From Darkness to light Chapter 12 & 13


Episode 12

Sanskar takes out his laptop.. And starts doing his work…sitting beside her!!!

Uttara comes to room…
Uttara: bhai, it’s lunch time… AP Ma is calling… Come soon..
Sanskar: haa but what about Angel?? She is still sleeping…

Uttara: let’s wake her bhai…

(Sanskar looks at her sleeping peacefully..

Sanskar: Uttara she’s sleeping.. Let’s not disturb her.. Let her sleep!! When she woke up.. We can give her lunch!

Uttara: okay bhai…
They both leave down.. For lunch!!


All are having lunch… And they are talking…
AP: so Sanskar, how is she now?? Is she used to new people and new place??

Uttara: Maa Angel only talks to bhai.. She only thinks bhai is her best friend.. U know when bhai went out she started crying.. Soo sweet girl Ma.. I’m loving her soo much.. She’s my cute doll!! ?

AP: Hahahah soo sweet of her… Sanskar, how long will she stay in that room… How will she live alone when no one is with her?? Bring her here.. Let her stay with us.. Will teach her new things… Will appoint a tutor.. She can study here…If u want il talk to that lady.. Il convince her..

Sanskar thinks about AP’s words!!

Sanskar: haa ma ur right… But I think that rosy aunty won’t accept.. Because the main lady is that women.. Who kidnapped Angel.. Until she accepts she won’t allow.. Before all this I need Angel to meet her parents mom!!

AP: Kk Sanskar, but just talk to that lady once!!

Sanskar: okay mom!!

Shekar’s house:

Kaveri goes to shekar’s house to meet Kavitha..

Shomi watches her and welcomes her..

Shomi: hello Kaveri ji.. Plz come in..
Kaveri: (attitude) hmm… I came to meet my Kavitha, where is she??
Shekar: arey Kaveri when did u come… Plzz come in…. And Yaa Kavitha went to Singapore with Laksh…

Kaveri: singapore??? But when
Shomi: 1 week back…

Kaveri: I came from America to see her, anyways… What’s she’s doing now?? I last met her when she completed her 8th class

Shomi: Haahaha Kaveri ji… Kavitha is doing her final year degree..

Shekar: Nd Kaveri, we forgot to inform, Kaveri got engaged.. I thought to inform u, but u changed ur number..

Kaveri: (happy) what Kavitha got engaged.. That’s soo great.. But with whom??

Shekar: Durga Prasad son Sanskar!!
Kavitha: (happy) sanskar?? He is Laksh friend na??
Shekar: Yess!!
Kavitha: I’m soo happy…

(They all talk sometime)

Kaveri: k then il go now… I have some work.. Just call me when Kavitha comes… I will meet her..

Shekar: sure..

(Kaveri goes out)

Meantime Sanskar room:

After sleeping for many hours…Swara gets up… She rubs her eyes.. She finds herself in new place.. She gets scared..
She looks around she finds no one… She started crying…

She forgets that she’s in sanskars house.. She looks at the balcony door and goes outside the balcony…She watches everything new… She dint find the church, the trees which she’s habituated.. Suddenly she looks at Shekar house and watches Kaveri…She gets scared and starts crying…
She remembered how she slapped her..

She gets scared and starts crying with fear…

after the lunch… Uttara goes to sanskars room, to see whether Angel woke up..

Hearing the foot steps Swara gets more tensed… Her face is filled with sweat.. She thinks that Kaveri is coming…And she looks at the bed, runs inside the room and hides under it, She closes her eyes tightly!!

Uttara comes to the room and gets shock to see Swara missing…
She goes to washroom.. She’s not even there… She goes to balcony, she doesn’t finds her…
She gets tensed and shouts calling Sanksar..

Sanskar gets tensed hearing Uttara voice and runs to his room… AP also follows her…

Uttara comes out..
Sanskar: Kya hua Uttara??
Uttara: bhai Angel is missing, she’s not in the room..

Sanskar: ?what? Did u check properly??
Uttara: Yaa bhai…

Sanskar runs into his room and searches for her..

UttarA: bhai, balcony door is opened.. Did she go outside from balcony??

Sanksar is shocked… He runs towards the balcony…

He thinks…. “Oh god.. Where did she go, did she went out..?? He paused for a minute and gets more tensed..

(From balcony anyone can go outside..there’s garden in the backside.. With back gate)

Uttara searches inside the house…

Sanskar goes out and checks every corner and searches for her, and goes out too.. Nd starts searching till the end street… He gets more scared, as he is more worried for her innocence!!

His eyes are filled with tears.. He scolds himself..
“Sanskar how can u leave her alone in the room? She’s so innocent, where did she go?? Ur soo careless Sanskar..

He comes back to his room with tensed face…

AP: did u get her Sanskar??
Sanskar: (with tears) Noo Ma!! Where did she go??
Uttara: bhai…she’s not even inside..

He sits on the bed helplessly… Tears rolls down from his eyes, when he wipes it He notice dupatta under the bed..
He clearly observes it.. He gets doubt and bends down, he lifts the bedsheet which is covering the ground..

He watches Swara under the bed, who is shivering with fear..,He gets happy seeing her…
Sanskar: (tensed)Angel… What happen?? Why r u hiding??

AP and Uttara get shock seeing her under the bed..

Uttara: ?angel!! What happened??

Hearing their voices she goes back with fear..

Sanskar: Uttara, Ma.. Plz go out.. She’s scared.. I will handle her…

AP and Uttara nodes okay and goes out..

Sanskar: Angel see all went out.. No one is there.. Only ur friend Sanskar is here.. Come out Angel..

She slowly opens her eyes and looks at him and silently weeps..

Sanskar: Angel…. Come!!

(He gives his hand, she holds his hand and comes out, as soon as she comes out she holds him tightly and starts crying…

Sanskar: (shocked and hugs her back) Angel, I’m soo sorry, I shouldn’t leave u alone… I sorry Angel!! By d way What happen? Why are so tensed?? Are you fine??

(He cups her face, he gets more shocked to see her temperature)

Sanskar: (worried) Angel, u have fever.. But.. Suddenly?? R u scared of anything??

Swara points her finger out towards the balcony…
Swara: (cries) she came again, she will beat me.. I’m soo scared..

Sanksar: ?who Angel?? (He thinks for a sec…
1 sec Angel…he frees and runs to the balcony to see whether anyone is there)

Sanskar: Angel, there is no one outside..I think ur mistaken..

She holds his hand hides her face under his arms..

Sanskar: (he caresses her hair) Angel, I’m there na.. Don’t worry!! Nd see u have fever now… Come take rest…
(He lifts her and places her on his bed and calls doctor, swara holds his hand tightly)

Sanskar: Angel, I’m with u.. Don’t worry!!
U sleep okay.. I will sit here beside u..
(She smiles and sleeps holding his hands)

At that time Uttara and AP comes…AP caresses her hair…
Doctor comes and checks Swara..

