darkness hunts us (chapter 1)

Hii everyone I am writing another ff but it’s a mystery ff on manan twinj and sandhir..a thriller like a adventurous story.so I will give introduction.
Nandini murthy-physicist at CERN.she is an intelligent and smart physicist working on a secret expirement with her father.
Manik malhotra-manik is a symbologisst professor at Harvard university.he is a genius.
kunj-he is the ceo of CERN.

sanskar- the assasian the killer who will commit murders.
Akash murthy-father of nandini.he is a smart and intelligent scientist in CERN.A respected physicist.he is also a preist.
Randhir shekhawat-camerlengo,the secretary of pope in Vatican city.
Sanyukta aggrawal-scientist at CERN
Twinkle-nandini sister

Scene 1
Manik malhotra was sleeping on his bed and was suddenly woken cz of a phone ringing louder and louder.manik felt angry and cursed the caller under his breath.he sat on the bed and looked to find his fon.there it was on the table ringing mockingly as if cunningly waking his sound sleep.manik looked at the watch.it was 5am in the morning.he received the call
Manik-helo who is tis
Caller-mr manik malhotra I want your help right now.
Maniik-who tare you?
Caller-I cant disclose my name on this open line.you will know it.you just..
Manik-excuse me,its 5am in the morning and I am receiving a call from a caller who is not eve nready to tell his name?
Caller-you must understand .this is important.its related to your field.a man is murdered brutally.

Manik-hey I think I will give you FBI no.it will help you cz I am a professor not a detective.
Caller-I know perfectly well with whom I am talking and what I need to do.you must understand.
Manik cut off the phone.he was frustrated and angry.who the hell that person was telling him some cock and bull story of a murdered man and his murderer and what its related to me.hm utter nonsense.
Manik gotoff brushed his teeth and sat on the dining table drinking his coffee.it was 6am.manik was bored cz today was Sunday a holiday and there was no lecture nothing just sitting in this room.he decided to a museum of arts.it will be intresting.his day will not be a waste thenhe can teach some basic principles of Leonardo da vinci works in his next lecture.suddenly his fax machine rang.who the hell?

Manik gotup and went to the fax machine.again his phone rang.he picked it up.it was the same caller.
Caller-mr malhotra plz see the print I hav sent.
Manik reluctantly took the print out and was stunned.he was shocked to see the pictre infront of his eyes.he cant belive it.its not possible.no it must be….it cant be true.fro 400 years no one has seen it.how can it be?
Caller- I know you will be astonished to see the picture but it’s the truth.
Manik was looking at a dead man half nude brutally murdered.he was lying on his head and on his chest were branded the name

Illumaniti?the 500 year old brotherhood organization?no it cant be possible.
Manik-from where did you get this picture?and who are you?who this man is?
Caller-this man is a respected scientist from CERN the particles accelaratnig largest labrotaryi in the world.i got your information from your website and called you as you are a symboloist an expert in these things.
Manik-from where did you get my number?
Caller-I already told you.from your website.
Manik groaned.he know the man was lying

Manik-but I remember very well that I have not givn my on on my website.
Caller-we have our means
Maniik-but on www there is privacy policy
Caller-not if you own www.
Manik knew from his voice that he was not lying.
Manik-ok and this photo and illumati?
Caller-for that reason we have called you.can you come to CERN and tell us what this really menas this illumanit.

Manik thought.this man whoever he was s not lying and most astonishing thing is that the symbol of illumaniti which has desapperead from the surface of the earth from last 500 years as its organization has resurfaced again.ilumaniti the most intelligent organization of scientists.manik has devoted his life in studying its history.the illumaniti.brotherhood..the symbols of illlumaniti.and yet again it seems like history has become a presnt now.he is looking at the symbol of illumaniti with his own ev=yes.he made his decision.he is going to see this.
manik-I will come.but where?
Caller-you will reach Leonardo the vinci port.my pilot will be there in 1 hour.

So guys how it was?plz comment and tell me should I continue?plzplz comment my friends.

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  1. Tash

    Omg….it looks like a thrilling drama n suspense wala ff….yaar..this is totally unique n different from allllll the other ff so..plzzzzz continue…gr8 it was…???

  2. Mahi13

    It’s superb amazing mind blowing. A totally different new n interesting plot. Plz continue.

  3. Anandi

    Ain’t this story taken from angels and demons…anyways good start…hope you give us a story different from angels and demons..?

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    This is completely amazing and it is something new I read so far, will be waiting for the next part

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