From Darkness To Light Epi 25

Episode 25
Kavitha is happy As her plan is working out..
Laksh is very happy… He thinks about his little sister.. How he used to play with her..
He was soo happy.. He remembers How he saved Swara.. His eyes are filled with tears.. He thinks
about Sanskar care for Swara.. He gets angry..
Kavitha again comes..
Kavitha: bhai what r u doing??
Laksh: “I will never leave maasi.. How can she play with her life.. She tortured her so much.. I won’t
spare her.. Should I tell dad and mom about this?? But Noo.. Not soon..
Kavitha: bhai.. Things will settle soon.. But first u stop Sanskar and Swara marriage and bring
Swara soon.. I want to play with her.. I want to see our family completely.. Our happiness is back
Laksh: (smiles) everything will be fine Kavitha..
He gets a call..
Laksh: il talk to u later important call…
He leaves
Maheswari house:
AP and Uttara are selecting lehengas in catalogues for Swara..
DP talking to his PA…
Sanksar in call..
They all are very excited and busy in preparing for marriage arrangements..
After sometime
Dp: AP.. Let’s keep engagement this week.. And marriage next week.. We should invite all of our
Sanksar thinks something is going fishy.. As he is stop forward thinking about kavithas plan
Sanskar: papa why that much gap?? Let’s do it fast na.. It’s not good for Swara.. I hope u
understand..lets make it simple.. Angel is not habituated with this functions and all.. She might get
scared seeing all this..
DP: but Sanskar, why ur thinking like that.. May be Swara will njoy her wedding.. It her first function
Sanskar: hmm Kk dad, as ya I have small work il go out..
While they are talking..Laksh and Kavitha comes..
Seeing Laksh Sanskar gets happy..
Sanskar: laksh!!!
Laksh gets excited and he looks at Swara..
Swara is busy with Uttara.. She dint notice Laksh presence
Laksh stares at her lovingly he feels to hug her tightly..
Sanskar notice Laksh staring at Swara..
Sanskar: (confused) Laksh?
Laksh angrily looks at Sanskar and he simply walks towards Swara.. And holds her hands..
Swara is shocked and looks at Laksh..
Swara: (smiles) Tum?? When did u come?
Laksh just looks at her lovingly with tears eyes..he suddenly hugs her and kisses her forehead
Laksh: (smiles and caresses her hair) Swara ur alive.. I’m soo happy.. come lets go.. Let’s go to our
house Swara.. I’m there with u.. U have family.. U have this brother with u.. Ur my little sister ..Come
lets go..
Sanskar is shocked..Swara doesn’t understand what is happening..
She looks at Sanksar tensedly.. Sanskar signals her to come to him..
When she was about to go towards Sanskar, Kavitha comes and stops her..Nd starts her drama
Kavitha: Swara.. (Kavi Hugs her) I’m ur sister.. Come lets go to our house.. This family don’t deserve
us.. Come Swara lets go..
(She holds her hand tightly not letting her to go near Sanskar)
Sanskar gets angry…
Swara gets tensed seeing Kavitha..
She struggles and frees her hand and runs towards Sanskar and hugs him..
Swara: sanskar i don’t want to go.. I’m scared..I don’t like her…
Sanksar: (caresses her face) Angel.. Who is sending u now?? I will never send u.. No one can
seperate us Angel..
He hugs her tightly and looks at Kavitha angrily..
Laksh : Sanskar.. She is not ur Angel.. She is our Swara.. My sister..
Sanskar is shocked..
Sanskar looks at Kavitha.. Kavitha smirks..he understood her plan..
Sanskar: ohh good u got to know the truth.. In d same way just get to know the main truth also
Laksh.. Ask ur sister she will tell u. Nd Laksh I’m not sending Swara with u..
Laksh: I dint come here to talk to u.. I came here to take my sister with me.. When we don’t have
any relation, even u don’t have any relation with Swara..
(He holds Swara hands) come Swara.. Let’s go..
She gets scared and cries holding Sanskar.. Sanskar gets angry..
Sanskar: Laksh leave her hand.. She don’t want to come.. Why r u forcing her.. Yes I agree she is
ur sister.. Ur Swara.. But in few day she will be my wife.
Kavitha: sanskar, u can’t marry her.. I won’t allow u to do that.. Swara is my sister.. I can’t let her
marry u.. If u won’t send her now.. Il give a police complaint…
Sanksar AP and DP are shocked…
Sanskar: (shouts on Kavitha)just get out..
Laksh: Sanksar
Sanskar: Laksh I said take her out.. I don’t want to see her face..
Kavitha: Kk Sanskar fyn…now we will leave.. But tomorrow u can’t escape from us.. U can’t marry
Swara.. We will not allow u..
Sanskar: (hugs Swara) even u can’t seperate us Kavitha.. Swara is my life… I will never leave her…I
know ur plans.. Just leave from here..
She leaves angrily looking..
Laksh: will see tomorrow Sanskar.. I will take my sister with me.. U can’t stop that..
He leaves angrily
As soon as they leave Sanksar hugs Swara tightly..
“Oh god! I’m here.. If I would have gone out.. Then definitely they would have taken her..Thankgod u