Doctor: nothing to worry…. Just give her these medicines on time, she will be fine!! Let her take rest this full day..

(He leaves)
AP: (sits beside her and keeps a wet cloth on her forehead)

AP: sanskar, how will she be alone in the room.. let her stay here for today, il take care of her.. Talk to that lady..

Sanskar: (smiles) okay Ma!!

Sanskar call rosy…
Sanskar: aunty, Angel got fever..she’s sleeping…
Rosy: (worried) what fever?? How is she now??
Sanskar: nothing to worry, actually she played in rain.. So may be because of that.. Ma will look after her.. Let her stay today here aunty..

Rosy: but Sanskar, how will she stay there at night… That too with that fever..

Sanskar: no problem aunty, we all r there.. Tomorrow will send her.. Plzz aunty!!

Rosy thinks…
In 6 months, Swara should go out.. At least from now she will be habituated

Rosy: okay.. Sanskar, but be in touch with me.. Make her talk to me when she wakes up..

Sanskar: (happy) Thankyou aunty..
(He cuts the call)

Sanskar gets happy and goes to his room..
Sanskar: (excited)Maa.. Angel will be with us today.. Rosy aunty accepted..

Uttara: woww bhai.. I’m soo happy!!

They three sit with Swara and share some time talking…

At that time Sanskar gets call from office..
Sanskar: I can’t come now, u plz take care of it.. Nd send the file home..

AP listens to his conversation..

AP: sanskar, I think it’s important.. Go Sanskar..

Sanskar: (he looks at Swara) Maa but.. What about Angel..

AP: il take care of her, and Nd if she cries il call u..

Sanskar: okay Ma.. Take care of her..

He leaves…

After sometime Swara wakes up.. She again get tensed seeing AP… This time she hides back of Uttara..

Uttara: Angel don’t worry.. We are here na..Nd see ur fever is also gone.. Now come have ur lunch..

Swara: ? Sanskar!!
Uttara: he went to office he will come home soon…come have ur lunch..

Swara: ?Noo!!

AP: Angel Beti.. I’m here with u.. Come have ur lunch..
She gets scared and doesn’t look at her…Nd cries holding Uttara…

AP gets sad… She gets an Idea and calls Sanskar..
AP: sanskar, Angel woke up.. And she’s not eating anything.. Talk with her..

She keeps the speaker!!

Sanksar: Angel!! How r u feeling now??

Swara listens to his voice and smiles…
Swara: ?I’m fine!! Where r u??
Sanskar: (teases) I will come, but first have ur lunch.. If u won’t eat and I won’t come..

Swara gets sad..
Swara: no no u come, I will eat..
Sanskar: (smiles) good girl.. Maa will feed u.. Eat silently.. She loves u soo much.. She won’t scold u.. Until I come play with Uttara and Ma.. Okay??

Swara: okay!!

He cuts the call..
AP smiles and starts feeding her, Swara closes her eyes and starts praying..

“God Is Great And He Is Soo GOOD!
And We Thank Him, For Our FOOD!
By His Hands We Are FED!
ThankYou God For Daily BREAD!!
AMEN!! ”
AP and Uttara smiles seeing her childish acts…
Swara opens her eyes and smiles looking at them…

Ap: wow Angel.. Ur prayer is very nice.. Will u teach me??
Swara: (smiles) yes…
AP laughs and starts feeding her… Swara keeps on telling her bible verses.. And AP keeps on feeding her..

Swara: (smiles) Ma.. It’s enough!!
AP: haha.. Last one… U will get strength..

She eats it…
AP: good girl!! Now have this tablet..
Swara takes the tablet…

And They all talk for sometime…she slowly starts being friendly with AP and Uttara..
AP starts caressing her, and tells her some stories

Swara smiles hearing her stories and kisses her cheeks..
AP is surprised…
Swara: Thankyou Ma for making me smile..
AP gets emotional and hugs her…

Uttara: Angel, dint I make u smile??
Swara smiles and kisses her too…
Uttara gets happy and hugs her…

They three spend some time!!

Sanskar comes from office… He watches Swara laughing and talking to both of them..

Sanskar: woww Angel.. Ur normal again..

Swara watches Sanskar.. She gets soo excited and hugs him…
Swara: (smiles) u came??
Sanksar: Yess Angel I came…

AP and Uttara smiles at her…

They keep taking.. Share some nice time..

Sleeping time…
Sanskar: Angel.. Now u sleep.. Tomorrow will talk…
Swara: where is rosy Ma!!
Sanskar: she will meet u tomorrow…

She starts missing her rosy Ma.. As every night she used to meet her…And starts crying..

Sanskar: arey Angel.. I’m there na.. Will meet her tomorrow…

He gets idea and calls rosy…Nd tells her that Angel is missing her..
Rosy: beti.. Don’t worry.. Sanskar is with u.. Sleep happily.. Tomorrow U can be with me..

Swara smiles hearing her voice..
Uttara takes her to her room and makes her sleep….

Sanskar is sleeping, and he gets a dream..

He watches Angel laughing and repeating her verses happily in his dream.. Sanskar stares at her lovingly..and makes her sleep on his shoulder..

Sanskar: Angel, it’s so late.. Sleep now..
(He kisses her forehead and starts tapping her shoulder to make her sleep)

Swara smiles and sleep peacefully…

Suddenly, some one peeps inside their room, and watches them sleeping….
They smile evilly and goes near Swara, they slowly holds Swara in their arms…

Swara opens her eyes, she gets tensed and starts calling Sanskar….before she shouts loudly they closes her mouth.. And takes her from there…

Sanskar wakes up and when he was about to hug Swara, he finds her missing…
He suddenly gets up… And searches for her…
He goes out to the balcony and finds some persons taking Swara….

He gets shocked and screamed Angel!!!

Sanskar suddenly wakes up calling Angel!!!

**************dream ends**************

His face is full of sweat.. His eyes are filled with tears…He wonders why did he get that dream.. Who is that person taking Angel.. He looks at the time it was 5:00am…he thinks ohh god.. Morning dreams will become real..He gets tensed and runs quickly to Uttara’s room…

He goes inside the room… He watches both of them sleeping…
He goes near her, sit beside her… And caresses her face..

He thinks.. May be that lady.. I think she’s upto something.. I will save u Angel.. I’m with u.. No one can take u, when I’m with u..
He covers the blanket properly…
He goes back to his room.. He goes to balcony.. And remembers the dream, where from the same balcony that person were taking her…

He was is deep thinking…

Kavitha reaches MM.. She gets soo excited,she goes to kitchen and wishes AP..
AP: Kavitha?? When. Did u come??
Kavitha: aunty I came just now… Il surprise Sanskar and il come…

She runs to sanskars room… She watches him standing in the balcony and thinking about something…

She slowly goes and hugs him from back..

Kavitha: (happy) Sanskar!!!!
(She laughs and hugs him more tightly)
Sanskar smiles… He think It was Angel..

Sanksar: (smiles) Angel.. U woke up soo soo early??

