Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 8

“You ugly a**, untie me moron” I was screaming my lungs out, but they stood there exchanging smug smiles. “You cuss once more and you’ll be tied here forever honey” the Maia b*t*h said in a sick voice. How could Omkara fall for her, she is nothing but a piece of shit, but I am not going to crawl and beg for them to release me, my ego is much higher than the hook suspended here.

“You aren’t going to beg, are you?” the big man grit his teeth. Instead of showing them my fear, I wanted them to be pissed, let them know who they are messing with, ugly a** people, so I smirked back at them, showing them how much less I cared. “You are going to suffer, no one back taunts me” he said and pulled the lever beside him. I was suddenly being pulled up. When I looked up, there were pointed rods hanging from the ceiling, to say that I was scared was an understatement. Imagine you being pulled up to the sharp needles and at any moment they could prick you. I let out an animalistic howl which would make any normal being deaf. I closed my eyes embracing the fact that my head would be poked severely by the strong and sharp rods, but it never happened, I was stopped just millimeters away from the point object. “This is just the beginning sweetie, next time think before you speak” they scorned and left. I was once again left alone in this isolated place. I cried, my tears were flowing vehemently. I hoped Omkara would come to my rescue as always, hell why did I go to the woods that day, I am screwed since then.
“Where am I?” I questioned. I was once again blinded and was taken away from the garage. My hands were tied with the thick rope this time. Two people came up to me this morning and untied me, they were all hulk and stiff, I was still hanging from the hook, which they removed as soon, I was happy that I was free finally but until they tied me again. They didn’t respond, instead pulled me even harshly.

Omkara’s POV
“There’s no such meeting, Sir” I was puzzled. What the heck is going on here? “There should be some, check once more. Let us inside” said Rudra annoyed.

We were allowed inside the dark palace, currently we were at Transylvania, Romania. “What he means by, ‘there is no meeting’?” I asked Rudra furiously. He just shook his head having no clue. We headed inside the large hall only to meet, Sir McCullough. “Ommie boy, how are you?” Sir McCullough was a senior Minister in here, he was a chirpy person, which would irritate many, but he cared less, and he was gay. I don’t have any objections towards gay people, but I don’t swing that way. I just gave him a tight lipped smile and a side hug. “Oh! You look cute with that pout” he flirted with me and Rudra snickered behind me, making me glare at him. “Sir, we have a problem here” addressed Rudra. The minister now had a worried frown. He took us to his cabin and told us to explain the situation. We said him what had happened, and how come there wasn’t any meeting if the ‘human’ information was already known. At first he opposed the idea of us keeping any human, but eventually got it, for what we did. “I don’t think anyone has complained against your clan Om” sighed the Minister. I knew this could happen, cause we were aware of Ishaana, besides us, only Maia knows the place of my mansion. I had a doubt on her, from first, but now it got confirmed. If they need a revenge, then they want a war between us, not by reporting us to the higher authority, that would make them loyal, which they aren’t, clearly this is Viraj’s clan’s doing. They want to torture us, I’ll show them what torture is. “If you need any help, I may help you” Minister stated. I just wanted to confirm that it’s totally their doing. “You keep tabs on all clans right?” he nodded. So I said him to show the records of the Viraj’s Clan routine, and by the looks of it, they are inactive since six months, which is impossible considering we had fought them few days back.

“Why can’t it work damn it!” I exclaimed. Rudra had a skill of seeing the future, he could get vague notions, which would be enough to hunt anything down, but he had some serious injury while training, and his skill was dimmed by our physician for few weeks. “I can get small hunches” he said hopefully closing his eyes tightly trying to focus. His eyes flew open suddenly, worry etched on his face. “The garage” it was the last word I heard before pacing for the place.

We searched each and every place of Viraj’s territory, finding no one, that leaves us his last place. The old worn out garage where his father and my uncle used to hang out. When we neared the garage, I noticed the door left ajar. This place was least used by him, and it was closed for years. I quickly rushed inside. We searched the whole area but all in vain. I looked up only to see a large hook, and big thick metal chains, which brought back my worst memories, but this wasn’t time for that all. When I closely inspected there was a torn piece of cloth attached to the hook. Within seconds I was crawling on the shed of the garage, as I got closer to the suspending hook, I could smell a certain blood, that I have never smelt. It was as if I would die to be around that aroma, when I sniffed the hook I was lost. Lost like people who get stoned, when they take drugs. This blood was like drug for me, I would do anything to get it, it wasn’t human’s at all, even though it was, like it was from Royal blood. “Om” shouted Rudra snapping me out of the trance. He raised his brows questioningly as to ask why I was up. I took the piece of cloth and came down. It was of Ishaana’s. Oh god! Her natural scent and blood aroma, I had never craved so much for any blood. Oh My God! I can’t, where is my damn head.

“He is definitely changing the places, we have still seven more places to trace him, I am not getting clear track of him” said Rudra. We have already came half around the world. Besides worrying, the blood was keeping me sane. Otherwise I would have gotten mental illness by now. “We have to try hard” I said him, holding the cloth tight in my hand. He gave me a skeptical look. I just asked him why he was looking at me like that. “Why only you are so drawn to the blood, whereas I am not?” he asked me curiously. Then he suddenly squealed. “Oh my god! Omkara she is your other half” he said with both happy and sadness, I just gave him a confused look. “When you were dating Maia, were you drawn to her blood the same way as of now” I shook my head in negative. “She is your half buddy, whatever their kind might be, like whether she is human or not, if you crave for her blood scent, then you two are mates” he said in one go. “If you do the mating thing then you two are inseparable, which haven’t yet happened” he continued. Oh Lord! All the information came crashing into me, when I panicked, I forget everything. I was knowing of this mating thing but I was so lost in her scent, I have to save her, the only love of my life.

I know I am late, did you notice Ishaana curse a lot? she is my spirit animal. And I can’t promise when will be my next one, so sorry, but leave your feedback…. Thanks ? ???

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