From Darkness to light Chapter 8 & 9


guys I am a writer posting for neha as if i have reveal my name people would bash me and stop ready my ff so i am not revealing my name


Episode 8

Sanskar goes home… Kavitha calls him.. But he doesn’t lift her calls..

AP comes to his room…
AP: sanskar, tomorrow uttara is coming for holidays.. Wake up early!! You need to go for airport!!

Sanskar : (happy) wow Maa!! Uttara is coming.. It’s been many months.. I’m soo happy!!

Ap smiles and leaves…

Next day…
He goes to airport to pick her… Uttara gets happy seeing him and hugs him…

Uttara: hi bhai… How r u??
Sanskar: I’m fyn… Howz mom and dad..
Uttara: they all are fine!!

(Uttara is Sanskar cousin)

They reach home…
They all have breakfast together!!
Uttara: bhai, where is Bhabi?? I just came here for her..
Sanskar: ?Uttara, don’t call her Bhabi… Call her Kavitha… We are not yet married!! Nd who gave u permission to call her as Bhabi??

Uttara and AP look at each other… Uttara gets confused.. As she never notices her bhai being angry on Kavitha!!

Ap: hmm why r u scolding her Sanskar??
Uttara: haa bhai… I came here to enjoy My summer vacation with you all…But u started scolding me?? It’s not at all fare..
(She keeps a pout face)

Sanskar: I’m sorry Uttara..

Uttar: : that’s k bhai!!

Ap: hmm.. Uttara, I’m going to a function… It’s bit far from here.. Il meet u in the evening okay…and Yaa lunch Shomi aunty will get it here for u both..

Sanskar: Ma why r u troubling aunty??

AP: haha she always cares for u all Sanskar.. Eat everything.. Or else she will feel sad..

Uttara: OK aunty.. Don’t worry..

AP smiles and leaves for function…

Uttara: soo bhai what’s up??

Sanksar: what’s today’s plan Uttara, do u want to go anywhere??

At that time Sanskar phone rings… Uttara gets shock to see Swara’s photo as his wallpaper instead of kavitha’s pic..
He picks the call and gets busy in talking..

She gets shock.. She thinks..
I never seen bhai keeping kavitha’s pic as wallpaper but what’s all this.. She wants to know what’s happening…she became a detective now..

After the call he starts checking his file.. Uttara smiles and goes near him .. She finds his mobile, she took the mobile and watches Swara’s pic..

Uttara: (teases) bhai.. Wow Kavitha is looking so cute in this pic??

Sanskar: uttara, r u blind?? She’s not Kavitha.. She’s Angel!!

Uttara: ?angel?? But who is she??
Sanksar: she’s my friend Uttara,
Uttara: friend?? How can u keep her pic as ur wallpaper??

Sanksar: Uttara, she’s soo sweet, when I look at her face, I fee soo refresh!! So pleasant… U know if I’m irritated I will look at her pic.. Haha I feel so better…Isn’t she pretty?? Such a beautiful face.. Soo innocent!!

Uttara is shocked as she knows that Sanskar never complimented a girl)

Uttara: bhai ur complimenting??? Omg!! It’s unbelievable!!

Sanskar: Noo Uttara, she’s different..
(He tells her everything, how he met her.)

Uttara is shocked…
Uttara: ?what?? She’s in that room for these many years??
Sanksar: yes Uttara, now a days I’m meeting her, she’s enjoying these places.. I can see her happiness…

Uttara: bhai, even I want to see her.. Plz take me!!

Sanskar: hmm Kk.. Today I will take u..but think some new places to show her..

Uttara: bhai.. Bring her to our house.. We all can play Holi.. She will enjoy soo much..
Bring her now… By afternoon you can take her home at lunch’s only 7:00am!!
What u say??

Sanskar: Yaa nice idea.. But Holi without Laksh and Kavitha.. They will kill me!!

Uttara: haha bhai.. Don’t worry.. I will manage.. Plzz bring her soon bhai.. I’m soo excited..

Sanksar smiles..
Sanskar: okay!!

He leaves…he tells Ajay everything!!

