From darkness to light (Episode 3)


Episode 3

Sanskar gets shock seeing the girl sleeping..

Sanksar: ohh god… She is still in this room??? How sad!! He thinks..
Why can’t you help her Sanskar??
I want to talk to her, will she talk to me??
He again thinks..
by d way Sanskar, don’t take risk by talking to her.. I’ve heard.. If a person stays in a room for many years.. They will be mad and their mind won’t be matured enough.. They may harm us too..

He thinks to go back, But his heart doesn’t allow him to go… He looks at her sadly..

At that time he hears someone coming.. Ajay watches some shadow coming…

Ajay: sanskar, someone is coming… Come quickly!!

When Sanskar was about to run.. He saw the lady already came, she is soo near to the room, where he can’t escape.. He just go the corner and hides…

Seeing him hiding, Ajay also hides in his terrace..

He watches a lady coming towards the door with food.. She opens the lock and goes inside.. Nd locks the door from inside..

Sanskar slowly comes towards the window and watches them..

Lady goes near That girl and wakes her..
Lady: Beti.. Get up I brought ur food..

She opens her eyes.. She looks at rosy and smiles..
She slowly sits, her beautiful long curly hair touches the ground..
Sanskar looks at her sitting, he tries to look her face.. But it was covered with her hair..
He wonders, how this girl will behave with that lady, as he thinks that she has become mad..he thinks she may harm her!!

Rosy: beta come have ur food.. She serves her..

Girl smiles,
She joins her hands and starts talking with her sweet voice..
She prays God

“God Is Great And He Is Soo GOOD!
And We Thank Him, For Our FOOD!
By His Hands We Are FED!
ThankYou God For Daily BREAD!!
AMEN!! ”

Sanskar who listens to her prayers gets shocked seeing her talking.. He smiles hearing her words.. Her voice is soo sweet,

Rosy smiles..
Rosy: haha Beti you started ur verses again??

Swara: (smiles and again starts the verses )
“Therefore whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God! ”

(She was used to those verses.. She daily keeps repeating the verses which she learnt from the church these years.. She even understood the meaning of it..)

Rosy: wow my Beti is soo intelligent..she knows how to use it by situational
(As she’s using the words related to food..while she was eating)
(She pulls her cheeks)

Swara smiles..
After sometime she completes her dinner..

Rosy: Beti, okay then I will meet you in the morning.. Okay.. Good night!!

When she was about to go, Swara holds her hand..

Rosy: (smiles) Kya hua Beti??
Swara: (holds rosy face lovingly) you told that you will take me to those flowers??
(She points her finger towards the garden)

Rosy melts with her words and smiles..
Rosy: hmm sure.. But only for sometime okay?? Come with me..

Seeing them coming, Sanksar gets tensed…And he slowly escape from that place and goes to Ajay house..

Ajay: Kya hua??
Sanskar: I think they are coming out..
Ajay: ?what??
Sanksar: let’s hide here and watch them..

(They hide near the pillar and waits for them to come out)

Rosy comes out first and looks outside, she looks here and there, she finds no one around… She smiles and tells her to come..

Rosy: Beti, come!!
Swara gets excited.. She walks slowly holding the wall (as she first needs support to walk) later she slowly walks without support towards the garden,
Sanskar and Ajay watches them..
But rosy and Swara are facing back..

Swara gets excited seeing the flowers..she slowly starts running.. Nd reaches near the flowers..

Swara: (laughs)Hahahaha soo nice
(She stands in middle of the garden, she looks those colourful flowers around her and starts jumping, and turns around laughing..
She looks up, she can see the stars which are soo bright in the sky..
And the moonlight which reflecting her and Reveals her face…
She was our beautiful Swara.. She wore white long cotton frock,Whose face was glowing in the moonlight.. She’s soo simple, beautiful, charming, cute.. Etc…

*Sanskar gets shock looking at her and gets mesmerised seeing her beauty in that moonlight!! He was completely mute to see her!!
She was young with beautiful hazel eyes and long flowing brown curly hair. *

He gets spellbind by her beauty…

Swara gets more excited and turns around spreading her hands and smiles looking at the sky…

*Sanskar admires her beauty. He was speechless to see her smile.. When she smiled, it was smile to warm even the coldest of hearts, some magic in her smile which touched his heart!!*

Rosy: (smiles) Beti, careful!!

Swara watches the nature around her and gets happy and she strts repeating her verses!!

Swara: (smiles) ” Let our eyes forever behold for the beauty of his creation!!God is great!! He has made everything perfect!! His creation is great!! He is soo sweet and he is my best friend!!!”

