hello guys and i know u all will be surprised to see me. i said i cant continue my os, but many were asking me about it, so i decided to finish it for you people. i have roughly sketched the idea and i don’t know you will like it or not…but do say if it is boring…and once again i wanted to remind you all that i am not good at writing romantic one…so here we go…
darkness forever:

the morning sun rays seeped through the window and directly fell on arjun’s face. he got disturbed from the sleep and woke up slowly. he felt very fresh. this never happens, he usually used to curse when alarm clock rings and would only wish to sleep coiling inside the blanket, but could never do that as he had lots of work to do. he rubbed his face.

suddenly the girl stirred a little. he felt a soft like something that brushed his hand. he then turned to right and saw her, the girl whom he fell for and wished to keep her for eternity. he doesn’t know much about her nor her family. he just knows she is the one for him. she shined like an angel. her dark locks were spread across the bed. she is no less like a aphrodite [the greek goddess]. she has the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and the juicy red lips. anyone would like to taste it. she had perfect curves and her skin was so soft.

when he thought about those men who were eyeing her hungrily made his blood boil. suddenly she licked her lips in the sleep. this was enough for arjun to lose his control. he bends down and started to suck and nibble her lower lip slowly. he then started to do the same with upper lips. he could feel her sweating and sweat droplets were formed on her neck. he stated to lick them and gave a small bite on her neck nape. he then moved to her lips and started to kiss her with full passion. the girl started to stir a little bit. but he didn’t notice it and was busy in kissing her.

the girl went out of breathe and she woke up from the sleep startled. when she saw arjun near her like this she got scared and pushed him. she then got up from the bed, and yesterday night’s event started to play in her mind like a movie. she started to sweat profusely. she thought arjun to be one of the man in that gang as she couldn’t see his face yesterday clearly due to darkness.

arjun was bewildered. he started to walk towards her. she thought he was going to harm her so she pushed him. he fell down with a thud. she then went out of the room and closed the door. she then started to run with full speed. she only now wished she could forget those horrible memories forever in her life. she remembered how these men spotted her in market one day and from that day they started to follow her and even tried to misbehave with her. but luckily the other people who saw this came for her rescue. then for other two days they didn’t came to disturb her. she thought that they will never come, but she was wrong.

a week passed peacefully. one day while she was returning from the orphanage [it was late evening] , she took another route which was deserted and lonely as the other route was damaged due to rain. she had no other choice but to take that route. she was very scared and wished to reach home soon. as she was turning the corner of second street someone forcefully pulled her into a van covering her mouth. all these happened very quickly and she didn’t have any idea what was actually happening. she was forcefully pushed inside the van. she hit her head at the corner. she then saw those men too in the van and realised she was kidnapped. she feared. she started to shout for help. but none heard her cry. she was crying and begging to those heartless men, who in turn was laughing at her state. as they reached the main road, she started to scream louder and started to beat and hit the men more. feared any one would hear her shouting , one of the man stuffed cloth in her mouth and tied her hands and legs so hard that it hurted her soft skin. then these men started to drink alcohol and some smoked.

since she had allergy to the smoke, she soon fainted. when she woke she found the van stopped. everyone got down. one man pulled her by her hair and brought her outside the van. they then unmercifully dragged her inside the hut. her ankles, thighs, hands and head were severely paining.
she was thrown in a corner and they started to play cars. after sometime one man stared to walk near her, seeing this she cried for help. and then our arjun came and fought with the villains and took her with him. but she mistook him as one of the man in the gang.

she didn’t turn back and ran out of his mansion. she reached the front gate and opened it. she then without seeing passing vehicles began to run on the road. here arjun was trying to open the door. he was afraid that something would happen to her. after a lot of trying, he broke the door and ran outside his mansion looking for her. when he reached at road, the sight he saw made him shocked.

that girl was hit by lorry and she was lying on the pool of blood and was trying to breathe………

to be continued
hope you guys enjoyed it. do tell me how it is. i will only continue seeing ur comments. both positive and negative comments are wholeheartedly accepted….love you all and take care guys

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