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THANK YOU guys for all your lovely comments. As i said that everyday i ll post only 1 epi of fdtl but u guys made me happy na so i should always make u guys happy so a here is a gift from my side – in 1 day 2 epis of fdtl*************
Episode 22

Episode 22
Today is ur birthday, u shoud enjoy it.. I can’t see tears in ur eyes…
Saying this He hugs her more tightly thinking about what Kavitha done to her..
Sanskar: Swara come lets go!! U should wear this new dress.. Come!
He takes her to Ragini house.. As soon as they reach home..Swara gets happy and she shows her
dress to Ragini..
Ragini: Woww Swaraa! This is beautiful..
Sanskar tells her how Laksh and Kavitha saw them..
Ragini: there should know one day na.. Leave it Sanskar, il talk to Laksh.. I feel like it’s the time to
tell truth to Laksh.. May be he will listen..
Sanskar: will see…
Sanskar remembers onething.. He smiles
Sanskar: Ragini make her ready, il come just now..
Ragini: okay Sanskar.. Take ur time!!
He leaves…

Sanskar goes to Raj house.. To meet rosy!
He goes inside.. He watches rosy sitting alone..
Sanskar: aunty!!
Rosy: Sanskar.. How r u?
Sanskar: aunty I’m soo fine.. You know I’m so happy.. I thought to tell This.. If I say this to u.. I’m
sure u will be the happiest person..
Rosy: what’s that Sanskar??
Sanskar: Angel is alive.. Ur beti, she is alive!!
Rosy: what?? R u seriously telling this??
Sanskar: yes aunty… She is with me.. Today is her 18th birthday, I thought to surprise her, so my
first gift is you.. She loves u soo much! Come aunty..
Rosy is soo happy… She couldn’t believe!!
Rosy: haa Sanksar, I’m coming.. My Beti.. She is alive.. That’s enough.. Thankyou Sanskar..
She hugs him…
Sanskar smiles and takes her,

They reach Ragini house..
Sanskar goes inside.. He goes to the room, here Swara was getting ready,
Sanskar: Ragini, is Angel read…..
Before he utter a word he is spellbind to see her beauty, she was looking stunning, her beautiful
layered long hair.. Nd her simple cute pearl earring.. Which gave her angelic look at her face.. She
was awesome!
Ragini : sanskar is she looking pretty??
Sanskar stares at her lovingly..
She is beautiful ragini…
Swara feels shy and hides back of Ragini..
Sanskar smiles seeing her shyness..
He goes to her and takes her near the mirror and hugs her from back..
Sanskar: (teases) Angel… Who is that girl standing over there?? Isn’t she pretty??
Swara looks at him and smiles
Swara: it’s me Sanskar.
Sanskar: really?? Wow! My Angel is soo cute.. Ur really an angel! I’m blessed to have you
He gives a peck on her cheeks..
“Happy birthday Angel”…
Swara: what is happy birthday Sanskar??
Sanskar: today, my angel came into this world.. Ur Jesus sent u to this world..That’s why all r
wishing u..
Swara: (excited) really?? Jesus sent me??
Sanskar: Yess.. Nd I have a surprise for you..
Swara: surprise?? what is that??
Sanskar: I will show u.. I know you will smile seeing it.. U will feel very happy..
Swara: really??
Sanskar: Yess.. But one condition..if u really like that gift.. If I really make u smile with it… U should
give me my gift… Okay??(showing his cheeks)
Swara: okay!!
Sanskar: haha come..(he closes her eyes and takes her)

He slowly opens her eyes..
Rosy is shocked to see his Beti.. That too she is soo happy!! Swara is too happy too see her..
Swara: (smiles) Maa!!
She runs and hugs her..
Rosy: Beti.. Ur alive.. Thankgod!! Thankyou for saving my beti..
She hugs her and kisses her with lots of love..
Rosy: my Beti… Happy birthday..
Swara smiles…
Sanskar: aunty, u don’t worry about ur Beti.. I’m with her.. Nd I’m going to marry her soon.. She will
be happy with me.. I will teach her everything.. She will be normal again.. I will make her normal, she
will be Swara Sanskar Maheswari soon..
Rosy: Thankyou sanskar.. God bless you!!
She blesses them..

