From Darkness To Light Epi 28 & 29

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Episode 28
Swara: Yess.. U always make me smile.. That’s why I’m soo happy..
Sanskar: really…
He stares at her and kisses her forehead..
Both stare at each other…
Sanskar rubs his nose with her..
Swara smiles and wipes her nose..
Sanskar smiles…
Sanskar: come lets go it’s already late..
Swara: Kk!!
They leave…

Ragini house:
Laksh thinks about the time he spent with Swara.. And his friend is back.. He gets happy and back
hugs Ragini..
Laksh: Ragini I’m soo happy today.. Thankyou so much, if you wouldn’t tell me the truth, I would
have still hated Sanskar..Thankyou so much..
Ragini: I know Laksh.. That u like Sanksar so much.. U know I was so tensed, when I’m telling truth..
I thought u don’t believe me, but thanks for trusting me..
Laksh: (smiles and kisses her cheeks) thinking about the flashback.. (What happened that day
when Laksh went to drop Ragini)

Laksh and Ragini reaches Ragini flat..
Ragini: Laksh come inside… U look soo tired..
Laksh: Noo Ragini.. Il leave..
Ragini: Laksh Plzz..
Laksh agrees..
They go inside,
Ragini: Laksh, il bring water..
Laksh goes to balcony and thinks about Sanskar and Swara… He feels sad for Kavitha.. He gets
angry on Sanskar…
Ragini gives water, as soon as she gives water..Laksh starts scolding Sanskar out of anger
Laksh: how could he do this Ragini?? Why is he doing?? He cheated Kavitha, and now cheating
Swara too.. I’m not angry on Swara, but she’s innocent.. I want to kill him…
Ragini feels sad.. She decided to tell him truth..
Ragini: Laksh, will u trust me??
Laksh: (confused) what???
Ragini: yes Laksh.. Tell me will U trust me??
Laksh: (cups her face) yes Ragini… I trust u.. Why r u asking me like that??
Ragini: I want to tell u something, which is very important.. U said na, not to hide I’m
telling this… Il tell u story.. U should listen to me completely… U shouldn’t stop me..
Laksh: Kk tell me..
Ragini: Laksh 18years back.. A girl was been kidnapped from a birthday party, and the police told
that the girl was died.. But actually girl dint die, they kidnapped the girl and was been kept in a room
for 18years.. She don’t know anything, she only knows some biblical knowedge which she learnt
herself with the help of nearby church.. So sad of her na??
Laksh: what?? That’s really very bad.. How could a girl can live in that room for that many years..
Those kidnappers.. Are they mad???
Ragini: don’t u want to know who is that girl??
Laksh: who is that Ragini?? Are u again involvig in new cases.. I told u na not to take risk.. Why are
you involving Ragini.. What if they again hurt u.. Are you fine??
Ragini: Laksh cool.. This is not a new one.. It’s old one only.. That Girl is non other than Swara..

Laksh: what???
Ragini: yes Laksh… Just recently Sanskar met her, she used to stay beside ur frnd Ajay house..
When u went to Singapore Sanskar met her.. He showed her some world..
Laksh is shocked..
Laksh: what?? But Ragini.. U said someone is trying to kill her, I’m so confused
Ragini: yes Laksh… They tried to kill her because that two ladies doesn’t like Swara being with
Sanskar.. So they planned to kill her..
Laksh: what?? Who are those ladies?
Ragini stammers…

Laksh: tell me Ragini….
Ragini: it’s… Kavitha and ur maasi Kaveri..
Laksh is shocked
Laksh : what r u saying Ragini?? Why will Kavitha and maasi kill her?? And how do they know her
Ragini?? May be ur wrong? U can’t blame Kavitha for that.
Ragini: Laksh, ur maasi is the lady who kidnapped Swara when she was a kid and with help of Raj
she kept her in his house these many years…and When she got to know Sanskar is giving
importance to Swara, Kavitha and maasi planned to kill her..

Laksh: stop it Ragini… You can’t blame..(he suddenly realises what she said) what?? Maasi
kidnapped her?? What r u saying?? (He remembers how Swara is declared as dead when he was
Laksh is shocked…
Laksh: maasi kidnapped?? That means Swara is..
Ragini: yes Laksh …she is ur sister Swara .. She is not dead.. She is alive.. She is Infront of u..ur
saved ur sister Laksh that day when those goons are killing..