Kavitha is shocked… ?
Kavitha: Angel??? ? who is Angel Sanskar..

Sanskar turns back and gets shocked seeing Kavitha..

Sanskar: ? Kavitha!! Am I dreaming? How can u be here??
Kavitha: hahaha Sanksar…(she again hugs him) I reached just now.. I dint tell u.. Because I want to surprise u…

Sanskar: ohh nice.. U came.. That means Laksh came too..? woww.. That’s soo nice, where is he??
(He gets so excited)

Kavitha: he is in Singapore.. I came alone.. U know I missed u soo much.. By d way Sanskar, ?who is Angel?? I will kill u if u call anyone Angel.. U should only call me with that name..

She keeps a pout face and hugs him.. Sanskar : Kavitha, Angel is my friend.. Her name is Angel.. All will be calling her Angel..

Kavitha: ?what?? But Sanskar, why were u thinking about her when I hugged u.. U know I was soo shocked… U should only think about me..

Meantime they hear some laughing sounds from Uttara room…

Kavitha: (confused) who is laughing??
Sanskar: (smiles) arey Angel woke up.. Come il introduce her..

Kavitha is shocked to know that Angel is here.. In MM…

Sanskar and Kavitha reaches Uttara’s room..

They watches Uttara and Swara playing with pillows…
Sanskar smiles looking at Swara, while Kavitha looks confusingly…

Swara notices Sanskar…
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar… She runs and hugs him… Sanskar too hugs her and smiles..

Swara: good morning Sanskar..
Sanskar: good morning Angel!! By d way tell me what r u both doing early morning??

Kavitha is shocked to see her hugging, and Sanksar calling her Angel..

Uttara: sanskar bhai… U know Angel is soo pretty, we were playing with pillows.. Hahahaha… I’m just loving her… (She looks at Kavitha)
Kavitha… When did u come??

(She runs and hugs her.)

Uttara: Kavitha, she’s is Angel.. She is soo cute na..

Seeing Kavitha Swara gets tensed and holds him tightly… And hides her face…

Kavitha still in shock?

Sanskar: arey Angel, why r u scared.. she’s ur new friend.. She won’t do anything.. Okay…

Swara nodes yes.. While Sanskar smiles seeing her cute expressions and caresses her hair..

Seeing sanskars care towards Swara Kavitha gets angry…

Episode ends!!


Kavitha first plan to hurt Swara!!


Episode 13

Kavitha is shocked too see Sanskar and Angel so close…she gets angry!!

Kavitha: ?Sanskar who is she?? Can’t she stay in limits.. How dare she hugs you..
(She pushes Swara)

Sanskar and Uttara are shocked.. seeing Kavitha behaviour..

Uttara: Angel!! (She runs to her) While Swara gets scared seeing her pushing..
And hugs Uttara, with fear!!

Sanskar: ?Kavitha what are you doing??

Kavitha: that’s what I’m asking.. What r u doing Sanskar?? Who the hell is she??

Sanskar: Kavitha she’s my friend.. How did u get hands to push her?? Look at her…she’s innocent.. She has that childish Mind.. Can’t u see that in her face?

Kavitha: she may have that childish mind but she’s not a child Sanskar..

She looks at Swara.. She goes near her and touches her hand soo tightly to hurt her…
“Hey you, if I see u with Sanskar.. I will kill u.. Understand?? He is mine… And Why are you here?? Dont u have ur house?? Just get out from here…
Leave my Sanskar.. Go!!
(She shouts)

Swara gets more scared and her eyes are filled with tears..

Sanskar: ??Kavitha??? Just be in ur limits.. How dare u hurt her.. U just get out from here right now..

Kavitha is shocked..
Kavitha: sanskar..
Sanskar: Kavitha I said just go..

Kavitha angrily looks at Swara and leaves crying..

AP watches her crying…
AP: (worried) Kavitha why r u crying??

Kavitha: (cries)aunty.. (She hugs her)

AP: Kya hua Kavitha…why r u crying??

Kavitha: sanskar told me go out from this house..

AP: ?what??
Kavitha: because of that Angel.. She’s trying to snatch my Sanskar.. Send her out aunty.. I don’t like her!!

AP : (laugh) haha Noo Kavitha.. Don’t think like that.. She don’t know anything, her mind is not matured.. Just think positively.. she don’t know this world.. She don’t know what’s good and what’s bad.. She’s only free with Sanskar.. She needs us Kavitha.. And I’m thinking to arrange a tutor too…Don’t take it wrongly!!
We need to be with her.. Just see her in positive way, you will like her, treat her like ur sister..

She smiles and leaves…

Kavitha is shcoked too see AP support towards Angel…

She angrily goes out to her house and thinks about how Sanskar scolded her.. She gets angry on Swara.. Nd thinks to send her out at any cost!!

Breakfast table:

AP, Sanskar, Uttara and Swara sits for breakfast..

Sanskar: Angel.. What’s ur favourite tiffin?
Swara: idli!!
AP: (smiles) Angel u like idlis?? Thankgod rosy I prepared idlis.. Come have it..

All starts eating it.. Before eating she looks outside.. Uttara watches her looking outside

Uttara: Angel, what r u searching for??
Swara: birds!! I always used to share my breakfast to my friends..

Uttara: (starts laughing) hahaha Angel.. Soo sweet of u…

Sanskar: Angel.. U can share your breakfast with us..come on where is my share??

Swara smiles and she gives her idli to Sanskar..

Uttara: then what about me??
Swara smiles and gives it to her too.. Uttara gets happy and takes it from her..

AP stares at her lovingly…

AP: Angel u have such a loving heart.. U know sharing.. Thts Soo sweet!!

Come now have ur tiffin..

She started eating.. And looks at her happily!!

AP: sanskar, I’m arranging a tutor for Angel.. Talk with that lady once..
Sanskar: wow Ma dats amazing…

AP: but Sanskar, once talk with Kavitha.. I think she has problem with Angel.. Just make her understand..

Sanksar: ?no need Ma.. Is she a kid?? Can’t she understand… How dare she hurt Angel.. She’s unnecessarily making things complicated.. I’m not liking that…

Uttara: haa ma… Even I dint like kavitha’s behaviour..

AP: hmm.. But Sanskar, don’t hurt her… She came from Singapore alone because she missed u.. At that time when she saw Angel, I think she felt sad.. Talk to her once.. Make her understand!!

Sanskar: okay Ma!!!


Sanky goes to shekar’s house to talk with Kavitha.. Seeing him she acts being angry!!

Sanskar: hmm Kavitha.. I’m sorry.. I know I reacted too much, but once listen to me..

Kavitha: what should I listen Sanskar….that girl is acting Sanskar, she’s acting like innocent.. U all are trusting her, she’s upto something…
Sanskar: Kavitha.. Ur wrong.. Kk leave all that.. Just tell me onething.. If u spend ur life in one dark room… Will u get to know that world? Will u get to know the knowledge?

Kavitha: ?Noo.. How can a person live they life in a single room Sanskar..