Ajay : wow Sanksar that’s a great idea.. Just now that lady gave her breakfast and left!! I think it’s better if we take her now..

Sanskar: (smiles) okay!!

He goes to Ajay house… And reaches Swara’s room..

He goes near the window.. He looks at her, she was playing with her fringe, which is falling on her face..

Sanksar smiles looking at her, and calls her Angel!!

Swara gets happy hearing her name and looks back.. She watches Sanskar standing… She gets happy and goes near the window

Swara: (smiles) u came??
Sanskar: (smiles) Yaa Angel.. Now il take u to my house.. Will u come??

Swara: Haaa!!?

He opens the door,
Nd goes inside, he holds her hands and when he was about to go he looks out through the window..
He watches many people moving here and there as it was day..

Sanskar gets worried.. As how can he take now.. He thinks and he gets an idea..

Sanskar: Angel, where do u keep ur clothes??
Swara shows him her shelf.. He goes near it and takes out a pink dupatta!!

He looks at her and covers her face with her dupatta..

Swara looks at him confusingly…

Sanskar: woww Angel, pink suited u soo nice.. U look soo cute..(he pulls her cheeks)

He takes out his goggles and keeps it to her…

Swara smiles seeing everything in different colour and she starts laughing..

Sanksar: (smiles) shh…Angel, be calm!! Come we should go now..

He takes her.. Nd makes her sit in his car.. Ajay starts driving..

Swara looks outside and she laughs..

At signal point..

Sanky car stops.. At the same time.. Rosy and Raj car stops beside them..

Seeing rosy Swara gets excited and she shouts rosy Ma!!

Sanskar and Ajay are shocked…

Hearing her Beti voice.. She searches for her looking here and there..
She thinks how can Beti be here, it’s my imagination…

Raj: what happened rosy??
Rosy: nothing!!

Sanksar: Angel!! Shhh… Don’t shout!!
Swara: (smiles) rosy Ma is here.. Even we will take her..
Sanskar: Noo Angel.. Not now will take her later..

Swara smiles…

Signal light shows green.. And Ajay drive fast.. At that time rosy watches Swara… She gets shocked.. Though she is covered with dupatta.. She can clearly identify her..
She gets tensed and worried.. She want to check

Rosy: Raj.. Can u drop me home plz.. I’m not feeling well..

Raj: but u said u want to go to Tempe..

Rosy: Noo Raj, will go tomorrow..

Raj: okay!!

Rosy goes to her house, and runs to terrace… She gets shock seeing the room empty.. Her eyes are filled with tears..
She don’t know what to do..

Many thoughts comes in her mind.. She falls down on her knees and starts crying thinking that someone had taken her..she thinks to tell Raj but she thinks to wait for sometime

Mehawari house:

Sanskar and Ajay brings her home.. Uttara gets excited to see Sanskars car..
She runs towards the car..

Swara gets down… And Sanskar removes her dupatta..

Uttara looks at Swara and smiles..

Uttara: woww bhai.. She really soo cute.. (She pulls her cheeks)

Swara gets scared and hides back of Sanskar..
Sanskar: Uttara don’t scare her.. I told about her na..

They take her inside…
Sanskar: Angel, she is my sister.. I mean ur new friend..

Swara smiles and looks at her…
Uttara: woww Angel.. Ur soo cute!! I just feel like pulling ur cheeks..

Ajay: Yaaa Uttara.. Angel is always cute..

Sanskar: hello!! Don’t call her Angel.. She’s my angel.. I kept that name.. If u want call her with another name..arey from yesterday I’m noticing it.. All r calling her Angel.. Don’t they have other names to call!!

Uttara and Raj looks at each other and smiles

Uttara: Raj bhai, let’s keep another name for Angel..

Raj: Yaa nice idea!!
They start teasing him..

Uttara: k bhai leave it.. Come lets play with colours!!

Sanskar: but before that, change her dress Uttara.. How can she go home with this same dress..

Uttara: okay.. Il give her my clothes.. Angel come with me..

Swara doesn’t move and holds Sanskar tightly.. Showing her fear..

Sanksar: (smiles) Angel.. Don’t worry.. They won’t do anything.. She will give u clothes.. Change that.. We all will play with colours okay??

