From Darkness To Light Epi 30

Episode 30
Starts with Sanskar talking with Ragini and Laksh..
Sanksar: Laksh.. Kk then, we are leaving.. And Ragini.. Do u want us to come to airport?
Ragini: no Sanksar.. That’s Kk.. U spend some time with Swara.
Sanskar: (smiles) Kk fine.. Take care.. Any help u call me.. Come Angel.. Let’s go..
(He places his hand on her shoulder)
Swara: (smiles) bye Laksh and Ragini…
Laksh: bye Swara..

They leave…
Gadodia house:
Shekar is so happy.. He keeps calling all his friends and relatives.. He informs everyone that his
daughter Swara is alive.. His happiness on peaks..
Shomi watches this and smiles..
Shomi: (smiles) Shekar.. Enough.. U said everyone.. Control ur anxiety Shekar..
Shaker: how can I Shomi.. I’m so happy.. My little princess is back.. My daughter is very beautiful
na.. She is same like me.. All my identies only..
Shomi: hmm noo Shekar.. My daughter is same like me..
Shekar: hmm Kk..
Shomi: (smiles) by d way Shekar why r u informing everyone about Swara??
Shekar: I want to keep a get to gether.. All my friends , relatives.. We should celebrate na Shomi..
Shomi: (happy) yes Shekar.. Even Swara will be so excited.. And Shekar I forgot:. Our Swara is
married.. I’m so happy to see Sanskar love for Swara..
Shekar: but I can’t forgive him Shomi, he cheated Kavitha.. Until Kavitha forgives him I can’t forgive
him.. Leave all that.. Talk with Annapurna ji about this get to gether.. We should take they
permission na..
Shomi: (smiles) hmm Kk Shekar..
(She leaves)
Sanskar And Swara in car..
Sanskar: where shall we go??
Swara: (smiles) Any new place.
Sanskar: (smiles) Kk!!!
He takes her to the Prinsep Ghat which is a beautiful spot and one of the best romantic place in
The scenery is soo beautiful and worthy to watch..
Swara gets happy to watch such a beautiful scenery
Sanskar enjoys seeing her excitement
Sanskar: Angel u liked it??

Swara: Yess it’s soo nice..
He explains the beautiful nature.. He shows the river Ganga.. Swara enjoys it totally..
She watches pani puri stall nearby..
Swara: Sanskar panipuri… Shall we have it??
Sanskar: (surprised) Angel, how do u know about panipuri? Did u had anytime?
Swara: Yess, once I had with Ragini.. I had soo many.. Hahaha it’s very nice.. Come lets have it..
Sanskar: (smiles) hmm.. Why all girls love panipuri.. It’s soo strange.. Come..
They go to panipuri stall..
They start having it.. Swara looks at the way he is eating and laughs loudly shocking Sanskar..
Sanskar: Angel why r u laughing?

Swara: sanskar, u know how ur eating.. Ur taking so many bites for a puri.. You should not eat like
that.. Ragini told to enjoy the puris…take that entire one and eat it like me..
(Saying this she eats it… Sanskar looks at her lovingly, watching the way she’s explaining him.. He
smiles and starts teasing her)
Sanksar: ohh Woww Angel.. Abba!! How Angel.. I should learn many things from you.. Hats off…
Swara smiles seeing his praising…
Swara: (excited) u liked it.. Sanskar.. I know many things.. Il teach all Kk??
Sanskar smiles seeing her excitement..
Sanskar: Kk Darling.. (He pulls her cheeks)
Swara: sanskar im not darling I’m Angel..
Sanskar again burst out laughing..
Sanskar: (smiles) haha Kk Angel.. I’m sorry.. Hmm done with eating?? Come now let’s go..
Swara: now where??
Sanskar: (thinks) hmm… Yaa there’s a garden nearby.. U like flowers na.. So lets Go there..

Swara: kk
He takes her to the garden.. It was soo pleasant.. It’s 8:00pm.. The night scenery was very
pleasant… At that time a flight passes very close to them….
Swara: (surprised) Sanskar, it’s soo big.. What is that???
Sanksar: Angel.. That is flight, u know they will be many people inside that.. It takes us to different
places.. Now we are going on car na.. Same like that some are going in flight.. They are travelling to
different places..
Swara: God is great.. He made this everything.. He is soo good.. That’s why I love him.. (She again
claps her hand)

Sanskar admires her innocence and pulls her closer..
Sanskar: Swara u always make me crazy with ur innocence.. I love that soo much in u.. He stares at
her lovingly.. And embrace her…
Swara: sanskar, every time u bring me to new place.. How many places are there more to watch??
Sanskar laughs.. “Angel, they are many places, some natural, some artificial.. But all have their own
beauty.. In this world they r many places Swara…
Swara: many places??? (She looks at him excitedly) When will u take to all those places??
Sanskar smiles and back hugs her..
“Angel…they are far… But Il take u.. In That flight, will go Angel.. Will travel to different places.. But
before that, u should know about those places..U should have some knowledge.. Then that will be
interesting for u..
Swara: Kk Sanskar.. U know Shomi Ma said.. She will be my tutor.. She told she will teace me..
Sanskar: Woww.. That’s great Angel.. She is best teacher for u..
Swara: (smiles) yes she is best.. I never get scared seeing them.. I feel so happy when I’m with
them.. They make me happy Sanskar..
(She gets excited and hugs him)

