“Your game is over……”said Shivaay pointing gun towards them

“ITNI BHI JALDI KYA HAI,SHIVAAY”said someone pointing gun on Shivaay’s head


It was a big shock for every person standing there.The girl who used to get so nervous while speaking to someone is behind all this chaos.First the true face of Ranveer and now its Priyanka,it was unbelievable for them.

“What happened..??Ohh,yeah you must be thinking how can I do all this.So let me tell you guys I am daughter of Mr.Avinash Mehra.I’ve earned huge profit in this business and I wont let you guys ruin it…”said Priyanka

“Business….?Killing innocent people is a business..?How can you be so heartless priyanka..”yelled Shivaay

“Ohh please,dont give me lectures.This deal is very important for us and you guys have just ruined it.And now its payback time.You all have to die,the same ways as Soumya did…”said Priyanka and started laughing

“You’ve killed Soumya..?She was your friend dammit…..”howled Rudra

“Friend…?like seriously???None of you were my friends….So I’ve to planned all that nervous breakdown drama so that it would help me in future and it did….You guys have never thought that I’ll be the main person behind all this…..”said Priyanka with a smirk

“I still cant believe that its you…You were so innocent or may be we were so foolish….And Ranveer you..?We were friends,how can you do all this…?”said Mallika

“Ohh Mallika,if you remember I’ve told you that I’ve fallen in love with someone.And that person was Priyanka..At that time I didnt know about all this but when I knew,there wasnt any second thought of course I had to be with her….I was getting everything love,money.,what else one can think of……!”said Ranveer

“Ok guys,too much of talks,now its action time…..I’m sorry but you all have to die…..So who’s gonna be first..?hmmmm Bhavya…..You and Soumya were best friend n??So you should meet her first….”said Priyanka and aimed her gun towards Priyanka

Shivaay signalled Om about something.Priyanka shot the gun but before bulled could have touched Bhavya,Rudra pushed her and he got the bullet in his shoulder….

“Rudra…..”everyone screamed

“Patience Rudra,you’ll also die…What’s so hurry….”said Priyanka again aiming towards Bhavya

“Om now…..”shouted Shivaay

Om injected the drug which Shivaay has asked him to bring into her neck…..
Priyanka cried in pain and held her neck….

“End of your non sense.. “said Shivaay

Priyanka was about to fall but suddenly she stood again shocking everyone there…

“tch tch tch Shivaay……What do you think I’m stupid??I dont know what are the possible things you guys can do..!!We all have already taken the antidote of all possible drugs as I’ve heard you talking to Om…..”said Priyanka

She put the gun to Shivaay’s head,was about to press the trigger….Here Sahil opened his eyes slightly,took the scalpel kept beside and stabbed into her leg which  diverged Priyanka’s attention and Shivaay snatched gun from her and pushed her away…

The girls held Priyanka while Om and Sid were dealing with boys…

“Shivaay,call police…..”said Om

“Yeah…..”replied Om

Shivaay dialled the number but before he could call Svetlana hit him with a rod….Mobile fell from his hand and blood oozed from the wounds….!

“Leaver Priyanka otherwise I’ll kill him….”threatened Svetlana

Bhavya picked the gun from the ground and aimed at Svetlana….Her hands were shaking due to fear….

“Put that rod down otherwise…..”said Bhavya being frightened

“Otherwise….??You’ll shoot me …??Look at your hands poor girl…..”said Svetlana laughing and started moving towards her

“Dont come close to me,I’ll shoot you……”said Bhavya with a shaking voice

“Ok then shoot me….”said Svetlana continuously moving towards her

“I’ll shoot you…..”

“Shoot dammit…..”

Svetlana came close to her,and as Bhavya hasnt any option she shot her in the leg and dropped the gun…..She was shivering,thinking what has she  done….!

And this sound helped Annika in locating their lab….She came there with police…..Shivaay was lying on floor,he ran towards him…

“Shivaay,are you fine….??”asked Annika being scared

“Yeah,I’m…..”replied Shivaay

Rudra and Svetlana were sent to hospital….Police arrested the culprits and Shivaay handed then the proof,that video recording….

“You are my Anamika……!”said Shivaay with tears in his eyes

“Yes….I am your Annika….”said Annika

And they hugged each other,meeting the person whom he loved the most after 9-10 years,tears were flowing continuously from their eyes..That was such a tight hug that they can literally feel each other’s heartbeat……!!

As seniors study has been completed they were just doing research…They got their degree from the trustees but juniors left St.Steve and joined other college for research…..And college got shut down forever…!!

Bhavya and Rudra are together now….Sid and Mallika have sorted out their misunderstandings and leading a happy life…Om has got a job outside India…

Shivaay,Annika and Sahil live together…..Shivaay is great psychiatrist now and Shivaay and Annika will get married soon…

Heya guys….Hope you are doing well….So here is the last chapter….Thank you so much for all your support and love…❤️

And one more thing I am taking a break from writing….I know I’ve one ongoing work i.e,”SOULMATE”…..I dont know when will I continue it…!
And I am uninstalling wattpad,so wont be able to reply your msgs too…..
If you want to talk to me you can contact me on insta @kanfiiiiii

Take care guys…

Lots of love

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