Uttara takes her, and Swara looks at Sanskar tensedly..

Uttara room:
Uttara: Angel, don’t get scared.. Even I’m ur friend.. Jesus has sent me!! We will be with u okay??

Swara smiles hearing Jesus word.she gets happy..

Swara: Jesus gave me soo many friends..

She looks up and wides her hand..
” Jesus ur my best friend, and Thankyou for giving soo many friends” she smiles and starts giving him flying kiss!!

Uttara smiles looking at her innocence..

Uttara: okay Angel.. Come go and change this dress..

She gives her White churidhar..
Swara wears it and comes outside…

Uttara smiles and takes her out…

Sanksar gets dazzled seeing her soo cute in churidhar, as he always seen her in long cotton frocks..

He smiles and goes near her…
Sanskar: woww Angel!! Ur soo beautiful..
Come il show u ur beautiful face…He takes her near the mirror..

Swara looks at her face in the mirror and gets scared..and closes her eyes

Uttara: Kya hua Angel??

Swara: there is someone over there??

She gets scared and closes her eyes and hugs Sanky)

Uttara and ajay are shocked seeing her fear when she looked her face in the mirror..

Sanskar: Angel.. Don’t get scared.. That’s u in the mirror.. Just look at ur beautiful face..

She slowly opens her eyes.. And looks a her face.. And again closes it..

SnKsar: see even I’m there… Did u see my face in the mirror..

She looks at his face and smiles.. She touches his face in the mirror and again takes her hands quickly!!

She wonders how can they be 2 persons!!

Sanskar: Angel.. That’s me and that’s u… Did u see ur face.. Don’t u look beautiful??

She again looks at the mirror.. And touches her face.. She smiles… She does all cute things in front of the mirror.. She gets excited seeing the same acts.. She starts laughing!

Swara: (laughs) is that me?? Is that really me??
Sanskar eyes are filled with tears seeing her innocence!!

Sanksar: Yess Angel.. It’s u!!

She gets soo happy seeing her face.. Nd laughs and becomes excited..

Swara: Yess it’s me..!!

She starts clapping her hands..she brings Uttara near the mirror…

Swara: that is u..?

She gets soo happy… Uttara gets happy seeing her laughing!!

Sanksar: Angel!! Yes it’s u.. My Angel is really an Angel.. Now see il put some colours to u..

He looks at all colours and sellers pink.. As pink suited her…he takes the pink colour and applies the colour on her looking at the mirror..

Sanskar: happy Holi Angel!!

Swara gets more excited..and touches her cheeks.. She looks at Sanskar..

Swara: what is this??
Sanskar: this are colours.. Nd this is pink colour..

Swara: pink!! ? it’s soo nice..

Uttara and Ajay too applies colours too Swara and wishes her happy Holi..

Swara smiles..
Sanskar: Angel won’t u apply for me??

Swara looks at the colours and remembers Sanskar telling her that he likes blue..she looks at blue colour and applies that too his face..

Swara: (stammers) h.a.p.p.y h.o.l.i!! You like blue colour na..

Sanksar is shocked.. He gets happy to see her intelligence..

She applies even for Uttara and Ajay.

They all get happy seeing her and starts playing with her..And all started applying colours..
Maheswari house is filled with colours and laughters…
Uttara throws colour on sanskars face.. And she starts running…

Seeing her throwing colours.. Swara too starts throwing colours on Sanskar.. And she too starts running

Seeing her learning new things, Sanskar looks at her lovingly.. And when she started to run… He takes colours in his hand and starts running back of her..

Swara starts laughing while running.. She completely starts enjoying!!

Meantime Shomi comes to Sanskar house..
Hearing Swara’s laugh she felt some happiness in her heart..

She smiles and goes inside…
She looks at them playing with colours..

Meantime Ajay brings another colour in a plate…

Swara runs and dashes Ajay and the plate slips and the colour falls on Swara…
Nd it fells in her eyes…

Swara starts crying with pain..

Swara: ahhhh!!! Ma!!

Shomi feels worried in her heart.. and looks back at Swara… She watches her crying with pain…She gets worried and runs towards Swara..