Sanskar: Angel wAs grown up in that room… She even don’t know her name.. She even dint see her face till now.. Do u believe this Kavitha?? (He tells her everything)

Kavitha is shocked..
Kavitha: sanskar, is this true? I can’t believe this..
Sanskar: yes it’s true.. I convinced that lady and I brought her here.. She’s new to everything.. Let her live her life happily like we are doing..

Kavitha: (smiles) I’m sorry Sanskar.. From today.. Even il be ur party.. Even il teach her new things..

Sanksar: (happy) really?? Thankyou Kavitha.. K anyways I need to go to office.. U be with her okay..

Kavitha: don’t worry Sanskar.. I’m here na il take care of her..

Sanskar smiles and leaves..

He gets call from Ragini…
Ragini: sir, where should I come??
Sanksar: Ragini, plz don’t call me sir.. Call me Sanky.. Plz!!
Ragini: (smiles) hmm sure Sanky…
Sanskar: that’s good… By the way Ragini, I’ve sent u the message.. Come to that hotel.. Il be there in 1 hour.. Nd our clients will be waiting for us… Nd just show ur designs..

Ragini: okay Sanky
(She cuts the call)



Shekar is in meeting with his clients in a 5 star hotel.. After the meeting he comes out.. At that time he gets call from Kavitha..

Kavitha: (happy) dad where r u?? I came back.. Come soon na.. I’m waiting for u..

Shekar: (smiles) I’m coming kavitha.. Just give me 10mins okay??

He keeps talking to her at Same time group of girls come to a same hotel… Shekar mistakenly dashes a girl and her wallet falls down..

Shekar: I’m sorry when he was about to go..

Girl: hello excuse.. How dare you?? Can’t u see and walk..

Shekar: I’m sorry Beti.. I dint see it!!
Girl: I don’t need ur sorries…take my wallet and give it to me..
Shekar is shocked to see her behaviour..

Shekar: (smiles) sure!!
When he bents to take it.. Someone stops him.. Shekar looks at the person confusingly…It was Ragini…

Ragini: wait uncle…il take it
(She takes the wallet and gives it to the girl)
Ragini:? just learn some manners when ur talking to elders.. Will u tell ur dad to do the same thing?? U all are just fit for nothing..

Shekar smiles looking at her..

Shekar: Thankyou beti!!
Ragini: (smiles) plzz uncle.. U don’t need to say thanks.. Nd they should say sorry for u..
Shekar: hahah.. Leave all That.. Where do u stay Beti..
Ragini: (smiles) ohh I forgot to introduce myself.. I’m Ragini.. Ragini Malhotra, d/o ram Prasad Malhotra.. Hahah, I’m a mad girl.. Why am I telling about my dad..

Shekar: (happy) ram Prasad Malhotra?? He is in Malaysia right??
Ragini: (confuse) yes.. But how do u know my dad uncle..

Shekar: (happy) I’m ur dads childhood friend.. Ur Ram’s daughter.. Soo nice to see u.. U know me and ur dad are best friends..

Ragini: r u Shekar Gadodia??
Shekar: yes, how do u know??
Ragini: (jumps with excitement) woww uncle.. U know dad always used to say about u… About ur schooldays.. How u both used to have fun.. I’m soo happy to meet u.. If I tell this to my dad, he will be soo happy!

Shekar: hahaha.. Where r u staying now..
Ragini: company flat uncle..
Shekar: why company flat Ragini.. Ur like my daughter, stay in my house..
Ragini: Noo uncle.. I don’t like troubling u..
But don’t worry uncle… Whenever I feel bore il come to ur house to eat ur brain..

Shekar: hahah kk.. But one condition.. At least 5days in a week u should come to met this uncle..

Ragini : (laugh) sure uncle!!!

They talk for sometime.. And leave..

Hotel conference:

Sanky and Ragini talk with the clients and Ragini shows her designs…

They all get impressed…

Client: can u show ur samples??
Ragini: sure… Il bring them in the evening…
Clients: Thankyou…

After the meeting..
Sanksar: Thankyou Ragini..
Ragini: come on Sanky… No need of thanks we r friends ryt??
Sanky: haha kk… R u going to show ur samples in the evening?

Ragini: yes…
Sanky: but Ragini… Again u will come here, it’s so far from the city… I think it’s risky.. Okay even I will come..

Ragini: no Sanky, that’s k.. Driver is there na…Nd deal with lady clients.. So don’t worry il manage…

Sanky: r u sure..
Ragini: yes!!
Sanky: okay then after u reach home in the night call me…

Ragini: sure Thankyou…

They both smile and leave….


Maheswari house:

Kavitha goes to MM, she watches Swara playing with Uttara.. She smiles

Kavitha: (smiles) hello guys, can I even join u??

Seeing her, Swara gets scared and hugs Uttara..

Kavitha: ooff Angel.. I’m sorry.. Even I’m your friend okay!! Plzz don’t get scared seeing me..

She hugs her..

Kavitha: Angel, come lets play a new game.. Let’s play pillow fight again..

They keep playing… Swara enjoys playing with them…
After sometime…

Sanskar reaches home..
Kavitha and Swara both gets happy seeing him…
Kavitha : (excited) Sanskar!! When she was about to run…

Meantime Swara runs and hugs him..
Sanskar smiles and hugs her back..

Kavitha is shcoked again..

Swara: u came?
Sanksar: hmm yes.. Angel!! I came..
She gets happy and again hugs him…

Kavitha gets sad seeing him close with Swara..

At that time Ajay comes..
Ajay: hello guys!! Hi Kavitha..
Kavitha: hello!!

Ajay: guys lets play any games..
Kavitha: woww that’s nice idea…
Uttara: bhai, let’s play carroms, we are 4 members.. And Angel will watch our games…
Sanskar: hmm okay!!
Kavitha: (smiles) me Sanskar one team..

Sanksar: done ??

They start playing carroms… Swara looks at them playing… She gets soo excited seeing this new game..

Sanskar notice her enjoying..
Sanskar: Angel do u want to play??
Swara: (smiles) yess

Sanskar: come sit here… I will tell you how to play okay??

Swara sits in his place..
Sanksar: Angel this is very simple… If u want to hit this coin, just keep this stricker in a right way… Now just hit it…
(He hits it.. Nd the coin fells into the hole)

Swara gets excited and claps

Sanskar: now come u do it… (He sits back of her, He touches her hand..)

Kavitha gets angry seeing him close to Swara,

Sanskar smiles and teaches her.. By touching her hands and playing along with her.. And hits it… Again the coin fells into the hole..

Uttara: woww Angel!! U did it..

Swara gets happy.. She thinks that really she played, and gets more happy and starts clapping looking at Sanskar…

Sanskar stares at her beautiful smile lovingly.. He keeps staring at her.. As he is lost in her beauty
Ajay watches Sanskar lost in his thoughts and thinks..
(“Ooff, this Sanksar na day by day… He is becoming new , opposite to him his girl fried is sitting and this idiot is romancing with an angel.. Lol.. This is soo funny.. He smiles looking at Swara and Sanskar)

Kavitha gets more angry
Kavitha: ?Sanskar, time is 5:00… I think u should drop Angel..