Laksh is still in shock state.. He doesn’t know what’s happening..
Ragini: Sanksar got to know the truth by Raj.. But he was shocked to know Kavithas hand… How
can she try to kill Her own sister that too for her love.. So Sanskar break his relation with Kavitha..
But later he got to know that Swara is alive.. That too with me..
Laksh: she is my sister?? Is she my Swara??
He hugs her and cries…

“She is alive?? I’m so happy!
Ragini: yes Laksh.. She is ur Swara, Nd ur mistaken Sanskar, he cares for ur family.. Though he
knows the truth he dint tell anyone.. Because he knows ur parents can’t digest this news that,
kavitha tried to killed her.. Dont mistaken him Laksh.. He is ur true friend.. And he loves Swara so
much.. Even she loves him.. You know daily she used to ask me about ..
Laksh cries remembering his friendship..
Laksh: I want to talk to him…
(He calls Sanskar)

Sanksar and Swara talking sleeping on the ground, and looking at moon..
At that time Sanskar gets call… It’s from Laksh..
Sanskar gets happy and lifts the call..
Sanskar: Laksh??
Laksh: (cries) Sanskar.. I’m not Laksh I’m lucky..
Sanksar: (happy) lucky?? Ur talking to me?? (He gets excited)
Ragini takes the call..

Ragini: sanskar, I told the truth to Laksh… He knows everything now..
Laksh : I’m sorry Sanskar..
Sanky: come on dude.. Don’t worry!
Laksh: my Swara is alive?? I can’t believe This.. Is she really alive??

Sanky: Yess.. She is alive.. Today is her birthday Laksh.. Don’t u wish her??
(He keeps the call in speaker)

Sanskar: Angel.. An important person will wish you.. Speak..
Swara: who is that Sanskar??
Laksh listens her voice and gets happy..
Laksh: Swaraa
Swara listens the voice and gets happy
Swara: (smiles) haa
Laksh: happy birthday..

Swara: Thankyou
Laksh smiles.. He was soo happy to know that his sister is alive.. But he remembers what Kavitha
and Kaveri did..
Laksh: sanskar I won’t leave them.. Il kill Kavitha now.. How could she do this now.. I’m so angry.. Il
tell to mom and dad..

Sanskar: Laksh plz don’t tell, I could have tell them before.. But just think about ur parents.. Can
they accept for what Kavitha did?? Noo Laksh.. Will discus about this later.. I won’t leave Kaveri..
She should be in jail.. She tortured Angel so much.. She should be punished.. She might have
convinced Kavitha..
Laksh: I still can’t believe..
Snakar: (thinks) I have a plan laksh..

(He tells his plan… )
Laksh: Kk i will do anything for my family happiness.. I will talk tomorrow.. I’m sorry Sanksar.. For
misunderstanding u
Sanksar: lucky… No sorries and thanks between friends dude!! Chill!!
Laksh smiles..
Laksh: take care of swara..

He cuts the call…
Flashback ends:
Ragini: Laksh what r u thinking??
Laksh: nothing.. I’m happy Ragini.. Ma is also very happy.. I want to see her happiness.. Thankyou
He hugs her again…
Swasan reaches home..
Uttara: Bhabi.. Where did u go??
Swara: I went to meet Ragini..
Uttara: u dint call me??

Swara: don’t feel sad, next time il take u..
Uttara: hahaha Bhabi.. I’m just acting.. Don’t feel bad.. (She hugs her)
Sanskar: hmm uttara, ur teasing her?? Come Angel.. Will go..
Uttara: haa go go.. U both have a surprise..
Sanskar: surprise?? Let’s see..
Uttara: Bhabi.. This is for u.. (She whispers) Bhabi wear this dress okay.
Swara: okay Uttar… And good night
Sanskar takes her to the room.. He is shocked to see the room decorated..
Ap: Swara .. U came?? How was the room??

Swara claps with excitement.. Wow so many flowers.. She jumps and falls on bed..
Sanskar: Maa what’s all This??
Ap: it’s ur first night Sanskar..
Sanskar: Maa r u serious??
Ap: (smiles) I know Sanskar what ur thinking.. But as a tradition.. We are following it.. Look at her
how’s she’s enjoying.. Let her enjoy..
Good night!!
She leaves..

