From darkness to light (Episode 2) contd

Episode 2

Kaveri goes back to his home saying she will come again after some days..

Kaveri leaves …

Raj looks upset..

Rosy: what happened Raj??
Raj: (sad) how r u going near that girl rosy? After many months I’ve seen her, she’s soo scared seeing us, does she’s like that all the time??
The way she’s shivering, it melted my heart.. How am I supporting Kaveri , instead of stopping her from doing such evil thing!! I’m so sad for that little girl!!

Rosy: she’s soo good with me Raj! She loves me soo much.. My Beti is soo loving…(she smiles)
But I’m worried Raj.. Whenever Kaveri used to come, the next day she used to get fever.. May be because of fear… I think even today she will get fever!!

She runs to Swara’s room…she opens the door and finds her sleeping peacefully..
She thinks she slept soo early!!
She goes towards her, caresses her hair and leaves!!

Ajay house:
Sanskar, Laksh and his friends are having dinner, Sanskar couldn’t concentrate anything, as he keeps thinking about Kaveri words.. And thinks about that girl

Sanky: soo sad for that girl.. But I should be silent.. I won’t tell even this to Laksh.. But I want to talk to that girl!

After the dinner..
All are in the lawn.. He gets an idea..
Sanky: arey guys I forgot my cam cover, I think it’s on terrace.. Il go and get it!!

Ajay: okay Sanskar!! Come soon!

He goes to terrace..
He looks at her door, it was locked.. He thinks that they might have left..

He slowly goes to her terrace without making sound..
He goes towards her room.. Due to church lightings the room being reflected giving him the view of that girl…

He gets shock seeing the girl sleeping on the ground…

He tries to wake her by making sounds.. But she doesn’t get up…he watches her sleeping peacefully… He takes his camera and clicks a photo of her…

As he loves photography, he dint leave even her..

He hears his friends calling him… He quickly goes to his house…

Laksh: arey Sanky, this much late??
Sanky: Yaar it’s dark na, I couldn’t find my cover.. Anyways I got it..

Laksh: okay come lets go.. It’s already late!!

After sometime they reach home..

Sanskar goes to his room.. He thinks about that girl.. And how that lady spoke..
He deeply thinks and wonders
How can she be alone in that room?? From when she’s in that room??

AP enters the room:
AP: sanskar, have this milk and sleep!!

She watches him thinking…
AP: sanskar Kya hua ?? What are you thinking??

Sanskar: (he looks at AP) Maa can u be with me for sometime..

AP: (smiles) sure..
(She sits beside him and Sanskar sleeps on her lap)

AP: (caresses his hair) Sanksar within few days ur going to new college in Mumbai!! I will miss u soo much!

Sanskar: il miss u too Ma!!
AP: daily call me, I will be waiting for ur call.. Nd Thankgod Laksh will be with you..

AP keeps on talking and Sanky sleeps!!

Next day:
It was 7:00 am!!
It was Sunday..

As usual.. Sun Ray’s falls on Swara’s face…
She wakes up, she goes near the window…. She smiles seeing everything is same as routine..

Sunday school in church was started for kids!!

Some sisters are teaching the kids some Christian songs.. They make them to repeat the songs to get perfection..!!

Swara listens to the songs, and starts humming along with them..

After sometime,
Rosy comes to the terrace.. She suddenly hears some song with sweet voice..She looks here and there and finally founds that sound coming from Swara’s room..
She gets tensed and opens the lock and goes inside…

She is shocked to see Swara looking at the window and singing a song.. She listens to it..

Swara: (sings that Sunday school song which kids were singing, she felt easy)

La la Laa la la la…la La la la…..
(She hums the rest of the song, as she doesn’t know the full song)
And at last…

Rosy is shocked… She runs towards her.. Her eyes are filled with tears, she kneels down and looks at Swara very lovingly..

Swara: (seeing her she stops singing) she smiles.. Good morning
(She touches her face)

Rosy: Beti, ur singing songs?? From where did you learn..

At that time the kids again starts singing the same song..
Swara points her finger towards church…

Rosy is more shocked..
Rosy:? you learned by listening?? Can u sing that song again to me??

