Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 5

“Hi I am Ishita Bhalla, and this is my husband Raman” the fine lady spoke. She seemed nice to me, so I smiled gently at her. “I am Ishaana” I introduced. She nodded her head excitedly. “Will you have something?” she asked me. Of course I am damn hungry, before I could answer my stomach grumbled. She laughed along with her husband, I ducked my head with an embarrassment.
“The food is soooo good” I moaned, God! Her husband is so lucky. It was mind blowing, especially the rasam. When I was full and satiated, I burped once again causing everyone to laugh. I looked everywhere but them, that’s when I noticed how well crafted the house was. There were high ceilings, with vanilla lightings, the wall was occupied by artistic frames, all done by great painters, considering I didn’t know shit— to call the sequence of colors or bunch of shapes as art, they can never be understood by us normal people.
Certain smell made my mind mushy, I don’t know what it was, probably the finest flower essences. Few walls were made of old stones, where there were unusual holes. I didn’t bother to ask why cause they are some weird people. Then I noticed someone descending from the wooden stairs. “Hi!!” she squealed and hugged me out of nowhere. I just dumbly reciprocated, not wanting to upset her. “Oh god!” she palmed her face. I looked at her confusedly. “I forgot to introduce, I am Khushi Kumari Gupta” she grinned. “I am Ishaana” I said back. “Finally another of my kind” she said. I wasn’t quite sure what she was speaking about, when she saw me, she shook her head as if telling me there’s nothing I have to worry about. “Come will give you the house tour” she dragged me upstairs.
“Why only we two are having?” I asked Khushi. Currently we were having our dinner and only we both were having, and all others were either in some sort of conversation or gawking at us. Now there were five of us, Khushi, Ruhaanika, Ishita, Raman and I. The small girl was staring at us, and those two couple were in their own world. “We can’t have” stated the small girl. “Ruhi” said sternly her dad, she shrinked under his gaze. “We had already” Ishita said. When I looked back at Khushi she was smirking. God! These are some weird people.
“Don’t worry you’ll understand”. “I don’t want to understand, I just want this all to be over, so I can I have my normal life back” I scoffed. “Even I felt the same at first, but they don’t harm you they are nice people” Khushi said. “Oh! Don’t tell me killing the professor makes them nice people” I retorted back. “That’s a long story” she sighed. She knows. “Tell me why he was killed?” I demanded. “Well he was a hybrid” What?! What’s up with this hybrid? “When you were lost in the woods, Omkara wanted to drop you off to your dorm, when he did and was returning back something pounced upon him. He fought, and both were seriously injured. Since Omkara is you know—Vampire, he was healed soon, but the professor was turned recently, and trust me the new ones can’t control their rage” she grimaced. “And if it’s hybrid it’s dangerous especially if it is in enemy clan, he was newly adopted by the enemy clan. And was trained to attack these people, and they do these a lot. So it took him a week to heal, but when he was healed he went missing the night before he got killed. When Omkara and Shivaay went out for searching, they saw Professor attacking few of their clan, so they once again fought him, and it was endless, since he was as strong as them both, finally at dawn they managed to rip his head off” she explained. Whoa?! Okay, since I am not a huge fan of Vampire Diaries, I don’t know shit about these creatures. “So what do you mean by hybrid?”. “They are a mix between Vampire and Werewolf, they aren’t bad but if they are trained for not so good purposes, then they can cause wreck” okay, I can understand a bit now. “Do vampires seriously feed off of humans, like I mean don’t they have food?” I questioned her, cause I thought Vampire and their theories were all myths and just fantasies and since Raman nor Ishita heck not even the small girl was having their food, I got a doubt. I thought they were humans too like me. “No, they don’t have food but blood. They can survive off of animals too, but when they are craving much they do. New ones can’t control their hunger or rage so they do need intense training, but when you are familiar enough, you can control”. “Are you one among them too?” I asked her since she was explaining so finely. She chuckled. “No silly, I am human being, no wait—being human, God! Salman Khan” she beamed. Okay she is definitely human. “So only you and I here are humans, and all others are Vampires right?” I asked her and she nodded her head affirmatively. “So how did you end up here?” I asked her.
Surprise update is it? Hell yes!!!!?
So hope u got cleared about professor… and this was just a filler chapter for the week in the mansion. There will be a lot to expect , how was it? Leave ur feedback…. Thanks….. ??

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