The Dark Woods – Chapter 14


Flash back:

‘What will you do now?’ Rudra asked me. Honestly, I don’t know the answer to it. I just sipped the cold soda, the current beverage we had managed to get. ‘Do you really think he would do, what he supposedly said to do, to threaten Ishaana?’ he asked again. Before I could answer that someone barged into our room. What the hell? ‘What in the world are you doing here?’ I asked the red head who scoffed immediately as if I had grown two heads. ‘Where else I would be?’ ‘Are you playing, if you are then you’re most welcome to get out of my house now’ I screeched. Seriously, I was done with people playing games with me. Kripi leaned in keeping her stance ready. ‘You don’t know shit so don’t talk’ she is the one to talk. ‘I’m here for my sister’ Sister? Who’s sister? ‘There’s no one’s sister here’ I exclaimed. ‘Yes, there is, and you’ll not stop me from seeing her’ ‘And what? allow you to make Ishaana an easy bait for your highness, no effing way’ by now my head was throbbing and the veins in my neck was bulging. ‘Listen here, I used to work for Virat but when he posed threat to my own sister I left his group, and I wasn’t working directly under him, I was working for one of his local goon’ she desperately said. ‘What proof do you have she is your sister? She can be your clone or double?’ she paced the room frustratedly. She was thinking mile in a second. ‘Okay, listen to me carefully, there’s a huge story behind why she is my sister, and why the hell we weren’t together and all that shit, we don’t have time to discuss this, I just need to see her, please’ she begged, pain in her eyes was evident. I just stood there for few minutes, contemplating the fact that she has worked for Virat, and would easily sell out the information to him, but the desperate look made me think otherwise. I nodded allowing her to check on her supposed sister.


‘So, basically the plan is you to be away from her and convince her you have nothing to do with her so that it becomes obvious to them that you aren’t together, and mainly they have to never know that you both are mates’ Kripi repeated the words. I nodded. ‘Yes, and you’ll watch her everyday and subtly tell her the current situation and you have to be careful too’ she just nodded and walked out of the room.


‘Where is your plaything, baby?’ Maya whispered into my ears. I can’t with her, I want to smash her head into nearby wall, and snapping her head isn’t that much of an effort. But, doing so, would be dead give away that Ishaana means something to me, I have to convince her and her stupid brother that we are two different people who don’t have anything to do with, so Ishaana can be protected. Of course, I can say the truth but the thing is they are capable of worse things and if for a minute I am not around they can be a real danger to her life. ‘Can we not talk about her?’ I forcefully gagged as if taking Ishaana’s name was a sin. The surprise look on Maya was enough for me. She was so dumb, even after living with me she hasn’t learned my movements or actions, and I thank God for that cause if she would have learned all of that, she could have detected a lie. I patted myself for that. Great job buddy. ‘I knew that, she has nothing on me’ Oh please! no one can compete Ishaana, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen to walk on this very own earth. Getting lost in her thoughts was so easy, but I snapped out of it when someone was leaning into me as if the moment Ishaana was out of my life I would be back to her, Sike! she has thought wrong. I backed away from her. ‘Please, keep some distance’ I mocked her and walked away.

‘Well, well look who we have here’ the mocking tone of disgusting familiar voice was not so hard to make out. Great, sister and brother are f**king with my mind. They don’t even give a rest to it. ‘What the hell you want?’ ‘If I ask will you give me it your majesty’ he asked through his disgusting laughs. ‘Where is your pet? Huh? Did she leave your pathetic self after learning who you actually are? Just like your parents did? There’s no one who you can call yours, you’re such a piece of crap’ he and his minions were laughing at me. ‘Don’t talk about my parents like that, at least they had a reason, but look at you, you have them in your life, but do they contribute something, no, they hate your guts’ it was my time to shine. The look on his face indicates that I had hit a nerve. It serves him right. He shouldn’t talk about others when he is the one— my thoughts got interrupted when Virat lunged on me and punched my jaw. And that’s my cue to snap some a*sh*les’ heads. I blared my fangs at them and pounced on them, his team was reducing. When I finally had him by his neck, which was about to twist, but in no time some purple smoke came out of nowhere and blurred my vision and when it was clear, there were no one but me. My face was disjointed, I cracked it and repositioned my jaw and made my way back to my class. When I arrived at front of the class, the professor gasped and all the front row of the class followed his gaze and did the same. By the looks of it I had forgotten to retract my fangs, but as I retracted them, I made the witnesses to forget the image that they had just saw, it was a difficult trick which I learned in my teens.