All looks at Swara worriedly.. And runs towards her…

Shomi goes near Swara and holds her…

Shomi: (tensed) Beti Kya hua??
Swara: (closes her eyes) ahhh!! It’s paining!!

Shomi holds her hand and takes near the wash basin and starts washing her face..

Shomi: don’t worry Beti.. U will feel better..

Seeing Shomi care all gets relief..

Shomi wipes her face with her saree..
Shomi: is it still paining??

Swara: Noo!! (She opens her eyes and looks at Shomi)

Seeing her tensed face Sanksar goes towards her
Sanskar: Angel.. R u alright??

She hides back of Sanskar..
Sanskar looks at Shomi…

Snaksar: hello aunty!! Thankyou for helping…

Shomi: (smiles) it’s okay!! But who is this girl Sanskar??

Uttara: (covers) aunty she’s my friend..

Sanksar and Ajay looks at Uttara and gets happy for covering..

Shomi: Ohkk!! Anyways I kept ur lunch here.. When ur done with ur playing have ur lunch.. Okay? Bye..

When she was about to leave, she again looks back at Swara and smiles…
She feels some connection with her..

Ajay: Sanksar, we should drop her home now.. It’s lunch time!!

Smakaar : okay… Nd he tells Uttara,

All gets ready.. Uttara takes Swara to her room and makes her get ready.. And wears her old dress again..

They take her back to her house.. Rosy hears some sounds and looks for Swara..

She watches 2 boys bringing Swara.. She gets tensed and hides behind the wall..
Nd looks at them..

Sanskar carries Swara and brings her near the room..
He opens the keys and locks it again..

Sanskar: Angel… So how did u enjoy ur Holi??

Swara: it’s very nice.. Thankyou!!

Sanskar: okay.. Now have ur food.. And take rest okay??

Swara: okay!!

He caresses her hair..

Swara: will u come again??

Sanskar: hmm I will try to come.. This time I will show u another new things okay.. I will teach u new things

Swara: okay friend!!

Sanskar : not friend… My name is Sanskar.. Call me Sanskar!

Swara: s.a.n.s.k.a.r??

Sanskar : good girl…
He smiles and leaves!!

Rosy listens to his conversation and gets happy…
She gets to know That he is good!! Nd she thinks to talk to him

Episode ends

Kaveri reaches Raj house.. Ajay watches her and Raj going towards Swara’s room..

He slowly follows them.. Thinking he might get any clue..

Guys seriously I have no idea what I wrote.. I just want to show some Holi and Shomi part.. So wrote this part..
It may not reach ur expectation!! Plz forgive me if any mistakes are there… Coz I don’t have time to check it!!


Episode 9


Ragini packing her bag.. Adharsh comes and starts teasing her..

Adharsh: soo Ragini, leaving us and going?? Don’t u miss us??

Ragini: bhai.. Come on!! Even u guys are coming to India next year don’t worry!! Nd Yaa I will miss u too.. ?

Adharsh: hahaha lol!! Ragz these expression dint suited u.. Anyways all the best sis…my sweet fire brand!! Ur working in Maheshwari company!! I’m so proud of you!!

Ragini: Yaa bhai.. I heard about that company.. It was a good one.. I feel soo happy to get a job there.. With a flat and a car too?

Adharsh: Hahha lol!!

They both spend some time talking… After sometime Sujatha and RP comes!!

(Parents of Adharsh and Ragini)

Sujatha: Ragini.. Be careful, be in touch with ur mom okay!! Nd next time don’t forget to take me to those night parties and all.. I’m ur best friend na?

Ragini and Sujatha smiles…

RP: ?Sujatha.. What kind of mother u are?? How can u tell these things to Ragini??

Ragini: dad plzz!! I’m not a kid.. Plz stop being like oldies…. Just follow new trends like mom!! This life is beautiful plzz let me enjoy!!nd Maa how are you bearing dad??

Sujatha: soo sad of me na Ragini.. What should I do?? It’s my fate

Adharsh and Ragini smiles and gives hifi!!

