From Darkness To Light Epi 33


Episode 33
Next day:
Sanskar is busy with laptop he is doing his project, Swara is with ap
Ap is making rotis….
While Swara practising writing alphabets in maida flour..
Ap watches her..
Ap: Swara what r u doing??
Swara: I’m practising alphabets Ma.. See.. I got all alphabets..
Ap: (smiles) Woww Swara.. That’s good..

And Swara, today all your relatives, family friends.. Many of them will come to see this beautiful
doll.. (She caresses her face) U take rest in ur room okay?
Swara: but now I should go to Shomi Ma house na.. I should learn this alphabets..
And many more
Ap:(smiles) hahaha Swara Kk go and come fast…
Swara smiles
Swara: hahah… Wait il tell Sanskar bye..
(She runs to her room, she watches Sanskar talking in call..
She goes towards him and taps his shoulder.. Sanskar smiles seeing her excitement…. And he cuts
the call..
Sanskar: Angel.. What happened? U look so happy??
Swara: (smiles) SAnskar im going to Shomi Ma house.
Sanskar: smiles (he hugs her) come fast okay?
Swara: Kk bye Sanskar… (She kisses his cheeks and runs out)
Sanskar smiles seeing her excitement
Laksh brings Ragini and Adharsh to gadodia house.. He introduces Adharsh to Shekar and Shomi…
Shekar: hello adhrsh.. Nice to meet u.. How was ur dad??

Adhrsh: he is fine uncle..
Shomi: Ragini, adhrsh plz sit.. Il get coffee to u all..
She leaves to kitchen…
(They all keep talking.. Meantime Swara reaches Shekar house)
Swara: (excited) papa I came back..
Suddenly she looks at Ragini and gets happy..
Swara: Ragini when did u come??
(She hugs her)

Ragini: hi Swara.. I thought to come there but u itself came.. That’s great!!
And bhai.. She is Swara.. I told na…and Swara he is adhrsh my brother…
Adharsh: (smiles) hi Swara.. How r u??
She gets bit tensed seeing new person.. She hides back of Shekar.. And smiles looking at him..
Shekar: hahaha my Swara is feeing shy seeing new person..
Laksh: Swara he is ur friend too..
Swara smiles…and replies “hi”
Adharsh smiles looking at her… Shomi comes to hall.. She looks at Swara and gets happy..Swara
looks at her and hugs..
Swara: Maa I learnt all alphabets.. Come il write and il show u..
Shomi: (smiles) haha Swara.. Kk come!!
They both leave to their room..
Adhrsh gets call…
Adhrsh: excuse me..
He goes to attend the call… At that time suddenly he dashes Kavitha… Kavitha looks at him angrily
but get shocked seeing him..adhrsh looks at her and smiles
Kavitha: (confused) I’ve seen u somewhere??
Adhrsh: Hmm u seen me in Singapore.. That day in pub…
Kavitha: ohh Yaa.. So ur Ragini’s bro??
Adhrsh: (smiles) Yaa..
She hears Swara smiles from Shomi room.. Kavitha gets angry.. She leaves out without talking..
Adhrsh looks at her hatred for Swara..
Adhrsh: hmm.. These girls na.. Too difficult to understand.
He leaves…

Maheswari house:
Sanskar is watching cricket.. He misses Swara.. He looks at time.. It was afternoon… He calls
Swara but she left her phone in the room..He gets sad
He calls Laksh..
Laksh looks at Sanskar call.. And signals Ragini..
Laksh and Ragini goes to a corner to speak with Sanskar
Laksh: Haaa Sanky tell me..
Sanky: Laksh what is Swara…
He hears Ragini teasing him
Ragini: haha he will surely ask about Swara Laksh.. I think he is missing Swara.. Hahahahaha!!!
Sanskar: Haa wo.. Actually.. Haa lucky.. I called u to know what did police uncle said?? Did he found
those robbers??

Laksh: ohh Yaa I forgot to say Sanky.. It’s really a good news.. He caught them and they even gave
those gold and money back.. But they r in still jail.. It’s all because of Swara..
Sanskar: (smiles) I know.. My angel is very intelligent..
Ragini takes the call from Laksh..
Ragini: hello sanskar.. How r u?? (Excited)
Laksh: Ragini he is not new to u… you daily meet him in office.. Still ur asking how r u??
Ragini and Sanskar laughs…
Sanksar: Kk guys.. U both njoy ur time.. Il call u later bye.. He cuts the call
Shomi room:
Swara writes alphabets and shows it to Shomi.. Shomi gets happy now she teaches her how to
write words.. She teaches her sanskars name…
Swara quickly learns it from Shomi, and she writes the name on the paper…Shomi gets happy And
praises her..