Sanskar comes out from his sense..
Sanskar: Yaa.. I forgot.. I should drop her now..

Uttara: ? bhai, plz ask aunty to make Angel be here..

Kavitha: Uttara.. She will come again tomorrow.. Don’t worry!

Sanskar: haa Uttara.. Anyways make her ready.. Il drop her!!

Uttara: haa bhai…
(At that time AP calls Uttara)

Kavitha: Uttara u go…I will make Angel ready…Angel come with me…

Swara gets scared.. And she doesn’t move..
Kavitha angrily goes near her, and holds her hands tightly..

Kavitha: Angel.. I’m ur new friend.. Come with me..

And takes her from there angrily…

Uttara room:

Kavitha closes the door and looks at Swara angrily

Kavitha: ?Angel.. I’m good to u doesn’t mean u can do anything with Sanskar..If I see u again with him… I will kill u.. Just be in your limits.. Come now get ready…
She applies powder to her

Swara gets scared seeing her anger, she slowly starts weeping…

Kavitha: ?stop crying.. Don’t be soo innocent (she touches her face angrily) u can’t get anything being innocent..

At that time Sanskar knocks the Door..

Sanskar: Kavitha, is it over??
Kavitha: Yaa Sanskar 1 min…

Kavitha: I’m warning u Angel.. Don’t try to be close with Sanskar..

She opens the door.. As soon as she watches Sanskar, Swara goes and hugs Sanskar with fear shocking Kavitha..

Sanskar: ? Angel, ur shivering?? What happened??

Swara: (cries) I’m scared…

Sanskar: (worried) scared?? Why Angel?
(He cups her face)

Kavitha: (tensed and covers) sanskar.. she’s scared of me !! see she’s not at all listening me.. I tried to be soo good to her.. But she’s not treating me like friend?

Sanksar: (smiles) haha Angel.. We all are good.. Don’t get scared.. Come now let’s go..

AP and Uttara kisses her cheeks and hugs her..
AP: come soon tomorrow.. Ur tutor will come..
Swara nodes yes…

Sanskar smiles and leaves with Angel…

Kavitha looks at sanskar’s care for Angel and gets angry…


Shekar house

Kavitha angrily sits and thinks about Swara and Sanskar..

Meantime Kaveri reaches… She goes to Kavitha room to surprise her..
She watches her standing near the window.. She goes towards her and closes her eyes from back and gets shock seeing tears in her eyes..

Kaveri: ? Kavitha.. Ur crying??

Kavitha turns back and gets happy seeing Kaveri..

Kavitha: (happy) maasi, when did u Come??

Kaveri: Kavitha, first tell me why are you crying??

Kavitha cries and hugs her…

Kavitha: sanskar is close to a girl.. She’s snatching my Sanskar… She was been kept in a room for many years it seems.. Sanskar secretly met her… Bad daily brining her home.. She don’t know anything, she only uses those verses….She tells her everything…

Kaveri is shocked!! She can’t believe knowing that she is Swara… She gets angry…

Kaveri: ?girl who stays in room?? Daily she’s meeting Sanskar?? How dare Raj cheats me?? I told him not to free her.. But today he don’t listen me!!
(She gets soo angry)

Kavitha is shocked…?
Kavitha: I’m not understanding maasi.. What r u speaking??

Kaveri : come with me, I will tell u…

(She takes her in her car and stops near Raj house… When they were about to go inside… Kavitha watches Sanky car..

Kavitha: maasi that is sanskars car,
Kaveri: ?soo my doubt is real… I won’t leave her today… I will take her today itself..

Kavitha: who maasi??
Kaveri: ur sister… Swara??

Kavitha is shocked…??

Kavitha: sister?? But Swara is dead na maasi..

Kaveri: Noo Kavitha, she’s not dead… That Angel is Swara… 15years back… I kidnapped her.. And kept her in that room..

Kavitha: (cries) ?what?? But why maasi?? How can u do that?? Is she my sister?? Is she’s really Swara?? Swara is alive?? Maasi why did u do this?? I will tell Ma.. She will be very happy…

Kaveri: Noo Kavitha don’t tell anyone…I did this for u… I want you to be happy.. Did u see, how Shekar used to pamper Swara.. I want him to treat u like that.. But he always used to give importance to Swara.. So I punished her.. She’s a competition for u Kavitha… I don’t want that…
I want u to be happy Kavitha.. I will do anything for u.. See even today, she came into ur life to snatch ur happiness..

Kavitha cries.. She remembers her childhood days, how Shekar used to treat her.. And present how Sanskar caring Swara.. She gets angry…

Kavitha: Maasi I won’t tell this anyone.. But plz see that Swara won’t come into my life.. Take her away from here.. She shouldn’t be in front of Sanskar… Take her from here maasi..

She cries and hugs Kaveri..

Kaveri smiles evilly..

Kaveri: don’t cry Kavitha.. I’m here na.. I will kill her today.. Rosy cheated me.. I already warned her, if anyone watches Swara, I said I will kill her… Though I warned them.. They dint listen to me…today I will kill her…

Kavith: Noo maasi don’t kill her… Plzz… She’s innocent.. She’s my sister.. Plz don’t kill her.. Just take away from here..

Kaveri: (thinks) okay Kavitha.. I won’t kill her…but Il give her a big punishment… She should suffer in this world..

Kavitha: what r u going to do maasi??
Kaveri: I won’t tell u… Let this matter finish with me.. I don’t want to involve u…

Kavith: (cries) okay!!

She feel sad for Swara.. But she wants her own happiness first!!

Kaveri calls Raj:
Kaveri: today I’m taking Swara with me.. U send ur wife out…

Raj: okay Kaveri!!

He gets sad and cuts the call…


Evening 7:00pm !!

Sanskar: Angel.. Take care.. Il come tomorrow..

Angel: (sad) Noo don’t go!! ? I’m soo scared..

Sanskar: why r u scared Angel.. I’m there na.. Nd u know from tomorrow u will learn new things from ur tutor.. She will teach u everything.. She will teach u how to write, how to speak.. okay??

Swara: (smiles) really?
Sanskar: (cups her face) yes Angel.. Keep smiling like this..okay..

Swara smiles….

Rosy: sanskar, I’m soo happy.. Thankyou so much for helping My Beti..

Sanskar: (smiles) it’s our pleasure aunty..

He was about to go.. But turns back and looks at Swara…
He remember his dream.. That someone is taking her…And gets worried… .He again goes to her.. And holds her hands…

Sanskar: Angel.. Take care..Don’t be afraid, u should be brave okay.. Nd keep smiling all the time..

Swara : (smiles) okay..

Sanskar caresses her hair and leaves…

In car:
Sanky thinks about Swara… He thinks why he was soo worried today..
He feels restless… Nd same time he gets call from Laksh..

