HELLO GUYS!! its me starz. thought to try an os. do tell me ur opinion. i am not that good at writing romantic ones but thought to give a try. if u like it i would continue.pls do forgive me for grammar mistakes
It was dark and stormy night. the dark trees looked ghastly in the midnight black, the place was deserted, and the night was eerie. the rain was drizzling and the cold bit into his skin. MR.Arjun mehra was returning back from his work. it was a hectic day. he cracked two major deals in one go. he made partenership with four companies. and now he is hell tired. he only wish for a cold shower to soothe his body.

As he was turning to the darkest and the loneliest street he heard a scream of girl who was crying for help. at first he tried to ignore but something made him to stop. he came out of the car and followed the voice. the voice came from a small hut which was dimly lit. he peeped inside the house through the window. the sight that he saw made his blood boil in anger. he saw four to five men who were drinking and smoking were playing cards and a girl was sitting in a corner was weeping. suddenly a man from the group walked towards her smoking. seeing that she got scared and started move backwards and cried for help.
She was crying and begging them to leave her but they started to laugh at her helplessness. Arjun broke the door in one go and entered the hut. this sudden attack made the men panic. they took their weapons and went to attack arjun.

they had severe fight. arjun was fighting barely and beating all men. he thrashed the men blue-black and almost killed them. he persisted with small wounds. when he made sure no one escaped, he went near the girl. the girl stood up. seeing her arjuns heart leapt out.she was angel. she had the most beautiful eyes and a red juicy lips, her brown orbs which could speak, would make any one fall for her. she is no less like a nymph.

seeing all this the girl got panicked and she was hell tired. she fainted on his arm. he just stared at her. he then took her in his arm as if claiming all rights on her. then laid her on the passenger seat and he himself took drivers seat drove towards his home. he came to his mansion which was huge and stood there majestically between the beautiful garden. the building looked magnificent in the lightning.

he parked his car. and took his angel in his hand and she looked like a small child. she had looped her hand around his neck and seemed comfortable in his arm. the warmth of his body gave her peace. there ws a small smile on her lips. seeing this arjun too smiled and decided to have her at any cost. he was desperate to claim her as his . but he did int want to scare her or dont want to do anything which may result in losing her. he opened his bedroom door and laid her on his bed. it was like as if his bed is made especially for her. seeing this arjun couldn’t stop himself. with a slow and oddly steady hand he touched her face. he touched her cheeks, loving the slight flush he could see in the flashing thunder light. he touched her eyebrows , the straight nose and finally those juicy lips. he desired to kiss her until she lose her all breathe and to have her on his bed making love.

he brushed aside the thoughts away and went to take bath to calm his beating heart which would pop out at any minute. but it didn’t help him. her thoughts kept on flashing in his mind. finally after taking bath he came out wearing his tracks pant only. he was looking like Greek god. there were water droplets on his body and hair which shined in the flashing thunder light. his perfect body.[oh! god he could kill any girl]

he walked towards the bed slowly , unconsciously and laid behind her. he pulled her towards him not leaving a space between them. he kept his leg on her and his face on her neck nape , inhaling her as if she would disappear suddenly.
feeling a sudden warmth on her body, her restless mind came to peace and hugged him back, not wanting to lose the warmth.

Arjun dozed off and decided to make her his at any cost. now she became the reason for him to live. outside the rain started to pour heavily, but here inside two souls became complete and are at peace lying at each others arm, not bothering about anything…….
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** SO GUYS DO PLEASE TELL HOW IT WAS… NEXT UPDATE IS ONLY ON SATURDAY. BYE BYE

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