Swara: starts singing cutely..and hums in middle!!

Swara: (thinks and asks her a question) Jesus means what??

Rosy: (smiles) he is God! Who made u sing these song.. I’m soo happy Beti, ur learning new things.. I’m very happy, I’m helpless as I can’t teach u anything, but he is teaching you.. I’m soo happy..
(She caresses her face)

Rosy: (smiles) Nd she kisses her cheeks She kisses her with lot of love..

Swara: But why did u kissed me??

Rosy: because u made me smile!.. I’m soo happy, my Beti is soo intelligent..

Swara: (smiles) she kisses her like same she did to her..

Rosy is shocked…
Rosy: why did you kissed me?
Swara: because u made me smile!!

She was again shock.. To see her brain working like normal kids .. She was happy to see her giving answers properly she felt happy and hugs her tightly…

Swara too hugs her..

Rosy: Beti Come have ur breakfast..
She started having it!!

After some time she leaves!!!

Swara again goes near the window, and she searches for her bird friend…
But This time a butterfly comes near her.. She holds that butterfly and smiles seeing it being colourful!!

Days passes… Swara learns new songs and some messages from the church.. She slowly starts understanding meanings of it.. She even starts talking normally like normal persons..
The only problem she is facing is with fear.. She scares seeing new people.. She don’t even try to talk with them.. She always think that new persons will beat her!! So she doesn’t speak with anyone!!!

Maheshwari house:
Dp: sanskar, come quickly, ur train time is going to over, come quickly beta!!

Sanskar comes down, he take blessings from everyone..

Same happens with Laksh..

Finally 2 friends leave for their new college.. They were best friends.. All college used to talk about their friendship as it’s very strong!! They were no misunderstandings between them!! They were best friends forever!! BFF?

Days passed
Months passed
Years passed
Leap of 8 years..

Maheswari company:

23 years young man In a conference.. He is in meeting with foreign delegates talking about an important project..
after sometime the conference ends.. And he goes to his office room..
He looks at big photo frame… He caresses it.. And smiles
We Done It??

As soon as he thinks about him, he gets a call from that person…he lifts it!’ It was from his best friend Laksh!!

Laksh: (excited) sanskar, how was ur conference dude??
Sanskar: (smiles) Laksh it was awesome!! They liked my idea! Nd within 2 months they r going to establish it!!
I’m soo happy Laksh!!! All will be very happy.. We did it Laksh!! Our dreams are coming true!!

Laksh: Yess!! I’m soo proud of u Sanskar.. And ya I have a good news for you.. Come home soon.. I’m waiting!!

Sanskar: sure.. Il be there within 30 mins..
Laksh : bye dude…

He cuts the call, as soon as he cuts the call… A girl comes from behind and hugs Sanskar from back..

Gilr: Hii darling.. You know I was waiting for u since 2 hours.. (She hugs him tightly)

Sanskar: (smiles) kavithaaa!!

Yes the girl was Kavitha..

She hugs more tightly…

Kavitha: I love u Sanksar..

Sanskar turns towards her..
Sanskar: (smiles and covers the topic) by d way Kavitha, today I’m so happy.. I’m doing a project on my own.. I should shared to this everyone!! All will be very happy na??

Kavitha: hmm.. Sanskar.. Leave about them,
Tell me how am I looking?? First time I wore ur favourite churidhar… Am I looking good??

Sanskar: (smiles) it’s nice Kavitha!!
Kavitha: ?only nice?? What Sanskar, when ever I wear anything u won’t give any compliments to me.. You won’t even say that I’m beautiful!! Am I not an angel for u?? ?

Sanskar: Kavitha, u know about me right, i don’t how to give compliments.. What if I don’t compliment you.. Don’t u know that u always looks pretty?? ?

Kavitha: ? (smiles) Yaa I know I’m so pretty!! Im soo happy, Nd u know after many days I saw u alone, I can spend lot of time with you…kiss me Sanksar!

Sanskar: (shock) Kavitha this is office Yaar!!

