From Darkness To Light Epi 21

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Episode 21

Sanskar: what okay?? Dint I make u smile?? (He shows his cheeks signalling her to kiss)
Swara understoods and kisses his cheek..
Swara: (smiles) Thankyou for making me smile!!
Sanskar smiles seeing her innocence
Sanskar: Angelllllll (he hugs her) take care!! Il come soon..
Swara: okay
Sanskar: Maa.. We are going to office, take care of Angel..
Ap: okay sanskar! Don’t worry.. U both come soon for lunch.. Will have together!
Ragini: sure aunty.. Now itself I can’t control the smell.. It’s ur yummy!! I don’t know about him but il
come soon..
Ap smiles…
Sanskar: Kk Ma.. Bye!
They go.. Sanskar looks at Swara and waves his hand..
Swara says bye to him…
They leave!!
Sanskar and Ragini both discuss about their project..
Sanskar: Ragini did u bring the designs??
Ragini: Yaa it’s in my phone..
She opens the designs and gives it to Sanskar
Sanskar keeps checking the designs..

At that time Ragini phone rings..
Sanskar looks at the number and gets shock.. It was Shekar..
Sanskar was confused and gives the mobile to Ragini..
Ragini gets happy seeing the call…and lifts it
Ragini: hello uncle!! How r u?? U forgot me??
Shekar: Noo Ragini.. How will I forget..
Ragini: chill uncle! I’m kidding..
Shekar: hahaha I know!! By d way Ragini.. u told that u will come home.. But when??
Ragini: sorry uncle I forgot.. Hmm Kk then il come today.. What say??
Shekar: good girl.. So will meet in dinner?
Ragini: wow dinner.. Sure uncle! But what’s special..
Shekar: (teases) what u want??
Ragini: whispers secret!!
Shekar:Hahahaha Ragini.. Come fast na I’m missing..
Ragini: haha Kk uncle.. I will!! Bye uncle
She cuts the call..

Sanskar: Ragini who is he?
Ragini: Shekar gadodia! My dad’s frnd.. He invited me for dinner..
Sanskar: (happy) Shekar uncle ur dad’s frnd?? Cool!!
Ragini confused
Ragini: u know Shekar uncle??
Sanskar: hmm Ragini.. He is Angel father!
Ragini: what really?? That means he is Laksh father too.. Wow.. Sanskar I got a plan.. Why don’t I
take Swara along with me for dinner.. They all can spend time with Swara na..
Sanskar: it was a good idea.. But Shomi aunty saw Swara before.. I think it’s risky.. And that
Kavitha.. If she watches Swara..she won’t leave her!
Ragini: Yaa ur right!!
They both spend some time discussing about project..

After sometime
Ragini: sanskar come lets go, I’m so hungry..
Sanskar: (smiles) okay!!
They leave and reaches Ragini house..

In lift..
Ragini: sanskar just see Swara, she will run and hug me.. Daily when I reach home she does to me
like that.. She’s pretty cute!!
Sanskar: Hahaa I know Swara loves u.. But I bet she loves me more than u.. So she will hug me first
Ragini: (pout) Noo she loves me more!!
Sanskar: haha Noo way!!
Ragini: k let’s see…
Ragini house:
Uttara is telling some stories to Swara And Swara is listening with lots of interest

Meantime door bell rings
Swara gets happy…
Uttara: I think bhai and Ragini came..
Ap opens the door,
Sanskar and Ragini look at each and smiles smirkingly remembering about their bet..
Meantime Swara watches both of them and was happy..
She runs,
Sanskar and Ragini are tensed, they don’t know whom will Swara hug first..
Swara is so excited she runs and hugs both of them at once..
Swara: sanskar , Ragini… U both came! I’m soo happy..
Sanskar and Ragini look at each other and burst out laughing!!
Ragini: sanskar, Swara is so clever, she don’t want both of us to loose.. So she made us win!
Sanskar: hahah Yaa.. Angel..I’m so proud of u. (He hugs her)
Swara is confused..
Ap: sanskar and Ragini enough of discussion…wash ur hands and come.. Have ur lunch.. Angel is
waiting for u both!
Ragini: sure aunty 2 mins!

Dinning table..
All seated for lunch.. Ap serves them food! When all started to eat..
Swara looks at Sanskar and smiles..
She shares her food to Sanskar,Ragini and Uttara…Sanskar remembers the first time how she
shared her rotis..
Sanskar smiles and shares his food..
They all spend sometime..

