From Darkness to light Chapter 10 & 11


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Episode 10

laksh is so happy as his tender meeting has been successfully finished, he gets happy and calls sanskar

laksh: hi dude…
sanskar; hello laksh!! whatsup man??
laksh: sanky, my work has been completed, tomorrow i need to submit the file… thats it… as soon as we completed we will come back to india..

sanskar: wow laksh!! thats so great!! come soon na, i need to talk to u so much!

laksh; really whats that??

sanskar: surprise.. come soon!!

laksh: okay sanky.. bye take care!!

he cuts the call…

breakfast table:

sanskar, uttara and ap are having breakfast..

uttara: bhai im soo excited today, angel is coming here.. wows i can spend my full holidays with her.. I’m very very excited!!

ap: (smiles) who is angel uttara?
uttara: she is sanskar bhai friend..

sanskar: maa that day I’ve showed the pic na.. that grl..
uttara: aunty, she is very sweet.. u know she’s soo innocent, but very intelligent if we say one thing she will remember that.. (she tells her everything

ap is shocked

ap: so sad for that girl, but how can they do that?? bring her home sanskar i want to meet her..

sanskar: okay mom.. il go at 10am and il get her!!

ap and uttara gets happy!!!



ragini reaches india.. sanskar PA receives her in airport.. nd takes her to her flat..

ragini: wows this is awesome!! thank you for this wonderful flat..
pa: mam driver is appointed, if u want to go anywhere u can take him with u..

ragini: thankyou..


10 am:
swara room

she starts singing her songs.. rosy comes to her.. and she dresses swara neatly.. nd combs her hair..
rosy: beti, ur going out, ur going to meet new persons, don’t get afraid they will take care.. enjoy looking outside, and come home soon okay??

swara: okay.. will sanskar come now??

rosy: yes he will come..

while they were talking sanskar comes.. swara gets happy seeing him and hugs him..

swara: you came??
sanskar: (smiles and cups her face) ya angel.. shall we go now?
rosy: wait sanskar, (she takes his mobile number) il inform you, at that time u bring her..

sanskar: okay aunty, thankyou!!

he takes swara..


in car:

sanskar was driving and she watches all the places.. she looks at the church, she looks at big red cross symbol..she gets excited..

swara: sanskar, this is jesus place na..
sanskar: (smiles) yaa swara!!
swara: its very nice…
sanskar: do u want to go inside??

swara: (excited) yess!!

sanskar smiles and stops the car near the church and he takes her inside…

swara smiles looking at the church and gets happy.. she saw jesus on the cross

swara: is he jesus?
sanskar: (smiles) yess!!

she smiles looking at him…
swara: jesus is my best friend.. (she starts laughing with joy) and he sent u.. thank you jesus..
she gets so excited.. and holds sanskars hands

sanskar look at her happiness and smile…

at that time swara watches someone lighting the candle.. she looks at that candle light and gets so happy

swara: sanskar, i want that light

sanskar: (smiles) Angel we can’t play with it.. That’s candle…

Swara: (smiles) I want to see it Sanskar..

Sanskar smiles…
Sanskar: okay come…

He takes her near the candle… He lights the candle.. Swara gets happy seeing it.. And smiles…Nd she goes more close to it..

Sanskar: Angel u just watch okay.. Don’t touch it…

Before he completes the sentence… Swara touches the light from the candle…

Swara: ahhh!!!

Sanskar : (worried) Angel!! Careful!! You should not touch that, (he rubs her hand)

Her eyes are filled with tears…
Sanskar: is it still paining??
Swara: nodes yes with her tearful eyes

Sanskar gets sad looking at her tears and he cups her face and wipes it.. He caresses her finger and kisses it..

Sanskar: don’t worry Angel.. It’s a small hurt, it will cure okay!!

Swara nodes okay..
Swara: I dint like this light… (She keeps a pout face)

He smiles looking at her expressions and hugs her…

Sanskar: Angel… Soo cute with ur expressions!! And you know what even I don’t like that light…its fire na!! It’s not good to play with it…anyways Come will go….He takes her!!

They reach MM:

AP smiles looking at Swara.. She goes near and caresses her hair.. Swara gets tensed and again hides back of Sanskar..

