From darkness to light (Episode 5)


Scene 1…

Ragini goes to the fashion designing place to show her designs.. All designers are seated in a place..

A person comes and informs them..

Hello everyone plz submit ur designs file in cabin A.. Sir will see ur designs and he call u..

All nodes yes.. Ragini smiles and look for her file… To her surprise she doesn’t find it… She gets tensed and checks it evrywhere…
That person watches Ragini…

Person: hello excuse me, what happened??

Ragini: my file is missing!
Person: what?? I’m sorry, u should submit ur file or else ur not suppose to be here..

Ragini: what??? sir, plzz give me some time il search my file..

Person: we can give you only 20 mins.. Later We r sorry we can’t help u!!

He leaves…

Ragini cries.. She searches her bag countless time… She then remember keeping her file in flight..
She cries as she can’t do anything now, as airport is soo far..!

She cries, as her dreams were shattered.. She came soo far only for this.. she sits near the gate and cries…

At that time Laksh reaches the place.. He sees Ragini sitting and crying.. He goes to her and places his hand on her shoulder..

Ragini turns and gets shock seeing Laksh..

Ragini: tum??
Laksh: hello madam!! When ur going to an important work don’t forget to carry ur luggage too.. How can u leave ur file?? Because of you I’m late to my meeting…

Ragini is confused…

Laksh: here take ur file… Next time don’t leave ur belongings like that understand??

Ragini is shocked to see the file… She gets happy seeing the file… She takes the file from him.. Nd checks her deigns.. She gets happy to see her own deigns.. She is soo happy to get her file..

Ragini cries with happiness and hugs Laksh tightly.. Laksh is shocked!!?

Ragini: (happy and excited) Thankyou Thankyou sooo much!! Ur know it’s my dream.. For a sec I thought all my dreams were shattered!! But u gave my life back to me.. Thankyou you soo much…
Plzz wait here okay!! Il submit this file and il come.. Plzz wait!!

She runs inside to submit her file

Laksh is in shock, he feels like a current passing through his body, when she hugged him.. He don’t know why but he felt happy to see her being happy seeing her file..

He suddenly come back to his senses.. He remembers the hug… He gets angry and leaves!

After sometime Ragini comes out.. She searches for him.. She gets sad knowing that he went!!

She thinks to thank him somehow!!
Scene 2
Raj house:

Swara smiles and turns around hearing the word Angel… She’s thinking that the verse is for her!! Nd she gets happy…

Sanskar smiles seeing her and gets dazzled to see her smile.. Which gave him lot of happiness somewhere!!

Sanskar: (smiles) so Angel keep smiling all the time!!
Swara: (smiles) okay, and you said you will give another one??

Sanskar: ya, this time I brought a colour lights.. Okay now tell me what is ur favourite colour??

Swara: (confused) colour?? Means what??

Sanskar:(shocked) you don’t know what is colour??
He thinks: sanskar! She don’t know her name itself, how can you expect that she will know colours?

Sanskar: (smiles) Kk I will teach u colours..
Saying this he takes out the light cube from his pocket… That keeps changing lights..

Swara looks at that and gets excited to see colours!!! She smiles looking at him!!

Sanskar: so Angel, see they are 3 lights in this cube.. Il teach u those 3 lights okay!!
He presses a button, red light comes…

Swara looks at red and claps smilingly…

Sanky: this is Red colour!!
Swara: ?R.E.D!!!

Sanky: (smiles) Yess… Did u like it??
Swara: (smiles) Yess!!
Sanky: ( he looks at rose flower, he smiles and goes near it, and plucks a red flower)

Sanky: soo Angel, here take this red flower, did u see it is red colour!! So will call it as at red colour!!

Swara gets excited and she takes the flower… And smells it…And smiles looking at it!!

Sanky smiles looking at her excitement…
Swara: (looks at flower) is this Red flower..? It’s very nice!!
Sanky: Yess!! Did u like it??
Swara: ?Yess!!!

Sanky smiles….
Sanky: okay now see, il show u another colour..

(He presses an other button..
It shows blue light… Swara smiles looking at blue light)

Sanky: (smiles) Angel, this is blue.. This is a sky colour!! He looks at the sky…
See the stars are blue.. You liked it??

Swara gets happy… Nd starts playing with that colour.. By placing her hand near that light and looking at her hand being blue..

She gets excited and smiles!!

Swara: Yess.. It’s very nice!!

Sanky: (smiles) see even I’m wearing blue shirt!! This sky is also blue.. And u know what this is my favourite colour.. I like blue soo much!!

Swara touches his shirt and smiles saying blue…

Swara: u like it???