Sanskar : (smiles) Angel u liked this decoration..
Swara: yes Sanskar.. See these many flowers.. I liked this surprise..
Sanskar: Kk go and change ur dress.. Tomorrow ur going to ur house..
Swara: house??

Sanksar: Yess.. Il tell u.. First get Freshup..
Swara: (smiles) okay
She goes.. She remembers uttara words.. And takes the packet and and changes her dress..
Sanskar cleans the bed..
Meanwhile Swara comes out wearing cute pink night short sleeveless gown.. Sanksar looks at her
and gets spellbind to see in her in such attire…and smiles
Sanskar: Woww Angel.. Ur soo cute.. Short dresses are also very nice for u.. Looking like a kid (he
pulls her cheeks)

Swara: (smiles) Uttara gave me this dress.. U liked it??
Sanskar: (smiles) yes I loved it!!
(He kisses her forehead… Swara hugs him)

Swara: I love u Sanskar..
Sanskar: (smiles) I love u too Angel…
Swara: I’m getting sleep..

Sanskar: Come sleep…
He makes her sleep on his shoulder..
Swara: sanskar ur not getting sleep??
Sanskar: Noo angel..
Swara: should I tell u a bible story?? It will be very nice..
Sanskar: haha Kk.. But before that, I want tell u onething..
Swara looks at him..

Sanskar: Angel from tomorrow, ur going to ur house, ur dad, ur mom ur brother all will be with u..
Spend some time with them.. Okay?
Swara: you won’t be??
Sanskar: I should go to office..

Swara becomes sad
Sanskar: (cups her face) Angel.. Ur sad? Il come in the evening and il bring u home… Okay? Don’t be
like this please..
Swara: (smiles) okay!!
Sanskar: they all r very good.. Ur mom.. Will take care of u.. She will give lots of love more then me
and rosy Ma.. Because she is ur mom. Spend some time with her
And ur dad will be ur best friend.. And ur bhai.. He will take care of u.. And Kavitha, she’s will be
angry.. But don’t get scared, she is ur sister..

Swara: okay..
Sanskar: very good.. Come sleep now..
Swara sleeps.. Sanskar stares at her lovingly.. He kisses her forehead..
And sleeps…
Next day:
Swara wakes up.. She goes to balcony for fresh air.. She looks at the sun and smiles.. She again
starts her prayer
Dear God, Thankyou For The NIGHT
And Early Morning LIGHT!

For Rest and Food and Loving CARE
And All That Makes The World So FAIR!!
Good Morning JESUS! I’m soo happy because Joy Comes In The Morning!!
Shekar hears her voice and looks at her
He smiles seeing at her.. As he knows that Swara is not matured at mind

Swara looks at him and hides behind the curtain.. Hiding her face with shy..
Shekar smiles seeing her.. His happiness is on peaks..
Laksh comes out and watches Shekar..
Laksh: dad what r u doing??
Shekar: Laksh, my Swara is alive.. I’m happy to see her.. But sad to know that she is..
Laksh: dad leave all that.. U should be proud of ur daughter, she is very intelligent.. Without
anyone’s help, she learned many bible verses and songs from the church.. She will slowly learn it

Shekar: I want to spend some time with her Laksh, tell them to send my daughter soon
Laksh: she will come Dad…
Maheswari house:
Sanskar gets ready for office.. Ap makes Swara ready..
Ap: Swara come home soon.. I will miss u..
Swara: (smiles) il come soon Ma.. Sanksar told that he will pick me when he comes from office..
Sanskar: Angel ur ready?!

Swara: (smiles) yes!!
Sanskar: Uttara, even u go with her, first time na she might feel scared seeing Kavitha..
Uttara: Kk Bhai…
He takes Swara Nd Uttara.. Laksh, Shomi and Shekar waits outside.. Laksh smiles seeing Swara
Laksh: Swara .. Come..
(He keeps his hand on her shoulder and was about to take her inside..
Swara feels sad for leaving Sanskar and cries..

Shomi and Shekar gets shocked seeing her childishness
Sanksar: (runs towards her) Angel.. Il come again.. I told u na Laksh will be with u, and even Uttara..
Now don’t cry.. Be like a good girl.. Don’t trouble them.. Be happy.. Now go inside..