Sanskar smiles and hugs her back..
Sanskar: they r ur parents Angel.. That’s why you feel so secured with them..
Swara: but I feel soo secured when ur with me.. I’m not at all scared, I like to be with u all the time..
(She hugs him more tightly.. Sanskar smiles, he embrace her more tightly)
Sanskar gets call from ap to come home soon..
Sanskar: Angel Maa called, come lets go..
Swara: sanskar.. I forgot to say, today. Forgot my phone in my room.. I thought to call u.. But phone
it’s not with me..
Sanskar: that’s k Angel.. Tomorrow u take..

Swara: but Sanskar..
Sanskar: Angel.. Like seriously how much will u talk?? Too much talkative.. From car I’m seeing u
keep on talking.. My Sweetu is soo talkative.. (He pulls her cheeks hardly) hahaha come now.. Let’s
go!! Wait wait.. Uttara will scold us.. We don’t take her na.. Hmm. Let’s do onething:. If she ask u
where did u go.. U don’t tell her that we came to princep ghat.. Hmm Yaa tel her that we went to
meet Ragini
Swara: (smiles) Kk…
They leave and reaches Maheswari house
Asusual Uttara is angry on them.. Actually she’s pretending to be angry..
Sanskar and Swara comes inside.. Sanskar looks at Uttara who is very angry..
Sanskar: hello Uttara!!!
Uttara: bhai.. Ur enjoying with ur wife.. U forgot ur sister ur wife will be with u everyday.. But I’m
going to my hometown tomorrow.. Did u forgot
Sanskar: Uttara… I know Uttara.. U know I don’t like to waste ur precious time taking u out.. U
should be with Ma and with us na.. If u go out time will over.. U can’t enjoy with us..
Uttara: achaa.. Where did u go???
Sanskar: we went to meet Ragini..
Uttara looks at him doubtfully she goes towards Swara, who is talking with AP…
Uttara: Bhabi where did u go??
Sanksar is tensed…
Swara: (remembers Sanskar words) we went to meet Ragini…
Sanskar is relieved
Swara: but we dint went to princep ghat…
Sanskar is shocked.. Uttara looks at him angrily..
Sanskar: Maa.. I’m sleeping… Angel.. Come soon… (He runs to his room)
Uttara burst out laughing seeing his actings…
Uttara: Bhabi.. Did u enjoyed??
Swara: yes Uttara..
Uttara: take rest Bhabi.. Go and sleep..

Swara smiles and leaves..
Swasan room:
Sanskar laughs remembering Swara’s words… “Swara…. Ur soo innocent, hahaha.”
At that time Swara comes to the room..
Sanskar pretends to be angry..
Swara: Sanksar, Uttara dint tell anything.. She is not angry Sanskar.. Hahha she is soo sweet na!!
Sanskar doesn’t speak anything he looks at her angrily…
Swara: sanskar, I’m talking to u…
Sanskar: (scolds) Swara, how can u do that??? Why did u tel the truth??? I’m angry Swara… Don’t
talk to me.. He looks at Swara..

She was crying… Sanskar is shocked
Sanksar: Angel.. Why ur cryinh ohh god!! I’m just kidding… I’m not serious..
(Look at me… He smiles and wipes her tears)
“Why will I scold u Angel?? I’m just pretending.. I’m not angry.. Don’t cry.. ”
He hugs her..
Swara: ur not angry??
Sanskar: (smiles) Noo Angel… I’m just acting..
Swara cries and hugs him again..Sanskar laughs looking at her expressions..
Sanskar: Angel… Hahaha.. Ur soo cute.. (He kisses her cheeks) Come lets sleep..
Swara smiles…they both slept hugging each other..
Mid night..
Swara gets some sounds.. Her sleep gets disturbed…They were some different sounds.. She
suddenly opens her eyes..she looks at Sanskar who is sleeping..
Swara: sanskar, get up..
Sanskar doesn’t respond as he is in deep sleep..
Swara opens the balcony door.. She looks around.. She finds 4 boys entering into a house.. They
faces are soo clear.. She gets scared and hides back of the curtains.. She watches them.. They
have big knifes..

She runs inside.. She gets scared and hugs Sanskar… She thinks about the big knifes.. She
remembers the goons who try to kill her..
She gets scared and cries… She prays to Jesus.. She closes her eyes tightly and sleeps on
sanskars shoulder..
Episode ends:

Shomi sings a song to entertain Swara.. Swara watches the way she is singing and learns that
And A robbery happens at neighbours house..
Swara tells about those goons..
Sanskar is shocked!!

Thank you all for the love u show towards this ff. And a very Happy New Year… May god shower his blessing on u all this year and never disappoint you…
Hava a nice day…
And keep smiling and also make others smile

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