RP: achaa!! Keep teasing me like this.. Just see you will get husband like me.. He will never send u out, he will never allow u to enjoy life.. Just see!!

Ragini starts laughing loudly…

Ragini: dad plzzz!!! Stop kidding… It’s better to be single whole life instead of marrying such person!!

RP: achaaa!! Let’s see!!

Ragini: Hahha dad!! Anyways miss u soo much.. (She hugs him) Come soon to India!! Il be waiting for u..

RP: miss u darling!! Take care of urself.. And plzz don’t go for parties and all!!

Rag: dad plz don’t start again!!

They share some family time!! Nd Ragini leaves!!
In traffic!!
Ragini is looking at her phone.. Meantime
Laksh comes out After the meeting he
He watches a small boy playing with a toy….
He goes towards him and plays with him! Pulling his cheeks..

(As he love children)

Ragini looks towards him and gets surprised to see him!!

She thinks to talk to him.. But she can’t as signal was about to show green!!

She gets an idea, she takes a paper quickly.. And writes a message saying

She throws on him…

Laksh watches the paper.. And opens it.. He gets shock and happy seeing the matter and searches for her…as he know that it was her!!

Seeing him searching Ragini smiles and shouts hello!

Laksh looks at her and gets happy…

Ragini: (shouts) Thankyou… And Byeee!!(she smiles waving her hand)

Laksh thinks… Crazy girl!!!!

And leaves smiling… Ragini gets angry seeing no expression from him!!


Raj house

Kaveri comes to Raj house.. Rosy gets tensed seeing her..
Raj receives Kaveri..
Kaveri: Raj take me to her room
Raj: okay.

When rosy was about to come, she stops her

Raj and Kaveri goes Nd rosy gets tensed

Ajay who is sitting in his room, looks at the light which is coming from Swara’s terrace..he slowly goes to terrace and watches 2 persons going inside Swara’s room

He gets an idea, as he can get any clue about Swara..Nd he slowly reaches Raj terrace and hides and watches them

He clearly watches kaveri’s face,
Kaveri wakes Swara’s with her legs.. Swara opens her eyes and watches her… She gets afraid seeing her and started going back… Kaveri looks at Swara, and she get shocked..

Kaveri thinks…
“she’s sooo beautiful!! How can she be soo beautiful??

She feels jealous and angry!!

Kaveri: hey ladki!!! Get up….
She holds her hair and makes her get up..

Swara gets tensed and closes her eyes with fear…

(Ajay looks at them and gets angry for hurting her)

Kaveri looks at Swara’s fear.. She holds her cheeks and pulls her tightly hurting her..

Kaveri: ?being in this room ur maintaining ur glamour.. I think ur sooo comfortable here.. Enough of leading this life!! I will show you what is hell…
This world should play with Ur beauty!!

She laughs loudly!!!

Kaveri: I will make u roam on roads… You should get afraid of this world… Everyone should make fun of u… Ur beauty should be the problem for you..

She again laughs!!

Kaveri: The person who leads the life in darkness these many years… Now that person should lead her life in light… I want you to suffer in this world, I know how you will react when seeing a light suddenly!! My poor girl!! Are you not afraid??

She again starts laughing evilly!!

Swara gets scared and she uses her bible verses…

Swara: “whenever I’m Afraid, I will Put My Trust In My God!! And he Will Protect Me in His arms!!”..

Kaveri is shocked!!! ?

She was completely mute to see her talking…as she dint expect this!! She angrily looks at Swara… and holds her ears and starts hurting her!!

Kaveri: ??from where did u learn this??
(She shouts loudly) who taught u??
You know how to speak?? Ur telling me?? How dare you!!
She slaps her hard!! And angrily looks at Raj…

Swara gets tensed and cries…

Kaveri: Raj what is this?? How can u teach her speaking?? Did u forgot about my words??

Raj: Kaveri, we dint taught her anything, she learnt everything from that church.. She only uses those verses.. And songs.. She don’t talk anything else..

Kaveri: what?? Then why dint u tell me before?? I even don’t want her to know her name.. I want her to be totally dumb!!
Is she that intelligent to learn things from church.. ???