Sanky stares at her lovingly… Nd smiles!!
Sanky: Yess Angel.. I like it!!
Swara: (smiles) even I liked it…
(Saying she again starts playing with the light)

Sanky; (smiles) okay now see il change another colour… He presses another button, it shows yellow!!

Sanky: Angel, this is yellow!!
Swara: hello!!!
Sanky: (laugh) not hello, it’s yellow…okay!!
Swara: (stammers) Y.e.ll.o.w??
Sanky: good girl!! Yes it’s yellow, hmm he looks around to see that colour..

Swara calls him…
Swara: is that a yellow colour??
(She points her finger towards the moon)

Sanky looks at the moon and smiles..

Sanky: woww Angel.. Ur soo intelligent… Yes that is yellow colour.. And ur friend sun is also in yellow!!

Swara smiles… And plays with a that yellow light…

Sanky: I have only these 3 colours.. Il show other colours later okay!!

Swara: (smiles) okay!!

(Sanskar looks at her smile and gets idea, he takes out his mobile to take photos)

Sanskar: Angel.. Il take photos okay.. U give me stills!

Swara: still??
Sanskar: (smiles) Yess.. Just smile, and play with flower..

Swara takes the flower and she smiles…
Sanskar clicks photos!!

He looks at her smiling face and smiles!!
He looks at her photos and stares at them!

Sanskar: woww Angel, ur soo pretty!! Ur smile very beautiful!! Do u want to see??

Swara: (smiles)yes!

Sanskar shows her pic in his mobile…

Swara: (confused) who is this??

Sanskar is double shocked!!?? you don’t know who is this girl??
Swara: nooo

Sanskar gets to know that she dint even see her face till now!!
He gets stunned thinking how can she be like this?? She dint njoy anything in her life… He feels sad for her!!

He thinks to give her happiness in her life…

Sanskar: soo Angel, from when ur staying here..
Swara: (smiles) from long back..
Sanskar: dint u go anywhere out??
Swara: out?? What is that??

Sanskar is again shocked..
Sanky: Angel, there is lot to see outside, this is gods creation… There are so many to see.. U liked this small garden, but u know they are very big gardens.. Beaches and many more to see, soo many places.. It will be very nice!!

Swara: (smiles) when will u bring those?

Sanskar laughs..
Sanskar: hahaha, Angel!! I can’t bring them here, but we should go there…

Swara: (confused and she thinks and try to understand what he said)
Sanskar: (looks at her expression) haha Angel, ur sooo cute!!
(He pulls her cheeks)

Swara smiles..
Swara: (smiles) why are you doing this??
Sanskar: (smiles) I’m pulling ur cheeks..
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because ur sooo cute!! Because ur Angel na!!

Swara again gets excited hearing the word Angel.. And laughs more and turns around saying..”I’m an angel”!!!

Sanskar stares at her lovingly and smiles!!

Swara look at those lights and starts playing with it!!! By pressing the buttons and changing the lights!!

They both spend some time.. He tries to keep her smile.. Nd plays with her!! Swara totally enjoys his company and even Sanskar, he forgets the time being with her and keeps staring at her beautiful face!!

After couple of hours…Sanskar gets call, it was from Ajay…

Sanskar: ?(ohh god it’s 11!! I dint knew the time…)Angel, I’m going now.. Il meet u again!!

Swara: ?ur going!! When will u come again??

Sanksar: il come tomorrow okay!!

(Swara her eyes are filled with tears)

Sanskar: (shocked, he cups her face) why are you crying??
Swara: (she does the same thing to him cupping his face) and says, DONT GO!!’

Sanskar is shocked but smiles feeling her touch!

Swara: I’m soo happy, these lights I liked it.. And ur taking them? and u said Jesus sent u.. And u should stay with me na.. U know my friend Jesus will never leave their beloved once.. But this friend is leaving!!

She keeps a sad face…

Sanksar is shocked… He never expected that she can talk this much!! She knows everything related to bible, she can speak all according to it!!

Sanskar: Angel!!! I need to go…Il come tomorrow.. And Il bring many lights tomorrow okay!!

Swara: (excited) really??!
Sanskar: Yess!!!

Swara: okay!! Good night!!

Sanskar: (caresses her hair) good night!! Take care!!

Swara: bye friend!!!

He smiles and leaves!!

Scene 3
Ajay house

Sanskar: Kya bey, why did u call me??
Ajay: arey yar.. Sanskar it’s too late.. What if someone comes??
Sanskar: they dint come na!!
Ajay: u were happy in speaking with her, but u know I was tensed here.. What if that Raj see u talking to her.. He may not do anything for u, but he will harm her!!

For a sec Sanskar gets angry hearing those words..