Sanky:hi lucky!!
Laksh: Sanky, tonight I’m going to meet u… Let’s party hard!!
Sanky: woww that means ur coming India,that’s awesome dude…

Laksh: Yaaa, by 12:00, il reach India..
Sanky: woww dude… Il come to airport..
Laksh: Noo Sanky, i can come..Don’t worry..

Sanky: okay dude… Waiting for u…

He smiles and cuts the call…he reaches home and finishes his dinner…

8:00pm :

Rosy makes Swara eat her dinner…she goes down…and she looks at Raj tensed face..

Rosy: Raj what happen??
Raj: rosy.. I don’t know how to say this..
Rosy: (tensed) what happen Raj??

Raj: ur father is not feeling well.. He is admitted in hospital.. He wants to see u it seems..

Rosy: (tears) what?? What happen to him?? Is he fine??
Raj: don’t know rosy…. U need to go now.. I booked a car.. Go quickly rosy..

Rosy: Haaa Kk… But what about my Beti??

Raj: tomorrow morning u come early rosy..

Rosy: okay…

(She goes to meet her dad)


She reaches her village.. Nd gets shock to know that it was a lie..
She gets tensed… And worried for her Beti…
She cries soo much.. And calls Raj…

Rosy: ?Raj what r u upto?? Why did u lie??

Raj: I’m sorry rosy.. Today Kaveri is taking Ur Beti with her.. I know u won’t allow.. So I told lie…

Rosy: what? ? Noo Raj.. Plzz don’t do that.. She’s a kid.. Plzz Raj!!

Raj cuts her call.. Nd switch off his mobile!!

Rosy cries and remembers Sanskar…
She immediately calls him….

Sanskar smiles seeing her call, and thinks that Angel want to speak with him…

Sanskar: (smiles) hi angel..

Rosy: (cries) sanskar.. Plz save my Beti

Sanskar: ? save?? Kya hua aunty??

Rosy: that lady is taking my Beti today… I don’t know what is she upto… She may kill her also… Plz save her Sanky…

Sanskar is shocked… His eyes are filled with tears..

Sanksar: aunty don’t worry… Il save her… Plz don’t cry!!

Sanskar is restless… He thinks..
I know something bad is going to happen… Why did I leave her.. He cries thinking about her…

He calls Ajay and tells to take Angel soon…

Ajay goes to Raj terrace and he is shocked to see door opened and Swara missing…

Ajay: ? Sanskar, Angel is missing… I think they took her…

Sanskar is hell shcoked…

Sanskar: what?? They took her?? Where man?? How could they do this??
I’m coming….plz search nearby places…today we should save Angel at any cost…

Ajay: okay…

He leaves to save his Angel…

Episode ends!!

Kaveri leaves Swara in a lonely place…

What happen next..
Who will safe Swara??

Don’t think I’m fast with the track… I don’t want to drag it… So I’m just speeding it up.. There’s lot to do with the story…


Episode 14

Raj house:

Raj switch off his cell, and gets sad… And stars crying..

Raj: I’m sorry rosy.. I’m helpless.. I know u will never forgive me.. But why did u do this rosy.. Why did u send her out.. Today is ur Beti last day.. Kaveri is going to kill her..


Kaveri comes to Raj house,
Kaveri: Raj I’m taking her…
Raj: okay come… Il take u to terrace..

Kaveri: 1 min… (She turns back and calls Kavitha)

Raj gets confused seeing new girl..

Raj: Kaveri who is she??
Kaveri: (covers) she’s the one who saw Swara in Maheswari family…

They go to terrace.. Raj opens the door and watches Swara singing songs…Kavitha gets sad seeing her…

Kaveri: Kavitha is this Angel is same?? Go and check it…
Kavitha: okay..

(She goes to her room.. She gets shocked seeing Angel… She runs to Swara and hugs her..Swara is shocked to see her)

Kavitha: Swara ur alive?? I’m soo happy.. But I’m sorry.. I don’t want u in our lives.. We are happy Swara, Plzz don’t disturb us again.. Ur going to go to new place.. Plz be happy there..

Swara: (cries and calls) sanskar!!

Kavitha: ?dont call him Swara.. He is mine.. Don’t make me mad.. I don’t want to hurt u.. But ur making me do it.. Just leave us alone…

She pushes her and cries.. And runs out!!

Kaveri: Is she the same girl??

Kavitha: Yess!!!

She cries and goes down…

Raj: Kaveri.., r u sure u want to leave her alone on the road..

Rosy: I’m not leaving her alone Raj.. I’m going to kill her today..

Raj is shocked…
Raj: what?? ? but Kaveri why do u want to kill her.. Plz don’t do that!!

Kaveri: ur wife cheated me Raj.. She’s daily sending Swara to meet her friends.. I never expected that this will happen.. I don’t want other person to know the truth.. But ur wife made it know to others… That’s why I’m killing…

Raj: (tensed)Kaveri but…

Kaveri: this is final… U can’t stop me now…

She goes inside the room… Swara gets shocked seeing her… She goes backside..

Kaveri: hey u come with me…
(She holds her hair and drags her)

Swara cries
Swara: rosy Ma… Sanskar!!!

Hearing the word Sanskar, kaveri gets angry and slaps her..

Kaveri: don’t dare to call his name.. I will kill u..

She angrily drags her and makes her sit in car…

Kavitha sees her in pain.. She just closes her eyes..

Raj tries to stop her,
Raj: Kaveri listen.. Plzz don’t kill her.. Plzz!!

Kaveri: Thankyou for helping me these many days.. But from today.. My need is over.. I will never disturb u again Raj..

She leaves….

FB ends!!!!!!

Raj thinks about Swara and rosy and cries!!


Sanky leaves to save his Angel..

He goes near Raj place… Ajay meets him..

Sanky: (worried) did u get her Ajay??

Ajay: Noo Sanky.. I already said u right, that lady is upto something.. She targeted her.. May be she might got to know about our meeting.. Will she kill her now??

Sanky: ?what?? Noo Ajay.. That can’t happen, how can they kill her…(he gets worried) how can they atleast think to kill her..

Ajay: Sanky, a revenge can make to do anything..

Sanky: ?I won’t leave them if they try to Harm her…Come lets search!! Soo sad, Angel might be so scared..

They go and start searching for her.. They search for her madly..but they don’t get any information about her..
The more they r searching they hope was becoming weak..
Sanky eyes are filled with tears.. He was soo worried..

Ajay: Sanky, don’t worry… Everything will be fine!!


Laksh reaches India… He takes a taxi..Nd he keeps talking on his phone..

While Ragini comes after the meeting… Suddenly Her car gets breakdown..

Ragini: driver Kya hua??

Driver: mam.. Car has been breakdown..
Ragini: what? Omg.. Then how can we go now..
Driver: mam just give me 15mins.. I will check it!!
Ragini: okay..

