After one month of vacation college has started again..St.steve’s college is highly reputed college of Dehra Dun and thats why its academic fee is also high which is not affordable for local people…All the students here come from big cities of India and well  reputed family..

College time has started and students began to enter college campus and soon everyone settled to their respective classes…


Annika,,Soumya,,Bhavya,,Gauri and Priyanka has grabbed the first two benches of one column and Rudra and Daksh sat on the first bench of others..

Rudra and Daksh were used to be best friends but due to some unfortunate incidents they dont even like to have a word with each other…
Annika was the most quite among all the students,,she barely talk to each other and if someone forcefully start to have a conversation with her, she just pour all her frustration on that guy so every student keeps a distance from her…No one has any clue about Annika’s condition..You can hear many rumours about her,,some people say “”she has taken psychology so seriously that she has gone mad””,,,some say “”she has a dreadful past””…
But no one actually knows the reason…

Bhavya and soumya were good friends,,the only friends in entire junior section…Priyanka has some anxiety disorder,,she sometimes also get panic disorder,,so she herself stays away from people as she dont want to become burden on anyone…

After few minutes,,their statistics teacher enters the class and engrossed himself to teach the left parts to students….
While teaching,,he noticed that Annika is smiling looking at her book and his anger reached the peak…

“”Ms Annika what are you doing..Pay attention to the class””

But there wasnt any affect on Annika….He came infront of her bench and banged on her desk loudly,,this makes Annika quite disturbed….She stopped smiling and stared the teacher with a disgust expression,,,her eyes started getting red and a light sound of growling can be heard but before she could say anything someone knocked at the classroom door….

“”Sir,,deen has asked you to inform the students about this news””. Peon handed the notice to teacher and left from there….!!””

Teacher also forget about what has just happened and looked at the notice…

“Students you all are informed that your final semester has been preponed as according to weather forecasting the next two months are going to be really hard for all North states so may be all institutions and schools will remain close….And I cant take any chance with my academic’s schedule…So you’ve two weeks to prepare for the exam and since you all have one month vacation you must have prepared for the exam…!!All the best””

“”What,,How,,It cant be possible,,How can he do this”””  These were the words which followed the announcement…!!

Teacher also wished them luck and left from there…!!

Bhavya””Soumya,,how will we prepare for exam just in two months…

Soumya””Dont know yr..And trust me I havent read a single thing.. Ok leave it,we’ll find any way…But listen have you looked at Annika’s face,,the way she was ogling the teacher was just terrible..

Bhavya””Trust me yr I dont get a good vibes from her but we cant do anything after all she’s our classmate..We’ve to bear her…

Everyone left from the class except Rudra….

Rudra’s POV

No way..It cant be happen..How can they just preponed the exams….After what all happened last year,,I cant take this anymore…What if I didnt score good..!!He’ll ask me to join them…No….no….I cant…I cant..
But whats the solution….Should I talk to daksh after what he have done to me..!!Will he agree???
Come on,,he have to….We dont have any option and I cant do it alone…
I’ll talk to him at hostel…


Priyanka was going towards canteen but she realised that she has forgotten her hankey in the class…She turned back towards class but she took a short cut…This way to class was known by only few people and its quite silent area of college,,,very rarely you can spot someone here…!!
She entered the class ,,took her hankey and chose the same way to go back….

She heard some kind of weird sound from a class which usually remains closed….
She came infront the closed door of class and kept her ears on the door to hear it more clearly but she couldnt as continuously dripping sound of water was reducing the intensity of light…

She thought of looking inside through keyhole and what she saw just made her astonished…Her pupil dilated,,she started sweating profusely and breathing heavily…She felt like choking in short she got panic attack…She was continuously moving forward and due to her condition unintentionally nearby stuffs got hit by her and fell,,creating loud sounds…..
The door started opening slowly…This made her panic more,,she wasnt able to breath,,she tried to shout but couldnt..She somehow managed to run from there,,she was continuosly running without looking back at once and then she collided with someone and fainted in his arm….!!!

To be contd…

*Who is that “someone”??good or bad?
*Rudra’s plan…Annika’s behaviour and lots of mystery…

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  1. TUFriendsForever

    Awesomeeee diii you always make me anuse and think what will happen next i am the first like this yeyyyyyy lot of mysteries like seriously do you have extra nerves on your brain?? How do you get such awesome ideasss??? I dont get any of them and i was soo shocked to see annika’s portrayal totally changed but interesting uffff the way you explained her anger something is there why doesnt she talks?? But i hope she is good the deen seems to be kind of black and strict to me i can see another avatar of annika here by the way post the next one asap diii i excitedd to know what wilk happen??? Then about daks h and rudra whats theree??? I hope everything goes well but i know it wont and last what did priyankaaa see?? Who is the mystery man??? Keep writing will be waiting for the next
    Love you diiii

  2. Priyu

    Didi what’s this . so bad. What a short update. I was waiting for a very very very long update ??????
    Anyway episode was awesome. I think Anika is an evil creature ? (don’t laugh at me . This is how I think) What will Rudra do ?! ??Exams??
    Update ASAP
    Good luck ????

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Interesting and thrilling

  4. Riana

    Kanfuuu ❤️
    Anika is evil ???
    Noooooo ????
    Okay relax i m fine ????
    But the first part was sooo thrilling and horrific !! ??
    Loved it…Waiting for next episode…

  5. Dishani01

    wow super
    i want see rudy reactions .. he is cute

  6. Niriha

    Awesome Interesting…thrilling update dear waiting for next part

  7. ItsmePrabha

    uff annika’s part gave me chills ..so thrilling.. will be waiting for the next..

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