From Darkness To Light Epi 18

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Episode 18
Next day..
Laksh thinks about Sanskar, how he rejected his sister!!
He gets sad.. But he thinks about his words.. He don’t know what to do.. One side, his sister his suffering because ofhis friend.. 2nd side, his family his suffering… He gets angry!!
At that time Sanskar calls him… But he doesn’t lift it!!
Sanksar feels sad!!
Shekar sits alone in his lawn.. Shomi goes near him..
Shekar: I’m so sad for Kavitha.. How can Sanksar do this? I hate him!
Shomi: he told us before only, if he said this after the marriage then we should feel sad..
Shekar: how should I console Kavitha!! she loves him so much!!
Shomi: don’t worry il take care of her!!
Shekar : okay..I’m going to office!! Take care of her!!
He leaves…
Ragini house:
Ragini is planting a rose plant in her balcony.. And she teaches Swara…Swara watches her
Ragini: Swara do u want to do it?
Swara: (smiles) yes!
Ragini: come..

They both plant a rose, Swara looks at the flower and smile
Swara: this is red flower na?
Ragini: yes! Now tell me how many flower u want to plant..
Swara doesn’t understand.. She looks at her confusingly
Ragini: Swara shall we plant 3 different rose plants ??
Swara: three? What’s that?
Ragini is shocked!!
Ragini: Swara u don’t know 3?
Swara: no!
Ragini understoods that she doesn’t know numbers and gets sad!
Ragini: Swara you know alphabets?
Swara: al..alphabets?? What is that?
Ragini is again shocked… She gets up and take Swara with her to the room..
Ragini: Swaraa, you dint study? I mean dint u go to school when ur kid?
Swara: what is school?
Ragini: Swara, in school teacher will teach u how to study…
Swara: no Nd Yaaa!! Sanskar said That he will appoint a tutor for me, she said she will teach me everything! But he dint come to take me
Ragini looks at her sadly, her eyes are filled with tears and hugs her,
Ragini: Swara ur so innocent! What if I don’t come on time to save u.. I don’t know how will u live alone, Thankgod! Anyways Swara, I need to go to office, caretaker will be with u.. She will take care of u!!

Swara: okay.. Come soon!!
Ragini: (cups her face) okay Swara!
Ragini: aunty take care of her, take her out if she feels bore
Aunty: Kk Ragini!!
Ragini goes to office…
Shekar house:
Kavith is crying in her room.. She gets angry on Sanky.. She thinks to talk to him!!
She goes to his house, she watches Sanky in his room.. Sanky watches and gets angry, but he doesn’t talk nothing!
Kavitha: sanskar I need to talk to u, why did u do this? Don’t u love me?? Tell me Sanksar!!
Sanskar: Kavitha I already said that I don’t love u… Plz u may leave now!!
Kavitha: (shouts) why Sanskar?? I know ur doing this for Swara right?? I know, she is the main reason.. She’s not leaving me even after her death… I’m so happy she’s not alive or else I would have killed her with my own hands!!
Sanky: shut up!! Just hold ur tongue Kavitha.. Don’t dare to speak about her
Kavitha is shocked!!
Kavitha: Sanky… Is she’s important to u than me?? U just know her for few days, but u know me since I born!! Why r u doing this Sanksar?? I can’t live without u… I love u Sanskar.. Plz don’t punish me like this!
(She cries)
Sanskar: (pushes her) but I don’t love u Kavitha.. What all I said yesterday is 100%true… I never loved u… I just accepted you for Laksh.. I dint think about me, I thought about everyone’s happiness! But now I realised that u can never be in my heart because that place is only for Swara!!
Kavitha is sjocked
Kavitha: Swaraa???
Sanksar: Yess… I love Swara!! I will always love her…I never realised that but yesterday when u said that Swara is in love with me, then I realised my love for her.. I love her Kavitha.. U got an answer ryt, plz go from here!!
Kavitha gets angry and starts shouting loudly…
Kavitha: (cries) Snaksar?? How can u love her?? Why did u do this to me??
Sanskar: why did U kill her kavita?? How can u do that to ur sister?? How can you do it??? (He shouts loudly)
I never cheated u, but it’s you who cheated me, ur family and ur sister…
Now I’m telling u listen, I love Swara, She may die, but she will be in my heart forever.. Nd ya I know u from childhood but I never feel that love when I’m with u, but Swara showed me the true love..
Kavitha: swAraaaaa!!! How dare u… I hate u Swara, what I thought will happen it happened.. I want to kill u with my own hands… I hate u
Sanskar: Kavitha!!!