She goes near her and starts beating her again.. She holds her hair!!
Kaveri: (she shouts) are u sooo intelligent??
Today I will not show mercy to you!! She starts hurting her!!

Swara hearing the word mercy.. She again uses her bible verses!!

Swara: “when You Show No Mercy To others, God Will never Show Mercy To You, He Will Punish You For Ur Deeds”!!

Kaveri is again socked… ??She gets more angry and Starts beating her more.:

Kaveri: how dare you??
She starts slapping her….

Swara: plzz don’t beat me.. Plz!!

Ajay gets shocked.. And sad, He gets angry seeing the way she’s beating her…he thinks how can this lady be soo cruel!! I think she is the main reason..

Raj: Kaveri leave her.. She’s not kid, plzz leave her..

Kaveri: Noo Raj!!! I expected something but it’s happening something!! I kidnapped her to kill her, but you stopped me…I don’t want my kavi to suffer because of her… How can he treat her like princess in front of my kavi… His princess mentally dead now…
I want her to live in this place In front of her family… In front of her mom!!

Ajay gets stunned hearing her words.. Now he got some clarity that Swara’s parents are alive.. He thinks to inform Sanskar..

At that time Raj gets phone.. Seeing him coming he runs fast to his terrace and goes to his room…

Ajay room:

He calls Sanskar, but his phone is not reachable!!
He thinks how should I inform him now.. He thinks to wait as Sanskar said he will come tonight to meet swara!!
so he thinks to tell him at that time!!

Raj terrace:

Raj comes out and talks… After the call he again goes inside

Raj: soo Kaveri what u want to do now??

Kaveri: I don’t want her to be here anymore.. Next week is her 18th birthday… I will take her.. Her time is over to be in darkness.. Let her face this world alone in the light!!

She laughs evilly…

Nd by d way don’t tell ur wife about it… I saw her worried face when I’m coming to this room…she may spoil my plan!!

Raj: okay!!!

Kaveri while leaving, she again notices Swara, where Swara is crying with pain…
She smiles evilly thinking ur real life has started now!!!

They go down… And Kaveri goes to her room and sleeps!!

seeing her sleeping…rosy runs to the terrace so see her Beti situation…
Raj watches rosy and runs back of her!!

Rosy goes inside Swara’s room.. And looks at her slap marks and her fear..

She gets sad and goes to her… Swara gets scared and she goes back… Thinking she again came!!

Rosy: Beti its me.. Ur rosy Ma!! Look at me..

She doesn’t look at her And keeps going back..

Rosy cries sitting on her knees..

Raj: rosy, u know about her na..She behaves like this for sometime.. Again tomorrow she will become normal!! Don’t worry..

Rosy: ?why dint u stop her Raj.. What’s happening to u?? How can she beat her like this?? How can U let her do this?? why did she come Raj?? Will she take my Beti from me??

Raj: (covers) Noo rosy.. She’s not taking her.. Ur Beti will be with you for another 6 months..

Rosy gets happy…
Rosy: ?really??
Raj: Yaaa rosy..

Rosy gets happy… Now She don’t need to worry for another 6months!! She looks at Swara, she caresses her hair and leaves..

Maheswari house:

Sanskar looks at the colours and smiles thinking about the Angel.. He feels soo happy when she laughs!!

He gets ready to meet Swara..
Uttara comes..

Uttara: bhai where r u going??
Sanskar: I’m going to meet Angel Uttara..
Uttara: ?really?? Even I will come plzz!!
Sanskar: Noo Uttara its risky..
Sanskar: plzz bhai.. I want to meet her, u know I just liked her soo much!! She’s soooo sweet.. Plz plzz!!

Sanskar: hmm okay!! But u should be calm..

Uttara: okay bhai!!

He smiles and they both leave to meet Swara


Ajay house:

Sanksar and Uttara Reaches…

Uttara: hi Ajay bhai!!

Ajay: hi Uttara..

Sanskar: guys Come lets meet her…

Ajay: (tensed) Sanskar, nooo. Plzz not today..

Sanskar: ?why??
Ajay: it’s risky yar, u know a new lady and Raj went to meet Angel.. U don’t believe Sanskar, that lady is the main reason,
u know.. That lady kidnapped Angel when she was small!! Her parents are alive here in this city..

