Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 4

“Uhm what are we talking about?” I claimed for their attention. They both glared at me, whoa what did I do? “We have to prepare, otherwise there will be consequences” Shivaay said. All of a sudden we heard a swoosh. When I looked up there were few people sliding down the long deodar trees. “They are here! Take her and go” Shivaay cried out, he was now in defense stance. As before I was again swept off, but the difference now was we were climbing the trees more like rocketing up. I was feeling dizzy, when I looked back at the ground Shivaay was fighting all other monsters who were surrounding him.

Once we were up the tree, I could see a whole 360° sight of Manali. And should I say it was good, nah it was breath taking. Just marvelous. When I cocked my head to the side the monster’s face came to the view. He isn’t bad, I mean besides from being a leprechaun, he has a well carved face. If I wasn’t knowing he was the same monster I could have gotten a big crush at the first day itself. “I know I am handsome young boy, stop ruining it by staring at me” narcissistic much?

“No I am no narcissistic, but stating the facts make it so then you can call it whatever you want” What the hell how could he read my mind, Oh my god! He is a witch. He started to laugh. “Your thoughts make my day Ms. Kadoos” who the hell did he call Kadoos. “Don’t call me that when you are the one” I pointed my index finger at him giving him a warning. He just smiled. “Having fun Om?” I heard a sweet female voice behind us. When I whipped my head back she was right at my face. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach, these days surely I am gonna die. And why all these are as white as polar bears? I think they aren’t from India. He just watched her, making a straight face. “You aren’t allowed to be with these humans” she scoffed. “And I didn’t ask your opinion” he stated like it’s a matter of fact.

“Listen I know you’re mad at me, but how can I refuse my brother’s orders” she said desperately trying to convince him. “No you listen here Maia, the day you joined your stupid brother’s clan, even when I warned you, the decision was made. You were no more the girl I used to love” sadness was laden in his voice. Whoa?! Are we at Shakespeare’s play. I just shook my head at the episode before me, one they could patch up or they can just move different ways, why are they making it so damn difficult, much like saas-bahu serials and why are they in such a uncomfortable silence, my tolerance is much more cause, growing up watching never ending soap operas in India makes us stoic, especially women. “What did you want from me after so much of silence and sadness the only ones you gave me” he asked her. “I am just looking out for you, I still love you Om, my brother when he said he wants revenge, I just refused to play with him. In fact he said that I have to woo you back, which can make his game much easier, but I rejected” Om shook his head not believing any of her words. “I am not dumb alright, I am going now” he swung his arms at my waist. “Hold tight” that’s the last thing I heard besides Maia chick glaring at me.
We were jumping from one tree to another like a orangutan. “God can we stop” I breathed out, but he didn’t listen. All of a sudden I was going down it was like a ball whooping down the basket, but height made the difference, of course, I clutched his shirt very tightly, hello I am not a monster who is used to this. He looked at me right in the eye. Now I wasn’t feeling the height difference hell I couldn’t feel anything except my heart thudding, not out of fear but in a good way. He just gave me a warm gentle smile. I reciprocated back, Am I out of my mind? Yeah definitely if the craziness goes on. We arrived at the biggest mansion I have ever had my eyes on. Most of it was made from glass and fine wood. I was mesmerized. “You’ll be staying here for a week” he said as if it was pre decided.

“Hello Mister, am I looking some type of dumb for you, sure this is a great mansion that doesn’t mean you are forcing me to stay here” I scorned at him. “Listen here, the people whom Shivaay was fighting have already known your presence, and Maia can remember each and every blood fragrance, she has a great sensory nodes. So if you return back it would be harmful for you” what about my friends? “I will make sure your friends stays safe too, I will go back once you are secured here”. “Wait you call blood fragrance?” I asked him disgusted. How can one think the cold metallic smelling fluid as a fragrance. “Cause we are vampires” I widened my eyes as big as a soccer ball. And then that’s my cue to black out.

“Will she be alright Mama?” I could here a faint voice. “Yes baby she will be, can you help me? Go and call your Papa for me” the oldest one voiced out. I was squeezing my eyes shut, trying to focus on my vision. When I opened them I could see a butterscotch colored ceiling. And the sun through the window was making it difficult for me. “Now what madrasan?” there was a man much intimidating for his height with annoyed look. My vision was crystal clear now. “I am going to need a few medicines, will you please bring them?” she asked her husband.

“Yeah college begins tomorrow, but I have some staff meeting regarding the professor”. Wait professor? Oh I have seen this man somewhere. Where? Yes I have seen him in our college grounds, is he? Oh god! He is professor Bhalla who teaches global business, which isn’t my subject, since our college offers a different courses, we have a three extra options for the other three courses other than six subject, you know making us all trained as if all the students are gonna become future entrepreneurs. Is he a Vampire too? Oh Vampire, my blood is going cold just thinking of it.

So double update cause why not? And what are Bhallas doing here? Trust me there are others too, why I am updating is cause first off this was of the previous part, but I didn’t post cause I am lazy and second I will be posting next week itself I will be busy so hope you all enjoyed… have a nice day fellas. Thanks and there will be more people on cruise, the more the merrier, so brace yourself and leave your feedback how was it…??? love???

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  1. Lovely dear… Ishu pov is awesome… Waiting for the next update..

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  2. Nita D

    Awesome episode…..Thx for the double update…..I m loving this…..what….I have to wait one full week for the next part…..no….I cannot wait so much….N Mr bhalla…? He said madrasan…. that means Ishita Raman are also there along with oberios….? This is becoming more and more interesting…..

    1. Dope65

      Thanks and yeah u have to wait sadly??

  3. Aarti32

    Wat r bhallas doing in Ishqbaaaz ff?? I’m confused ?

  4. fabulous…. loved it.. Eagerly waiting for the next update.. plz post asap…

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