She gets excited and claps her hands seeing the beautiful night.. Nd the shining stars..

Rosy again smiles seeing her… Till now she used the verses of food but now she’s using the verses of nature…
She gets happy looking at her….

Sanksar and Ajay smiles looking at her childish doings!!

Swara starts singing the new Sunday school song with her sweet voice!! By turning around looking at the sky…

**Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus,
What a wonder You are!
You are brighter than the shining star
And I love You, I love You.  I love You with all of my heart!
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.**

Rosy eyes are filled with tears, as she can see her Beti being soo see her singing new songs daily!!

Sanskar who listens to her beautiful tune so clearly and smiles..
He thinks, her voice is like an angel singing from heaven!!

Swara goes near the flowers, she goes near all the flowers.. And smells it!!
She gets soo happy touching the flowers..

Rosy admires her and smiles..
She thinks of flashback..
Few years back.. It was rosy birthday.
Raj: (smiles)rosy happy birthday!! Tell me what gift you want??
Rosy: will you give me anything??
Raj: Yess darling!
Rosy: then free that girl!!
Raj: ?what??
Rosy: yes Raj.. She’s grown up.. She’s going to get 18yrs.. She even doesn’t know how to walk properly.. She’s in that 4 room wall.. When Kaveri leaves her she can’t even walk Raj..
Daily she’s learning something new from the church.. I’m happy for that…But How will she walk?? How will she live outside?? Atleast let her walk in the garden.. She might feel some change..

Raj thinks
Raj: okay!! But only in the night when all sleeps and morning before no one wakes up..
If anyone sees her, it would be problem!
Rosy: (happy) Thankyou soo much!!

FB ends!!

From that day, Swara is allowed to walk in the garden.. She gets happy whenever she goes out!!

Rosy: Beti, it’s enough.. Again in the morning if u wake up early il bring you out..okay?

Swara smiles.. Okay!!

Swara goes near her and kisses her..
Swara: Thankyou for making me smile!!
Rosy : smiles and hugs her!!

She goes inside and rosy locks the door..
Rosy: goodnight Beti!
Swara: good night!!

(She leaves)

Ajay: sanskar, come lets go down!!
Thy both went down!!

Laksh and Kavitha are been welcomed by some business partners, whom Laksh is working with..
For his bad luck..
They were around 5 young pretty girls, who were arranged by their business partners to welcome soon as they saw him, they went near him and started welcoming him by wearing garlands..etc..

Kavitha laughs looking at Laksh expressions as she knew that Laksh hate girls..

Laksh looks at Kavitha angrily when she was laughing…

After talking to his clients.. They went to their rooms..

Laksh room was so big, they was a big balcony.. Where he can see the beauty of Singapore..

They was knock on his door..
He opens it… It was Kavitha..

Laksh: Kavitha?? Ur dint slept yet?
Kavitha: bhai.. Singapore timing is 3 hours fast.. I’m not getting sleep.. They was a pub nearby plz lets go na!!

Laksh: hmm okay.. Even I’m not getting sleep.. Challo lets go!!

They both go to a nearby pub!!

They were many people around, lots of music, alcohols.. Lots of fun!!
Kavitha: woww bhai.. This is superb.. I just love it..
Laksh: haha Kavitha, if Sanskar gets to know that I brought u here at this time, he will kill me..
Kavitha: bhai.. You both are soo typical.. You hate love and he hate pubs!! But I love both of it!! I should njoy my life bhai.. I can’t enjoy after my marriage.. Sanskar won’t allow me!!(She keeps a pout face)

Laksh: (smiles) hmm.. Kk Kavitha don’t worry.. Ur bro is with you.. Go and enjoy..

She gets happy.. She just looks at the girls how they are enjoying!!

Laksh sits near the bar chamber, and starts having beer!!

A girl comes near the bar chamber.. She sits near Laksh..

Girl: excuse me! Can u give me a vodka!!
Boy: Yess mam!!
(He gives the vodka to that girl and she starts drinking it)
Girl: one more!!
(He gives an other one, she drinks that)
Girl: one more!!

Laksh who was drinking beer, gets shock seeing her drinking many shots!! He looks at her.. Her hair covers her face!!

She’s in full on! She’ in a playful mood..

Laksh talks to himself, these girls are becoming worst day by day..

That girl hears him..she gets angry!!

Girl: hello excuse me?? What are you talking??

Laksh angrily looks at her face.. And gets dazzled to see her face.. She was soo stylish, beautiful and cute.. He stares at her..

Girl: (drowsy and angry) hello!! I’m talking to you.. What are you saying now?? Girls are becoming worst?? Your telling this to me?? You know who am I ?? I’m a girl!!