Sanskar teaches her how to operate mobile..
Sanskar: angel.. Whenever you want to call me, press this button.. Then call will connect to me..
Swara: (smiles) haa!!
Sanskar: (smiles) good.. Now if u want to call to Ragini.. Press this button and go up.. U can call
her.. Okay??
Swara: (smiles) it’s nice!!
Sanskar: u liked it.. Good! Okay, now call me..
Swara takes the phone and calls him.. Sanskar phone rings..
Sanskar : wow Angel, ur so intelligent.. I don’t need to repeat you again.. Ur a sweet girl and a
genius.. (He pulls her cheeks and gives a peck on her cheeks)
Swara: Smiles…Nd hugs him..

At that time ap comes…
Ap: sanskar will leave now.. Ur papa will be waiting for us.
Sanskar: okay Ma!!
Swara: ur leaving??
Ap: Swara will come again tomorrow! Take care Beti!!
Sanskar: bye Swara.. Il come tomorrow..
Swara: il miss u ..
(She hugs him)
Sanskar: (smiles) I miss u too Swara.. Bye take care.. I gave u mobile na.. Call me whenever u feel
like boring..
Swara: kk
They leave!!

Laksh is in his room..
Ragini reaches Shekars house.. Shekar gets happy seeing her..
Ragini: hello uncle!! (She hugs him)
Shekar: Ragini… I’m so happy to see u!! Come..
He introduced Shomi to her.. Ragini feels happy, as she is angels mother..
At that time Kavitha comes.. Ragini angrily looks at her..
Shekar: Kavitha, she is Ragini..
Kavitha: ohh.. Hi Ragini!!
Ragini: (angry) hi!!
Shekar: Kavitha where is Laksh??
Kavitha: he is in his room dad..
Shekar: Laksh!!! Laksh…..
Shekar: actually he is bit shy Ragini.. He won’t talk to girls much!
Ragini: no worries uncle!!
Laksh comes down… He is shocked to see Ragini.. Ragini watches him and winks
Laksh is confused..
Laksh: Ragini?? What r u doing here??
Shekar: (confused) u know her??
Laksh: Yaa dad.. She is working in sanskars office! But how do u know her
Shekar: She is Ram Prasad uncle daughter..
Laksh: ohh!! Kk!! But Ragini where is ur sister?? U dint bring her?
Shekar: sister, Hahaa she is the only daughter Laksh.. She has brother I think..
Ragini: (tensed) Yaa uncle!!
Laksh is confused…
Shekar: come les have dinner..

They all have dinner together.. Spending some time..
Laksh and Ragini on terrace..
Laksh: Ragini Swara is not ur sister??
Ragini: Yaa Laksh..
Laksh: ohh is she ur cousin?
Ragini: wo actually, she is not my cousin too.. I first time met Swara.. That day on the road..where
we both saved her..
Laksh: what?
Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh, I’ve hide this matter with u.. (She tells him how two ladies planned to kill her,
and how she thought to save swara)
Laksh is shocked..

Laksh: what?? How could they think to kill her?? Did u saw them?? She is soo innocent!!
Ragini: Yaa Laksh.. I saw them.. I’m just waiting for the day…I should unite Swara with her parents!
Laksh: okay..But Ragini.. U thought to save her.. Dint u think about u?? What If I don’t come at that
time.. They might harm u too.. Ur soo gud, but stop this social service okay.. Don’t think ur a hero u
can do anything.. Ur a girl.. U can’t defeat boys with ur strength!!
Ragini: hello hello!! Stop it!! Ur caring was good but this last dialogue is not at all acceptable!!
Laksh : Ragini listen!!
Ragini: Noo I won’t..
Laksh pulls her towards him…
Laksh: Ragini… I’m telling this for ur good.. U saved Swara..I’m really very happy.. But before doing
such things think about ur life too.. Thankgod! I reached at time.. R else he would have killed u
(He keeps an Angry face)
Ragini: okay!! I won’t repeat this.. Next time, if any such things happen, il tell u.. Okay?? R u
Laksh: Haaa!!
Ragini: Now smile Plzz!! (She tickles him)
Laksh: Hahahaha Ragini.. Ur soo funny!!
They both spend some time!!
Ragini: it’s 11:00!! I shoudo go Laksh.. Swara will be alone..
Laksh: Come il drop u..
Ragini takes blessings from everyone and she leaves..

Next day..
A beautiful morning!
It was again a festival time at gadodia’s house like every year they do!!
Shekar: Shomi, what’s specials today??
Laksh: : haha dad, what was that question.. Every year this day, mom will cook Swara’s favourite
dish..biryani.. And chicken fry.. Hey na mom???
Shomi: (smiles) Yaa Laksh.. Swara loves that.. U know when ever I cook biryani, she used to have a
curvy smile on her face.. She never ate it, but she likes that smell.. And chicken fry.. I used to give
her small pieces. She used to eat that very slowly in fear of losing it..
Hahah I remember, my Swara love those!! I miss her so much
(Her eyes are filled with tears)
Laksh: (hugs Shomi) mom!!! We miss her too.. Don’t cry today plz! It’s her day mom! We should
Shekar wipes his tears!