(He kisses her forehead)
Shomi feels happy seeing his love for her
Swara nodes Kk…
Sanksar: bye Angel… Il come in the evening..
He leaves signalling Uttara and Laksh to take care of her..
Shomi: (cries) Swara.. My Beti.. (She kisses her cheeks)

Swara: (smiles) did I make u smile ??
Shomi is shocked and looks at Laksh confusingly
Uttara: aunty, if someone makes her happy, she kisses them on her cheeks.. So if anyone kisses her
she asks them whether she made them smile..
Shomi looks at Swara shockingly seeing the way she’s talking..
Laksh: Maa.. Don’t worry, I told u na she’s not matured at mind.. She needs some time Ma.. She will
be normal!! Don’t cry please..

Shomi wipes her tears..
Shekar goes towards Swara and hugs her..
Shekar: Swara ur prayer was very nice.. Will u pray for me again??
Swara: (smiles) okay!!
Shekar smiles..
Shomi: come Swara.. Will go inside..

They take her inside and goes near the mandir room
Shomi prayers for her daughter’s happiness and thanks god for giving her daughter back…
Laksh: Swara, come il take to ur room.. U know we have so many memories of u.. Ur photos, ur
toys.. U will like it
Swara: photos?? What’s is that??
Shomi is again shocked

Shomi: (cries) what is this Laksh?? She don’t know anything.. How could Kaveri do this to my
baby?? What did I do to her???
She don’t know anything?? Did she study??
Uttara: Noo aunty, she don’t know anything..
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar said he will keep a tutor for me
Shomi: (caresses her hair) why tutor.. I’m there na.. Il teach my child.. I will be her tutor..
She kisses her forehead…
At that time Kavitha comes..

Swara gets tensed seeing her, she hugs Laksh with fear…
Laksh: Swara what happened?
Swara: I’m scared of her.
Laksh get angry at Kavitha, but acts normal..
Laksh: Swara, she won’t do anything.. She is ur sister.
Kavitha looks at her but again goes out acting as if she got call.. All her struggle to stop the
marriage was went to vain.. So she’s now not interested with her…
Swara remembers Sanskar and again cries..
Shomi: Kya hu Swara??
Swara: sanskar..
Shomi: he will come Swara…

Swara: (cries) I want Sanskar…
Uttara: aunty, this is common.. When she’s new to the place.. She ask bhai.. But when she get
habituated she won’t ask..
Shomi: u will go leaving me??
Swara: nodes yes..
Shomi: don’t u want to study?? Don’t u want to be with ur mom??
Swara: nodes Noo…
Shomi is shocked…
Episode ends:

Laksh takes Swara to Sanskar office..
She watches Sanskar talking to his lady PA
What happens ??

Episode 29
Shomi: don’t u want to study?? Don’t u want to be with ur mom??
Swara: nodes Noo…
Shomi is shocked…
Laksh: Swara, if Sanskar gets to know that ur crying, he will feel sad..
Uttara : Bhabi, will u speak with Bhai??
Swara remembers Sanky giving her phone..

Swara: I forgot my phone in the room
Laksh: il call him.. Will u talk to him??
Swara: (smiles) yes!!
Laksh takes his phone and calls Sanksar, but he doesn’t lift… As he is in meeting..
Laksh: Swara I think he is busy… He will call us when he watches it…
Swara: Kk…
Laksh: Maa u prepare food.. Il show Swara her childhood memories
He takes her to the store room
He takes out her album..
Laksh: Swara these are ur photos.. Come il show you..
Uttara: Laksh bhai.. Even il see it..
Laksh: (smiles) come Uttara..
Shekar: Swara even il watch…
Swara: (smiles) Kk..
He shows her photo..
Laksh: (smiles) look at this cute girl…

Swara: (confused) who is she???
Laksh and Shekar are shocked…
Shekar: Swara Beti.. It’s u
Swara:excited) is that me??? I’m soo small.. Hahaha!!
Laksh: these all photos are yours..
She gets excited and starts turning the pages of The album…
Shekar gets cry seeing her daughter in such a state..

Laksh: Swara, he is Sanksar.. See how he is looking..
Swara burst out laughing…
Swara: Hahahaha is he Sanskar??? He is very nice!! (She kisses his photo) I love him so much! He is
my best friend.. You know when I was alone.. Jesus sent me Sanskar.. Sanskar showed me many
things.. He is my best friend.. And even Uttara.. (She hugs her)
Uttara smiles and hugs her back..