I have never been this confused in my life. One minute, I am convulsing to death and next I discover- I am some supernatural being, this is not normal at all. I try to wrap my head around all the changes I am going through these weeks. So far, I haven’t had any seizure like attacks which means I am doing good and by Ishita’s words I am perfectly fine and those seizures meant nothing but me regaining my long lost powers back. I am still hungover at the fact that I am a werewolf. So far, I have learned few stances and also all about being a werewolf. Few I can name like, I will be warm than the normal temperature 24/7. I age slowly like damn slowly, which means I can live for hundreds. We run in packs usually family and we are always bonded together. In a pack we have alpha as head and beta as second-in-command. And the rest are simple wolves. We all have greater agility to run, feed, strength, super hearing senses( basically we are infrasonic, that means we can hear even small speck of dust falling if any chance it makes sound), and also super vision it’s like ten times clear and sharp. And there is also, Omega who is fragile, weak wolf, but wolf nonetheless. And learning more brought more head ache cause that’s too much to comprehend. “Hey, you okay?” Omkara asked me as I was lost in my own sea of thoughts. I just gave him a timid smile and nodded. I was so lucky to have him in my life, sure because of him I am experienced all these shitty situations, but also if it weren’t for him I would be long dead. I had took slight liking to him, like whenever he was around I would get all these jitters in my stomach like when you visit your dream place and your all excited and nervous all at the same time. The way he is gentle with me, like if he makes a mistake I would be broken sure it gets annoying but cute nonetheless. When I get lost in his thoughts, there is no place for time, it’s like I have my mind running on my own pace. I like him. Oh my God! I like him, admitting my feelings to myself is like setting myself free from unknown burden as if I was shoving all these emotions deep. “Hey, you okay? You seem you’re zoning out, should I call a doctor?” “No, I am okay, just thinking about past week” he just nodded and sat on the foot of the bed. “Am I scaring you?” “No, why do you ask that?” “Then why the hell are you sitting so far, c’mere” he was hesitant at first but once I gave him pleading look he scooted closer. “Omkara, I have something to confess” This decision was so sudden for me, probably, before something could happen bad I wanted to at least confess my feelings to him. He just nodded as if already knowing what I was going to say. “I like you, like really like you” and I just closed my eyes tightly fearing any rejection. Idiot! How stupid you can be, just rescuing and feeding you for few days doesn’t mean he have to reciprocate your feelings, you’re so dumb to think that. Probably, I had made a worst decision. “Hey, look at me” he softly whispered his mint breath wafting all around me. I opened my eyes only to see his honey brown eyes staring right through me. “The feelings are mutual” he grinned from ear to ear. I got chills everywhere, must be the chilly evening we are having here in Manali, or just maybe it could be his sincere words. Considering I am a werewolf now, it might be his words that caused so much chill. We were staring at each other for a long time now, might be minutes might be hours, I could look at him for days, cause he was piece of an art. He deserved to be stared at and be admired. At which point we leaned in I don’t know, but we did and I licked my bottom lips in anticipation. And just like that he merged our lips. He sucked my lips like it was some nectar. I weaved my hand through his hair ruffling them. His both hands cupped my cheeks and his thumbs were caressing my cheek bone, and my God all the heat was rushing to my cheeks, and somewhat his cold hands were soothing like the cool breeze you get to feel after a long time basking in sunlight. We deepened our kiss, he kissed all over my face gently and dragged those minty lips to my pulse point, that’s where I lost, he sucked me like never before, I tightened my hands almost scratching his scalp in process. I could feel something poke me at the base of my neck, must be his fangs, and I wasn’t scared at all but I was ecstatic but before something could happen he pulled away, much to my dismay. He pecked me when I pouted at him, like the child who has lost his candy to his best friend. “It’s time for your rest, we’ll talk about this later okay” he assured me and pushed some food tray between us. I wolfed down all of my lunch, no pun intended.
Someone’s POV:
“Have you got everything ready?” I asked. Virat nodded. This time there will be two baits in one trap. We made our way to Sir McCallaugh’s office. I rapped my knuckles on his office door. It cracked open. “Good evening Sir,” I greeted him. He just nodded curtly, he wasn’t fond of me cause of my bad record but I just don’t care. “What brings you here?” “Ah, let’s have some tea, shall we?” I made my way to his table and pulled out a chair to make myself comfortable. “I don’t have much time , I need to head back to Colombia to check some clan activities that we have some problem with” he rushed. “I think the news I am about to say is more important than that” “Get to the point” “You know Omkara right?” he smiled lightly as if taking his name was some prayer or something. “Do you know Ishaana then?” he shaked his head. “She is a new born werewolf, might as well be Omega, cause she doesn’t have her pack, that’s not important, the important thing is she and Omkara are mates” his eyes widened, cause one thing Vampires hate more than anything is the filthy werewolves. We ahd some pact that neither werewolves nor Vampires would cross, even though I had broken that rule long time this isn’t time to show it off this my time to shine and rise. “But, you said newly turned, that means she isn’t a threat” “Probably not if it was what you thought but the situation is worst, she has some history with Dwitishodh, she might as well be in his pack disguised to ruin us, what if this is all her plan, and Dwitishodh has called for war, his pack has grown into some powerful werewolves he wants to over take our place” this made Sir to think mile in a second. “What are your solution for this?” he asked frustrated. “The best thing is to kill that girl, but otherwise we have to separate them both and never ever associate with them werewolves.” And just like that the water has begun. “Its up to you, Sir” I tipped my hat in farewell and walked away. “So, it’s a war then?” Virat smiled. “It’s indeed, a war” I laughed at the chaos I caused.
A/N: hey folks, this was such a long and shitty update but don’t come for me I gave you that kissing scene cause might as well be since there would be blood and bruises all over next few updates. Leave back your lovely feedback if you’ve liked. Until then, see ya 

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