The Dark Woods – Chapter 13


Ishaana :

My throat is dry, it’s as if I was buried deep in Sahara desert. My lips are chapped too, I lick my lips to wet them, make them bit soften. My head is light for a second, then something shoots right through my temple. Pain. It f**king hurts. I furrow my brows, and wince, but no sound comes, I am still mum for some reason. I attempt to move my limbs, they are numb at first, then they tingle. I roll my eyes, but all I see is black. Someone is moaning at far distance. The moaning seems familiar, the voice seems familiar. I try to comprehend what that chaos is all about. But, before I could come to find out, I hear someone laughing. And the loud scream, as if their soul is agonized. I open my eyes, only to see the screams are all behind some flames. The whole fire has swallowed them. I could have saved them even though I don’t know what they are to me right now, but my instinct says they are someone who belong to me. I am f**king helpless. I open my mouth this time I am making some incorrigible sounds, probably asking for help, to help me and the ones in the fire. There are no screams now, but the crack in the flame can be easily heard, I know what it is, the bones of the person are cracking and burning to ashes. The dark silhouette which I didn’t know of, is walking towards me.

I am desperate and try to move away, as much as possible. The dark shadow now has company. “What should we do about her?” there was a scoffs in response. “Of course, we’ll kill her” “You can’t kill her just like that dumbass, I may become the alpha now, but it runs in her blood, I need to get a hold of all the secrets and treasures that the true alpha holds, I need to become a true alpha” the smugness can be clearly heard in his voice. Now I try to sit up and remember all the things that led me here. My father and I were escaping, from Dwitishodh my father’s long time best friend-turned-back stabber. He was hungry for fame, reputation, status. My mom cheated on my father with his best friend for all the same reasons, but turns out he wants all that to himself and not even his temporary lover. When my mom knew all of his nasty business, she tried to sell him out to my father but the second she did she was murdered. And I can still remember it very vividly, her blood splashing on my dad’s face, he was horrified, he stood frozen for a second then when he heard my screams, he hugged me protectively, pulling me from our wooden cabin to the deep forest. When we were deep enough, dad pulled under some dark tree. “

Listen here Ishaana, you’ll do what I say okay?” he asked me desperately. He was terrified for my life, and I didn’t know what to do I was just ten years old. “Everything will be alright, you’re going to survive this, with me or without me” he said through tears, and I let out a loud sob, he immediately shushed me and pulled me into his arms. “I am serious Ishu, you’re going to go to Uncle Amir, if I don’t make it. The rest he explains to you okay?” I nod and hold him maybe for last time. I just know that my parents are different and our world is different but the hunger for possession isn’t. I let out a loud sob, the scream rising from the bottom of my pit, cause the person behind the flame was my father. But the loud and obnoxious laughter continues. I could only make a few words through my screams that something along “make her memory fade” “we need her later” and as the tattoo (which I didn’t know how I got) faded away so did my memory.

Now I can here indistinct chatters and some machines beeping. “Oh my God! Her pulse is rising” and it’s probably true cause after the nightmare of memory, my body is feeling heavy, my soul is being trapped. I am panting and sweating, my mouth agape. I am trying to pull as much oxygen as possible. “Ishaana come out of your dream” I can make out someone is shouting. My mind is everywhere, and my body is jerking. My blood is rushing from head to toe and vice versa. It’s as of I am going to explode. I feel tingles in my limbs’ apex. There’s some movements in my gums. I claw on my bed to hold me down.

I can’t here anything now, everything is inaudible. My heart beat has piqued and reached it’s maximum if one beat less or one beat more I can explode. I open my eyes. My pulse and beat are still for a second then they function rapidly. I blink my eyes to adjust to the harsh focus light above me, it’s not painful as though I can tolerate any amount of harshness, as if my eyesight are of next level. I can here smallest of the things now, like the sound of the screw rattling at far distance, maybe someone is drilling, it’s as if I am infrasonic. I look everywhere, making some kind of memory. After all the NDE (NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE) my body feels exhausted so I lie back and blank out. When I wake up again Omkara, Ishita, Ramya are surrounding me. When I try to open my mouth Om beats me to it. “I have taken care of everything, so don’t worry, you need rest” he lets out through hoarse and rough voice, as if he was crying and there are dried tears smearing his cheeks. He seems happy to see me.


“So I had a weird dream” I announce. Kripi nods telling me to continue. She had come to visit me after begging Om to go change and rest, he complied after good amount of arguing. “I don’t know, I am lying some where, there’s someone burning, some dark shadow laughing at it then coming to me and talking about some alpha stuff, which reminds me of the sub dream where my supposedly dad and I are running into deep forest and later he tells me to meet some Amir uncle, and then someone catching up to us beating me to almost death, burning my father(supposed), then talking about fading my memory and true alpha, I don’t even what I am talking oh God” I groaned. Kripi had tears in her eyes, she was happy as though I had won her million dollar lottery ticket. “Indeed you are right, and you’re not dreaming some nightmare, it was your past, buried past” I look at her puzzled, where is she going at. “You’re a werewolf, and alpha to be exact, and no less alpha, a true alpha”. “What the—” “You’re the lost alpha.”


A/N: so Ishaana isn’t vampire but werewolf and she is born with it, more details to come in upcoming chapters. Please don’t kill me for the typos cause I haven’t proof read, but thanks for reading through… see you next time <3

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