stopped me..
AP: what is this kavithas problem.. I can’t tolerate her anymore.. Il tel the truth to Shekar ji..
Sanksar: Noo Ma.. Truth cannot be hidden.. It will come out one day..
Uttara: but bhai.. What if police comes, will they take Angel??
Sanskar and AP look at each other..
Sanskar: dad I have a solution for this.. Will u agree?
DP: (confused) what’s that?
Sanskar tells his plan..
DP and AP accepts…
Next day:
Shomi is doing puja… Laksh watches her and smiles.. He goes towards her
Laksh: Maa today I’m so happy, I want to tell u onething..
Shomi: what’s that??
Laksh: come Ma.. (He calls even Shekar) Kavitha also comes but bit tensed
Shekar: what’s happening Laksh? Why r u so happy??
Laksh: yes dad.. I’m so happy.. This day will be the best day in our lives..
Shomi: (smiles) what happened Laksh..
Laksh: Ma our swar….
At that time Raj comes… Seeing Raj shekar gets happy..
Shekar: Raj.. After long time.. Come come sit.. U came here.. Where were these days.. U want tea
coffee?? Shomi brings some tea for him..
Shomi: haa ji..
Laksh wonders what police is doing here..
Shekar: yes Raj. Tell me
Raj: Shekar ji.. I came here to talk about Swara..
Shekar and Laksh are shocked..
Shekar: Swara?
Raj: yes..ur daughter Swara is not dead.. She is alive
Shekar is shocked..his eyes are filled with tears
Shekar: what??
Raj: yes, ur relative had kidnapped her..
Shekar: relative.. Who is that?
Raj: Kaveri…
Shekar is shocked…
Shekar: Kaveri???
Raj: yes.. Few days back I saw a rowdy, who used to be in our jail was talking to Kaveri.. I got doubt
why that rowdy is taking with Kaveri.. When I interrogated him he told the truth..
Shekar is speechless only thing he was doing was crying
Raj: and the happiest thing is that ur daughter is not dead she is alive..
Shekar is surprised.. As that time they hear a plate falling sound.. They turn back it was Shomi who
listened the conversation is in shock
Shomi; my daughter is alive?? Is this true?? Where is my daughter??(she cries asking him)
Raj: yes she is alive.. But the sad thing is that.. She was brought up in a single room these many
years.. Her mind is not matured and she is so childish!! But we don’t know where is she at present..
I’m trying my best to trace her
They are agin shocked and angry on Kaveri..
Laksh: (happy) dad I know where she is.. That’s what I was about to say.. Our Swara is alive dad..
She is Infront of us..
Shekar: (excited) who is she??
Laksh: she is Angel dad.. Yesterday you saw her in temple na.. She is our Swara.. My own sister..
Shekar: what??
He gets happy he remembers temple scene.. How innocent she was..
Shomi breaks down.. She is soo happy
Shomi: I want to see her Laksh.. Plz bring her..I want to see my daughter.. I want to hug her.. It’s
been many years..I want to see her..
(She cries)
Laksh: that Sanskar is going to marry her Ma.. I can’t let that happen..
Shekar: il stop that marriage.. But before that I won’t leave Kaveri..
(He filed a complain against Kaveri)
Kavitha: dad, our Swara is back.. Let’s bring her dad.. Yesterday Me and bhai went to bring her.. But
Sanskar was soo rude..though he knows that Swara is my sister still he was preparing for his
Shekar: I won’t allow that.. Il bring Swara right now.. Come Laksh..
Laksh: okay dad..
Kavitha gets happy..
They leave…
Maheswari house:
Ap: Swara, this is last one.. Come have it..
Swara: Maa it’s enough..
AP: no no u should eat full.. Or else il feel sad..
Swara: Kk il eat.. (She eats it) don’t be sad..
AP gets happy and kisses her..
AP: good girl..
At that time gadodia family comes..
They watch Swara and gets emotional..
Shomi: Swara (she goes and hugs her crying) she starts kissing all over her face..
My daughter is back..she is my Swara!!
Shekar also gets happy…
He goes towards her and kisses her forehead.. AP smiles seeing their happiness..
Kavitha: Come Swara lets go…
Swara again gets scared and shouts Sanskar Sanskar..
Sanskar comes down.. And shouts Kavitha…
Shekar: sanskar im taking my daughter.. My daughter is alive.. How can u marry
Her without my permission.. And I will never allow u to marry my daughter..
Swara come..
Swara cries and hugs Sanksar…
Swara: Noo I won’t come.. I don’t want to come..Sanskar I will stay with u..
Shekar and others are shocked
Kavitha: Swara.. It’s enough of ur childishness… Why can’t u understand u can’t marry him… And
Sanskar don’t dare to marry her we will call police..he will keep u in jail for keeping a girl unmarried
girl in ur house.. That too without their parents permission
Sanskar: hello…who has that dare to arrest me.. No one can seperate us, she is no more Swara
gadodia because she is my wife now.. Can’t u see.. We are married.. She is Mrs Sanskar Maheswari
All are shocked…
Kavitha is more shocked seeing them married…
Episode ends

Sanskar gets Laksh call!!!!


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