Sanskar: Angel!! She is my mom!! She won’t do anything…

Uttara comes and hugs Swara… Swara smiles and hugs her too..

Uttara: Angel.. I’m soo happy.. Come il take u to my room…

Sanskar: arey Uttara.. Wait.. Let her have some rest… She’s scared na.. She will be with me..

Uttara: hmm Kk!!

Sanskar takes her to his room..
Swara looks at his room.. She looks at his bed and sits on it..
She feels soo soft… She starts jumping on it.

Sanskar gets call as he has to attend the meeting…

Sanskar: Uttara, I should go to office.. U take care of her okay!! Il try to come soon!!

Meanwhile Swara just enjoys the bed!!
Swara: (smiles) sanskar it is very nice!!
Sanskar: (smiles) u liked it… Play on this bed okay!! I’m going to office.. Il come again!!

Swara: (holds his hand) don’t go!!
Sanskar: Angel just some time.. Il come again okay.. U play with Uttara..

He tells Uttara to take care of her… He leaves and before leaving he looks at Swara and smiles…

Sanskar leaves..

Uttara: Angel.. I will entertain you Kk..

She keeps songs from her mobile…
Swara listens to it.. She hears the songs and keeps on looking at the door for Sanskar..

Uttara looks at her looking outside and being sad

Uttara: Angel.. Do u want anything??

Swara: Yess!
Uttara: what u want??
Swara: sanskar!!

Uttara understood that she won’t smile until Sanskar comes..

After 2 hours..
She tries her best to entertain her…. She shows all her clothes, books.. Videos etc..
But she dint have any expression.. Nd keeps looking at the door..

Uttara doesn’t know how to make her smile..

Uttara: Angel, it’s lunch time come lets have food..

Swara: ?Sanskar!! (Her eyes are filled with tears)

Uttara : (gets sad) Angel he will cone, don’t worry.. First have food by that time he will come..

She nodes Noo.. And starts crying!!
Uttara is shocked… She don’t know what to do.

At that time Sanskar comes…
Uttara: sanskar bhai.. Thankgod u came, she’s crying..

Swara hears sanskars name and looks back.. She cries, runs and hugs him…she holds him tightly with fear..

Sanskar smiles and hugs her back…

Sanskar: Angel.. Why r u crying.. I came back na.. See I’m front of u.. Stop crying!!

Swara: don’t goo Sanskar.. (She cries

Sanskar: (smiles) Angel, I won’t go anywhere okay!! I will be with u..

She smiles looking at him… And hugs him again..

Uttara: bhai.. From When u went, she started crying.. She became so dull.. She needs u bhai, she’s used to u.. We all r new na.. It takes time for her to be normal with u.. That too in new place..

Sanskar: (smiles) my cute Angel.. I’m here na.. U will smile again..

She gets happy and again starts lAughing!!

Sanskar: Angel come lets have lunch together..
He takes her down and they all had lunch together..

After the lunch.. They Again go back to sanskars room..

Uttara: Angel il bring u onething..

She goes to her room and gives her bangles box to her..

Swara looks at bangles and smiles..
Swara: what is this??
Uttara: it is bangles..
Sanskar: Do u want to keep it..!?
Swara: (smiles) Yess!!

Sanskar makes her wear it and she smiles looking at it.. She gets soo excited to see the bangle sound….
She plays with it..

Sanskar: u liked it??
Swara: (smiles) yes…

She again becomes laughing girl..

Uttara watches her and smiles… She thinks…
She’s so happy when bhai is around..
She smiles..

After some time…
Rosy calls Sanskar and tells her to bring!!
Sanksar takes Swara …

In car:

Sanskar: swara il come again tomorrow.. Okay?? U keep smiling like this.. Again morning I will come..
Swara: (smiles) okay..

She smiles and kisses Sanky again..
Swara: (smiles) Thankyou for making me happy!!
Sanskar smiles and kisses her back…

Sanskar: take care Angel..

Saying this he smiles and caresses her hair…

Finally He drops her!!!

Episode ends!!!


