From Darkness To Light Epi 36

Swara: Sanksar come I’m hungry.. Shomi Ma prepared lunch for us.. Come lets go..
Sanskar: hmm Kk.. Come.. (He think to talk to Shomi)
They leave…
They both talk and walk holding Wch other hands enjoying each other company..
Kavitha watches both of them.. Her jealousy is leading to hatred…She gets angry and she leaves
Swara: Maaa we came again..
Shomi looks at Swara and Sanskar.. She gets happy..
Shomi: Sanskar.. Come in..
Swara: Maa I’m soo hungry..
Shomi: arey.. I’m sorry I forgot about it…5 mins Beti… Il serve food..
(She runs to kitchen)
Swara: hehe Ma is so tensed.. (She giggles)
Sanskar: (looks at her teasingly) Angel .. Shh.. U should not tease like that..
Swara: I’m sorry
Sanskar burst out laughing…
He pulls her cheeks and winks at her..
Sanskar: Angel u be here il come just now..
Saying this he goes to kitchen.. He don’t know how to start the topic with Shomi
Sanskar: Maa should I help u??
Shomi: Noo Sanskar.. It’s k.. Come u sit here.. I’m so sorry Sanskar.. Just give me 5mins okay.. Il
serve hot hot food
Sanskar: aunty cool down.. No problem aunty take ur time..
Shomi: (smiles) thankyou Sanskar..
Sanskar: aunty.. I want to talk to u..
Shomi: yes Sanskar.. Tell me..
Sanskar: (holds her hand) aunty, I know ur soo worried for Swara..I know ur worried to think
about her marital life for a girl like her… But don’t worry aunty, she will be happy like this
forever..and I’m promising you.. Swara will be with me forever.. I will never leave her aunty.. I love
her soo much.. I just got to know what is true love, when I met Swara.. She thought me what is
love.. Her innocence.. I love her aunty…
Shomi eyes are filled with tears..
Sanskar: Don’t worry about Swara at all.. She’s my responsibility..
I know what I did for Kavitha is wrong.. But I’m telling truth.. I never loved Kavitha aunty..I
accepted her for Laksh.. Nd I..
Shomi: (cries) I know Sanskar.. Ur a diamond.. When u told u don’t want to marry Kavitha.. All got
angry.. But I dint.. I thought whatever u do.. U do that for good… Ur soo good Sanskar.. That’s
why I was worried for u.. How can u ruin ur life for Swara..U will get best wife Sanskar..
Sanskar: (places his hand on her mouth) Noo aunty.. Plzz.. I can’t marry someone else.. Swara is
my wife aunty..Just trust me.. Nd see.. U will understand how much we love each other..
Shomi cries and Hugs Sanskar..
Swara: (shouts) maa… I’m hungry
Sanskar: aunty come lets go.. Swara is calling us..
They all have lunch together… They spend some time talking.. And they leave
Kavitha observe them and gets angry..
Kavitha friends comes.. They look at her teary face and gets worried
Frnd1: Kavitha why r u crying??
Kavitha: it’s over.. Everything is over.. Snskar became hers completely.. I used to think Sanskar
still loves me and married Swara only to tease me.. But I’m mistaken.. He completely forgot me..
Nd that Swara, she snatched my life from me.. I won’t leave Swara.. Sanskar is mine.. He is only
(She cries making her friends sad)
Frnd2: Kavitha.. Plz don’t cry.. Will do something about this matter
Kavith: Yess I want to do something, I want to end that Swara.. No one should get doubt on
me.. I really want to kill her..
Plz help me guys.. Ur my friends na..
All friends look at each other and they discuss..
Friends: kavitha.. Don’t worry everything will be fine…. Will plan something…call us when Swara is
They leave…