Sanksar gets shocked and happy..
Sanskar : what her parents are alive?? But who r they Ajay??

Ajay: I don’t know Sanskar, I came here when Raj got a call.. R else I would have listened to her.. And Sanskar u don’t believe that lady literally tortured Angel.. She was slapping her, beating her.. Scolding her..
She treated her like a slave.. I was shocked!! How can they even think to hurt her.. She soo innocent! I felt so bad when she is slapping her..

Sanskar: ?what??

Uttara: they beat her?? But why bhai??

Ajay: because she was using bible verses.. That lady thought that she even don’t know how to speak.. But seeing her speaking she got angry.. Ohh god if she gets to know that we are taking her out.. She may kill her!! Nd she’s upto a major plan to destroy Angel!!

Sanskar gets vey angry.. Nd starts hitting the wall!!

Sanskar: ?how dare she hurt Angel?? If she has problem with her parents.. What wrong Angel did?? How can she seperate her from her family!! How can she ever think to beat her?? I can’t see all This Ajay.. Let’s take her from here.. She can be with us!!

Uttara: haa bhai.. Will take her plz..

Ajay: but Sanskar, she should be here.. Our target is she should be with her parents!! Her parents might miss her soo much..Did u forget our target??

Uttar : ha bhai…. But how can we leave her like this..

Sanskar: Yaa Ajay.. But first come lets meet her.. She needs us now..

They all go to terrace.. At that time they watches rosy taking food for Swara.. They hide near the pillar and watches her..

Rosy goes to Swara’s room..
She goes near her and wakes her.. But Swara gets scared and doesn’t look at her..

Rosy: (cries) Beti, eat ur food… I’m there na.. She won’t come again!!

Swara doesn’t respond and closes her eyes tightly…

Rosy thinks if I be here she won’t eat, she gets up and locks the room.. At that time she remembers Sanskar telling Swara that he will come in the night to meet her..

She keeps the keys on the same place and she hides..

Seeing her leaving, Sanskar, Ajay
and Uttara goes near Swara’s room…

Uttara: bhai what if that lady comes again??

Sanskar: shh Uttara, don’t make sound.. They may come.. Don’t worry I’m here na..

Lady listens to their voices and gets alert!!

Sanskar opens the door and he goes inside.. He gets shocked to see her position.. Her hair was messy, she was crying.. And Hearing the door sound Swara gets more afraid and hides holding the wall tightly..

And shouts plzz don’t beat me!!

Sanskar gets shocked seeing her,
Sanksar: Angel!! It’s me Sanskar..Ur friend came!! Look at me!!

She doesn’t look at him….

Sanksar: (he goes near her and touches her) Angel!! Don’t get scared.. I’m here look at me!!

She simply cries and doesn’t look at anyone!!

Uttara: Angel.. See we all came.. Shall we play Holi again??

Seeing her like that Sanskar gets sad and he takes his mobile and on’s the torch again!!

Sanksar: Angel.. See Jesus gave me new lights for u…Won’t u look at it??

Swara listens his voice and gets happy and she slowly opens her eyes..

Swara: really?? Did u brought new light??

Sanskar smiles seeing her talking..he goes near her.. Nd places his hand on her hair calling her..

Sanskar: Angel!! Yess.. But tell me Why are you afraid of me??

(He cups her face)

Swara cries with pain when Sanskar touches her..

Sanksar is shocked…Nd looks at her face.. Her cheeks were full red with marks!! It was slap marks…

His eyes are filled with tears!!

He gets angry on that lady for hurting his Angel!!

Sanskar: (worried) Angel, what are these marks.. Did she beat u soo much?? Is it paining??

Swara looks at him.. And starts crying!!

Swara: (cries) ?yes It’s paining..

Sanskar gets sad and hugs her tightly.. Nd feels her pain! He gets soo sad.. Thinking about her position!!

Sanskar: don’t cry Angel!! I’m there na..Plzz don’t cry!! I can’t see tears in ur eyes..
(His eyes are filled with tears… He looks at her.. He cups her face) I’m sorry for coming late.. If I would have come early, I wont let this happen… I’m sorry Angel..