Kavitha: (she looks at him with a pout face face) so what Sanskar, we have that right, we are officially engaged in front of every one.. Soo what’s wrong??
I’m expecting first kiss from you since our engagement but u never have time for me!!
(She turns angrily to the other side)

Sanskar: (smiles) Kavitha, Yaa ur right, we are engaged…..But marriage is something very great relationship!! I respect marriage…Let’s not do all this before marriage..plzz Kavitha!!

Kavitha: (smiles) okay Sanskar, I can understand.. Ur soo sweet, very different from others.. That’s why I fallen for u..
(She hugs Him tightly) now come lets go home!!

They both talk together laughing, talking and leaves home..
They go to Shekar house to meet Laksh..

Shomi: (excited) sanskar come sit.. Do u want to have anything..
Sanskar: Noo aunty!! I just came to meet Laksh..

Laksh comes down..
Laksh: hey dude.. Congrats yar!!
Sanksar: (smilesNd hugs him.) Thankyou Laksh!! Nd by d way u said that u have some news to tell me, what’s that??

Laksh: sanskar, You know right,from 2 months I’m working for a tender… And you know what, this time Mr. Laksh Gadodia has got it..

Sanskar: (happy) what?? Wowww Laksh.. This is awesome!! Im very happy… Super duper!!! Congratsss!!!!!

Laksh: Yess!!! And tomorrow I’m going to Singapore for 20 Days!!
Kavitha: ? Singapore ??? Woww!! Bhai plzz I will come with u…

Laksh: Kavitha!! What will u do there alone?? Nd ur telling me now,

Kavitha: bhai, I already have visa.. And taking ticket is not a big deal.. And one of my friend is staying there, and I can do lot of shopping for my marriage.. Hey na Sanskar?? It will be awesome!! Let’s all go together… What do u say guys??

Shomi: but Kavitha, there’s lot of time for marriage.. Why shopping now itself..

Kavitha: Maa, at that time we can’t again go for Singapore na!! I’ll keep all the things ready before itself!! What do u say Sanksar? Even u come na?

Sanskar: (smiles) Yaa it’s a good idea, but Kavitha.. Dad is in US.. I should be with mom!! Nd I’m free only for 1 week…Again I have conference next week!!

Laksh: Yaaa Sanksar, it’s better if u stay here!! (Nd he looks at Kavitha)

Kavitha: bhai, don’t tell me to stay.. I’m coming with u.. I can do lots of Shopping.. Plz don’t stop me!!

Laksh and Sanskar looks at each other and smiles..
Laksh and Sanksar : okay Kavitha! Do whatever u want!!

She gets happy and hugs both of them!!

Kavitha: woww I’m so blessed to get such a wonderful brother and a wonderful fiancé!!

They three share a beautiful hug!! And Sanskar leaves to his house..

Next day:
Laksh and Kavith are leaving…

Laksh: bye dude.. Take care!! (They share a hug)

Sanskar: (hugs Kavitha) take care Kavitha, don’t go alone anywhere okay??

Kavitha: (happy) okay Sanksar…

Sanksar looks at her happy face…

Sanskar: (teases) hmm Laksh, look at ur sister, she’s soo happy.. She’s not at all sad for leaving me!! See how excited she is!! I expected that she will be crying.. For leaving me alone!!

Laksh: laughs loudly!! Loll!! This is Kavitha Yaar!! She’s don’t have such sentiments!! Hahahah very funny!!

Kavitha: (laughs) sanskar come on yar, why should I be sad… After marriage I will be with u forever.., let me enjoy my bachelor life yar!!

Sanskar: (smiles) achaa… Once our marriage gets over, just see… I will not allow u to cross even home!!

Kavith: ?your soo mean Sanksar..

Laksh smiles looking at them…
(They talk pulling each other, Nd finally they leave)

Sanskar returns home…. He is free for 1 week, he don’t know how to spend the time.. As his best friend is not with him!! He feels bore..

He took his old albums, and just remembering his sweet memories… School life, college life…
After checking those photos.. He takes out an other album..
It was album of his friends Ajay..
He smiles remembering that day, how they all took photos, how they played video games in his house..

