Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 3

“Let us go ice skiing!” cheered Raj. We had got two days leave and we were dying with boredom. Since the body was found near the college perimeter, police were investigating whole college grounds and even inquired about the Professor, so our principal decided to give us a break, both—in mourning for our beloved teacher and also for investigation. If I could have been the principal I would straight away give a month holiday cause I know—students sufferings and I needed my lone time too—to get away from all this fuss.
Is it necessary to invite the monster over. Nobody weighs my opinion. “C’mon, he is so nice, and you are what grumpy cause he caused you fatigue?!” Disha asked me. This girl just wants to woo him. I just shook my head and stomped my foot. “Whoa! Didn’t I tell you guys kids aren’t allowed” joked Gurmeet. “Chalo guys let’s ski” Ramya exclaimed excitedly. Since we were all familiar with this we started off immediately whereas Disha volunteered to teach Om. Gurmeet was eyeing them both with certain disappointment. We all knew his crush on Disha except her of course, and whenever she would flirt with random boy, Gurmeet would feel like a kicked puppy. And on the other hand Ramya and Raj were pushing each other to win over as if there was some international skiing competition, and these all call me a child. I held my poles crisscross against my chest, and puffed out the air, ready to experience the craziness.
The cold wind was blowing against my face pretty roughly, but I couldn’t care less. I was going zigzag way as if to show off my ultimate talent and to rub on my friends I didn’t use the poles that much to my support. All were left behind and I was ahead huh! What a Losers! serves them right. I smirked and skid through the ice.
Suddenly my binder got unscrew and my ski was unstable, I turned my head back to look for my friends for help but they were far behind. God! I am gonna die, this slope is so deep, if I fall from here no one trace even a single bone. Oh please!! All of a sudden I was swept of the ground and was moving in the lightning speed. When I creaked open my eyes slightly squinting at the man. Oh god! This monster is going to kill me which can be worse than falling. I started to bite him to get me off, but all in vain.
“Why did you help me and don’t touch me!” I raged at the pale monster. His lips twitched in amusement and when I couldn’t think less he dropped me. Idiot! “What do you think of yourself you…” before I could speak he started. “You weren’t complaining back in the woods? I am the one who helped you get back to your dorm Ms. Dumb head” Oh heavens, he is so full of himself. I glared at him, when I couldn’t find enough swear words to curse him. “Well! Well look who’s here!” someone appeared from the dark bushes. They were as pale as Om. Oh no! Are they gonna chop me off. Om looked at me concern clear in his face. “What do you want now Shivaay?” judging by his tone he was clearly pissed. “That’s one way to greet bro! And you brought a fresh blood for me” the Shivaay monster looked at me hungrily as if I am a piece of meat. “Stay away from her!” “Oh someone have go nee girlfriend, how are you babhi?” he asked me with a huge grin. Omkara threw his hands up in the air dramatically as if he was done with this all. “Chill I am not gonna kill your baby girl, I was checking on you, the clan has returned” he stated seriously.
I am not understanding one bit, in which world am I.
So what clan? And Oberois are good or nah?? And should I still continue this….???? Leave your feedback. Thanks

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  1. Samm

    of course you should continue this! and that’s one hell of a cover pic! also, awesome update. post next soon 🙂

    1. Dope65

      Thank u??

  2. Nice one dear..

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      Thank u,?

  3. Nita D

    So all oberios are vampires….Interesting….. yes plz plz continue…..I love this….

  4. Amazing update… loved it.. Waiting for the next episode…

    1. Dope65

      Thanks ? next post is updated

  5. Aarti32

    Vampire Oberois!! Interesting ??

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