From darkness to light (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Scene 1

After coming down, he charge his mobile…
After few mins …
Sanksar and Ajay talk sitting on the terrace..

Ajay: sanskar when did u go up??
Sanskar: just now yar..
Ajay: but Sanskar, why did u go?? What if someone sees you.. K leave that..did u talk with the girl?? Did she talked to u??
Sanskar: (smiles and sleeps on his bed) Yaaa, she’s soo sweet, very innocent..
(He thinks about how she played with the light )
He sits again..

Sanskar: you don’t believe Ajay, the way she played with the light.. She’s soo childish.. And so pretty!! And those verses.. Soo cute!!

Ajay:.. Don’t take risk yar.. If they watches you..they might kill her..

Sanskar: (feels sad for a sec) but Ajay.. How could she be in that room for these many years??

Any: May be that lady is her mother?

Sanskar: dude.. How can a mother keep her child in that room?? I think something is there to find? we need to find why the girl was here?? What about her parents?? We need to find it out

Ajay: Yaa sure Sanskar, even I will help u! When u talk with her again, just ask her about her parents..may be she will know atleast they names!!

Sanskar smiles : Yaaa ur right!!

they both talk for sometime and sleeps..

Next day 5:00 am
Swara wakes up, she goes near the window.. She looks for rosy..
After sometime rosy comes.. She looks at Swara and smiles..

Rosy: (smiles) Beti u woke up so early??
Swara: good morning!! You told that u will take out to those flowers if I woke up early..

Rosy: haha I know about u that’s why I came early for u.. Come have some fresh air

Swara smiles and she go out!!

8:00am (Singapore time)

Kavitha is in call with her fried.. Laksh comes inside.. Seeing him Kavitha smiles and she cuts the call..

Kavitha: good morning bhai?? What’s plans today?
Laksh: Kavitha, we have meeting in Malaysia.. Actually program was changed… It was unexpected.. I just came to tell u this and even u get ready..
Within 1 hour we need to move..

Kavitha: but bhai… I have lots of plans my friend is coming to meet me.. We are going out..

Laksh: friend?? But Kavitha how can I leave u alone??
Kavitha: no problem bhai.. It’s her native she knows this place well.. Il take care.. Am not a kid.. By d way When will u return back again??

Laksh: today evening..
Kavitha: oof bhai.. Ul return by evening na.. So don’t worry!!

Laksh: hmm Kk.. Take care okay!! Be in touch with me wherever u go.. Atleast drop a message Kk!!

Kavith: (smiles) okay bhai… By d way I should inform Sanskar.. I don’t know if he allows me to stay alone!!

Laksh: (smiles) Noo doubt.. He will scold u!!
(She calls him)

Ajay house:

5:00 am! (Indian time)

Sanskar peacefully sleeping.. He is dreaming about Swara , howz she’s playing, her beautiful face.. He smiles in his sleep!!

At that time He gets call.. He opens his eyes with lot of difficulty, and checks his mobile it was Kavitha.. He gets shock..and
He lifts the call..

Sanskar: Kavitha, what happened?? This much early? Are you fine??

Kavitha: (smiles) Yaa Sanskar I’m fine.. Don’t worry…Actually it’s 8:00am here.. Oh I’m sorry for disturbing ur sleep Sanksar, I forgot that I’m in Singapore…

Sanksar: Kavitha ur crazy… U know I was soo scared.. Hmm by d way, how was Singapore??

Kavitha: (smiles)it was awesome.. Nd now bhai going to Malaysia for a meeting.. Nd I’m going out for shopping with my friend..

Sanskar: hmm

( he still thinks about swara)

Kavitha: sanskarrr??? R u listening??

Sanskar: Haaa Kavitha..Take care.. Okay!

Kavitha: ? take care?? I thought u will scold me for staying alone?

Sanskar: hahaha kavitha.. Do u think il fight for such small matters?? I know you will be fine..
He gets up and walk towards the balcony..

Kavitha: good boy!!
(They both talk for sometime)

Sanskar: (smiles) okay Kavitha, Anyways Challo.. I’m getting sleep.. Il talk to u later…take care.. Il call u later..

Kavitha: okay darling have a nice day!!! Love you..
Sanksar: (smiles) u too!!

(He cuts the call.. When he was about To go,
He watches Swara playing on the terrace.. She was watering plants..

