From Darkness To Light Epi 31


Episode 31
Swara and Sanskar sleeping..

Next day:
Sanskar wakes up.. He was about to get up, he feels a strong grip on his shirt.. Who looks towards
his right side.. It was his cute sweet wife..
He smiles looking at her..
He looks at her beautiful glowing face.. The sun rays falling on her.. Making her face look more
clear and charming…He wakes her..
Sanskar: Angel.. Get up.. It’s morning..
She doesn’t get up..
Sanskar: hmm.. Now a days being with me.. Even ur learning bad habits.. In Raj house, When I used
to come to meet u.. U used to wake up so early waiting for the sun.. But now even though ur friend
sun is waking u ur not at all getting up…hahaha Angel… (He gives a peck on her lips)
At that time he hears so much of noise outside….
He gets up and goes to balcony he watches many people who gathered in neighbour house.. And
police vehicle.. He also watches Laksh…Sanksar gets tensed.. And calls Laksh..

Laksh lifts the call..
Laksh: yes Sanskar..
Sanky: lucky what happened?? Why these many people??
Laksh: last night they was robbery, money and gold was lost.. So sad..
Sanky: Kk.. Wait I’m coming..
Meantime Swara wakes up.. She looks towards SAnskar but he not there beside her.. She starts
crying thinking about yesterday’s night incident..
Sanskar listens to her voice and goes inside..
Sanskar: Angel Kya hua??
Swara gets happy seeing him..she runs and hugs him..
Swara: where did u go?
Sanskar: I was in balcony.. Angel u get go down Kk??
Swara: even I will come..
Sanskar: hmm Kk come get fresh up quickly.. After u get Freshup call me il come and take u…
Swara smiles and rushes to washroom..
Sanskar goes down…

They were many people.. They were discussing about the incident.. Police enquirers about the
Laksh: so sad Sanskar, everything is gone..
They talk for few mins…
Sanskar gets call from Swara..
Sanskar: Laksh il bring Swara..
Laksh: Kk..
Sanskar goes back to his house, meanwhile Swara gets down.. She wishes AP and Dp good
She wears her Sandals..
AP: Swara where r u going?
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar told me he will take me out..
At that time Sanskar comes..
Sanskar: Angel.. Come..
AP smiles..

Swara and Sanskar go out..
See looks at the new people.. She looks at Laksh..
Swara: bhai good morning..
Laksh: good morning, (he caresses her hair)
Swara: what happened, why they r many people..
Sanskar: Angel, night some bad boys came and looted the house.. They took all the money..
Swara : are they bad boys?
Sanskar: Yess Angel..
At that time police comes out.. He goes near Laksh.. Laksh knows that police very well.. Laksh and
other Neighbours talk with them..
Swara watches those goons among the people.. She gets tensed and hides back of Sanskar
holding him tightly..
Sanskar: Swara what happened..
Swara: (closes her eyes tightly) I’m scared..
Laksh: Sanskar take her inside..
Sanskar: Kk Come..
They leave..

Ap and Dp are sitting reading newspaper
They watch Sanskar and Swara coming..
Dp: sanskar, any clues found?? What did police said..
Sanskar: no clues founded.. Still searching.. No one saw them..
Swara: I saw them Sanskar..
Dp, ap and Sanskar are shocked..
Sanskar: u saw them??
Swara: yes…
Dp: but Swara, how can u see them??
Swara: yesterday I got a sound.. I went to balcony.. I saw them.. They even have knifes with them.. I
got soo scared.. I called Sanskar but he was sleeping

Trio are shocked..
Sanskar: (worried) Swaraa… U saw them??? Ohh god what if they see u??
(He hugs her) Thankgod… Ur safe..
Swara: I even saw them now..
Sanskar: what?? U can recognise them??
Swara: Yess… I saw them now..
Sanskar: come Swara… Show me them..
Dp: sanskar careful..
Sanskar: dad don’t worry.. Il take care..
He again takes Swara…
Laksh : Sanksar Kya hua?? Why u came back again?
Sanskar tells him what happened..
Sanskar: Swaraa tell if they are here..
Swara looks at them where she saw before .. They were still standing there…
Swara: sanskar.. (She points them)
Laksh takes mobile form his pocket and secretly clicks photos of those guys…
Laksh: sanskar u take Swara from here.. I know that police.. Il talk to him.. U both go.. Will Manage
Sanskar: Kk Laksh..

He takes Swara inside..
Sanskar: Swara I’m soo happy.. But never go alone to that balcony at that time.. It’s not safe okay??
Swara: (smiles) Kk Sanskar…
Sanskar: come lets have breakfast
They all had breakfast…
Swara: sanskar when should I go to Ma and papa??
Ap: (smiles) Swara, u like being there??
Swara: yes Ma.. Shomi Ma told she will teach me.. And papa is soo good..
Sanskar and ap smiles.
Sanskar: come il drop u…
Swara: I will go Sanskar.. It’s near na..
Sanskar: sure??
Swara: yes.
Sanksar: Kk u carrying ur mobile??
Swara: yes..
Sanskar: call me when u reach..
Swara: (smiles) Kk…
Ap: Swara take care.. Come soon okay?
Swara: Kk Ma.. Bye..
(She kisses her cheeks and runs out)
Sanksar smiles…

Ap: sanskar, I forgot.. Shomi ji talked to me.. They r keeping a get to gether for all relatives and
friends.. They got back their Swara na.. So they r celebrating.. They asked our permission..
Sanskar: hahah Lol.. Why our permission Ma.. Swara is they daughter.. They can do anything..
Ap: Hahaha I told the same thing… They are very happy… I’m soo happy to see them like that..
Meanwhile gadodia house
Swara runs inside calling Ma and papa…
Shekar: (smiles) swaraaa… U came back
(He hugs her and kisses her forehead)
Swara: papa I came alone.. I became so Brave na??
Shekar: hahaha ha Swara.. My daughter is very brave same like me..
Shomi comes from kitchen hearings Swara’s voice..
Shomi: Swaraa…
Swara looks at her and smiles..
Swara: Ma I came back…
Swara: smiles and kisses her cheeks..
Swara remember Sanskar words and calls him… Sanskar watches her call and smiles.. He lifts the
Swara: sanskar I reached.
Sanskar: (smiles) take care Swara.
Swara cuts the call.
Shekar: Swara I brought so many books for u..
Swara: books?
Shomi: yes Swara.. I will teach u how to write..
Swara: (smiles) Yaa!!
They spend sometime talking…

Episode Ends
No Precap
Thank you guys for the comments and keep smiling…

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