Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 7

“Where y’all are going?” asked perplexed Ishaana. It was 8 in the morning, Khushi and Ishaana were having breakfast. “To California, we have some important work to do” rushed Ishita. Everyone except for Ishaana, Raman and I were going. Raman was joining them next day, and I was bound to stay here to look upon Ishaana as well as finish our business here, college wasn’t that important for me. “Who’ll stay with me then?” she glanced at Khushi hopefully. “Ruhi, Khushi and I are going now, later Raman will join” stated Ishita, totally ignoring her question, while Khushi made a sorry face. “Don’t worry didi Om bhaiya aapka khayal rakegha” beamed Ruhi.

Few days later:
“Wait, I’ll join too” Ishaana was trailing behind me. “Please understand I am not going for any adventure alright, I am up for hunting” I grunt. “I can’t stay here all alone, please” she jutted her lower lip out forming a child like pout, which I couldn’t resist, if tried. So I gave up. “Okay, get ready soon” she squealed.

“Hey, so how did you get turned?” right now we were hiking the icy mountains, definitely not my idea. Before I went for hunting, she needed to go for some adventure, and that would be lot better than hearing her tantrums. “That’s none of your business” I scoffed, basically I was born into a vampire family but I wasn’t a vampire until one day, and it was not the time to narrate my story to her. “You’re so rude, God! Help me” she retorted back. “Then shut your stupid mouth, and focus on hiking”. “Call me stupid once more….” She made a pause and suddenly let out a howl. God! This girl is so idiot, sometimes I think she isn’t human at all. I hiked few more meters and didn’t hear her mumbles and not even her footsteps.

I turned to check up on her, but she wasn’t there. I quickly moved back near the trunk where we talked last time, then I noticed she was rolling on the slope, Oh heavens! Please forgive this stupid girl. I rushed there to prevent her from falling from the edge. “You moron help me” she was screaming when I neared her. I threw my arms at her waist and secured her while pulled her up. She clutched the back of my jacket fiercely. I don’t have a heart, since I have died years back but I felt some sort of warmth when she did so. It wasn’t even the same as Maia’s touch but more intense than that, it wasn’t the time for analogy for my physical changes so I rubbed her back trying to soothe her, and I was surprised when I felt the warmth increase its tendency.

I just smiled at the close proximity we had, I don’t even know whenever I was near her, I would smile a lot regardless of her tantrums. It would make me feel somewhat different which I couldn’t put a finger on. She released me from her death grip and looked right into my eyes, her iris were full of fear and vulnerability. I couldn’t see her in that way, something in me made to be there for her, so without giving it a thought, I hugged her once more. She reciprocated back but now she was full on crying. Maybe, the slight miss of her death hit her nerves, and she couldn’t stop at all.
I had fed on the some poor deer’s blood, I don’t want to hurt any humans, at least not now, but if I wanted to feed on human even then I couldn’t get since I was far from the city. Sun was setting and the orange yellow hue at the end of the horizon decorated the sky. We were warming up off of the bonfire, that I didn’t need but Ishaana sure did. She was peacefully sleeping now on my shoulder, her face radiated by the flames of the fire. I had brought her few fruits to munch on, after which she soon went into a deep slumber tiredly. She was exhausted. Her hair was flowing, completely blocking her smooth face, she was shaking her head furiously in her sleep to get rid of her hair, while few strands were tickling her nose. I just snickered at her failed attempt, and helped her. I pushed her strands back and tucked them behind the ear. She smiled. And I grinned toothily at her smile. The atmosphere around us was all warm and fuzzy.
“What you like to have?” I asked her, we were back home quickly, considering she was hungry. She didn’t reply, probably still lost in her thoughts. “Hello madam” I waved my hands before her. She gave me tight lipped smile, she just shook her head and told me she wasn’t hungry. I wanted to let her be alone, so I decided to make her Continental cuisine which I was specialized at, of course I have seen to it that it was veg, cause I wasn’t knowing she would be feeding on chicken or any animal of that I know.
I took the tray of food up to her room. I lightly knocked on the wooden door, but it wasn’t closed. I slowly walked to her bed and placed the tray at the top of the night stand. Ishaana was sitting upright, leaning her back towards the headboard. “Ishaana” it was first for me to address her name. It weirdly sounded good to pronounce her name. She raised her head and looked at me tears brimming at her eyelids. She was so vulnerable right now. I took her palm in my hands and caressed. She let out a loud sob. “Hey, look at me” she lunged forward in my arms embracing me in a yet another bear hug. “It’s alright, you’re safe” “I want to go back please, I miss my parents”