He thinks..
Sanksar: lol!! We became soo big… Now we don’t even have that interest in those video games.. We even settled in our life!!
The days are soo fast..
Every memory in my life is soo precious!!

While he was turning the photos, he finds that girl pic… Where he clicked her pic..
He gets shock seeing that pic..

He thinks..
“Yes, she’s the girl who was been locked, I forgot about her.. Is she’s still in that room or is she??
(He gets tensed, thinking about that lady words)
Ohh god!! Did they killed her?? I need to find…

He calls Ajay…
Seeing his call Ajay gets happy…

Ajay: sanskar?? What’s up dude.. It’s been 1 week since u called me.. By d way Laksh told me that he going to Singapore

Sanksar: Yaaa Ajay, he went today.. I’m soo bored yar.. 1 week I’m free..

Ajay: Sanky, u know what I’m always free!! Hahaha come to my house, dude even I’m so bored…Let’s have fun!!

Sanky smiles.. As he can meet that girl!!

After some time he gets ready and he leaves!!

Ajay house:

Ajay welcomes him.. He gets happy seeing Sanky!!
They leave to their room..

Sanky: what’s up dude?? How’s ur life??

Ajay: Sanky, leave about me.. By d way congrats yar.. I’ve heard that ur engaged to Laksh sister.. I’m soo happy!! Tell me love story dude!!

Sanky: love story??? Hahaha lol very funny!!

Ajay: ? I though u both love each other??
Sanky: Noo Ajay, ur mistaken!! It’s not love marriage it’s an arranged!!

Ajay: arranged?? But Sanky, u always used to say that u would opt for love, then how did u accept arranged??

Sanky: Ajay.. It’s soo simple.. Kavitha loves me.. She said that to Laksh.. Nd Laksh asked me to marry Kavitha..
Actually it’s not a bad idea, I just thought about my family… If I marry Kavitha.. Laksh will be happy, Kavitha will be happy and our two families will be happy..
Sooo I accepted…. It’s a pure arranged marriage!!

Ajay: ?what?? Sanskar u thought about all their happiness but what about you, will u be happy if u marry Kavitha??

Sanksar: (smiles) dude!! When all are happy.. Even I’m happy!! I want all their happiness… That’s enough for me.. And about me!! I like Kavitha soo much! Nd she loves me so much.. Is that not enough for us to live happily life long!!

Ajay: sanskar, u like is different from love.. Actually I know about Kavitha.. She’s totally different from u!! The way you think Is different… Just asked this to ur heart… Okay leave all that…
If ur happy that’s enough dude!!

Sanskar: Thankyou Ajay.. Nd don’t worry I’m happy with what I am.. By the Ajay.. I need tell u something which is important!!

Ajay; what’s that??

Sanskar: when we completed 10th we came to ur house na.. Do u remember that time we talked about Devil in the terrace.. Do u remember??

Ajay: Yaaa.. I’m still scared of that devil Sanky..

Sanskar: but Ajay, there were no such devil.. U know what happens that day when I went to take the ball..

He tells him everything!!

Ajay: shocked) what??? The Girl is been locked in a room??

Sanky: yes.. (He shows the photograph)

Ajay is shocked to see the photo…

Ajay: ohh god! Why dint u tell us before Sanky..
Sanky: at that I don’t felt like telling.. But now we r well matured and I trust that u won’t tell this to anyone..

Ajay: Yaaa sure I won’t tell!
Sanky: but Ajay.. Is she still living in that room?? I just want to see!! Shall we go??

Ajay: okay..

Sanskar and Ajay goes to terrace.. They see the room being locked..

Snaksar: Ajay I will go and see.. U just signal me if any one coming..

Ajay: okay!’ But careful Sanky.. If they see u, it will be problem to that girl!!

Sanskar: don’t worry.. Nothing will happen!

Raj: okay careful..

Sanky slowly goes to that terrace.. He goes towards the room.. He gets shock seeing her sleeping..

Sanksar: ohh god… She is still in this room??? How sad!!

Episode ends!!!

Sanksar gets mesmerised seeing Swara beautiful face!!

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