Noo precap


Guys another small update… Il daily update a smaller part…
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Episode 11
Evening :
Maheswari office
Ragini enters Maheswari house…. He looks at her and thinks she’s soo modern!

Sanskar: hello Ragini!! Thankyou so much for joining in Maheswari company..
Ragini: it’s my pleasure sir!!

They talk about the company and their plans…
They were busy in talking about business projects and all!!

It became night..

Sanskar: okay Ragini.. Nice meeting u!! Will meet tomorrow in the office..

Ragini: (smiles) sure sir..

Sanskar: plzz don’t call me sir.. Call me Sanskar,
Ragini: (smiles) Yaaa sure!! Bye Sanksar!!

Sanskar smiles and they both leave..

He reaches home…

He had dinner, and he goes to his room..
At that time she gets call from Kavitha..
He looks at the call angrily and doesn’t lift it!!!

Kavitha keeps on calling him.. And he finally lifts it..
Sanskar: Kavitha what’s ur problem?? I said I don’t feel like talking To u.. Why are you irritating me??

Kavitha: ?sanskar, it’s been 2 days since u talked to me.. Don’t you know that il wait for ur calls…
Sanskar: plzz don’t irritate me, I already said I don’t feel like talking to u…enjoy ur life bye..

(He cuts the call)

She again calls him…
Kavitha: (covers) sanskar I know ur angry on me.. But I was just joking darling…!! Why r u serious all the time… Chill Sanskar… Why are u so angry for small matters..

Sanskar: ?how can u joke at these matters…Kavitha.. Stop behaving like a kid!!

Meanwhile Swara room…

Swara is having dinner.. She’s soo happy.. Rosy watches her being soo happy..

Rosy: (smiles) Beti, what did u do with your friends today? Did u enjoyed?

Swara: (smiles) Yaa.. Rosy Ma.. I saw Jesus in church.. And Uttara gave me bangles to me.. I liked it..

Rosy: (smiles) be smiling like this all the time.. By the way, who took you to church??

Swara: (smiles) Sanskar… He is my best friend..
(She gets soo excited and keeps on talking about him)

Rosy: hmm soo u got good friends… I’m very happy Beti..

(Swara watches moon coming, she gets excited and gets up and goes near the window.. And talks to moon)

Swara: yellow moon.. Go and tell your friend yellow sun to come soon… Sanskar will come when sun comes.. You go soon..

Rosy smiles looking at her talking to moon..

Rosy: Beti, what r u talking to moon??

Swara: rosy Ma.. daily sanksar used to come now..he used to take me out…i just liked it, but today he won’t come.. He said he will come tomorrow.. So I’m telling moon to go fast..

Rosy smiles…
Rosy: hahaha u want to speak with Sanskar..wait I’ll call him from this phone…
Swara: (confused) she looks at the phone confusingly…

Rosy smiles and calls him… Sanskar call is busy as he is talking to Kavitha…

Maheswari mansion
Hearing another call, Sanskar looks at his call, and gets shocked to see rosy aunty calling.. He gets tensed, Nd wonders why she’s calling.. Is Angel is fyn??
(He gets lots of bad thoughts in his mind)

Sanksar: (worried)Kavitha.. Il call u later..
Kavitha: sanskar, but.. What happen?
Sanskar: il call again… Just 5 mins!!

He cuts the call..while Kavitha gets angry…

As soon as he cuts the call, Sanskar calls rosy aunty.. She lifts it..

Rosy: hello!
Sanksar: (worried) aunty u called me?? What happen? Is she fine??

Rosy: (smiles) ha Sanskar… She is fine, actually shes so happy, she told me everything what she did today, she wants to talk to u.. Here talk to her!!

Sanskar: (smiles) sure aunty!!

Rosy keeps loudspeaker..
Rosy: Angel talk… I called him, Sanskar is in . Speak !
Sanskar: (speaks) Angel!!
Swara gets happy hearing his voice..
Swara: sanskar!!! ?

Sanskar smiles…
Sanskar: hi angel.. What r u doing?
Swara: (happy) is this Sanskar? Hahah.. It’s so nice.. How can u be inside it, when this phone is so small…

Sanskar starts laughing… Rosy too smiles..

