The Dark Woods – Chapter 15; BATTLE SCARS


“Where are we?” I asked Om. He didn’t reply and I was getting impatient here. When I scoffed and turned towards the foggy window he sighed and replied, “I don’t want to risk your safety” he said softly his voice straining. Now, I got angry, how can I not protect myself. “And you think I’m risking it huh?” I retorted angrily. He narrowed his eyes at me, clenching his jaw as if to control his angry remark. And my inner wolf was growling, trying to harm anything and anyone coming my way. It didn’t like anyone talking to me down as if, I was some broken doll. “This—” he paused pointing towards me. “This same attitude makes you a lot dumber than you think” now my inner wolf wasn’t having it. I yet had to control my wolf, we yet hadn’t established that strong bond, it’s as if it has its own mind. And that’s how my fangs and nails started to stretch from their roots growing into long peaks. My bones started crunching as though they are going through some treacherous pain. The low feral growl from the bottom of my stomach wasn’t helping much to my mind’s protest to not do anything that I could regret later. But everything was in vain. I howled and the car came to a sudden halt. I broke my side of the door and took off towards the deep forest. This was my first shift and by the super speed my body was possessing I could say my wolf was excited. It was as if, I was free from all of the confinements. The heavy dirt under my paws wasn’t that much of a problem for me.

“That’s not the way to shift you know, you’ve to undergo vigorous training, and after all the hard work you’ve to control the inner you, you’ve to strengthen your bond—” I didn’t wait for his cod philosophy here. I was tired of following others, tired of people telling me what to do and what not to do. I am my own person, no one can one own me. And with that thought I jumped at Om. And he immediately threw me away with this impeccable force, that had bruised me and also my ego. I quickly hopped on my four paws and took a step back. I looked up at the red-eyed vampire glaring at me. I gritted my teeth and let out an angry growl. This wasn’t the end. The rain was heaving on us, showing us no mercy with its heavy pelts like drop. And when he fastened his way towards me, I trudged towards him with the same speed, and all hell broke loose.

The impact of our collision was insane. I had scratched his arms and torso leaving the heavy red welts at its wake. His shirt was torn halfway to his waist and he was breathing heavily. My wolf whimpered from the first battle scar but nevertheless I had upped in the fight. The question here was, even if he was as stronger as me he wasn’t up for the fight. Why? He looked as if he was going through a lot of pain. I marched towards him looking at his poor state. My wolf howled at the moon shining in the dark midnight sky. Our fight has taken a whole day consuming us rolling over each other and leaving heap of marks on the other. My wolf has calmed down, and was whimpering mess realising I have caused so much pain to ‘the mate‘. He was my mate. I didn’t know what to do, so I circled him vigorously. His blue-black nerves were showing underside his eyes, his fangs were out. He tried to say something but I couldn’t understand so I ducked my head downward near his hushing mouth. “Blood, I ne…. need bl….blood…” He said weakly, his eyes were dropping so I licked his cheek to wake him up. He smiled weakly at my vain attempts and opened his mouth but I shook my head at him and collapsed on the ground just arching my back, telling him to hop on my back telepathically. And after a lot of struggles I carried of on my back and made my towards the wooden cabin, that he had suggested few moments back.

When I made my way back to the cabin empty handed, Om was breathing heavily and slowly on the couch, holding tightly to his sides. I sniffled looking at his state that I had caused. I shouldn’t have shifted. I shouldn’t have attacked him. I am so dumb and stupid like he said. “No you aren’t” his strained voice bounced off of the walls of the living room. I jerked my head towards him and walked slowly to the foot of the couch on my fours. I had gone for hunting searching for any prey for the blood he required. But that was all just a waste of time, that only slowed his progress and he wasn’t even healing. “You’re a lot Brave than you think Ishu, don’t ever think otherwise, if I was in your shoes I would have done the same” he stuttered. I quickly retracted back and sat at the corner not even knowing what to do. That’s when I got an idea. I tried to shift back to human form but it was just a lost struggle. After a lot of tried attempts I slowly shifted back to my original form with more pain than I encountered before. I quickly ran upstairs to one of the rooms and got changed quickly in some of Om’s big sweatshirt and some sweatpants. When I was down by his side, I brushed all my hair to my right shoulder and stretched my neck. “Om this us your chance” awaiting for the inevitable pain. But it didn’t come. “I…. ca.. can’t… do…th… that” I pleaded my eyes at him. “Please, for my sake” and then slowly he sat up and leaned towards me. His fangs pricked my soft skin piercing its way into my veins. This was a whole different feeling then I thought. I was excited by this strange ordeal. It was as though I had looked forward for him to suck me off. After few minutes of pleasure (at least for me) we parted away looking at each other’s eyes with love and lust, gentleness and harshness, light and dark, hot and cold, sour and sweet as if the sun and moon has collided. Soon we were smashing lips with so much love and affectionate and at the same time with so much passion. His fangs pricked my bottom lip, causing me to hiss slightly. This woke his inner demon he smirked lightly at me and continued kissing me. Now that he was back as new as first, he lifted me wrapping my arms and legs around him. He carried me towards his bedroom.

And that was my best night ever, we made love like never before with so much passion and love, promising to be by each other’s side always and to love with all of our heart’s content.

It was a wonderful beginning to our relationship… But I didn’t know that would only last for that passionate night. More horrible things was awaiting me in the morning and I wasn’t knowing anything, I was just happy in the wonderful bliss.


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