Shekar cries seeing her starte and caresses her hair..
Swara keeps turning the album pages and Suddenly she watches Kaveri…
She gets scared and throws the album.. And cries hiding back of Shekar.. Holding his arms..
Shekar and Laksh are shocked
Shekar: Swara what happened??
Swara: (cries) I don’t like her.. She always beat me.. She has no mercy jesus will punish her for
her deeds.. I’m so scared of her.. (She hugs Shekar and cries)

Shekar look at the photo and gets shocked to see Kaveri..
Shekar: (protects Swara in his arms) how dare she hurt my daughter?? I won’t spare her Laksh…
She should lead her life in jail.. She seperated my daughter from me.. Our Swara is soo naughty
when she’s a kid.. Now she became so innocent.. That’s because of her.. Time has come laksh…
Laksh: yes dad, she can’t be forgiven.. Send maasi to jail..

Shekar angrily calls Raj.. And tells him to arrest kaveri immediately…and tells him that he wants to
have file a case on her..
Raj accepts…
Shomi: Swara come.. I prepared your favourite dishes.. Come lets have food together..
Swara: but Sanskar??

Laksh: Hmm Swara if u had ur lunch i will take you to sanskars office, even I have some work..
Swara: really???
Laksh: (smiles) yes!!
Swara: Kk..
Uttara: Bhabi il go home now.. I have some work.. Il come again later..
Swara: (smiles) k come fast..
(she hugs her… Uttara smiles and leaves)

Shekar: but Laksh.. What work do u have in sanskars office?
Laksh is shocked…he immediately covers the topic
Laksh: haa wo dad..actually.. Haaa Yaaa I should meet Ragini… She told me to pick her…She kills
me if I don’t go..
Shekar is shocked
Shekar: Ragini?? Ohh u both are in touch with each other?? That’s good (he smiles teasingly)
Laksh: (blushes and covers the topic) .. Maa I’m so hungry..
Shomi: haa Laksh!! Come lets all have lunch.. (She shouts) Kavitha.. Where r u??
Kavith: (shouts) haa Ma coming!!

Shomi: Swara come.. (They all get seated on the dining area)
Shomi looks at her complete family and gets emotional..
Laksh: Maa Kya hua?? Why r u crying??
Shomi: I’m not crying Laksh.. I’m happy.. after many years.. This dining table is been filled.. I’m soo
happy !

Shekar and Laksh look at each other and smiles..
Kavitha comes… And sits on the dining table.. Swara watches her and gets scared.. Laksh looks at
her expressions and he understand that she is scared..

Laksh: (covers) Swara tell me onething.. What is ur favourite curry??
Swara: (smiles) when I’m with rosy Ma.. She used to prepare aloo for me.. I like aloo so
much…When I’m with Ragini.. She used to cook chicken for me.. I even like chicken
Shekar, Shomi and Kavitha are shocked to hear Ragini name… Laksh is tensed…
Shomi: (confused) Swara, u know Ragini??

Swara: Yaa she is my best friend.. She took me to her house…
Shekar: (confused) house??
Laksh: (thinks to tell the truth) haa dad, I forgot to tel u all onething…actually even I know Swara
before.. One night, some gundas tried to kill Swara, but by gods grace.. I reached there and saved
Swara… At that time ragini also came in search of Swara..
Kavitha is shocked..

Kavitha: what?? Bhai u saved Swara??
Laksh: haa Kavitha.. Kyu??
Kavitha: (tensed) I mean.. What if something happens to u?? How can ur risk ur life.. Those rowdies
are very dangerous.. They killed many people..
Laksh: how do u know??

Kavitha: I mean.. I read in some books.. That rowdies are not good..
Shomi: (worried) why did they tried to kill my Swara?? What will they get??
(She hugs Swara with so much love)
Shekar: why did Ragini search for Swara??
Laksh: Ragini has saw those two people who are trying to kill Swara.. So she thought to save
Kavitha: Ragini saw??? Will she remember them??

Laksh: Noo Kavitha.. She dint see their faces. But she heard the conversation..
Kavitha is relieved.. Laksh notice her expressions.. And he gets Angry..