She sits in her car and listens to songs..Nd she looks right side…she watches 2 cars And 2 ladies talking…

From distance.. It was like they both are fighting…
She thinks to help them and goes near them.. But stops hearing their conversation…

The two ladies were Kavitha and Kaveri..
She saw Kaveri face.. But she doesn’t look at kavitha’s face..

Kavitha: maasi, why did u tell that ur going to kill her.. U said u won’t kill her..

Kaveri: Kavitha.. I’m telling u just listen.. All are thinking that she is dead.. So let her die Kavitha.. If we leave her alone, this girl might create problem again..

Kavitha: Noo maasi, Plzz.l don’t kill Swara…I can’t let u do it!!

Kaveri: just think .. Il give 2 mins… Just say ur decision…

Ragini is confused…

Kavitha thinks about the future… What if Sanskar brings her home again.. She gets tensed.. And cries.

Kavith: maasi, do whatever u want… U can kill her too..
Saying this she cries and sits inside the car…
Kaveri gets happy…

Kaveri: Kavitha u goo now.. Il take care of her…

Kavitha tells her driver to leave… He leaves…

Ragini is more tensed…she doesn’t understand about whom they are talking about!!

Kaveri sends Kavitha and she evilly looks at her car..
She opens the door and pulls Swara out..

Kaveri: my poor Swara… Ur going to die now.. I’m sorry!!
(Saying this she laughs loudly and slaps her)

Kaveri: you always a problem for us Swara.. Ur going to die now…
I will see who will help u…

Swara cries and keeps moving back with fear..

Ragini is shocked… She looks at Swara.. She gets sad seeing her..

Kaveri: now get inside the car… She again pulls her…
And leaves..

Ragini:: ohh god!! That lady is killing her?? How can she kill that girl.. I should do something…
She runs towards her car…

Ragini: (worries) driver how much time more??
Driver: 5mins madam..

Ragini; (worried) ohh god will I save her now.. Driver Plzz do it quickly..

After 5min they start.. Ragini tells them to go in the direction where Kaveri left..

Ragini looks outside here and there… She just wonders, why these people behave like evils.. How can they kill a person.. She look like soo innocent.. I should do something!!! I think some family problem..

Kaveri throws Swara from the moving car… Leaving her alone… Swara gets hurt and faints on the road…

Kaveri looks Back and laughs… She calls someone and tells them to kill her..

***************************************ragini is soo tensed, she keeps looking for Swara outside..

Ragini: driver plz go fast..

She gets soo tensed..

Meanwhile a group of rowdies come near Swara… They watches Swara unconscious on road.. They smile at her, and splash water on her…
Swara slowly opens her eyes.. She watches all new faces and gets scared..
She cries calling Sanskar and rosy Ma..

Rowdy: ohh so sweet, but we are sorry no one will help u now..

They start laughing…
Swara gets scared and keeps moving back.. She gets up and starts running…

Goons runs towards her and catches her…

Swara: ?plz don’t beat me… It’s paining!!

Goon: I’m sorry, we need to kill u…

A rowdy takes a knife and slightly hurts her hand..

Swara cries with pain.. Another rowdy holds her hair.. And closes her mouth… And another rowdy takes a big knife…to kill her…

Swara gets scared seeing the knife and starts crying…

She tries to free herself… They slap her hardly… And they hold her tightly…

Swara gets more afraid… And when they were about to stab her… Someone holds his hand… They all look at him..
he angrily holds the knife and take from him… It was Laksh!!

Laksh looks at Swara who was crying and was hurt….He looks at the Goons angrily… And starts beating the goons…

Laksh: how dare you to hurt a girl.. Why are u killing her?? He asks a goon while hitting him hardly…

They get scared seeing his anger and all runs….

Laksh looks at Swara.. He goes towards her… He looks at her crying…

Laksh: are you alright??

She doesn’t respond and keeps on crying…

Laksh: hello??
She doesn’t respond….

Laksh: hello who r u?? Why are they trying to kill u?? Where do u stay?? Should I drop u home??

Swara keeps crying and doesn’t answer him…

Laksh: ooff these girls na… They are very difficult to understand

Laksh : hello… Atleast come il take u to hospital… See ur bleeding… Come with me…

He holds her hands… Swara jerks his hand and cries..

Laksh is shocked…meantime the two goons again comes to beat him… With a knife…

Swara watches them and gets scared and points out finger towards back and hugs Laksh…

Laksh gets shocked and turns back and he notice to see the person coming towards Swara with a knife..

He makes Swara to sit and starts fighting again

Meanwhile Ragini passes nearby and watches someone fighting… At the same time she watches Swara who was with wounds…

She gets happy seeing her safe…she gets down the car and runs towards them…
She goes near Swara..

Ragini: hello r u fine??

(She takes out a hanky and ties it to her hand… )

Ragini: are you fine?? (She cups her face)

Swara looks at her and cries..

Laksh keeps on beating the goon,, the goon gets scared and runs…

Laksh angrily looks at him and turns towards Swara… He is surprised to see Ragini…and Ragini is also shocked to see him

Ragini: you?? ? what r u doing here in India?? When did u Come to India.. And what r u doing here??

Laksh : ooff will u stop ur nonsense?? is this the time to ask ur questions??

Ragini: I’m sorry… By the way Thankyou for saving her..

Laksh: ?do u know her??

Ragini thinks about the 2 ladies… She thinks not tell anyone.. And thinks to save her from them..

Ragini: Yaa I know her.. She’s my sister..
(Ragini looks at her, and caresses her wounds and wipes her tears..)

Laksh: ?sister??? Ur sister to her?

Ragini: yes..
Laksh: ?what kind of sister u are?? How can u leave her on the road alone?? If at all im just a sec late.. They would have killed her.. Stop roaming at nights.. Just behave like girls.. Stop going to pubs and all

Ragini looks at him angrily…

Ragini: hello hold ur tongue..its non of ur business…

Laksh: wtever, I don’t bother.. First take her to hospital.. Is she fine??

(Ragini looks at her and caresses her wounds)

Ragini: r u fine??
Swara doesn’t speak anything… And still keeps crying…

Laksh: oof plz tell her to speak something…?? What kind of sisters u are…
U style is like, if we tell u to stop, u keep on speaking… And ur sister… If we tell her to speak, she’s not at all opening her mouth… Hats off to ur sisters??

Ragini: ?shut up… Don’t talk about my sister…

Ragini looks at Swara…
Ragini: Is it paining??

Swara nodes yes…

Ragini gets sad seeing her and hugs her…

Ragini: I’m there na…don’t worry… Come will go to hospital..

She makes her stand… As soon as Swara stands… She faints…

Ragini and Laksh get shocked and both look at each other..

Ragini: sissy, r u fine?? She starts waking her..

Laksh: come lets take her to hospital..

Laksh goes towards her and lifts her…he takes her towards the car.. And makes her sleep..

Laksh: driver take her to hospital..

Ragini: ur not coming??
Laksh: ooff Kk wait il send my taxi..

He goes and sends his taxi.. And goes back to Ragini and they both leave to hospital..