He smiles and goes to terrace.. He hides near a pillar.. Nd He stares at her lovingly..

Swara terrace:

Rosy: Beti.. Done with ur watering???
Swara: (smiles) nooo.. I want to give lots of water to flowers.. They may feel thirsty!

Sanskar smiles listening her words..

Rosy looks at the sky!!

Rosy: Beti, see ur frnd sun has come!!
At that time sun rises..

Swara gets happy and she jumps!!
She again starts her verses.. By turning around so that the water too falls on her!! Making her long hair wet!!!

Sanskar gets spellbind looking at her beautiful hair, and her beautiful smile!!

While Swara enjoys the beautiful morning!!

Rosy: Beti ur getting wet..
Swara: (smiles)I loved it!!

She starts praying..

Swara: “Dear God, Thankyou For The NIGHT
And Early Morning LIGHT!
For Rest and Food and Loving CARE
And All That Makes The World So FAIR!!
Good Morning JESUS! I’m soo happy because Joy Comes In The Morning!!!

Sanskar looks at her and smiles.. He thinks,
How can she be soo innocent..I think she only knew Jesus.. But it’s soo stunning to see her telling those verses.. She’s something special..
He smiles thinking about her!!

Rosy: Beti come now get freshup, and have ur breakfast..

Swara (smiles) okay!!

Sanskar thinks.. today I should speak with her in the night… I wil ask her about her parents.. May be she might know anything!


Singapore airport!

Adharsh: Ragini, ur going to Malaysia.. Take care.. We miss u!!

Ragini: (hugs him) miss u too..

Adharsh: by d way Ragini, plz don’t get into fight with anyone atleast in the flight…

Ragini: (shouts) bhai this is too much.. Do u think I will always keep on fighting..!! Come on.. I’m not that kind!! I won’t wantedly doing it.. But if someone talks about me then I can’t control myself!!

Listening to her voice.. Laksh who was standing near them, watches her and gets shock..

Laksh: ?ohh Noo!! I think even she’s coming to Malaysia.. Yesterday night her bro told…That means both in same flight…??Oofff… Plzzz God, plzz make her stay away from me!! Plzzzz ??

He leaves hurriedly…

Adharsh: (smiles) hmm Kk.. All the very best Ragini…Let all the luck come to my sweet sis!! And Ragini why are u carrying this file in ur hand.. U may miss it.. Keep that in ur bag?

Ragini: Noo bhai.. I can check my designs again!! Will they like my designs??

Adharsh: don’t get tensed Ragini.. Ur d best.. They will definitely like it

Ragini: Thankyou bro.. (She hugs him and leaves)

In flight:
Laksh sits in his place.. He looks around to see where she’s sitting.. But he couldn’t find her…

Laksh: Thankgod!! She’s not here!!

He takes his mobile to keep that in airplane mode.. At that time Ragini enters the flight… She watches a male host!!

Air host: hello madam!!
Ragini: (smiles) hello.. Wow ur soo handsome!!
Air host: Thankyou so much mam!!

Ragini smiles

Laksh watches her doings.. He is getting angry.. As he feels she’s soo different, yesterday she drank so many shots.. Nd today she’s flirting an air host!!

Seeing her searching for her place.. Laksh takes a book out and covers his face with the book!!

After some time he slowly opens the magazine and act as reading… He slowly raises his eyes and looks for her, he doesn’t find her… Laksh gets relaxed.. Thinking she sat somewhere…
He closes the magazine….
At that time he finds someone sitting beside him and calling him by tapping his shoulder.. He looks at that Person.. To his surprise it was Ragini..

Laksh: ?you??
Ragini: ? you know me???
Laksh: ooff.. Noo I don’t know you
Ragini: even I don’t know…
Laksh: achaa!! then why did u called me???
Ragini: actually I’ve seen you somewhere.. Ur face is soo familiar.. Have we met before???

Laksh thinks,
ThankGod she don’t remember anything of yesterday’s incident.. So that’s good!!

Laksh: I’m sorry, I never seen u anywhere!!

Ragini: hahaha soo strange.. Why do I feel That I’ve seen u somewhere.. When we both don’t know each other.. Do u feel the same too??

Laksh: (looks at her angrily)? will u plz stop bothering me?

Ragini turns her face angrily… And she again looks at him

Ragini: excuse me..
Laksh looks at her angrily again

Laksh: what??