Shekar: I think sh is Kaveri.. I won’t leave her…
Shomi: Thankgod Swara is save.. I should thank Ragini… Bring Ragini home Laksh..
I should thank her…
Kavitha: I have some work.. Dad il come home late.. Don’t wait for me..
She leaves.

Swara finishes her lunch…
Swara: I finished eating, u said u will take me to Sanksar office..
Laksh: (smiles) hahah Kk Swara.. Come lets go..
Swara gets happy.. “Come lets go”!!

Shekar : soo soon, I thought to spend so much time with Swara
Swara: don’t be sad.. Kk il stay for some more time.. Okay??
Shekar gets happy and hugs her..

Shekar: call me papa…
Swara : Kk Papa..
(Shekar hugs her and kisses her)
Laksh: Kk dad.. I have small work.. Income within 15mins… Until then take care of her..
Laksh leaves..
Shekar and Shomi takes her to their Room..

Swara looks at the photo frames.. All were Swara’s pic..
Swara: (smiles) papa, this is me na?? I saw the same photo in that album..
Shekar: Yess Swara.. It’s u.. We all like u soo much.. U know we missed u too.. Where were u these
days Swara??
He gets emotional and hugs her again.. Don’t leave us again Swara..
Swara: u crying.. Don’t cry.. I came na.. I won’t leave u all..
Shekar smiles.. He watches Shomi coming..

Shekar: (whispers) Swara see ur mom, she will ask you..
“Swara, do u want fruits?” (He teases Shomi)
At that time Shomi comes…
Shomi: Swara, u want to eat fruit Beti…
Shekar and Swara look at each other and laughs…
Shomi is confused..
Shomi: what happened??
Swara: papa is teasing u.. Hahahahaha!!

Shomi: ur papa is like that only .. Don’t bother him.. Come have this fruits.. Fruits are very good.. U
will get all types of vitamins..
Shekar still teases Shomi imitating her.. Swara enjoys being with them… She keeps laughing
Shekar and Shomi looks at her laughing.. And gets happy.. At that time Laksh comes..
Laksh : Swara shall we go now??
Swara: (smiles) Kk !

Shekar: bye Swara.. Tomorrow come soon.. Il teach u many things..
Shomi: Swara don’t listen to him.. Ur papa na, he always teaches u unnecessary things.. U come to
me il teach you very good things..
Swara: Kk..
Laksh and Swara leaves…

Sanskar office:
Sanskar and Ragini is in meeting… They are waiting for the result of the. Project..
Finally Sanskar gets the project.. He gets very happy.. Ragini congratulates him..
All his office members congratulates him..
Office staff: sir congrats.. Finally after 1 year struggle we got this project.. I thought we won’t
get..but ur lucky sir.. Ur married na, may be it was because of ur wife.. Ur really lucky!!
Sanskar: (smiles) he remembers Swara.. Nd Shekar words when they were small.. He always used
to say that.. Swara is a lucky charm..

He gets happy… He calls Laksh..
Laksh: Swara how did u enjoy?
Swara: (smiles) it’s very nice.. Laksh.. papa na he is very nice.. He teases Ma.. Hahah!!
Laksh smiles..

Laksh: Swara call me bhai.. Kk…
Swara: Kk..
Laksh smiles.. At that time Laksh gets call from Sanskar..
Laksh doesn’t lift the call…as They already reached office.
Swara: what is this??
Laksh: it’s sanskars office..
Swara: (smiles) really?? Sanskar will be here??… It’s very big and nice..
Laksh: (smiles) come lets go inside…
Sanskar keeps trying.. But he keeps cutting the call..

Sanksar thinks what happened to Laksh…
Laksh and Swara reaches Sanskar cabin… Sanskar looks at Swara and gets happy..
He runs towards her and hugs her..
Sanskar: Angel .. I’m soo happy.. U in my office.. (He hugs her tightly) Angel ur my lucky charm.. U
know we got the project..
He kisses her forehead..

Laksh: Woww Sanksar.. Congrats dude!!
At that time Sanksar office guy comes inside..
Rahul: sir, I need ur signature in this files..
Sanskar: (sits on his chair) Rahul.. Send this files immediately to Dad.. Don’t take time.. If at all it
dint reached on time.. It will be very problem.. Now go quick!!
(He clicks the bell) office boy comes… Sreedhar get 3 cups coffee…
They leave..

