The Dark Woods – Chapter 12 part 2

Quick precap: (Ignore it if you have known everything till date ty )

Ishaana and her friend Ramya, head to Rajgiri Forests (Dark woods) since they were bored. Then when they lose signal they start to panic and they get even more scared when they hear someone scream for their life, they start to flee the scene but unfortunately only Ramya goes back to Dorms and Ishaan loses her way through and next thing she is witnessing is a black cloaked body hovering over a dead body the next second itself she is facing the monster (in her words) with blood dripping from it’s fangs and it’s eyes glowing red and then she faints unable to face the monster. Few days, still shook by the previous week’s events she tries to move on by attending her first class, but then by the end of the class she’s introduced to new classmate Omkara, who she described as handsome yet mysterious and dark and when they make eye contact she can’t believe that Omkara’s eyes are glowing red for few seconds and again she faints. Her friends are making fun of her for fainting in class and then they start to discuss about the new student, she gets irked by mentioning him but later one of them invite him to lunch.

They try to interrogate him but he is subtle and just gives vague answers, from the start even though Ishaan has her doubt on Omkara she doesn’t mention it. Few minutes later they come to know of their Professor’s uncertain death and their college gets shut for whole week. Ishaan and her friends decide to go skiing in those weeks and one day when they go, her ski board loses it’s screws and she hurriedly slides through her way, when she is sure that she is going to die someone lifts her up and lands them to a safer place, and that someone seems to be Omkara. Later, when they’re heading back after few rants and arguments, they face Shivaay who informs them that evil clan is back, they rush to safer place while few clan members start fight with Shivaay, then they encounter Maya, who is Omkara’s ex. She confesses encounter Maya, who is Omkara’s ex.

She confesses her heartfelt feelings to him but he rejects since she betrayed him in the past. Omkara decides that Ishaan should stay at his home since few of the clan and Maya saw Ishaana and it would be not safe if she stays alone in her college/dorms. Day later, Ishaana is introduced to the whole family (although they aren’t) she gets closed to Khushi, who knows a bit about Vampires, which Ishaana has discovered recently after Maya’s encounter. Then the whole family except Omkara and Ishaan head abroad since they all have important works. Ishaan convinces Omkara for mountain hiking, then she loses her balance and roll on to the edge, where she is on the verge of her death. Omkara in time saves and they get bit close, where Ishaana goes quiet and seeks warmth in Omkara’s hugs, later when they’re back to Omkara’s mansion she cries and he consoles her later to promise her that she’ll be safe soon.

The next day, in disguise of Omkara’s cousin Rudra visits Om and informs him that Ishaana has been kidnapped and they’re in deep trouble since they were informed to attend the meeting regarding keeping Ishaana as refugee and the fact that she might know about their identity. Later, when they go visit Transylvania for meeting, they confront head of their committee, who informs them there’s no such meeting and should state the real reason for their visit and when they tell him everything, he helps them out even though he is mad at them at first. In one of their search for Ishaana, Om bumps Kripi who looks same as Ishaana and also Om finds out Ishaana is his mate in one their searches when he sniffs her blood in one of the abandon garages of his rival Virat. They also come to conclusion that Virat and his sister Maya are all cause of Ishaana’s kidnapping. With the help of Rudra’s friend Mike, who identifies as some wizard/witch, helps them find out where Ishaan is keep hostage and there they notice Kripi too. After, long fight and struggle they pull out unconscious Ishaana out of Virat’s lair.

After few days, Ishaana is back but for unknown reasons Om is avoiding her, after lots of questions and confrontation she comes to know that he was just saving her from anymore problems via Khushi in vaguest way possible, although everything seems to be fine Ishaana gets tangled in one more situation where she might lose her life, even though Omkara fights off the shape shifter it was too late.