Rosy: Beti.. I’m going.. Will u come with me??
Swara looks at Sanskar and hugs him..
Swara: Noo I will be with Sanskar..
Rosy: Hahahaha Sanskar u already changed her..
She kisses her and was about to leave..
Swara: Maa wait…
She runs inside the kitchen…
Sanskar and rosy are confused…

Swara gets some wheat grains from the kitchen..and gives it to rosy..
Swara: Maa give this daily to my bird friend.. She will miss me na..
Rosy and Sanksar burst out laughing…
Sanskar: Hahahaha Angel.. How do u know?? That birds will eat grains?
Swara: yesterday Uttara told me a story, in that story she told that birds will eat wheat grains, nuts
and etc.. I told her to show.. Then she showed me this wheat..
Rosy: (with tears) my Beti is soo intelligent.. She is learning new things..
Sanskar smiles looking at her..
She leaves…After she leaves.. Swara looks at Sanksar, as she liked his surprise.. She suddenly
kisses him on his cheeks..
Sanskar is astonished..
Swara: Thankyou for making me smile
Sanskar: (teases) not sattisfied… Kiss me tightly..
Swara again kisses him bit tightly…

Sanskar: (teases) Noo again not satisfied..I want more tightly…
Swara smiles…she again kisses him more tightly…
Sanskar smiles seeing her…
Sanskar: haha Angel.. Nice!!! Anyways come lets go.. Hmm now il take u to another place..
Swara: what place..
Sanskar: hmm it’s ur fav place!!
Swara gets excited…
They leave…

He takes her to her favourite place.. Swara looks at it and gets happy.
Swara: church??
Sanksar: Yess Angel.. Today god sent u to this beautiful world.. Won’t u Thankgod for that??
Swara: (smiles) I will..
They both go inside.. They kneel down in front of Jesus cross..Nd they pray..

After the prayer..
Sanskar: shall we go??
Swara: haa..
Swara looks back and waves bye to Jesus..
Sanskar smiles..
Sanksar: did u liked it??
Swara: Yess!! now where are we going??
Sanskar: surprise..
Swara: again surprise??
He takes her to her home.. On the way.. He stops in the middle..
Sanskar: Angel, do u want to give food to ur bird friend??
Swara: Yaa I miss them..
Sanskar smiles… “Get down”
He closes her eyes and takes her near the road.. They were many nearly 100 pigeons eating grains..

Sanskar opens her eyes… Swara is shocked to see many pigeons..
She gets soo excited…
Sanskar takes food grains from that guy..
Sanskar: Angel.. Here feed them…
Swara takes the food from him and starts giving them.. She gets soo happy to see the birds eating..
Her happiness his soo extreme that she has tears in her eyes..
Swara: sanskar I’m soo happy.. This is really beautiful!
Sanksar stares at her lovingly..
She spends some time there enjoying with the birds.
They leave.. Sanskar takes her to his house…
Swara gets happy…
Swara: will play with colours again??
Sanskar: haha no Angel.. Come you will understand

At that time Kavitha watches them.. She gets more angry and jealous
Sanskar watches and he looks at her angrily and takes Angel inside, placing his hand on her
This make Kavitha more angry..
Sanskar takes Swara inside…
Uttara gets happy seeing Angel and runs to her and hugs her..
Uttara: happy birthday Angel… Come lets go…
She takes her inside…
She finds ap, Ragini… And the hall is filled with decorations…
Ragini: happy birthday to U…happy birthday to dear swaraa darling.. (She sings bday song)
Swara gets happy.. They all make her cut the cake.. As it is her first time.. She feels so happy.. So
new to everything!! She enjoys it completely…
They all spend some time together and have dinner…

After the dinner
Ap: sanskar, what’s ur plan now??
Sanskar: il take Angel to guest house ma.. Small surprise..
Ap: okay.. I don’t know what u do.. But my bahu should enjoy her birthday so much!!
Sanskar: hahah Kk okay Ma!!
Ap: Swara, come with me.. I bought a saree for u..
She takes Swara and makes her ready..
And brings her down..
Sanskar again gets surprised to see her stunning in the red elegant saree.. She struggles to walk..
Sanskar smiles seeing her struggle..
Ap: Swara r u comfortable??
Swara: Haaa Ma!!
Ap kisses her..
“That’s like my sweet girl”!! I’m so lucky…
She kisses her..
Sanskar: Ma if u leave her il take her..
Ap: hahaha Kk.. Take care Sanskar..
Swara says bye to everyone and Sanskar takes her out..
They reach guest house…
Swara watches the garden… It was soo pretty with flowers.
Swara: sanskar they are many flowers.. It’s so nice..

