From Darkness To Light Epi 35


Episode 35
Swara and snskar sleeping.. Sunlight falls on Their faces.. Sanskar slowly opens his eyes he looks
at Swara his beautiful wife who is getting disturbed with the light…
He smiles and kisses her forehead.. He hugs her.. Placing his hand on her face covering it from
She sleeps peacefully hugging Sanskar..
After sometime.. Swara wakes up.. Rubbing her eyes..She looks at Sanskar..
She smiles.. And kisses his cheeks.. And stares at him lovingly..
She plays with his beard.. Irritating snskar.

Snskar: Angel!!
Swara smiles and kisses his cheeks tightly…
Sanskar smiles in his sleep…
Swara again starts playing with beard…
Disturbing Sanskar..
Sanskar: Angel…. Let me sleep..
Swara keeps a pout face.. She suddenly feels itchy on her cheeks..
She rubs it with her nails.. Still she feels that itchy.. She never got that before..
She goes to the mirror and looks at her face.. She was shocked..
She runs to Sanskar..

Swara: sanskar.. Wake up..
Sanskar doesn’t wake up.. He is in deep sleep..
Swara cries and sleeps hugging him..
She cries silently…
Sanskar feels something wet… He opens his eyes… He is shocked to see Angel crying…
Sanskar: what happen Angel?? Why r u crying?
Swara: Sanskar look at this.. I got something… It’s soo paining..
Sanskar burst out laughing..
Sanskar: Hahahah Angel.. It’s pimple, all girls usually get that.. Not only girls even for boys too..
Don’t touch that okay..
Swara: it’s paining..
Sanskar: (rubs her pimple he stares at her lovingly and kisses the pimple) u know Angel.. Ur looking
soo cute with this pimple.. It’s like a beauty spot.. I loved it.
Swara: really??
Sanskar: Yess…leave all that and come lets sleep for sometime it’s still 6:00am..
He makes her sleep on him and starts patting her shoulder..
Swara hugs him and sleeps.. She feels soo happy when he is with her.. She feel soo secured…
Swara: sanskar.. Today are u going to office?
Sanskar: yes Angel.. Kyu?
Swara: don’t go.. Be with me na.. I will miss u..
Sanskar smiles and looks at her…
Sanskar: why will u miss me Angel?

Swara: I don’t know, but whenever ur not with me il get cry..
Sanskar looks at her face and kisses her forehead..
Sanskar: Kk Angel.. Today I won’t go.. Okay? Now don’t be sad..
Swara: really.. Love u Sanskar.. She gives a kiss on his lips..”Thankyou for making me smile”..
Sanskar smiles and stares at her lovingly..
Sanskar: only 1 kiss it’s not fare..
Swara smiles again and kisses him…
Sanskar: noooooot satisfied
Swara smiles and starts kissing all his face..
Swara: did I made u happy?
Sanskar stares at her and kisses her lips..

They share a sweet and passionate kiss…
Swara smiles and hugs him…
They sleep for sometime.
Swara remembers something gets up and was about to go.. Sanskar stops her..
Sanskar: where ru going?
Swara: I should go to papa’s house na..
Sanska: hmm Swara.. Where will u go?? U told me to stay and now ur going? Noo don’t go today.. Il
miss u stay with me..
(He again hugs her)
Swara: ohh I forgot… K Sanskar I won’t go.. Ur there na.. (She sleeps on him while he embrace
her in his arms)
Sanskr: Hahha Angel..I’m kidding.. U go to papa’s house and come soon.. Until then I have a work il
complete that..
Swara: k snskar..
Swara gets ready.. She goes down to wish ap and dp
Swara: good morning papa..

Dp: good morning Swara.. Come have ur breakfast..
Swara: il call Sanskar papa..
Ap: Kk Swara.. Tel him to come fast..
Swara again runs to Sanskar room..
She watches Sanskar getting freshup..
Swara: sanskar come fast.. Ma is calling for breakfast.. U know she did puris.. I love it..
Sanskar: Yess Angel.. 2mins.. I’m coming..
Swara looks at mirror.. Her concentration is on that pimple.. And gives different expression seeing
the pimple
Sanskar laughs at her..
Sanskar: Angel.. Don’t touch it.. See how beautiful ur looking.. I will make u more beautiful today..
He keeps a bindi on her face..
He looks at her face and kisses her..
“Amazing Swara.. Ur looking stunning”
Swara looks at the mirror and smiles..
Sanskar: let’s take selfie..
They both take some photos.. And spend some time…

Sanskar: come lets go now..
They both go down.. They complete having breakfast.. Swara leaves to Shekar house.. While
Sanskar is busy with his work..
Shekar house:
Shomi in kitchen she thinks about guest words.. “How they said Sanskar will leave Swara one day
as she is not matured in her mind” she gets worried for Swara..
At that time Laksh comes.. He watches Shomi thinking deeply..with teary eyes
Laksh: Maa what happened? Why r u crying..
Shomi: (comes out of her sense) nothing Laksh..

