Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 6

Om’s POV
“Will she be alright?” asked Gurmeet, I nodded my head. “She will be don’t worry” I assured him. “Why can’t we visit her?” Raj let out whining. “She requested me to not—simply because she don’t want you all to miss out here, but she said she would return as soon as possible”. I had already fabricated the story saying that Ishaana was severely injured and had returned back home. “Has she reached safely?” Ramya said. “Don’t worry guys, I have seen to it that she is safe, c’mon she will call you guys in few days after her recovery”. “Thank you so much for taking care of her”.
“In the year 1987, the trade was…..” Why these humans are always dissatisfied? Why they want to learn so much, so I tuned out cause one—learning the human’s disciplines isn’t my type of deal and two—these are such a boring topics. “Guys one minute” the professor requested as soon as clerk had come to ask him something. Few seconds later, “Omkara take over” What?! “Sir?” “Have seen your grades, they are remarkable, and you are already familiar with the topics, so if you don’t mind….” I just nodded reluctantly. When I joined the college, the principal was overwhelmed, cause my grades were exceptional considering my schooling was done in California. “Thank you so much, so if you excuse me guys, I need to take an important call” he excused and took off. I made my way to the dais, and stood behind the podium. The podium mic was too small for my height so I had to bend down and speak. “Hi! Guys” I said after clearing my throat. All girls cheered loudly whereas all the boys greeted solemnly. “So, since I have joined recently, why don’t y’all introduce?” I asked them. There were a lot of yes’s, some no and well some f**k offs. “Okay guys, let us start with the topic, yeah?” now everyone groaned. I just continued to teach.

“So any doubts guys?” None raised there hands, but I could see a small hand lifting up amongst. I just shook my head cause it was Disha Agarwal of course, so I made my way to her. She pretty much asked me to explain from the beginning and when I did, she wasn’t paying attention again. “Did you understand?” “No” she smiled, I sighed. “Will you teach me again? I mean, not here” she asked making puppy dog eyes. “Okay”, she squealed in excitement. When I turned around all girls were raising their hands.

I was packing my stuff, when I noticed something prick me, since I was pressing my bag over my chest. I looked at the small round shaped earring (Jhumka) which was hooked to my front pocket. When I unhooked it, I noticed the golden jewelry shining. Soon I was smiling at that. It was of Ms. Kadoos. She was so different, hyper and…. Whoa?! Back the f**k up! When I started to notice such small little things about a girl—a crazy girl to be exact. These emotions is messing me up, since Maia I haven’t thought about a single girl. I shouldn’t, moreover I am happy being lonely, am I?

When I reached back home, it was half past eight. If we people were normal, we would sleep at these hours, getting ready for the next day but no we aren’t. We don’t need sleep at all. I fumbled my jacket for key for my cabin door. The cabin is in the back of the house and it is basically where I live, while all others stay in the mansion. I needed to return the Jhumka back so when I was done with my work, I decided to go to mansion.


“Aap humse darte nahin ho?” I heard little Ruhi’s voice. “Nahin, isme darne ka Kya baat hai, Haan pehle mujhe laga ki mein yahaan safe nahin Hun, lekin abh voh darr nahin hai” I heard a smooth velvety voice.
I decided to not disturb them, when I turned I faced Khushi. “Hmmm, sneaking on your girlfriend?” she teased me. “No!” I let out quite loudly, and cussed myself when I remembered the two girls behind the door, so I whispered. “No, she isn’t my girlfriend, stop making assumptions”. “Speak for yourself, you’ll be the one confirming it soon”. “Confirming what?” I heard the same velvety voice. “Oh it’s nothing” I scratched the back of my neck nervously. Ishaana raised her perfectly drawn brows higher in amusement. She squinted her eyes narrowly at me, and then she took a quick step towards me. “Isn’t that my earring?” something in me said to not give it to her, at least not now. “No, it’s Ishita bhabhi’s” she just nodded her head not buying my reason. Before she could investigate further Ishita came in to the scene. Oh god! You have screwed up. “Lekin voh Mera nahin hai” bhabhi said, I just looked at her asking her silently to go along. “Haan, abh yaad aagaya, thank you ommie, you just made my day” she finished with extra sweetness, I rolled my eyes at her, I have to pay back the favor some day.
Sorry…. My chapters are getting shorter I am quite busy, and for a change we have our home boy here yay!!! Okay, next update gets quite intense, so brace yourself and it will be long I promise… Thanks??

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