Sanksar: ?what did she do?? Why will they harm her?? She is soo innocent man!! Do U believe she even don’t know her name, she don’t know her parents name!! She don’t know the names of colours… She even dint see her face till now..
She’s soo good at heart..very sweet! How can they harm her!!

Ajay: okay Sanky cool down!! But who is she?? Why did they gave such punishment to her?

Snaksar: she don’t know anything of her details, I think it might be a revenge, that lady, she was soo harsh to her.. May be she’s behind all this.. We need to find about that lady!!

Ajay: Yaa ur right Sanky!!
Sanky: Nd one more thing, I need ur help man… I want to take her out, I want to show her some nature..

Ajay: ?are u crazy??? Sanskar that’s too risky!!
Sanksar: that’s k yar will manage!!

Ajay: nooo Sanskar, what if someone comes at that time..

Sanksar: Ajay.. Il manage, but If someone comes to know about it, I will take her to my house, she can be with me.. She can be with my mom.. And even Laksh, Kavitha are there she will get new frnds too!!

Ajay: okay Sanskar, ur wish!! Will make a duplicate keys!! What say??

Sanskar: ?good idea!!

They both smile looking at each other!!

Ajay: Kk Sanskar, leave all that come lets have dinner..

Sanky: no dude, il go home!! Mom will be waiting..

Ajay: okay!! Bye dude!!

he leaves!!


Maheswari house:
AP: Sanksar ur soo late?? Where were you??
Sanskar: mom I went to meet my friend..
AP: okay Sanskar, come have ur dinner..

After sometime he sleeps!!

Next day:
Laksh in his room, he thinks about Ragini and her hug…
He feels soo restless..
“How can she hug me like that?? Will anyone say thanks in this way?? This girl is soooo irritating!!! But why do I feel restless!!

He gets irritated to think about the hug and he calls Sanky !!

Laksh calls Sanky!!

Sanky wakes up with a call.. He looks at his mobile it was Laksh!! He smiles!! Nd lifts it!!

Laksh: Good morning Sanky!!
Sanskar: (smiles) good morning lucky!! What’s up dude??

Laksh: arey Sanky! I’m soo irritated yar.. Help me na!!

Sanky : ?Kya hua lucky??
Laksh: Kya hua?? U asking me Kya huA ha?? It’s all because of u Sanky!!
Sanky: ?what?? What did I do??
Laksh: ur d one who told me to give that file to that girl, listening ur words I did it.. U know what she did??

Sanky: (Sits) ?what did she do??

Laksh: what did she do?? U can’t believe if I say what she did..
Sanky: Laksh plz don’t scare me man!! Tell me what did she do??

Laksh: she hugged me!! How dare she??

Sanskar: what??? (He started laughing loudly) loll!! Lucky r u serious?? Hahahahahaah sooo funny!!!

Laksh: Sanky… I’m soo irritated now plz don’t irritate me more!!

Sanky: Hahahaha lol!! Ur soo lucky dude.. A girl hugged u?? That too she hugged Laksh… Lol… She’s might be soo daring… Hahahahahaah….By d way how was the hug?? ??

Laksh: Sanky plzz it’s enough!! She don’t know about me… Nd how can she man?? If she’s happy will she hug?? I’m soo restless man!! How can she hug me like that??

Sanky: so what man?? Hug is not a big matter dude.. Now a days all r greeting with a hug, so take it easy..

Laksh: achaaa!! You will get to know my problem when someone hugs u like that!!

Sanky: hahah lol!! This is soo funny.. I’m habituated with those hugs lucky.. My mom hugs me, my friends hugs me, and even Kavitha hugs me… I never felt restless with those hugs!! So no problem with my side!!
By d way lucky… I thinkkkkkkk ur in love with that girl… Am I right??

Laksh: ?ur face.. I already said no love in my life.. I’m happy like this!

Sanky: (teases) achaaa… Then why r u feeling restless man?? This is one type of symptom, indicating u that ur in love..

Laksh: bull shit!!

Sanky: Noo man!! I’m serious… By d way show me her pic!!

Laksh: Sanky ur really mad… How can I have her pic.. She’s not even my friend!!

Sanky: Hahha lol…I’m kidding…

Laksh: Kk dude.. I gotta go.. Bye talk to u later..

He cuts the call…

Sanky smiles… He wakes up and looks at Swara’s photos and he smiles..
He thinks..
Ohh god!! She’s soo beautiful!! Such a cute face..seeing her face in the morning making me soo pleasant!!

He smiles and keeps her pic as wallpaper…

Episode ends!!

Swara hugs Sanky and kisses him for making her smile!!
Sanky shocked!!!

Guys another part I’m going to post today at 9:00pm

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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