He takes her inside the hall..
It was soo quiet.. She looks at the new environment..
They were some flowers inside.. She plays with it..
Sanskar: Angel u stay here.. Il come just now..
He goes..
Swara looks at the house.. She smiles.. But she finds the place empty…
Suddenly all lights goes.. Swara feels that she again bounded up by the darkness and gets scared..
She shouts
“Sanskar, Sanskar…..

Suddenly a torch light flashes on her face… She gets happy seeing the light…
She tries to hold the light, the light keeps moving… She laughs and runs back of it.. Remembering
how Sanskar used those lights when he used to meet her
It gives her a curvy smile.. She gets so excited.. She has no fear now as she knows that Sanskar is
here with her..
She runs to catch the light…she enjoys playing with it..
Sanskar watches her playing and smiles.. Nd he keeps the torch at different places..
Suddenly he switchs offs the torch..
Swara: sanskar, where r u…
She looks around…

She again finds a torch and runs.. Sanskar smiles and goes near her, he keeps the torch on his
face.. And Swara holds his face..
Sanskar remembers how Swara used to do it when she was in that room..
Swara: (smiles) it’s you.. I know Sanskar
(She hugs him) where did u go??
You know I liked that light!
He hugs her..
Sanskar: Angel.. Another surprise.. U will like it..
He switch on the lightings .. Room is filled With lights.. All colours lights.. It was decorated so

Swara watches all of it and gets soo excited..
Swara: so much of lightings?? It’s very nice!
At that time suddenly rose petals starts falling in her..
Swara: roses hahahahahhaa sanskar! This is very nice! These many roses… Is this for me..
She plays with the roses.. Turning around..
She enjoys playing with the roses
Sanskar stares at her lovingly.. Her smile.. She was so beautiful… He was lost.. The red saree made
her so beautiful… He admires her..
He never thought that she will enjoy so much..
He goes towards her and hugs her…
Swara: Hahaahaha it’s very nice.. Thankyou Sanskar.. U made me smile again..
(She hugs him and kisses his cheeks)
Sanskar feels her kiss.. And hugs her so tightly.. Swara hugs him..
Sanskar: (smiles) ur hug feels me soo better Swara.. Ur the best thing that happened to me.. I love
u soo much!

He cups her face and kisses her forehead,
Swara looks at him smilingly,
He looks at her eyes..
“Angel, ur eyes are the sweetest star I’ve seen..ur my Angel.. And he kisses those eyes..
Sanskar: Swara do u love me??
Swara: love??
Sanskar: yes.. I love u soo much.. I always want to be with you.. You know I can’t stay without you..
This is called love..
Swara: (smiles) even I want to stay with you Sanskar.. Ur my best friend.. Even I can’t stay without
you.. You know when you went to office leaving me with Ragini… I missed you so much..
Sanskar feels happy, these words are enough for him, to know that how she loves him)
He gets so happy and kisses her cheeks.. Happy birthday Angel!!
This is my last gift, I want to give it to u..
He looks at her face which was soo cute and her lips.. He gets mesmerised seeing that red lips…he
leans and starts kissing her slowly.. Swara is stunned and shocked.. She doesn’t know what’s

Swara breaks the kiss.. She looked at him with innocent and yet cute face..
Sanskar: (smiles and whispers) what are you thinking Angel.. Kiss me like I do..
He holds her waist and pulls her towards him.. Nd he again kisses her..
Swara slowly responds to him.. It was a passionate kiss..
After the kiss.. He hugs her more tightly!!
Episode ends

Laksh get to knwi the truth
Who told him??
Ragini or Kavitha??

Guys keep commenting and get the nxt updates soonest….

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