At that time ap slaps Kavitha… Kavitha is shocked..
Ap: how dare u Kavitha?? Just be in ur limits… If u ever talk about Swara, I will tell ur truth to ur parents.. Just get out from here… Never ever come to my house again… U lost ur rights when u killed Swara!! I’m ashamed of u.. Just get out… Out!!!
Kavitha is more shocked…
Kavitha: I won’t leave anyone… U all cheated me… U all gonna pay for it… She cries and runs to her house…
Kavitha runs to her house she watches Laksh and gets a plan and hurriedly runs heading terrace…laksh notice her crying and running, he gets scared and runs back of her..
Laksh: Kavitha!!
She tries to jump from the building, at that time Laksh stops Kavitha and slaps her..
Laksh: Kavitha?? What r u doing??
Kavitha: (hugs Laksh) I don’t want to live bhai, Sanskar cheated me.. He left me because he is in love with some other girl! He doesn’t love me bhai!!
Laksh is shocked…
Laksh: what?? Sanskar is in love with some other girl?? No Kavitha ur mistaken, Sanky can’t do that..
Kavitha: he himself told me… He has an affair bhai… when we went to Singapore he met a new girl..
Because of her he left me…I don’t want to live bhai.. I hate him!! Ur friend cheated ur sister, I hate him bhai….
Laksh is shocked and angry…
Laksh: if he really does That, I will never see his face in my life…
Saying this
He angrily goes to meet Sanskar hearing what all Kavitha said..

Maheswari house:
Laksh: (shouts) Sanksar!!!!
Sanksar, ap and Uttara comes out…
Sanksar: lucky!!! When did u come…
Lucky: what Kavitha said is that true?
Snaksar is shocked…
Sanskar: about what??
Laksh: who is Angel??? Do u have an affair with her??
Sanksar is shocked he looks at Kavitha angrily… Kavitha gives a evil smile..
Sanskar gets angry,
Sanskar: Yess lucky, I’m in love with her!
Laksh is shocked..
He holds his collar…
Laksh: how dare you?? How could u cheat my sister?? Though ur engaged how can u??
Sanskar: I dint love Kavitha, I realised that lucky… I’m in love with Angel…
Laksh: slaps Sanskar!!! ( just shut up!! I hate u Sanky.. From today, ur different and I’m different)
ur not my friend anymore… I Ashamed to have a friend like u..
Sanksar is shocked his eyes are filled with tears…
Ap: Laksh!!! Before scolding Sanskar, just know what Kavitha…….
Kavitha is tensed…
Sanksar: Maa… (He signals her not to tell)
Laksh: what did she do aunty, she madly loves Sanskar, is that wrong?? How could he play with her feelings?? I can’t forgive u Sanskar, for what u did…I hate u.. And that girl… Angel.. Don’t she know that ur engaged, how could she do that, because of that girl, ur leaving Kavitha…I know that kind of girls.. She is a bitc….!!
Sanskar gets angry and holds his collar..
Sanky: Laksh… Hold ur tongue!! How dare u???
Laksh is shocked…
He gets angry and again slaps Sanky… Sanky gets angry and slaps Laksh back…
Ap, Uttara are shocked while Kavitha smiles.. As she want that to happen!!
Hearing their loud noises dp and Shekar comes at that time…and stops both of them.
Do gets angry and pushes Laksh…
DP: Laksh, be in ur limits, before u beat my son!!
Shekar is shocked!!
Shekar: u teach some manners to ur son.. Then you can talk to my son later..
DP gets angry…
DP: get out from my place..
Shekar gets angry..
Shekar: Laksh, let’s goo… I don’t want you both to come here at this place again… I’m Breaking all
our relation with this family….
(And he takes both Laksh and Kavitha….)
Laksh and Sanskar looks angrily at each other while leaving…they have that tears and anger… They remember their happy time, from childhood and cries…