Next day:
Early morning..
Saanskar is getting ready for office.. Swara is deciding what to wear..
Sanskar looks at her standing near the almirah since 20mins
Sanskar moves closer to her and places a soft kiss on her forehead saying ” what are you doing
here Angel”?
Swara: sanskar what should I wear? I have these many dresses..
Sanskar: haha Angel.. Choose ur fav
Swara smiles and she gets ready…
He gets call…
He is busy in talking…
It was Raining heavily.. It was soo cold outside..
(Swara goes to balcony.. She plays with the rain tapping with her hands…She watches small kids
making paper ships and leaving them on water.. She smiles)
Sanskar cuts the call and searches for Swara..
Snskar: Angel where r u???
Swara: I’m in balcony Sanskar…
He goes to balcony:.. He watches her.. How she’s playing …The way she’s enjoying he gets
he went towards her … and held her from her waist ..
Swara: Sanskar did u see those kids??
Sanskar: Noo..I’m seeing only a beautiful kid who is front of me..
Saying this he placed her hair on one side … and placed a wet kiss on her shouldergiving her a
warm embrace..
Swara: (confused) sanskar.. Who is that kid?
Sanskar: (smiles) it’s u Angel..
Swara: am I kid?
Sanskar: Yess….ur my kiddo…
(Saying this he again places a kiss on her neck)
he turned Swara so that she was now facing him … Swara smiles … She splashes water on
Sanskar.. She looks at snskar wet face.. She feels soo love at that moment.. … She stares at him
Snskar: Angel why are you staring at me..
Swar smiles and hugs him..
Swara: your looking soo beautiful.. Daily you used to say me na.. But u know you are really
looking beautiful…
She hugs him…
Sanskar smiles .. he leans down and gives her the wet kiss on her hand..
He leaned on her .n kissed her eyes , cheeks . Nose..
Snskar: Angel I love u.. You always make me smile.. U know I’m soo happy..
Swara: then kiss me Sanskar..
Sanskar looks at her innocence.. He lifts her chin.. And kisses her chin.. And gives a peck on her
lips.. And embraces her tightly..
Sanskar: so Angel tell me what r u doing?
Swara: look at those kids Sanskar.. They are cute na..
Sanskar: yes they are..they are cute like u
Swara: Sanksar, why every house has a kid.. But we don’t have any kids here to play
Sanskr: (smiles and teases) you want to have a kid? But it has lot of time Angel.. We should enjoy
na.. This world.. Il show u new places.. Nd I have very important thing to u.. I want everyone to
know you Angel.. You should be a star..
(Saying this he kisses her cheeks)

Suddenly Swara looks at Shekar house..
Swara: sanskar… Ragini came…I’m going to papa’s house
(Saying this she was about to run inside her room)
Sanskar: (smiles) but Angel it’s raining heavily..
Before she could go inside.. Swara slips and was about to hit a door..
Sanskar: Angel… Careful.. Did u get hurt??
Swara: nooo… I’m fine Sanskar..
Sanskar is worried and hugs her..
“Angel.. Careful.. I can’t see u in pain”..
Swara: okay sanskar.. I will walk carefully…Okay??
Sanskar: (smiles and kisses her forehead) good girl..
Swara: I’ll go Nd meet Ragini…
Sanskar feels but worried… Even he don’t know why…
Sanskar: Not alone.. Wait il come with u..
Swara: u said u will go to office..
Sanskr: nothing is important than u..
Swara smiles and again hugs him… He gets happy seeing her excitement
Swara and Sanskar reaches shekar house..
Laksh: arey Sanky.. Come dude..
Ragini: hello… Cute loving couples..
They all go inside and talk…
Kavitha watches them… She again gets angry..
When she was about to go she looks at Adhrsh..
Adhrsh: hi Kavitha.. How r u??
Kavitha: I’m good..
Adhrsh: nice dress.. he winks and leaves Makinh Kavitha angry..
Adhrsh: hello guys, Whatsup?
Sanky: hi Adhrsh.. How’s Kolkatta??
Adhrsh: it’s wonderful.. I’m loving it..
Swara looks at children who are playing in the rain..
Ragini: Swara what r u thinking ??
Laksh: Haa Swara ur so silent…
Swara: bhai.. look at those kids.. They are playing…even I want to play..
Laksh: sure Swara.. Come lets all play..
Ragini: but Laksh..
Laksh: arey my sissy is asking me something for a first time.. Let me fulfill her wish.
Ragini Sanksar and Adhrsh look at each and smiles
Sanky: okay challo.. Let’s all Play..
They all go to terrace.. Kavitha watches them going to terrace..
Kavith: Laksh and Sanky are talking.. They again became friends.. And this Swara.. All
became supporters to her.. All showering love on her… Today it will be her end..
She calls her friends to tells them to Come…she suddenly looks at current wire which is falling
down from terrace… She gets an evil idea..
they all go to terrace…enjoying in the rain…
Laksh, Ragini, Adhrsh, Swara and Sanskar all are enjoying in rain..
Kavitha friends come… Kavitha tells her plan.. Her friends first get tensed and later accepts it for