Kaveri is thinking about her work is done or not..
She calls the goons…

Kaveri: is the work done??
Goon: (covers) Yess mam!! She’s dead… We did what u said.. We buried the body…

Kaveri: that’s great.. I’m so happy!!

She cuts the call and gets soo happy…

She calls Raj landline..

Kaveri: Raj, work is done, she’s dead… Thankyou for helping me these days.. Any help u want u can ask me..

She cuts the call…

Raj cries listening about her death news.. He feels so sad for her…



They bring Swara to hospital… Nurse tells them to fill the form..

Laksh takes the form and starts filling it..

Laksh: hello what’s ur sister name??
Ragini: ?what??
Laksh: name??
Ragini: sissy…
Laksh: sissy?? Is that a name??

Ragini: nice na… Short cut for sister…

Laksh: mental, I’m asking her full name…

(Ragini thinks, she remembered the lady calling her Swara, so she thinks her name is Swara)

Ragini: swara, Swara Malhotra!!

Laksh gets emotional hearing the name Swara.. He remembers his little sister.. He pause for a minute..

Ragini: Kya hua??
Laksh: nothing, nice name…

Ragini: thanks…
Laksh: hmm kk!! Ur fathers name??

Ragini: ram Prasad Malhotra!!
Laksh: address??

Ragini: why the hell u took the form when u don’t know anything!?? U guys are just disgusting… Give that form to me.. I will fill it!!

Laksh looks at her angrily and gives the form to her..

Ragini fills it… Doctor checks Swara…
He cleans her wounds and bandages it…

Doctor: she needs rest.. Take care of her.. She will be fine!!

Ragini: Thankyou so much!!

Laksh: don’t worry, she will be fine.. Nd plz stop roaming at nights… Girls should stay at home..

Ragini: ?

Laksh: anyways.. Take care of her!!
He looks at Swara, he gets tears in his eyes remembering about the name.. He caresses her head and leaves…

Ragini: by d way, Thankyou for giving my file and saving my sis..

Laksh: hmm

(He turns and leaves smiling…

Ragini thinks.. He is such a crack!! I think he don’t know how to smile..

Even she leaves taking Swara home..

She places her on the bed.. She sits beside her and thinks…

Why the hell r they trying to kill u?? Who are those ladies?? I’ve seen a lady face.. But who is that another girl?? But don’t worry I’m here na… I will save u..
I will talk to u tomorrow… I can know about ur family..

She covers blanket and she sleeps beside her…

Early morning:

Meanwhile Sanky searches for Swara… He was restless…
Sanskar: ?this is not correct Ajay.. I can’t watch all this.. It’s waste of time to search for her on roads…I will meet that Raj now.. He may know the answer.. I won’t leave him Ajay… He is over today…

He angrily turns his car, heading towards Raj house..

He angrily goes inside and watches Raj sitting in a corner and cries..

Sanskar angrily goes towards him and holds his collar, Raj is shocked…

Sanskar: ?where is she?? Where is Angel?? Where did u take her?? What r u guys upto??

Raj is shocked..
Raj: ?who d hell r u?? Leave me…

Sanskar: how can you hurt her Raj… How can u punish that girl locking in the room..

Raj gets shocked to know that they r talking about Swara..

Raj: soo ur the one who used to meet that girl right??

Sanskar: yes.. Where is she???

Raj: ?how dare you… How can u enter my house without my permission…

He angrily beats him

Sanksar: how dare you… (He slaps him back)

Ajay: Sanky cool down…

Sanky: (holds his collar again) where is she?? (He shouts)

Ajay: leave me…she’s not here… Because she is no more…because she is dead…

Sanskar is shocked…
Sanskar: what?? Dead??
(His eyes are filled with tears)

He angrily beats him…

Sanskar: don’t lie… Tell me where is she??

Raj: I’m saying truth… She is dead.. They killed her…

Sanskar and Ajay both are shocked…

Sanksar: (he was completely shocked??) how can u kill her Raj?? How dare u?? (He starts beating him) Why did u do this?? Who killed her??

Raj: don’t ask me anything.. I don’t know..
Meantime rosy reaches home…

She watches Sanksar beating Raj..

Rosy: sanskar stop it plz..

Sanskar: he killed her aunty.. How can he do it?? They killed my Angel.. How did they get hands to kill her.. Dint they watch her smiling face.. Dint they heart melt seeing her face…

He starts beating him again and again..

He falls on his knees and cries..
“How can they kill her”

Rosy cries hearing Sanskar words…

Rosy: how can u allow her Raj… I hate u.. She killed my Beti..

Raj: why r u hating me rosy… This happened because of them… Why did u allowed them to meet her… Kaveri got to know about it… So She killed her.. She already warned u na rosy… How could u allow them..

Rosy: but how did she get to know ??

Sanky: a girl came Along with her.. Kaveri asked her, is she the Angel you saw in some Maheswari place..
That girl said yes..
That’s it Kaveri took her…

Sanskar: (shocked) what?? How did that girl know our house?? Who is she??

Raj: I don’t know…

Sanskar: (shouts) I won’t leave anyone of you… U will be punished Raj.. Nd that lady… She will be punished more… How dare she killed my Angel!!
I won’t leave u.. (He holds his collar)

Ajar: sanskar.. Come lets go.. Plzz will talk in the morning.. It’s too late…

He takes him outside

Ajay takes Sanskar to his room…he consoles Sanskar..

Sanskar: (cries) I won’t leave them Ajay… They killed an innocent.. I know something bad is going to happen.. That dream and before leaving her home.. I felt so worried in my heart..
He looks at her pic in his wallpaper…
“I’m sorry Angel, ur Sanksar.. Dint save u this time, I’m not ur true friend, I’m sorry!!

He cries!!!

Ajay: sanskar, Plzz don’t cry!! Will punish them sure… I saw that lady Sanskar, i still remember her face.. I won’t leave her!!

Sanskar: Ajay, but who is that second person?? How does she know that we are from Maheswari family?? Who is she Ajay?!

Ajay: will find out…

Sanskar: plz don’t tell anyone at home.. Uttara and Ma, they will be sad… Don’t tell them..

Ajay: okay… U sleep Sanskar, u were tired..

Sanskar closes his eyes… But he can only see her smiling face.. He gets restless and goes to terrace and looks at her room…

He cries remembering her…


Next day:
Kaveri call Kavitha…
Kaveri: Kavitha, she’s dead… Now don’t worry!!

Kavitha gets sad.. But she thinks about Sanskar and gets happy…
She thinks:
Now no one can seperate me and Sanskar…


Episode ends!!!

Kavitha watches Sanskar crying…

Kavitha: sanskar, I know ur sad about Angel death news…Don’t cry…She’s like passing cloud… Let her soul rest in peace… She is with Jesus… Be happy..

Sanskar is shocked.. He wonders how did Kavitha knows about Angel??

Will Kavitha gets trapped by her own mistake??
What will happen next ???

Credit to: NEHA FF LOVER

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