Swara watches how Sanskar talking.. She smiles..
Sanksar: so Angel..tell me how did u enjoy??
Laksh: she liked it very much Sanskar.. She is so free with mom and dad..
Sanksar gets call..
Sanksar: 1 min…
Swara sits on the chair like how Sanskar sat.. She takes the file from the table.
Laksh: Swara what r u doing??

Swara: (smiles) il immiate Sanskar..
Laksh: really?? Show me??
Sanskar looks at Swara,

Swara: (looks with an attitude expression) Rahul.. Send this files immediately to Dad.. Don’t take
time.. If at all it dint reached on time.. It will be very problem.. Now go quick!!
Swara looks at Laksh and laughs.. Laksh and Ragini both are shocked..Sanskar is stunned…
Ragini: (claps) wowwwww awesome!! Swaraaaa itna change in one day?? Woww
Where did u learn??

Sanskar cuts the call and looks at Swara..
Sanskar: Angel.. Ur imitating me?? Where did u learn this?? Did this Sally thought u?? (He starts
beating Laksh)
Laksh: Sanky this is too much..
Swara: (smiles) papa imitated Maa.. Hahaha he did very nicely..
Sanskar gets happy… He again hugs her… Woww Angel.. Ur genius..
They all spend sometime having coffee..

After sometime… Sanskar pa comes..
Sanskar: guys 1 sec..
Swara: (holds his hand) where r u going??
Sanskar: I have small work..
Swara: kk..
Pa: sir.. These papers… (She explains something)
Sanskar talks with her sometime talking about office work…
Swara remembers Ragini words.. Saying if he talk with any girl, give a tight slap..
Sanskar finished talking… He again hoes back to Swara..

Sanskar: Angel I’m back..
Suddenly Swara slaps..
Ragini, Sanksar and Laksh are shocked…
Sanskar: Angel?? What happened?
Swara: why r u talking with that girl?? Ragini told me.. If u talk with any Girl.. She told me to slap

Sanskar: what??
Ragini laughs loudly imagining the situation.. She gets soo happy…
“Swaraa my Sweetu… That’s like a good Girl now.. Woww what a change?? People behave
according to other people.. Awesome Swara be brave like this (she hugs her tightly)
Laksh a Nd Sanksar are still in shock..Sanskar recollects the scene.. He understood that Swara is
jealous seeing him talking to another girl..
Sanskar is happy to see her jealous.. He gets soo happy..

Swara remembers Kaveri slapping her, she gets scared and starts crying shocking everyone.
Sanskar: Angel what happened?
Swara: I’m sorry.. I know we should not beat anyone.. God will not show mercy to us.. Im sorry
Sanskar.. Did u get pain??
Sanskar gets emotional and caresses her face..
Sanskar: Noo Swara u dint hurt me.. U made me happy.. Ur learning new things.. I liked it Angel..
(He kisses her forehead and hugs her)
Swara caresses his cheeks..

Swara: did it pained??
Sanskar: (teases) Yess..
Swara: I’m sorry…
Sanksar: (teases) make me smile.. Then il forgive u
Swara: (smiles and kisses his cheeks)
Sanskar smiles and hugs her tightly..

Laksh and Ragini smiles looking at them
Laksh looks at Ragini confusingly

Ragini: what r u seeing Laksh??
Laksh: Ragini.. What was that yar?? Is that these thing ur teaching Swara?? It’s soo disgusting??
Ragini: hello come on.. It’s for safety.. Every girl should be like that.. Swara is innocent na.. So I
taught her… It’s basic knowledge for girls.. This is for u also..
Laksh: for me?
Ragini: yes.. If u speak with any girl.. Il beat u more hard..
Laksh: ohh really?? Show me how will u slap me??
Ragini: should I show??
Laksh remembers Singapore… He holds his cheeks and nodes no..
Ragini burst out laughing…

Sanskar smile: guys today I’m really happy.. Angel tell me what u want.. Il do whatever u say..
Swara: I want to go to a new place..
Sanskar: wow.. Challa guys lets go!! Let’s enjoy this day
Ragini: sorry Sanskar, actually my bro is Coming.. I should receive him..
Laksh: Yaa Sanky, even I should go to airport.. U both enjoy na
Sanskar: okay… Fine!!
They leave..

Swasan long ride…
… Laksh brings Adharsh home.. Adharsh and Kavitha look at each other


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