Laksh: ?hello excuse hold down!! I’m not talking about u!!

Girl: what the hell.. I’ve listen! Don’t cover up..
Laksh: ?Yess.. I agree!! So what?? What are you gonna do now?? Haaa come tell me, what will u do??
(He gets up and goes towards her)

Girl: (shock) don’t dare to come near me.. I will slap you!!

Laksh: achaa!! Do U have that guts to Slap me?? To slap a guy?? Come il see.. If u really have guts, then slap me?

Girl: slaps him hard!! Is this enough??

Laksh is shocked… He is more angry!!
He thinks… How can she beat, how can she beat Laksh!! He gets angry and was about to hold her hair…

Kavitha stops him…
Kavitha: bhai what are you doing??
Laksh: Kavitha, how dare she beat me!!

Girl: ?you told me to beat so I beat’s not a big deal.. Hahah lol!! (She laughs)
Laksh: ?if I tel u to kill ur self will u do that??

Girl: nooo.. But if u say me to kill you, then definitely I will kill u..

Laksh: ?how dare you…

Girl: Yesss I’m soo daring!!! Should I kill you??
(She holds her glass in her hand… At that time a guy calls her)

Guy: Ragz !!! Stop it!!!

Ragz: Adharsh bhai!! Why are u stopping me?? He is over today in my hands!! How dare he talk about me??

(It was Adharsh and Ragini)

Adharsh: Ragz.. Leave him..we are late.. Nd look at you.. How will u manage in the house like this?? Anyways Come will go home!! Tomorrow morning U need to go to Malaysia!!

Ragz: ?haa but bhai.. Plzz 1 more drink..

Laksh: its enough!! Plz take her.. She drank soo much!!

Ragz: ?hellooo it’s non of ur business!

Adharsh: ragz, shh… (He calls Ragini frnd and tells her to take her towards the car..she nodes yes)

Adharsh: (towards Laksh) sorry in behalf of my sister…

Laksh: dats okay fine!!

He leaves….

Kavitha: woww bhai.. She’s soo cute na!!
Laksh: Yaa very cute, but what’s the use.. Did u see her, how rude she is.. I hate girls, specially these Type of girls.. Thankgod she went!!

Kavitha giggles…

Later Laksh and kavitha leaves!!

Ajay room:

Sanskar is in still shock.. He is totally wrong, he clearly understood that the girl Is not mental!

Ajay: Sanky, I just can’t believe it.. That girl is real.. How can she be alone in that room! That too she’s fine!! She has no such mental disorder I guess!!

Sanky: yes Ajay.. But what I understood is that her mind is not matured.. Look at her how she’s singing those songs and verses!!

Ajay: Yaa Sanky ur right!! by d way, she’s so pretty!!
Sanskar: (smiles) not pretty man, she’s beautiful! Nd her voice, making me crazy.. Such a sweet voice.. Nd those verses, I think she learnt that from church!

Ajay: woww that’s soo awesome!

Sanky: I just want to talk to her!!
Ajay: now?? It’s late, u can talk to her meaning! Let’s sleep now Sanskar..
Sanskar: okay (he sleeps but get restless thinking about her)
He thinks..
“How can a girl be so beautiful, she’s really like an angel!!, I want to talk to her once.. I hope she will talk to me.. ”

He gets up, he looks at Ajay who is in deep sleep.. He wakes him but he doesn’t get up,
He thinks to meet her alone.. He goes to terrace, and watches towards her room..

He climbs to her terrace, and goes towards her room!

He watches her again sleeping, this time he can see her face. She was soo cute while sleeping, she’s looking towards her own shadow on her wall, and repeating her verses again and again!

He smiles and makes some sounds to wake her..
Swara gets scared listening to those new sounds and closes her eyes tightly.. Sanskar notices her fear and stops making noises!!

He thinks
“Arey she’s getting scared, what should I do now??
He gets an idea..

He smiles and takes his mobile and switch on’s the flash and moves the light towards her face..Seeing the new light she smiles..
She gets up..
Sanky moves the light towards the wall, she smiles and goes near the wall and touches it,
Sanky smiles.. Nd keeps moving the light.. At different places

Swara runs to hold that light and she laughs seeing it..

Sanky admires seeing her playing like a kid..he makes her laugh while moving the light..

He again moves the light towards the wall, she again goes and touches it.. He slowly moves one step right side.. She moves right to touch..he again moves one step right.. She again goes one step and touches it… Nd finally he moves the light towards his face…
Swara smiles and touches his face placing her hand outside the window..