Sanskar: hahaha lol! Angel… I will explain u that later…first tell me did u had ur dinner??

Swara: Yess!!
Sanskar: (teases) good girl.. But where is my share??

Swara: ?u dint come.. So I ate all!!
Sanskar: Hahahaha Angel!!!

Mean time rosy hears Raj voice…
Rosy: Angel u keep on talking… Il come again..

(She goes out and closes the door)

Sanskar: soo Angel, tell me what r u doing??
Swara: (smiles) I’m speaking with moon.. She’s my friend na she came to see me..

Sanskar: woww so sweet of the moon na!! That’s why I like moon and stars..

Swara: (smiles) even I like it!!

He smiles and lays on bed…

Sanksar: Angel sing any song… U know first time when I saw u, U were singing songs… I just like it soo much..

Swara: she starts singing gods song…

Sanskar just listens to her sweet voice and admires her voice!!

Sanskar: woww Angel.. Awesome!! U have such a beautiful voice.. U can become a great singer.. Awesome!!

They both keep on talking… She keeps on smiling hearing his words…

Meantime… Kavitha looks at the time.. It’s been 1 hour since Sanskar called.. She gets angry and calls him… It shows call waiting…

Kavitha gets shocked and angry..
She thinks… With whom is he speaking?? That too at this time?? She gets angry and keeps on calling…

Sanskar doesn’t notice her calling… As he was involved in speaking with his Angel…
Kavitha gets angry and she’s fuming with anger!!

They keep on talking… After sometime..
Swara: sanskar, I’m getting sleep..
Sanskar: ohh.. (He looks at the time it was 11..he was shcoked?) im sorry Angel.. I dint notice the time… U sleep okay.. And tomorrow il come to meet u..
Swara: okay!! Good night!!

Sanskar: (laughs) good night Angel!!

He cuts the call.. He smiles remembering her sweet voice and the conversation he had.. Nd how easily time was spent taking to her…he smiles And sleeps happily!!


Kavitha gets angry..
She thinks something is going on that’s why, he is avoiding her… She thinks to go India soon…
At that time Laksh comes to her room..
And hugs her from back..

Laksh: Kavitha., I’m soo happy today.. My work is done Kavitha.. It was success..

Kavitha: ?really?? Wow bhai,. I’m soo happy.. So when r we going to India??

Laksh: may be one more week Kavitha.. Today I got an other work.. I need to go to Malaysia again…

Kavitha: 1 week??? bhai I’m missing Sanksar soo much.. U be here, I will go to India…

Laksh: India? But Kavitha..
Kavitha: bhai.. Plz.. I’m so bored here… Nd don’t worry I can go!! Nd plz don’t tell Sanksar about it.. Il surprise him…

Laksh: hmm.. Kk!! Il book tickets…

He leaves…

Kavitha thinks… Sanskar I’m coming, Il surprise u…

She smiles…


Next day:

Uttara: bhai, u still here?? U dint go to bring Angel..
Sanksar: I’m going Uttara..
Uttara: bhai, even il come to pick her.. Plz??

Sanskar: (smiles) okay!!

They leave to Ajay house… Meantime Swara gets ready…she keeps on looking outside..waiting for Sanskar..

Ajay: hello dude… I’m sorry yesterday I was busy so couldn’t come with u guys, but today I will…

Sanskar: that’s soo nice dude…

They go to Swara’s house…
Seeing Sanskar Swara gets happy and hugs him.. And wishes good morning…
Sanskar too hugs her and wishes..

Uttara and Ajay looks at the sweet Angel and smiles…
and Rosy tells them to send her by 5…

They take Swara and they all go to MM..

They go to Sanskars room..

They all talk and spend some time together..
Sanskar: Uttara, u know.. Angel sings very nicely…
Uttara: really?? Angel plzz sing one song for me..

Swara gets shy and hides her face under his chest…
Sanskar: (smiles) arey why r u shy?? No problem sing.. I’m with u na..

She first denies but when Sanskar hold her hands.. She felt brave.. She smiles and start singing…
All gets amazed to see her nice songs.. Uttara and Ajay smiles at her… Sanksar stares at her lovingly…

Uttara: woww Angel.. It’s soo nice..
(She hugs her tightly and kisses her cheek)

Swara smiles…
Swara: ?did I made u smile.. Uttara???