Ragini: (pleases) can we exchange places?? I mean I want to sit near that window… So plz can I??

Laksh: (attitude) noooo!! This is my place I will sit here… I love watching Those clouds!! So Plz don’t disturb me!!

Ragini gets angry…
Ragini: hello!!
(When she was about to speak)

Laksh gets angry and he takes out his earphones and starts listening to it.. Nd he closes his eyes and sleeps…

Ragini gets shocked…? seeing him sleeping instead of watching the clouds…
she gets angry!!

Ragini: ?pulls his earphones) hello.. When ur not looking at the sky, then why can’t u give me that place..

Laksh: ?that’s non of ur business!! Nd how dare you pull my earphones??

Ragini: should we need dare to pull even earphones?? How stupid u are??

Laksh: mind ur language!!
Ragini: u mind ur language..

Laksh: who are you to say me to mind my language?? U just mind ur self.. I know about u completely… About ur character completely!! I hate such girls!!

Ragini: ? never speak about a girl character without knowing anything… Before speaking about a girl, just think about ur sisters, even they are girls na!!

Laksh: ? How dare you talk about my sister??? I won’t spare u if u bring her in the middle…
(Shouts) U don’t have any right… Got it!??
(He says angrily)

Ragini: then what right do u have to talk about my character?? Answer me??

Laksh: just get lost….
(Saying this he again closes his eyes and sleeps)

Ragini thinks.
Is he human?? What kind of a person is he?? How cheap he is???

She angrily puts the file in the front cover, and even she closes her eyes and sleeps!!

After 1 hour..
Flight landed in Malaysia… As soon as passengers getting down…
Ragini looks at him, she angrily leaves holding her bag.. Forgetting her file!!

Seeing her leaving, Laksh gets up.. He smiles thinking “Thankgod she left”!! and when he was about to go, he watches the file..

He takes the file out,
He looks at the name, Ragini Malhotra!!
He turns the pages and find some designs..
He thinks- “ohh god!! She left her file, I think it is important file.. What should I do now??

He gets down, he searches for her… But he couldn’t find her!!

Laksh PA Welcomes him..

PA: welcome sir!!
Laksh: Thankyou…
(He keeps looking for her)

PA: sir, any problem?? Are u searching for anything?

Laksh: Yaa actually a girl left her file in the flight.. So I was searching for her..(he shows that file to him)

PA: (shocked?) sir, this is very important file.. This girl might be a fashion designer, here in Malaysia they were conducting fashion show…she should present her designs…or she may get rejected!!

Laksh: what?? Fashion designer?? Hmm leave it.. She’s soo irresponsible.. She needs that punishment… Anyways.. We r late Challo lets go!!

They leave..

Sanskar reaches his house Nd calls Laksh
Seeing his Laksh gets happy…

Laksh: Hii Sanskar!!
Sanky: what’s up dude?? How was ur work??
Laksh: now we have meeting…I’m on my way…traveling to reach the destination!!

Sanky: all the best!! By d way, Kavitha told me about a girl.. Who is she??(he starts teasing him)

Laksh: Sanky, plzz… She’s soo irritating.. U know what she slapped me.. She was drunk, so I left her or else…

Sanky: hahaha dude, have some soft corner towards girls.. Deal them softly..

Laksh: Coke on Sanky.. She doesn’t deserve soft corner, u know what happened today..
(He tells him how he confronted her in the flight, and how she left her file)

Sanky: ?what she left a file??

Laksh: Yaaa.. It’s very good!! She will know some responsibilities… How dare she scolded me.. It’s my revenge time!!

Sanskar: Noo Laksh, that’s wrong.. You both started with fighting that’s k.. But this is her career, may be she has worked hard for it.. Just try to Give back her file lucky…. She may be searching for it!!

Laksh: okay dude!! Because ur telling me, I’m going to give her file back..

Sanky: (smiles) that’s like my best friend… By d way lucky, is she pretty??
Hahhhahaa…..(he teases her)

Laksh: ?Sanky.. Just stop it bye…
He cuts the call angrily… Nd tells his PA to take him to that fashion show place to give back her file!!


Sanky smiles seeing the way he cut the call..
He smiles and gets into his work..
After sometime

He looks at the clock, it was 9:00pm
He thinks of Swara, Nd thinks to meet her and ask her any details.. So that he can help her to reach her parents..