He hugs her more tightly…Swara too hugs him.. She feels soo secured in his arms.. And she starts crying more…

Sanskar: (cups her face) arey ur crying!! don’t cry look soo good while laughing.. U know angels never cry.. Nd he wipes her tears..
They always smiles…even my Angel should always smiles!!

Ajay and Uttara look at Sanskar confusingly seeing his care towards Angel!!

Uttara: bhai.. Let’s all go out.. She will be happy..

Sanksar: (smiles) haa Uttara. That’s a good idea.. Will take Angel out.. She might feel better!!

Swara smiles.. Seeing her smile Uttara, Ajay and Sanskar gets happy…

Rosy gets happy seeing them making her Beti smile..

Uttara: but bhai, Angel dint had her dinner yet..

Sanskar: Angel.. Come have ur dinner.. After fishing it.. We will go out okay??

Swara starts eating and she gives her share again to Sanskar..

Sanskar: (smiles and he takes from her)

Swara looks at both Uttara and Ajay.. As she don’t have extra rotis with her…
She gives her roti to them..

Sanskar: Angel.. U giving even ur roti, what will u eat now??

She looks at him confusingly..

Sanskar: hahah Angel.. Don’t worry we all will share..
He gives his roti to them and tells them to have a bite, r else Angel will feel sad..

Uttara Nd Ajay starts eating it.. And they all talk for sometime!!

Rosy eyes are filled with tears seeing they care towards Swara.. She gets happy and goes inside..

All gets shocked seeing her… And they stood up!!

Swara: (smiles) rosy Ma!! When did u come?? She goes towards her..

Rosy smiles looking Swara being soo happy.. While Sanskar and all r shocked!!

Rosy locks the door…

Rosy: what r u all doing here?? How can u come like this??

All gets worried, while Sanskar looks as if he doesnt care!!

Rosy: but Thankyou so much for making my Beti laugh!! I’m very thankful to u.. U made her laugh!! But plz go from here.. It’s very risky being here.. If that Kaveri comes she will kill my Beti.. Plzz go!!

Swara: but rosy Ma, now they are taking me out.. I can again look at new things!!

She starts laughing…

Rosy: not today Beti.. Tomorrow u can go.. Today that Kaveri is here.. If she comes she will again beat u..
Plz everyone go from here…

Ajay: okay!!

Sanksar gets some hope seeing her goodness..

Sanksar: but plz tell us who is that Kaveri?? Why Angel is here in this room??

Rosy: plz don’t ask about it.. I don’t know any details of my Beti.. When she was 3 years Kaveri brought her.. I don’t know anything.. Plz don’t ask me!!

Sanskar: ?what 3 years??

He gets angry!!

Ajay: But aunty small request.. Can we meet her daily!! She’s enjoying this world!! Plzz accept..

Uttara: haa aunty.. Today we all played Holi.. She enjoyed a lot..

Rosy thinks and smiles

Rosy : Yaa u can daily take her out.. But by evening plz return her back..

All gets happy and smiles!!

Uttara gets happy and hugs her..
Uttara: Thankyou aunty… I’m soo happy.. From tomorrow Angel will be with us till evening!!

Rosy smiles..
Rosy: haa but, be careful..
Sanskar: sure don’t worry!!

They smile and leave..
Sanskar looks at Swara.. And smiles seeing her being happy again..
He goes to her…and starts caressing her wounds!!

Sanskar: Angel take care.. Sleep nicely!!

Swara: ?don’t go !! She hugs him and cries again

Snaksar: Angel.. Il Come again!! Tomorrow morning I will take u to my house again.. Okay??

Swara: (happy) really?? We can play Holi again!!

Sanskar: Hahahaha Yaa..Nd plz don’t cry!!

Swara: Kk!!

He caresses her hair and leaves..

Rosy gets happy seeing her friends.. She gets hope That her Beti can be happy even after 6months!!

Episode ends:


Sanskar brings Swara to Maheswari house…

And a new love story begins between Swasan!! ??

But what happens after 1 week???

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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