Laksh: Maaa tell na.. What happened?
Shomi: (cries) I’m worried for Swara.. (She said what guest told)
Laksh: Maa don’t u trust Sanskar?
Shomi: I trust him Laksh.. Sanskar is very good.. Swara is very lucky to get Sanskar…that is the
problem…Swara doesn’t deserve Sanskar.. If I would have known before about Swara.. I will never
accept Sanskar to marry Swara.. She don’t know anything Laksh.. She is a kid.. How can Sanskar be
with the girl like her.. Can he be physically happy?? Today he may be happy.. But full life will he be
happy with the girl like Swara?

Laksh: but Maaa u dint see Sanskars love for Swara.. He loves her Ma.. He always care for her. He
treats her like his kid.. She don’t have any hatred.. She has a pure Heart.. She is intelligent Ma..
She’s learning new thing.. Don’t worry.. Both are very happy…it takes time to set everything..
At that time Swara comes home happily calling Maa and papa..
Laksh: (smiles) there Swara came.. Come Ma.. Don’t think about it..
Swara watches Shekar
She hugs him…
Shekar: Swaraa had ur breakfast?

Swara: Haa papa..
Shomi comes..she kisses Swara..
Laksh: arey Swara.. Today u look soo different.. U looking soo cute..
Swara: (blushes) that is because of this pimple.. Im looking cute na
Shekar and Laksh smiles..
Shekar: Laksh, shall we go.. We have meeting today..
Laksh: Kk dad..bye Swara.. Will come soon..
Swara: bye…
Shekar and Laksh leaves…
Shomi stares at Swara lovingly…
Shomi: yes Swara.. U got pimple, I dint notice it..
Swara: it’s a beauty spot..
Shomi: beauty spot? (Confused)

Swara: Haa Ma Sanskar love this pimple.. He said I’m looking beautiful in this pimple..
Shomi smiles.. Seeing her talking about Sanskar..
Shomi: u like Sanskar?
Swara: sooooo much.. He is my best friend.. he loves me so much
Shomi: make him happy Swara.. Listen to him.. He has full right on u.. And Sanskar is This Swara is
fully Sanskars now. And even Sanksar is urs completely…Don’t fight with him.. You both should be
happy ever after.. If u don’t listen to him.. He will leave u.
Swara: why will he leave me??
Shomi: he won’t leave u now Swara.. How should I say u?? U can’t understand… Just listen to him
Swara: okay..
Kavitha comes..she listen to them.. She looks at her with attitude..
Kavitha sits and she switch on’s the tv..
Shomi: come Swara wil watch… (They both too join watching tv.. Shomi is cutting vegetable)
While Kavitha kept a song channel.. In that song a couple are kissing..
Swara watches them kissing.. She remembers how Sanskar kissed her morning.. She gets laugh
“Hehe (she giggle)

Shomi: Swara why r u laughing ??
Swara: today morning Sanskar kissed me like that..
Shomi and Kavitha are shocked…
Shomi feels happy..her eyes are filled with tears.. knowing Swara and Sanskar having physical
Shomi hugs Swara…
Kavitha is shocked..she is soo angry.. She never expected that Swara and Sanskar will have
physical relation.. She always used to think, Sanskar married Swara because of pity.. But today she
clearly understood that Sanskar really loves Swara..
Swara: Maa don’t tell Sanskar that I told u,. He told not to tell anyone.. Hehe but I told u..
Shomi: haha Swara.. Okay I won’t tell.. And u don’t tell this to anyone.. It’s secret okay??
Swara: hehe okay..