Sanskar smiles hearing our words..

Uttara: Yaa Angel.. U made my day happy with ur song… I love u soo much.. She again hugs her!!

Swara laughs and hugs her back..

At that time it starts raining…

Swara gets happy seeing the he rain.. She runs towards the window and places her hands outside and starts playing with it..

All looks at her lovingly…

Sanskar: Angel u like rain??

Swara: Yess… U know, rain is the gift from God… Jesus said..
“I Will Send Showers In Season, That Will Be The Showers Of Blessings”..

She laughs excitedly..

UttarA: woww angel u know everything.. Let’s play in rain then.. I like rain so much…
Will u play with me Angel??

Angel smiles and nodes yes…

Sanskar: Uttara r u mad?? How can u play in rain.. What if u catch cold??

Uttara: (keeps a pout face)
Swara: (cups Sanskar face) even I like rain.. Will play.. (She asks cutely)

Sanskar looks at her lovingly and nodes yes..

Uttara and Ajay are shocked… She looks at him angrily… But smiles seeing his care for Angel!!

They go to terrace…
Swara runs and starts playing in the rain like kid… Uttara too joins her.. And they both play for sometime splashing!!

Sanskar stares at her lovingly and Swara Suddenly starts sneezing…

Sanksar gets worried and shouts..

Sanskar: Uttara and Angel Come back.. It’s enough!!

He brings them Inside… And he starts caressing Swara.. By wiping of the rain water…

Sanskar: Uttara, give her ur dress…

Uttara takes her to her room, and she makes her to change her dress.

She again notice Sanskar absence.. And looks at Uttara…

Swara: where is Sanskar??
Uttar: he is in room… Come lets go..

They both go to sanskars room…

He looks at her in long wet hair and gets mesmerised…
Sanskar: Angel come.. Il dry ur hair…

Swara smiles and runs towards the door and stepped inside his room,

She mistakely keeps her finger in between the door.. Nd closes it…and screamed “ahhh”.
She was crying and jumping with pain.

Sanskar gets tensed and runs to her…

Sanskar: ?Angel Kya hua??

He looks at her finger, it started to bleed,
He gets more tensed, he closes her finger in between his hands to stop the blood and shouts..

Sanskar: Uttara, get the first aid kit quickly…

Swara cries with pain…

Sanksar looks at her tears and gets more worried…
Sanskar: (worried) Angel, why did u keep ur finger in it?? Why do u always hurt ur hands??
Yesterday in church u burnt ur hand.. And today.. See how much it’s bleeding…

Swara just cries with pain…
He notice the bleeding finger, without thinking he just keeps her finger in his mouth and sucks it… To stop the bleeding…

Ajay gets shocked seeing his love and care for her… He was soo confused…
Meantime Uttara gets first aid… Sanksar starts bandaging her finger…

Sanksar: Angel is it still paining??
Swara: Yess..(tears eyes)

Seeing her tear eyes, even his eyes are filled with tears…
He hugs her… And tells her to be careful next time
(By caressing her hair)

She too hugs him rightly.. As soon as she was in his arms… She went into sleep…

Uttara looks at her…

Uttara: bhai, I think she slept!!

Sanskar looks at her, he smiles and lays her down on his bed..

Sanskar: guys she played In rain na… May be she’s tired.. Let her sleep!!

Ajay: okay dude.. I need to go.. Il come in the evening…

Sanskar: wait I’m coming….

He caresses her hair.. And covers bedsheet….When he was about to go.. She still holds his hands…

He smiles and sits beside her.. And again caresses her hair..

Sanskar: Kk Ajay, will meet in the evening…

Ajay smiles and leaves… And even Uttara goes down!

Sanskar takes out his laptop.. And starts doing his work…sitting beside her!!!

Episode ends!!


Early morning:

Kavitha reaches MM..
She goes towards Sanksar and hugs him from back saying Sanskar…

Sanskar: (smile) Angel.. U woke up soo soon??

Kavitha is shocked ?

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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