How can you even think that Tia….She is our friend…..

You never know Shivaay…We came to know about each other just few days back….

But she…!!! No she can’t…


Are you serious Sid???I thought only I’ve problem with her…!!Thank God atleast you’ve agreed to me….

Rudra,,I am just saying what I feel….Dont think that we can be friends or anything….I’ve problem with all juniors.. !!


I’m really scared Annika….We’ve lost her at the same place….What if something happens to us too…

__no response__


__no response__



What if students came to know about this Sir….We’ll get in a huge trouble…

No…no….it cant happen….And I know how to tackle this…I dont care how many people die but I cant let this happen…

You cant be selfish Sir. .

Ohh…Come on as if I care….


One more death….




All the characters mentioned in this ff are of Ishqbaaz but there will be no resemblance with the serial…!!
Although characters are taken from serial but relation between the characters arent according to serial…!!
ShivOmRu are neither brothers nor Oberois.,,No Shivika or Rikara…!!
There will be no pairing..!!
This story is a college thriller…

There will be two categories of students i.e, seniors and juniors






Tej Singh Oberoi(DEEN),,,Kamini,,,Janvi,,Veer

**I’ll give intro of other characters if I include them**

St.Steve is a famous PSYCHOLOGY college of Dehra Dun with some dark secrets which are known to few persons or may be more and they are unaware of each other…!!!

All the mentioned students have almost completed their studies…Juniors are in final year and Seniors are doing their research in this field…!!

PSYCHOLOGY___ the course is all about mind and and behaviour….
The student’s mind never rests…All the time they keep thinking what must be going on other person’s mind..Studying other’s behaviour,,doubting their unusual body language is what all they’ve been taught…

All students are reserved…They barely talk to each other,,just focussing on their studies and research line….
Juniors are little friendly,,you can find them hanging out sometimes but seniors are altogether a mystery…!!

There have not been any friendly meet between seniors and juniors as research department is far away from main college building and except teachers and seniors no one is allowed there…So they rarely know about each other…

The whole story will be from third person POV…I’ll give character’s POV too where its needed…

What led the seniors and juniors to meet??

What’ll be it consequences??

Stay tuned to know


Heya guys…

Remember me??

See I’m back with a thrilling story..Hope you all will love it..Dont forget to share your views…next part will be based on your response..!!

Lots of love


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  1. Priyu

    I’m the first to like your FF ?? it’s awesome I like thriller ffs ???? update soon Didi ??

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much piyu….
      Love you loads???
      Going to post frst part


    Awesome as always

    1. Kanfi

      Hey dear…
      Thank you so much..

  3. Nafi-Nahi

    Hey,kanfi…just an awesome plot…You nailed it

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  4. Niriha

    Awesome dear…waiting for next update soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much nirihia..
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  5. TUFriendsForever

    Diiii this is justly awesomeeee very excited to know what will happen and what is the mystery??? Uffff this seemsssss more interestinggggggg what happened to aniiiii??? The sir is soo merciless I think that’s tej I was sooo happy to see ranveer’s name and priyanka’s name in ittt they are not shown in IB at least you added them that’s good keep writing diiii

    1. Kanfi

      Thank you so much dear..
      Yeah there are lots of mysteries.??stay tuned to know more …!!
      Going to post next..

  6. Riana

    Wooooooo….Creep ! Thanxalot Kanfu for this thrilling story…Waiting for the first episode ???

    1. Kanfi

      Hey riana….
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    It is nice one dear.. I am very excited

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  8. ItsmePrabha

    Thrilling..looking forward to it..

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  9. loved it …. it looks very intersting….
    but i have a request please update it regularly or you can tell the date on which next you will update…
    please …

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