For a second both get shock seeing each other soo closely…
He smiles and moves the light towards her…
Sanskar gets dazzled seeing her beautiful face that too soo clearly.. Her hazel eyes enchanted his attention.. He looks at her soo stunningly

Swara gets tensed and closes her eyes with her hands…
Sanskar gets sad for a sec, as she’s covering such a beautiful face…which he doesn’t want to miss seeing it!!

Sanskar holds her hands and slowly removes her hands from her face.. She gets afraid seeing a new person, she runs to the corner and hides her face with her bedsheet..

Sanky gets shocked to see her fear..

Sanksar: hello!! Hii…
She doesn’t reply and she gets more scared..

Sanksar: hello!!
Swara: plzz don’t beat me!’ (She covers her face and starts crying)?

Sanskar gets shocked..

Sanskar: ?arey ur crying… Noo, I won’t beat you.. Look at me..

Swara doesn’t look at him.. She holds her blanket tightly..

Sanskar: Kk I’m sorry, do u want this light.. Shall I put the light again.. ?

(He again on’s the light, on the ground, beside her…

She looks the light beside her, she smiles and touches the ground..
He smiles looking at her smiling…

Sanskar: did u like it??

Swara: (smiles) Yaaa!!

Sanskar gets happy…
(She looks at him and again gets fear)

Sanskar: I won’t do anything.. Do u want to listen songs??

He keeps songs in her mobile..

Swara listens to the song and smiles looking at him..

Sanskar: you want it?? Come take..

Swara slowly walks towards him.. She spreads her hand out… To give that songs to her…
He gets tensed, what if she don’t return the mobile to him… She might get into problem..

But seeing her smile, he melts and
gives his mobile to her…
Swara keeps the mobile towards her ears and listens to the songs..

She smiles looking at him…Nd she talks to him!!

Swara: what is this??

Sanskar: it’s mobile phone..

Swara: (stammers) m.o.b.i.l.e.??

Sanskar: (smiles) yes!!

At that time his cell charge gets over… Nd the mobile gets off!!

Swara looks at him…

Sanskar thinks oh god!! Cell charge got over.. Now what should I do…

Sanskar: (doubtly) give that to me.

Swara goes near him and gives it… Nd again hides covering her face…

Sanskar smiles.. He thinks, she’s soo good.. She gave soo soon.. I thought she won’t give!!

She sits at the corner in the dark..

Sanskar: now what should I do?? She’s getting scared seeing me..

He watches fireflies..

He gets happy, and he catches one fly and brings towards her…

Sanksar: (smiles) come here, I will show you onething.

She looks at him but doesn’t go..

Sanskar: I won’t beat u.. I’m ur friend!!

Swara: (smiles) friend? But Jesus is my best friend!!

Sanskar: (smiles) okay.. Even Jesus is my best friend.. He told me to show u this, come here??

Swara: (smiles) really??
Sanskar: yes..come here, Il show u his creation..

Swara smiles and slowly goes near him…

Sanskar slowly opens his hand..

Swara laughs seeing the small light.. She slowly touches it… Nd laughs!!

She again repeats the same creation verse..

Swara: (smiles) ” Let’s our eyes forever behold for the beauty of his creation!!God is great!! He has made everything perfect!! His creation is great!! He is soo sweet and he is my best friend!!!”

Sanksar looks at her cute expressions and he laughs!!

Sanskar: woww very nice… And you want to hold this insect??
Swara: (smiles) yes!!

He holds her hands.. Nd places the fly in it… And he closes her hands..

Sanskar: don’t open ur hands, it will fly..

Before he completes the word, she leaves her hand..
Insect flies…inside the room.. Giving the room small light..

Swara gets happy seeing the lighting

Sanskar looks at her smiling face..

Meantime Ajay wakes up, he finds Sanksar missing… He searches in his room.. And he goes to terrace..

He looks at Sanskar smiling.. He slowly looks towards the gate.. He saw Raj coming home from night shift…
He gets scared..

Ajay: (shouts) Sanskar???
Sanskar: ahhh Kya hua Ajay??

Ajay: what r u doing there?? Come here.. Raj is coming…
Sanskar: ?what??

He looks at her…
Sanskar: I’m going.. Bye.. Take care!!

Swara : (smiles and stammers) G.o.o.d n.i.g.h.t!!

Sanskar gets spellbind by the way she said good night…
He smiles and He leaves….before leaving he looks at her and smiles..

She again Starts her verses and sleeps…

Episode ends!!

Laksh and Ragini 2nd meeting
Sanskar watches her playing in the morning and stares at her lovingly..

Is this the new beginning for this two couples
( Swasan – raglak)??

Credit to: Alisha

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