she was wailing. I didn’t know what to do, how to calm her down. “I’ll take you back, I promise give me few more days, okay, I have to be sure about your safety” I addressed her. She nodded timidly. “Now have your dinner, c’mon” I encouraged her, which she quickly abided considering her tummy was making weird noises. She ducked her head embarrassedly, which I laughed it off to ease her mood.
Next day:
“Omkara wait” someone said. I turned around to notice one of my classmate bending down hands on his knees trying to calm his ragged breathing. “Hey, you alright?” I neared him. He just nodded, while showing his pointer finger for asking me to give him a second to talk. I waited for him to calm down. “Someone was asking for you at lunch”. I looked at him confusedly, Raman had gone yesterday itself and it couldn’t be Shivaay considering he was at Atlanta right now. “They told me they were your cousin sort of, I am sorry I need to go now, excuse me” he excused and took off to his next class. I made my way to college canteen in search of my supposed ‘cousin’. Someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back only to see my brother Rudra. I was enthralled so I threw my arms to bring him to a hug. “Stupid! Why did you tell you were my cousin”

I said once I released him. “I have to be careful about our presence remember” I nodded knowingly. “I need to tell you something important” he was panicking sort of. I furrowed my brows telling him to continue. “Did you bring any humans with you?” I didn’t answer him. “We are having a meeting, regarding a human specifically a girl, she was captured at our mansion. We are in big trouble if it was us securing her there, you know that we aren’t allowed to reveal our identity to humans or anyone other than our kind” he said in one go. F**k! We are f**ked up. “They will execute her, if it’s true and we’ll be facing severe punishment Om” he let out almost choking. There was a higher system above us which look upon all clans all around the world to maintain peace between us all much like government system in human world. There were few rules we had to follow and if we are to break them we were going to face consequence. I knew whose doing this was. That b*t*h.
Ishaana’s POV
I was blinded and was moving, there was a strong rustic smell. I could here obnoxious laughs. “You could have seen her face, when I attacked her” it was a female voice. I couldn’t quite remember the previous incident, what and how I was here. “You did a good job Maia” I heard a deep male voice. I know that name somewhere, but I couldn’t put a finger on that. “She was a out like a light, when I smeared her with the potion” the woman continued with her chuckle. My mind was once again going fuzzy.

When I opened my eyes, I could see the ground from few feet distance, I quickly blinked away the mist to focus. When I did, I noticed I was in some kind of garage, which was covered with the smell of burnt tires, and greasy machines. I tried to move my hands but I couldn’t. I was tied. My hands were tied to a metallic chain whereas some hook was attached to my back suspending me in the air. When I knew what was going on I tried to kick, scream anything that could make me come out of this trap. If I was in some kind of nightmare I prayed to God I woke up soon. But the hook in the back was piercing me, making me realize, everything of the torture here was indeed real.

Okay… we have a good weather here isn’t it? So I don’t know anything about kidnap so don’t ask me…. How was it….. ??? Still want me to continue?! This series will be only of 30 chapters, and there will be another volume to this one, only if you want me to continue that’s all…. Thanks ??

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    totally! so exciting! i guess it’s a revenge kidnap or something 😀 waiting to see how om saves ishana. loved om-ishana bonding today 🙂 post next soon 🙂

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    Oh….our darling ishu is kidnapped….but om dear will save her soon….N I definitely want u to continue the second series as well….I m loving this …..

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    So, I’m new to comment here.
    I read each & every part and loved it, reading each part was making me crazy and that was pushing me to read d next part eagerly… U r fab in ur writings and one thing I loved most is d way ur Lang. goes it seems like I’m reading a novel and just can’t miss a chapter of it…
    I really got attached to it was for 2 reasons:
    1)Ishkara my love for them…
    2)Your Lang….

    Pl. cont. soon can’t wait to see O rescuing Ishu and their procedding love story…..

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