Laksh splashes water on Swara.. Swara runs back of him and throws water on him..
Sanky and Ragini gets happy seeing the brother and sister bond..
Laksh jumps on the water and water splashes on Swara again..
Swara gets excited seeing it… She looks for the water…she looks at the corner of the terrace
where there is soo much water..
She goes and jumps in that water..and the water again slap shot on her dress.. She enjoying her
Sanskar stares at his beautiful wife..he goes towards her and lifts her in his arms
and stares into her eyes and He place herhands on his shoulder.
Sanskar: Swara be ready…
Saying this he turns her around…
Swara laughs…as she can feel like she is turning around…
At that time Kavitha and her friends come..
Kavitha look at Swara and Sanskar.. She gets angry.
Sanskar looks at Kavitha.. But he doesn’t bother her.. Even Kavitha acts as if she is busy
Suddenly rain stops..
Swara: sanskar rain stopped
Sanskar: Noo problem Angel.. Play in that water..
Swara : Kk.. She again jumps..
Kavitha smiles seeing her friends… She goes to other corner end and places a cloth in the hole..
So that water doesn’t go out…without anyone’s notice
She evilly smiles at Swara….
“Soo Swara.. My dear loving sister.. Be ready to miss us”..
She signals her friend..
He slowly goes near the wall.. He takes the wire which is falling down and throws that wire into
the water..
Her friends get scared.. They all move to the other corner..and they look at down.. As they got
scared to stand near the water..
Swara stills plays in the water..saanskar Laksh and Ragini all involve playing in water
Remembering their childhood days
Kavitha friends goes near Swara and they tell loudly so that Swara will listen..
Friend: guys there is more water in that end.. Il go now..
Swara hears them.. She smiles and gets happy.
Swara: sanskar there is soo much of water there…il play there..
Sanskar: nooo..don’t leave me..
Swara: Plzz..
Sanskar: hahaha my cute Angel…!!
Swara gives a peck on his lips..
“Thankyou for making me smile”…
Saying this she runs towards the water…:
Sanskar : hahaha crazy girl..:
He suddenly looks at Kavitha who is smiling evilly seeing Swara…
He finds something messy…he gets tensed as he cant trust Kavitha…
Sanskar: Angel wait…
By that time Swara jumps inside the water.. Which contains electric shock..As soon as she jumps
Swara shouts… Ahhhhh Sanskarrrrrrr”!!!!!
She falls down as she got electric shock…and she was fighting tapping her full body like fits..
Sanskar is shocked to see Swara like that…
Sanskar: Angelllllll
He shouts loudly….

Laksh, Ragini and Adhrsh are shocked…
While Kavitha and her friends smiles evilly…
Sanskar: (cries as h understood that it was electric shock) Angel…..(he runs towards Swara)
Adhrsh : (worried)sanskar… Don’t goo….Wait….
Sanskar: (shouts) Swara..he look for some source
Ragini: (cries) Swaraa
Laksh is shocked.. He looks at the wire…he takes a wooden stick immediately and throws that
wire to a side.. He looks at Swara who became unresponsive…And he places his legs in the
water it was normal…
Sanskar and Ragini gets happy…he goes inside the water..and brings Swara..
Sanskar: Angel…!! (Cries) Angel.. Look at me.. Open ur eyes…Angel…
He looks at her wounds.. It was burnt.. He was shocked…
Sanskar : (shouts) angel Laksh.. Do something…
Laksh: sanskar let’s take her to hospital..
Sanskr carries her…
They all take her to hospital….doctor examine her..
Shomi cries… Ragini consoles her…
Sanskar is still in shock.. He remembers how she played with her.. He keeps all
happened within seconds
Laksh: sanskar plz don’t cry..
At that time doctor comes…
Lakshar Nd Sanksar goes near doctor
Sanskr: Doctor what happened? Is she fine?
Doctor: I can’t say anything now.. We kept her in observation.. It was electric shock.. It’s not a
small matter.. Let us try.. But don’t worry.. I hope she will be fine..
Sanskar is shocked…. She remembers how she’s enjoyed in rain..
Sanskar: it’s because ofme.. Why did I send her there.. I should be with her na Laksh.. Why did I
allowed to go to that end..
He cries hugging Laksh… Laksh cries and they both console each other..
Episode ends

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