After they leave…
Sanskar gets sad seeing Laksh hatred and cries sitting on his knees..
Ap and dp console him…
DP: don’t worry Sanskar, ur a diamond.. They will understand ur value… Go to office Sanskar, u can
feel better…
Sanskar nodes yes….
Sanskar in his office, he thinks about the incidents which happened and gets sad!
At that time Ragini enters sanskars cabin
Ragini: good morning Sanky!!
Sanskar: good morning Ragini!
Ragini looks at Sanskar, who is dull!
Ragini: what happened?? U look so sad?
Sanskar: nothing, just bit tired!
Ragini: okay..
They both talk about the project.. Ragini explains her designs.. While Sanky is lost in his thoughts..
He keeps calling laksh but he is not lifting his calls.. He feels sad!!
He gets up Nd leaves to washroom!
Ragini watches him being sad!!

Swara and aunty goes to nearby park… Swara enjoys the park and looks at some kids who are playing with the ball…
Seeing Swara, kids comes near them and takes Swara with them… They all play catching… Swara looks at them and enjoys playing with them…
Aunty watches them and smiles
Aunty: Swara, come lets go… Ragini will come now…
Swara : oaky!!
She holds auntys hand and they both walk…
Meantime Ajay is passing nearby on his bike.. At that same time, he gets call.. And stops nearby!!
He lifts the call and talk… While he was talking he suddenly looks at Swara who is on the other side…
He gets shocked… He is hell shocked!! He cannot see her face clearly but he can clearly understand that she is Angel
He cuts the call, he wonders..”is she really Angel? He takes his mobile and clicks her pic.. He zooms her pic and gets shocked… He gets happy!! When he was about to go, his bike doesn’t start..
He leaves the bike And runs towards them..
By that time they go inside their flat..
He searches for them.. But he doesn’t find out.. He gets happy!! He is on cloud 9
He immediately calls Sanky

Sanky is in washroom.. Suddenly he gets Ajay call.. Ragini looks at Ajay call.. She waits for Sanky to come,
After few seconds his call get disconnects at that time, Ragini watches Swara’s pic as wallpaper and gets shock
She is confused!! She remembers Swara words.. How she used to speak about Sanskar..
Ragini: ohh god!! That means Sanskar means Sanky!! I can’t believe this.. What should I do now..
Should I tell him about Swara…
She is confused… And tensed too.. At that time Sanskar comes out..
Ragini: sanskar, u got call..
Sanskar gets happy thinking Laksh and looks at the phone, but it was Ajay .. He gets sad and calls Ajay…
Ajay: Sanskar I saw Angel !! She is alive!! Angel is not dead
Sanskar is shocked… He was soo happy to hear that news
Sanksar: what??? U saw Angel?? Where Ajay?? Is she really Angel?? Plz don’t joke… Are u serious??
Ragini is shocked to hear Angel from his mouth!! She gets happy…
Ajay: Yaaa Sanskar, she is Angel!! But I missed her…
Sanskar: (very happy) did u really see her??
Ajay: Haaa Sanksar, I got doubt and I even took her pic.. Wait il send u…
Sanskar: what pic? Send me fast!!
Ajay sends her pic…
Sanksar watches Swara’s pic, he gets happy… He zooms her pic… He gets soo happy and cries!! He feels that his life is back!!
Ragini is shocked too see him like That..
Ragini: sanskar.. What happened!!
Sanskar: (happy) she is alive Ragini.. My Angel is alive… But where is she?? She don’t know this world.. How can she stay alone on the roads??
He gets tensed to think about her position…
Episode ends

Ragini surprises Sanskar by taking him to her house..

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