Shomi: very good Swara.. U learned soo fast.. I’m so proud of u..
(She kisses her cheeks)
Swara gets happy seeing her praising and starts clapping her hands..
Shomi looks at her excitement and smiles..
Swara: Ma now il show this to Sanksar..
Shomi: Kk Swara.. And Yaa.. Get ready for the party.. All our relatives are coming only to see u..
Swara: Kk Ma…bye..
She runs down…
She watches Laksh and Ragini watching photo album..
Swara gets excited and goes near Ragini..
Swara: Ragini.. This is my photo.. When I’m a kid.. Hahaha nice na..
Ragini: haha Yaaa Swara ur soo cute.. And look at Sanskar.. Hahahah he is really funny..
Swara looks at Sanskar photo and laughs joining Ragini..
Laksh: Hahha Ragini if Sankar watches this pic.. That’s it.. He will kill me..
Ragini: then I will surely show him
Swara: I will show him…
Ragini: wow Swara.. Here take this photo.. And tease snskar showing this pic… Hahahah lol!!!
Swara: Kk…
Ragini: careful Kk… He will try to snatch it.. But don’t give that chance to him..
Swara: okay Ragini…
Ragini: (smiles) all d best Swara…
Swara is so excited to show 2 things to Sanskar… 1 is Sanksar photo.. And 2nd one is Sanskar
name… She runs back to Maheswari house..
Sanskar room:
Sanskar thinks about Swara, her innocence.. He looks at her photo in his phone Nd smiles…
Meantime Swara comes running…
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar gets happy seeing her..
Sanskar: Angel… U know I called u.. U came now?? U even left ur mobile.
Swara: (hides the pic back of her) Sanskar I brought something for u..
Sanksar: oh another surprise?? Wow what did u bring??
Swara turns the photo and shows his pic.. And laughs loudly…
Sanskar : Angel where did u get this?? give that pic to me..
Swara: Ragini gave me.. And Ragini said not to give this pic to u at all.. (She nodes a big nooo)
Sanskar stood up…

Sanskar: Angel u know ur a good girl na.. Don’t listen Ragini at all… Come give that pic to me..
Swara: (smiles) noooo….
Sanskar looks at her smiling face.. He thinks in his mind.. “Ohh soo this is Ragini training…He
smiles … And he slowly goes towards her..
Seeing him coming Swara goes a bit back…
Sanskar: Angel.. So u won’t give that pic right??
Swara: Haaa I won’t…
Suddenly he holds her hands Nd pulled her closer…
Sanskar: (whispers)Angel.. Ur teasing me?? (He twists her hands and holds her more closer)
Swara is shocked to see his sudden act.. She was scared..
Swara: I.. I.. I will give it..
Sanskar looks at her tensed face.. And smiles…
Sanskar: ur scared??
Swara: Haaa..
Sanskar smiles and gives a peck on her lips…
Swara smiles..
Swara: ur not angry??
Sanskar: angry?? On u?? Nooo Angel.. Never in my life il be angry on u.. Ur my life.. How can I get
angry on myself
Swara doesn’t understand but she smiles and hugs him…
Swara: I thought ur angry.. And Sanskar here take the pic.. U know I liked this pic soo much.. (She
kisses the pic)
Sanskar: (gets happy to see her love for him) Angel.. Then u keep this pic with u.. Okay??
Swara: Kk… Sanskar.. I have another surprise for u..
Sanskar: ohh really?? What’s that??
Swara holds his hand and makes him sit on the bed..she brings a paper…
Sanskar: Swara u can show another surprise to me later.. First come here.. U know how much I
missed u..
(He took her in his embrace)
Don’t leave ur phone here Angel.. It should with u all d time..
Swara: (smiles) Kk Sanksar..
Sanskar hugs her from back and kisses her cheeks..Now tell me what was another
Swara: sanskar… U know Ma thought me how to write alphabets..should I write and show…

Sanskar: Angel u learnt alphabets soo soon..
Swara: Haa Sanksar…
She writes the alphabets and shows him…
Sanskar gets happy seeing her learning so fast..
Sanskar: Angel this is awesome.. In one day u learnt alphabets.. That’s great
Swara: sanskar.. I learnt other one too..
Sanksar: what’s that…
Swara writes his name… And shows it to him..
Sanskar is overwhelmed to see her writing That too his name.. He gets happy and hugs her.. And
starts kissing her all over her face
Sanskar : Angel I’m very happy… U learning new this.. There is lot of change in u Angel… I’m soo happy for u..
Swara looks at his happiness and hugs him..
Swar: I’m very intelligent na Sanskar…
Sanskar: Yess Angel.. U are… And what I got to know is.. I should praise my Angel everytime
Swara: hahaha Yaaa!!!
Sanksar smiles and again hugs her seeing her innocent…
They both talk for sometime..
Ap makes Swara ready..
She wears that blue dress… And gifts her a necklace…
Swara gets happy seeing the ornament…
She is so beautiful.. With her long hair styling with small curls at the end.. And the necklace is
perfect to her glowing face..
Ap: (smiles) Swaraa ur soo beautiful..
At that time Sanksar comes down.. He gets stunned to see his Angel.. She is more beautiful
Swara looks at Sanskar and runs to him..
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar Maa said I’m looking beautiful.
Sanskar caresses her face..
Snskar: yes Angel.. U are beautiful…he kisses her forehead… Come lets go now.. We are already
Swara: okay

They leave to gadodia house…
Episode ends…

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