No… No.. she can’t be dead. She can’t be dead. I paced around my room. Thinking all the ways to save her. She was my soulmate I can’t loose her so soon .. No.. this can’t be happening now. Ishita who was hovering above Ishaana shook her head profusely. She barged outside the medic room searching frantically. When she found ne, she dragged me in the room. And showed me what was happening. Ishaana’s body was as pale as white flash and her body was jerking off vigorously. Was she not numb few hours ago? What was happening to her. My eyes were widening at the wild moment before me and I didn’t even know what to do. Ishita who was a doctor (to outside world) but was actually an angel or nymph who healed the supernatural race and also sometimes protected them, patted my back sympathetically. ‘What is happening to her?’ Is she gonna die, God! No, please no. ‘I don’t know exactly, how she went from feeling light as feather to weighing tonnes , I think her body is fighting the poison’ I nodded my head and neared the huge bed.

I took her palms and rubbed furiously giving her the warmth she needed. She twitched her hand in mine. Ishita and I gasped when we saw the maroon fluid leak from her nose, mouth and ears and few seconds later her eyes. Her eyes which were now wide open staring blankly at the ceiling flash light produced globe of fluid. The invisible nerves in her cornea were now bulging, they were dark purple. She looked as if she was possessed. God! How I wished I could take all her pain and she was only human for f**k’s sake. On that moment Ishita contradicted me, ‘No she isn’t human’ I whipped my head around in disbelief. Has she gone mad? ‘The way her body is reacting, isn’t humane at all, if she was really human she would have died within few seconds of the poison possessing her if not that, the amount of seizures she had only in span of ten hours, she could have been long gone, but no her body is fighting the poison off, that means her cells have immunity beyond human, it is only possible of her to be one of our kind’ I was too shook.

‘I know one way to stop these seizures but it can be dangerous, considering no amount of potions and snow-flame powder has worked, this is the only option we have’ I was willing to take any risks. ‘If she responds good then she can be out of danger, if not then we are practically pushing her to her own death’ After Ishita explaining what I’ve to do I was ready, even though I was shit scared for Ishaana’s life but with the determination I had I hoped she would be fine. I closed my eyes one final time to pep talk myself to not back up. All except me were waiting outside while I made my way back to Ishaana’s bed. I lifted her wrist of her right hand and opened my mouth wide my fangs shot through my gums. I closed my eyes and just bit her arm, I bled her out. Even though it was poisoned no blood tasted as sweet and royal as hers. The seizures stopped and her body went limp but I didn’t stop drinking her blood. Once I was full I took the snow flakes which were specially brewed with bone ashes. And my stomach made a gargling noise and within few minutes I was throwing all the substance off of my body, to the extent of leaving me unconscious.


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and thrilling… So that means ishana is also a vampire.. Or later became vampire after omkara bite…..clearly the confusion….. Happy Diwali dear… Stay happy and healthy and blessed

    1. Dope65

      Thank you…. And maybe or maybe not Ishaana is vampire 😉 and Happy Diwali to you too 🙂 🙂

  2. Aarti32

    Ohh my God!!
    It’s fantastic

    1. Dope65

      Thank you 🙂 🙂

  3. AditiB

    One thing I have to say…. The way you have set up the story is really commendable, the way you visually describe everything is very difficult to achieve but you have done it effortlessly, am a fan of vampires and vampirism, so this is a must read for me….. Thanks a lot for penning it. And ya…… Happy Diwali dear…… May you and your family live in happiness and prosperity.

    1. Dope65

      Thank you v much.. your words means a lot to me… 😀 wish you happy Diwali to you too and your family may be blessed with lots of prosperity and happiness 🙂 🙂

  4. Nita D

    I logged on to TU after nearly 15-20 days and there are so many ffs I have promised to comment on as soon as I finish reading the recent few chapters. But no, I directly come here. See this is what your ff has done to me….
    First of all thanks for the summary…..
    Among all the mysteries, another new mystery as to what is Ishana…
    The shit IS getting real….!

    1. Dope65

      Thank you so much…. Y’all’s comments means a lot to me :):) and by the way next chapter is updated do check it out and don’t forget to comment.. thanks once again…. :):)

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