He leaves to meet her…

Ajay house:
Ajay: I’m waiting for u dude, so tell me what u gonna do today??
Sanskar: I don’t know, but il try to ask her details..
Ajay: do u think she will talk to u??
Sanskar: il try… But I should do something to attract her.. Or else she won’t talk…

Ajay: use ur flash again..
Sanskar: Yaa but, something different it’s should be colourful..
Sanskar gets an idea, Nd smiles…

After some time

He leaves to terrace…

He looks towards her window.. She was standing near the window.. And she’s looking at the sky..
He smiles and thinks..

If I go and stand in front of her she may get scared, I should give the hint that I came..

So he takes out a flash and puts it on her face,

Swara smiles seeing the light.. She looks towards the light and looks out.. Sanskar stands there and he smiles…

He looks at her lovingly, her face which is glowing in that moonlight.. Showing her innocent
He never seen such a innocent face!!

Swara smiles seeing him, she forwards her hand and she calls him..

Seeing her calling.. Sanskar gets happy and goes towards the window..

Seeing him close she again slowly hides her face..

Sanksar: hmm again scared?? I won’t do anything.. I’m ur friend.. I already told u na.. Ur best friend Jesus sent me here!!

Swara: (slowly comes out showing her face and smiles) really???

Sanskar: yes!! Nd u know what, I brought another thing to show you..
He shows his hand…

Swara: (gets excited seeing hands) what’s there inside??

Snaksar: (smiles) open it and see

(He spreads his hand)

Swara smiles and opens his palm… She gets excited to see a small light!!

Swara: (claps) what is this??
Sanskar: (smirks seeing her childish behaviour) it’s radium light…its shape is like moon…did u like this light??

Swara: (smiles) Yess!!

Sanksar: do u want to touch it??
Swara: yes!

Sanksar keeps that in her hand… She holds it and looks at the moon .. She watches both the big moon and small moon and smiles..

Sanksar: u like moon na, so Jesus told me to give this moon to u..

Swara: (excited) really??? Did Jesus sent this to me??

Sanskar: (smiles) Yess!!!

Swara gets happy looking at that small radium light.. And plays with it!!

Sanskar looks at her admiringly while she’s playing!! Nd laughs!!

Sanskar: (smiles) do u want another one??
Swara: (smiles) yes!!

Sanksar: but before that u should talk to me!

Swara: she looks at him surprisingly..

Sanskar: What’s ur parents name??
Swara: parents?? What is that??

He is shocked..
Sanskar: parents?? You don’t know parents.. Hmm.. What’s ur mummy and daddy name??

Swara doesn’t respond and looks at him confusingly…

Sanky: okay leave that… Tell me what’s ur name??

Swara: name?? What is that??

Sanskar is more shocked, he clearly understood that, she doesn’t know anything!! So he thinks to make her understand!!

Sanskar: (smiles) ur best friend name is Jesus.. My name is Sanskar, and what’s ur name??

Swara remembers rosy calling her Beti..

Swara: (smiles) Beti…
Sanksar: ?Beti?? That’s not a name..

Swara looks at him confusingly… As she doesn’t understand what he is speaking..

Sanskar looks at her confusing name..

Sanskar: (smile) shall I put a name for u??
Swara: name??

Sanskar: Yaa…

He looks at her smiling face.. He remember how she sang the song.. The way her face glowed in that moon light.. That too with that white dress..He smiles and calls her Angel!!

Swara: Angel ?

Sanksar: (smiles) yes ur an angel!!

Swara: (smiles and repeats her verse)
” For He Will Order His ANGEL!! To Protect You For Wherever You Go”!!

Sanksar gets confused…
Swara: is that Angel??

Sanksar is shocked… He smiles.. Thinking that she’s soo intelligent.. As she can identify according to the verses” he also understands that, she only knows words from that verses!!

Sanskar: Yess!!
Swara smiles and turns around hearing the word Angel… She’s thinking that the verse is for her!! Nd she gets happy…

Sanskar smiles seeing her and gets dazzled to see her smile.. Which gave him lot of happiness somewhere!!

Episode ends!!

Sanskar plays with Swara…
Swara touches his face, and tells him not to go…

Ragini gets happy seeing her file and hugs Laksh..

Both san-Lak are shocked!!!

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