Kavitha looks that from window and gets angry seeing they care for Swara!
Kavitha: bhai.. I’m bored here shall we go for shopping??
Laksh: (confused) okay Kavitha..u wait near the car I’m coming..
Kavitha : bhai.. Come soon!!
Laksh: haa Kavitha.. By d way tell me how r these flowers?? Will Swara like it??
Kavitha: bhai.. Don’t behave like a kid.. She’s dead long back.. How will she like this flowers??
Laksh is shocked
Laksh: Kavitha.. She is our sister! I already said u both are very important to me.. I love my sister
Kavitha: bhai cool down.. I’m sorry.. I was but irritated..
Laksh: hmm Kk.. By d way tell me which flowers do u like it..
Kavitha: I like red!!
Laksh: haha kk!!

Maheswari house:
Uttara is gardening.. She watches Laksh who is soo happy…he bought a bunch of flowers he was
soo happy laughing talking to Kavitha
Uttara is confused, she wonders why Laksh is soo happy??
She goes inside confusingly..she watches Ap who is arranging dining table and Sanskar who is
looking at files..
Uttara: bhai I have a doubt…
Sanskar: (looking at his files) what’s that Uttara?
Uttara: is any function happening in Shekar uncles house?? Laksh is so happy..
Sanskar: (smiles) haha did he bought bunch of roses??
Uttara: haa bhai?? How do u know??
Sanskar: every year he does that.. Every year they celebrate this day.. Because today is Swara’s
birthday.. (He smiles)
Uttara: ohh!! (Confusing)

Suddenly Sanksar realises what he said…
Sanskar: (excited) today Swara’s birthday?? Woww!! Maa today Angel birthday!!! This is awesome
Ap and Uttara are happy…
Ap: Yaa Sanskar… It’s a great news.. Last week Shomi ji said, When we are talking, she said that if
Swara is alive, then it is her 18th birthday..
Sanskar: (excited) 18th birthday?? Woww!! Amazing!! Then it should be soo memorable!! Angel
should love it!!
Ap: yes Sanskar.. First of all take her to the shop.. Buy new clothes which she likes… And then….
Sanskar: Maa I know!! I’m soo excited.. Today il make her happy!!
He gets happy and goes to meet her.. Sanskar reaches home.. Swara gets happy seeing
him..Sanskar gets soo happy and hugs her..
Sanskar: (excited) happy birthday Angel!! He kisses her forehead
Swara is confused..
Ragini: birthday??? Sanskar is it true??
Sanskar: yes Ragini.. Today is Swara’s 18th birthday! We should celebrate it!
Ragini: (teases) Swaraa ur 18 years?? Ur 5 years younger to me?? Hahaha lol!! And Sanskar ur 4
years elder to me, that means so much age gap between u and Swara.. Hahahahahah!!!
Sanskar: (teases) Hahaahaha funny!! So what Ragini?? When we truly love someone, age doesn’t
matter..whether it is 2years, 5years, 10 years..30years.. Love is love.. Hey na Angel?? (He winks )
Swara: (confused) haa!!
Ragini: Hahahaha look at her.. How sweet!!
Sanskar: anyways come lets go for shopping..
Ragini: u guys carry on.. I have work Sanskar..
Sanskar: Kk fine!
He takes Swara and leave for shopping..

Shopping mall!!
Sanskar starts selecting dresses for Swara..
Sanksar: Angel..take whatever you want..
Swara: why Sanskar? Ragini bought so many dresses for me.. Why again?
Sanskar: haha Angel.. Today is ur birthday.. U should look special.. Come il select dresses for u…
Sanskar: Swara did u like this?? Hmm Noo I think it’s dull.. Wait il select another one..
He keeps selecting many dresses.. But he is not satisfied, as he wants to select best for his Angel!!
Suddenly swara watches a designer dress which was kept for show was a pink dress, filed
with golden work..
Swara gets attracted to that dress.. And goes near the doll and looks at it..
Swara: sanskar, is this dress nice??
Sanskar looks at the dress and smiles…
Sanskar: wow Angel this is soo pretty.. Do u want that??
Swara : haa..
Sanskar: Kk..
He tells the shopkeeper to pack it..
Sanskar: Angel.. Ur taste is soo good.. And what I got to know is that u like pink colour..
Swara: is that pink?? It is very nice , u like blue na Sanskar.. Even I like blue..
(She holds his hands and rests on his shoulder)
Sanskar caresses she hair and kisses her..
Sanskar: I always want u to be happy Angel..
They both smile looking at each other..