Kavitha goes to her room.. She cries.. She remembers.. Wheh she tried to kiss Sanskar., how
Sanskar stopped her.. But today he is kissing Swara.. A girl who dont know anything., a girl who is
fit for nothing…
She gets angry.. Soo angry…her blood is boiling with anger and jealousy.. She wants To kill her..
.. She calls her friends to come home.. As she feels only they can help her..
Kavitha again sits beside Swara..
Sanskar in his room he is doing some lappy work.. He gets call from his staff.. After the call he
looks at his wallpaper…. Swara and Sanskar selfies..
He smiles.. He kisses the photo.. “Love u Swara”
He calls her..
Kavitha hears call sound..she looks at Swaras phone.. She gets angry seeing Sanskar phone..but
Swara gets happy seeing his call
When Swara was about to lift.. Kavitha keeps speaker..
Kavitha: (fake smile) speak Swara..
Swara smiles.: “hello”
Sanskar: (smiles) Angel.. When r u coming?? I’m missing u sooo much.. come soon na..
Swara: I’m coming Sanskar..
Sanskar: (smiles) I’m waiting Angel.. Nd I love u soo much..
Swara: love u too Sanskar…
She cuts the cal..
Swara: Maa I’m going.. Sanskar is waiting for me
Kavitha: don’t go.. Stay here.:
Swara: why?
Kavitha: I mean.. Ma is preparing lunch for u.. Won’t u eat..
Swara: (smiles) il come again Kavitha.. Bye..
She runs shocking Kavitha..
“She is very intelligent, but not more than Kavitha ”
Swara was about to go.. It was drizzling
She smiles and runs…she reaches Maheswari house
She runs to her room, Sanskar in phone
Swara: Sanskar I came.. (She hugs Sanskar)
Sanskar smiles… He cuts the call..
Sanskar: arey Angel..ur wet.. Why did u come in rain?? You could have wait..
Swara: u said ur missing me.. That’s why I came.. It’s soo tiny vala rain Sanskar.. Not big rain..
Sanskar takes towel and he starts wiping her face..
Sanskar: not so tiny darling.. Look ur face is wet..
Swara smiles..
Even my hair is wet Sanskar.. She opens her hair..
Sanskar smiles looking at her lovely hair and her cute little face..
He stares at her lovingly..
Swara: why r u staring at me Sanskar??
Sanskar: ur sooo pretty Angel..He pulls her cheeks)
Swara smiles and hugs him…
At that time Sanky gets call from Uttara
Sanskar: (smiles) hi Uttara.. How r u?
Swara gets happy hearing Uttara name..
Swara: sanskars I will talk with Uttara.. Give me the phone…
Sanskar: arey wait na..
By that time Swara takes the phone.. She runs towards the bed.. She sits and talks with Uttara..
Swara: Uttara.. How r u?? U know I missed u soo much.. (Keeps a pout face)
Sanskar: hehe angel..
He sits beside her.. And hugs her.. He keeps the phone on speaker…Swara looks at him and
Sanskar: hey Uttara.. Tell me how was ur college??
Uttara: it’s soo boring bhai.. I’m missing Bhabi so much..
Swara: (smiles) miss u too Uttara..
Uttara: Bhabi tell me, what r u doing? Nd I’ve heard that all appreciated ur song.. I’m proud of u
Bhabi..ur my best Bhabi in this world..
Swara looks at Sanskar excitedly
Swara: sanskar I’m best Bhabi it seems.. Hahaha..
Uttara laughs hearing Swaras voice..
Sanskar looks at her cuteness and kisses her cheeks.. Hugging her more tightly
Swara: Uttara.. When r u coming??
Uttara: no holidays Bhabi.. but don’t worry il come this Saturday..
Swara: I’m waiting…
Uttara: bye Bhabi..
Swara: bye Uttara… She cuts the call…
Swara: sanskar Uttara is so nice na.. I like her so much.. she is also my best Friend but ur my
best best friend..
(She pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar: ohh really.. Why am I ur best best friend??
Swara: because ur mine completely.. And I’m urs completely..
Sanskar is surprised.. To see her talking like that..
Sanskar: what?
Swara: (suddenly remembers Shomi words) sanskar Will u leave me? if I don’t listen to u??
Sanskar is again shocked..
Sanskar: Angel.. What r u talking? How did u get these thoughts in ur brain?
Swara: Shomi Maa said.. Sanskar is urs.. And he has all right on u.. Whatever he do don’t fight with
him.. If at all you don’t listen he will leave u.. Because ur so lucky to get boy like Sanskar.. Don’t
make him sad..listen to him..

Sanskar is shocked… He can understand what Shomi is trying to say.. He never thought that Shomi
will have this kind of doubts…
Swara cups his face…
Swara: sanskar did I make u sad anytime? Will u leave me?? Don’t leave me.. Be with me only.. I
love u so much Sanksar.. I will get cry when ur not with me..
Sanskar gets tears.. He hugs her
Sanskar: Angel.. ur my life.. Never think like that.. Ur not lucky Angel .. I’m lucky to get u.. I’m soo
happy Angel .. I’m soo happy with u.. Never think like that again.. I will never leave u
(He hugs her more tightly.. And starts kissing her all over her face with lots of love)
Swara smiles and hugs him back…
Swara: Sanksar come I’m hungry.. Shomi Ma prepared lunch for us.. Come lets go..
Sanskar: hmm Kk.. Come.. (He think to talk to Shomi)
They leave…

Episode ends
Kavitha new plan…

What happens?
Thank you guys for all the comments and sorry for not thanking u personally… I was a bit busy and for the nxt 2 days as i am very busy in these 2 days so the nxt epi ll b posted on Tuesday…

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