds her hands and takes out…

Swara: (excited) ur taking near that garden??

Sanskar: Noo.. I will show u this nature come…

Swara: (smiles) nature??

Sanskar: Yess… He takes her holding her hand… He closes her door and locks it..

Ajay waits for them in his terrace.. He watches them coming..

Ajay: sanskar come!!

Seeing Ajay Swara gets tensed and hides near his chest by closing her eyes..

Ajay is shocked… Nd Sanskar smiles..

Sanksar: (smiles) Angel, don’t worry he is my friend.. He won’t beat u.. Come..

Swara: (scared andshe holds his hands more tightly with fear..) I’m scared!!

Sanskar: (he cups her face) haha I’m here na.. Don’t worry!! Il climb, just do as I did okay??

Swara: okay!!

Sanskar smiles, and goes to that terrace.. He gives his hand to her..

Swara gets tensed to see the gap between two houses.. She starts biting her nails with fear..

Sanskar looks at her tensed face and he again goes to her..

Sanskar: Angel.. Don’t get tensed, ur friend is with u..
(Saying this he lifts her in his arms and takes her to ajay’s terrace)

And takes her down… Seeing big big houses she gets more scared.. And hugs him holding his shirt…

Sanskar gets happy seeing the way she hugged him… He smiles..

Ajay: why is she scared??
Sanksar: she’s seeing this for the first time na.. So she’s scared..

He makes her sit inside his car.. Swara gets scared again and she holds his shirt tightly..

Sanksar: Angel I’m here with you.. Don’t worry.. Just enjoy this nature okay?? I will be with you..

He sits beside her… And Ajay drives…

Swara doesn’t leave Sanksar and she doesn’t open her eyes.. As she is soo scared..

Sanksar: (smiles) Angel!! Open ur eyes.. Look outside.. See enjoy this nature.. This cool breeze… This is all gods creation.. Look at it!!
(He opens the window)

Swara feels a cold breeze touching her face, she slowly opens her eyes and looks outside the window..

She watches all big big houses, so many people around…
She first gets scared.. But starts smiling looking at the trees, and cool air coming from outside..
She starts get excited…Nd claps her hands.. Nd she keeps her head outside.. Nd enjoys the climate… She watches the sea…

She looks at Sanksar…
Swara: this is very nice.. Is this all gods creation??
Sanksar: Yess Angel!!
Swara: soo much water?? Does it won’t come outside
Snaksar: hahaha Noo Angel.. It’s sea, the water won’t come out..

Swara: sea?? (She remembers another bible words)
“Mightier Than The Waves Of The Sea Is His Love For You…”

Is this that sea???

Sanskar: (smiles) Yess!!

Swara gets more excited…
Swara: can we go there??
Sanskar: Yaaa sure.. Come will go!!

(He stops the car, and takes her in)

He takes her inside the sea…
She gets happy looking at the water… He holds her hands and takes her inside the water…

Seeing the water coming towards them, she gets scared and holds his hand… He smiles…

At that time the waves touches her feet…she feel ticklish, and gets more excited…

Swara: (laughs soo loudly) this is sooo nice!! The water again went back?? How can water go back??
Is this all gods creation?? Gods creation is so nice…

She gets more excited and turns round, enjoying the beach breeze!!!

Sanksar laughs seeing her expressions…Nd he stares at her smiling face..
He feels something missing in her beauty… She is different from The first time he saw her.. He wonders what’s missing??
He suddenly looks at her hair… And smiles.. As he got the answer!

He goes towards her and frees her hair…

Now her beauty is back.. That long hair falling down and flying when she was Turning… That’s making her face look more beautiful..
He was just spellbind to see her….he never felt like that before…he goes towards her and whispers.. BEAUTIFUL!!

Swara: b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l ??
Sanskar: (smiles) Yess!! Ur soo beautiful angel.. Ur smile, ur hair.. I like it!! Keep smiling all the time!!!

Swara: (smiles) u like it??
Sanksar: Yess!!

She again smiles and turns around!!!

They play for sometime… She totally enjoys seeing the nature… And gets soo happy!!!

Seeing her excitement Ajay and Sanskar smiles looking at her!!

Ajay: Sanksar, it’s already 1:00!! Let’s go now.. It will be problem to her again!!

Sanksar: hmm Kk!!! (He looks at Angel)

Sanskar: Angel, come lets goo…
Swara: nooo.. It’s so nice here!! Did u see that yellow moon… It’s giving light to that sea also.. And that water it’s so nice..

Sanksar: (smiles) again tomorrow will come.. Now u should sleep na.. Even sea will sleep.. We shouldn’t disturb it…Come lets go!!

Swara: ohhhh kk!! Then okay.. Let’s go!!

They leave back to home..

He again carries her and takes her to her terrace
Ajay: careful dude!!!
Sanky: Kk.. U wait here Ajay I’m coming..

He takes her…and opens the lock!!!

Sanskar: bye Angel.. Take care!! Tomorrow I will meet u again..

Swara: (smiles) okay…

She goes towards him and hugs him…
Sanskar is shocked and confused too… The way she hugged him, he gets happy.. And hugs her back!!

Sanskar: bye Angel!! Have a nice sleep okay.. Nd don’t tell anyone, if u tell even ur rosy Ma.. Next time she won’t send u.. Okay??

Swara: (happy) okay!! And Thankyou for making me smile…

Saying this she kisses his cheeks..

Sanskar is again shocked!!! As its his first kiss.. As no Girl kissed him not even Kavitha…He looks at her… And she smiles looking at him!!

He remembers how she kissed rosy, saying those words…
He smiles looking at her lovingly..

Sanskar: (smiles) byeee… (He caresses her hair)

Swara goes inside and he locks the door and keeps it in a same place…

Swara looks at him and smiles.. Sanskar too smiles and goes near her window…
He touches her hands…

Sanskar: good night Angel!!
Swara: good night!!

He leaves, before leaving he again look back and smiles remembering the kiss!!

He tells bye to Ajay and leaves his home…

In his room:
He feels restless.. He feels soo happy in his heart..
He looks at her pic and smiles remembering the way she enjoyed!!! The way he make her smile…

He thinks about her and sleeps….

Episode ends!!!

Sanskar and Kavitha again fight!!

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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