Meantime Sanskar gets a call..
Sanksar: Angel, u be here.. And do shopping..I got an important call.. Il come just now..
Swara: okay!!
At that time Laksh and Kavitha do the shopping on the same floor..
Kavitha watches Sanskar going…she was shocked
Kavitha: bhai Sanksar in shopping?? he hates shopping na..
Laksh: may be his Angel brought him to shopping!
Kavitha: what??
She thinks..”Angel is dead na?? With whom he came for shopping?”
Kavitha: bhai, let’s go back of him.. I want to see that Angel..
Laksh: leave it Kavitha.. Don’t care about them.. Just forget them.
He takes her from that place and takes near churidhar counter where Swara is shopping..
A group of guys watches Swara.. And they talk to them self..
Guy1: wow she is soo pretty!
Guy2: she look so innocent too..
Guy3: let’s talk to her..

They wink and go near Swara..
When Swara was shopping.. Guy1 goes near Swara and dashes her, and covers by checking
Swara gets tensed and walks back..
Guy2 comes and again dashes her..
Laksh notice it.. He looks at that girl, it was Swara.. He gets happy seeing her but gets angry on that
guys for teasing her..
Guy3 comes and again dashes her and holds her..
Guy1: I’m sorry.. (He laughs loudly)
Swara gets tensed.. Within a seconds they was a thud sound on his face.. It was Laksh who
slapped him!!
Guy was shocked.. And Swara too…
Swara gets happy seeing Laksh, and hides back of Laksh..
Seeing him all gets scared and runs..
Laksh: hi Swara?? R u fine??
Swara: haa..
Laksh: u shoudo have given a tight slap to that guy.. If Ragini is in that palace.. Ohh god I can’t
imagine the situation..
Swara smiles…
Laksh: hahaha by d way, u came for shopping?? Where is Ragini?? She dint come?

Kavitha: bhai?? Is this dress nice??
She looks at Laksh and shock to see Swara.. She was completely speechless seing her..
She wonders how can Swara be alive??
Laksh: (smiles) Kavitha come.. Il introduce Swara to u..
Kavitha is more shocked…
He takes her near Swara… Swara is tensed seeing Kavitha and hides back of Laksh.. She gets
tears.. As she is afraid of her..
Laksh: Swara, she is my sister.. Don’t fear.
Kavitha: bhai how do u know her??
Laksh: she staying in my friend’s house.. A good friend of mine too.. U know Kavitha, whenever I
see her.. I feel some connection with her…Nd u know her name is also Swara..
Kavitha is shocked.. She gets more tensed..
Laksh: so Swara, tell me where is Ragini?? She dint come??
Swara: Noo I came with Sanskar..
Laksh and Kavitha both are shocked..
Kavitha: sanskar??
Swara: haa today my happy birthday na.. Sanskar told me to buy dresses..
Laksh is confused…and Kavitha is shocked..
Meanwhile Sanskar cuts his call and come back to the place.. He finds Swara missing.. He gets
tensed and shouts..
Swara hears his voice…Nd looks back she watches Sanksar.. Sanskar too looks at her and gets
shocked to see Laksh and Kavitha..
Laksh is shocked…
Laksh: Angel??

Kavitha wonders how can Sanskar know about Swara being alive??
Sanskar gets worried and goes near Swara..
Swara runs and hugs him…
Swara: sanskar where did u go?? I’m so scared!!
Sanskar: Angel, don’t get scared.. I’m with u.. No one will do anything for u.. Ur my life..
(He angrily looks at Kavitha)
Laksh is shocked.. His eyes are filled with tears…
He never expected that Swara will be sanskars Angel..
Kavitha feels jealous seeing Sanskar hugging Swara..she couldn’t control..
Kavitha: Sanskar how dare you?? I hate u.. I won’t leave her Sanskar.. Because of her you left
She cries loudly..

Swara gets tensed and hugs him more tightly..
Laksh: Kavitha.. Come lets go.. What did Swara do.. She is innocent.. Leave her Kavitha..But I can’t
leave this Sanskar..I hate him…
Sanksar looks at him angrily…
Kavitha gets stunned seeing Laksh support towards Swara.. She gets angry and runs from there..
Laksh too runs back of her…
Swara: sanskar, I don’t like her.. I’m so scared of her..
(She cries and hugs him)
Sanskar: (he gets sad seeing her and hugs her tightly) I’m there na Swara..don’t worry.. No one will
harm u.. I won’t spare them.. If they think to harm u..
He wipes her tears..
Today is ur birthday, u shoud enjoy it.. I can’t see tears in ur eyes…
Saying this He hugs her more tightly thinking about what Kavitha done to her..
Episode ends

Sanskar celebrates Swara’s birthday….

Thank u those who commented for the prev epi i am so happy so thought to give this chappy asap. Think like this that if i get more comments the soon i ll post the next epi soo its all upon u guys. And guys specially thanks to the people who commented in all the epis…. so so thank u… bear my tight Jadu ki jappi ???

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