Dark Woods- Vampire Series FF part 10


Ishaana’s POV
Chaos everywhere. Few people were laying dead and few were still fighting with their might. I couldn’t decipher what the hell is going here. Someone came up to me and released me from all the chains and ties and took me in their arms. I was tired and exhausted I simply leaned on them for support. Everything around me was just a blur, but amid these I saw someone. She looked like me, the only difference being red head. She was lying down wincing with the pain, then she noticed me, glaring hard at me. “C’mon Ishaana” I heard Om’s voice. I smiled at the familiar husky tone, he had come for my rescue as always, I rested my head on his shoulder and got lost into plain slumber.

“Ishaana” “Ishaana” when I woke up, rubbing my eyes. “Where were you?” I answered with no hesitation. “Mhmm some old garage in some unknown country” the room where I supposed to be resting was filled with numerous laughter. When I turned around, the realization hit me. I was in my classroom. “This isn’t your dreamland Ms. Ishaana, next time you’ll be out of the class” Mrs. Thakur warned me, puffing her cheeks to calm her anger down.
Was this all my dream? I need answers.
So I decided to hike those stupid icy mountains, and cross that lake and finally the thick forest to the mansion. The weird thing was, there was no mansion. I can’t believe that was only in my dreams. I checked my wrists and they were pretty in tact not broken or bruised with those super strong chains. I was physically okay, no bruise, no pain but my mind was somewhere else. “Do you need any help?” there stood the red head smirking. “Are you my lost twin?” I asked her, c’mon if you could have seen her you would have said the same thing. She just laughed at me. “Your hallucinating of course” she had mischievous glint in her eyes. “Then, why the hell are you talking to me?” I was beyond irritated now. “The mansion is right behind your back, but you can’t see if you could, cause your sight is blocked.” I furrowed my brows at her. Then, why does she isn’t out of my sight. “The answer to your next question is that—your lover boy’s tricks doesn’t apply to me” who’s lover boy now? “Listen, I may hate your mate’s guts, but I am here for your help, despite of Viraj’s clan protests I am here” she said sincerely. “We don’t have much time, you’ve to be safe, you don’t want to be drawn into these immortals’ fight, do you?” I shook my head, I may have developed feelings for Om, that doesn’t mean I didn’t need a break from this all.

“Remember what I said? Keep that in mind!” Kripi had explained me few things, necessary ones of course, and now she had come to drop me off. I nodded at her words, grateful for being a lending shoulder. She returned the warm smile, speaking of which—reminded me of Omkara, I wonder what is going to happen now, nonetheless I grinned widely at his memory. I soon bid her quick good bye and made my way to my dorm.
“So nice of you to join us” the voice echoed through the room, a sarcastic one by the way. “Oh heavens! Khushi” I squealed. She climbed off my bed, bringing me in a tight bear hug. Ramya squinted her eyes at me, questioning me through her gaze, for which I shook my head, I didn’t want any of my friends to be dragged down to these leprechaun world, I have had enough. “Om said that you are back to your college and pretty much disturbed?” she asked worriedly more like whispered in my ear. I don’t know, why he said that though, I am more than fine, at least much more than my ‘real dream’—I was still confused about that whole thing. What should I believe and what should I not. I was so into dilemma.

“Good morning students, kindly take your seats” currently I was just waiting for Om, I needed to talk to him. When it was time for his roll call, someone stood up to say that he wasn’t present, but the knock on the door stole the moment. We all glanced at the door frame to notice, all too familiar figure grinning widely at the Professor, but on contrary Professor’s face was mimicking the cold rock from the Alps of Manali. He was scared. The smile on Om’s face soon turned into frown, seemingly noticing Professor’s demeanor. “What the hell is that?” Professor finally mustered up, his voice quivering, almost. Since I was seating at the second last row I couldn’t see why the hell Professor was scared and what made him do so? The whole front row gasped, giving the same look of Professor, to say they were scared would be an understatement. I didn’t even know what was going on, but soon Professor gently patted him on the back and told him to take his seat, the fact that I could only hear their voices and catching only few glances made me furious.

After college hours:
I searched the whole damn college, but all in vain. I couldn’t trace him. Why is he ignoring me? Did I do something? He didn’t even talk to me in the class, despite of me calling out to him, to the extent where I was granted a detention for interrupting the Accountancy class. I was exhausted from all this, if avoiding me was the only option then why in the hell would he drag me into this hell in the first place. Was I being stupid, expecting at least something from him, ugh God kill me now. I pulled my well brushed locks in frustration.
While I was my way to the dorm, I saw something or rather someone following me. I turned several times to check who is it, but I was the all by myself on the way. Was it really all my hallucination. When I climbed up the stairs, and soon barged to my room. “Hey, you alright?” Ramya asked me worriedly. I just nodded solemnly and fell on the bed exhausted. Why this is getting on my nerves, I need to relax. But the yellow flicker and black hoodie, was clearly etched behind the bushes, I crawled to the window near the bed to have a look at it, but was met with nothing. Yup, I am definitely hallucinating.

I’m sorry, for the late update, was caught up with work. And here is the update, if you liked then definitely leave a feedback, tell me how did you feel about it and only ten more chapters to go….. thanks??

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