The Dark Woods – Chapter 11 & 12


Ishaana’s POV

‘Ouch’ I rubbed my head when something hit my head, I turned around to notice Raj snickering. I just glared at him, oh now he would get it, and I threw much bigger ball of paper at him. And, right in time the idiot ducked his head and the ball hit someone behind him. The person tilted his head, revealing him to be Om. He frowned at me then gave me tight lipped smile to then hurrying back to his work. Why is he so sad? Is he keeping something from me? I need to find it, but in a most subtle way, without him knowing.
‘Ish, woh dekho tumhara twin?’ gasped Disha. And she was partially right, and there was red head walking towards our very own group. ‘Hi Ishaana’ she waved to me chirpily. I waved back and raised my brows questioningly at her, for her sudden presence in our college. ‘Hi, how come you here?’ I couldn’t stop myself from asking her. ‘Oh, you know new admission!’ she smirked, mischievous glint in her eyes shimmied twice. ‘Oh wow then I am Raj’ and Raj just like that introduced himself trying to up his game. No buddy she is so out of your league- I thought. She just lolled her head back laughing at him. ‘No sweetie, I was just kidding and to your information I am not interested’ she bluntly rejected him, Ouch! poor him I felt bad for him but mostly felt like proud mom whose child has just crushed bratty kid. He frowned slightly but shrugged anyways, and that’s why he was one of my best friend he wouldn’t care if he’s warned and that’s what made him so sweet but annoying ass too. ‘Anyways, Guys, she is Kripi definitely not my twin but maybe double’ I addressed my group who was gawking at us like we had just landed from outer space with their eyes popping out and jaws hitting the ground. ‘Mhmm’ Ramya coughed uncomfortably, I think she wasn’t yet ready to process the thought of her best friend having a double. I further introduced their names, which they would have not if it was left to them to be done. ‘Kripi this is Ramya, Disha, Gurmeet and you know him since he had already informed you himself’ I told her pointing at each of them while doing so. She just smiled gently and said a loud Hello. And our whole day went with a lot of questions directed at Kripi who patiently yet amusedly answered them, God! How could she be so patient, if I were her, I would either kill myself or kill the annoying people around me. When it was time she waved at all of them announcing her farewell and a promise of meeting them soon. ‘Heavens! She is so cool unlike you cranky pants’ Gurmeet nudged me when Kripi exited the huge entrance/exit door of the canteen. I rolled my eyes at him trying not to get any of that to my mind.
‘Hey, Khushi!’ currently I had phoned Khushi to actually ask whereabouts of Omkara. ‘Hi!! Ish’ she squealed like as usual, she was little ball of sunshine. We chatted for few minutes asking few unnecessary things and after having an almost aggressive (not really, in funny way though) squabble about the old and cliché soap operas I finally asked her what I wanted to. ‘So, how is Om?’ and all I could here was vacuum. Why? Why the f**k, anyone doesn’t want to talk about this? Will I ever get answers?! ‘Umm, Ishaana I really cannot talk about this right now’ before I could interrupt her she beat me to it. ‘I tried my hardest, promise on Devi Maiyya’ great now she swore on god. ‘Look I really don’t care shit ’bout that’ I let out harshly than I intended it to be. She frowned deeply and looked everywhere but me and I let out a defeated sigh. ‘Sorry, I am really stressed’ I face palmed myself. ‘Its okay’ she rubbed my thighs in smooth caresses. And later added ‘ I think you really like Om’ she wore a careful and genuine smile. I just nodded dumbly. ‘Its okay to fall, if you don’t embrace it soon, it may weigh on you, so let go’ she advised me hesitantly as if that would break me. ‘I can’t say you anything, but he is doing for some reason and it is to protect you, he don’t have any bad intentions’ I nodded warily. ‘But, I’ll let you on another secret’ she paused for a dramatic effect, and I just rolled my eyes impatiently. ‘He too likes you, a lot actually, and he risked so much to rescue you from a powerful lot, believe me he was on verge of losing his life’ I just hummed. Whatever this is, I hope would end soon and I prayed Om wouldn’t fall into any trap and I am really worried for him.

‘What are you doing here?’ I turned around to just only notice Kripi making her way to me. I just shook my head dejectedly, and threw stones on the lake. The flat stones hopped along the surface of the fresh lake water, damn I just made it hope three consecutive times, still three more to go. I was going to give it next try, when Kripi came beside me and tilted my hand at some angle. ‘You need to tilt it just right and bring back your hand to your shoulder level and spin it off’ she practically stretched my hand back. ‘Now shoot’ she commanded through amused grin. I flicked off the stone and damn was she right? It not only hopped six times but eleven times to be exact and I was so proud that I just jumped into her arms. I felt something warm, like as if we were somehow connected. And I somehow knew Kripi knew something that she surely and finely was hiding. ‘You have many more things to do and be proud of’ she let out through a happy tears. Huh? What the hell she is talking about? And why the hell is she crying? ‘You are really brave, and the world and your people needs you’ ‘What—’ I was interrupted by a loud hiss. And when I looked around I could see green slit eyes glowing my way. ‘Kripi’ I gasped. She snapped around noticing the same thing. She growled lowly and came around covering me. ‘Stay behind, alright’ I just nodded dumbly. We followed the green eyes and as we neared there were no one. ‘Shit! What the hell was that?’ I questioned her. She shook her head as if avoiding me but when I poked her multiple times she answered me. ‘They are shape shifters’ Damn. ‘And what exactly this shape shifter was?’ ‘It was some kind of reptile’ she replied vaguely. Even though I was curious I didn’t feel like pushing her. ‘C’mon let’s go’ she hurried past me, putting her dagger back in her waist holster. I stood there thinking about the unnatural things I was encountering. It was something beyond my imagination and if I mention this to anyone who is “normal” would surely suggest me to have an appointment with psychologist. Shaking away all my thoughts I trudged forward, but was again stopped by the recent obnoxious hissing sound. I looked around and found absolutely nothing. C’mon Ish you’re just being paranoid. And as I turned around to go back, the slimy, dark green tail sort of was swinging right before me. When I looked up, I gasped. My breathing stopped, I saw the same glaring green slit eyes. It was smirking, before I could open my mouth to scream for help, the swinging tail roped my throat cutting my voice off. I was heaving erratically. My face was void of any blood left and my mouth was dry like desert. I was lifted off the ground to the monster’s eye level and it hissed at me, it’s mouth was gigantic sort of and it’s tongue was split in two at the edge. I closed my eyes too scared to see my own death but the sweet voice behind me woke me. ‘Ishaana’ Om screamed in hurried voice. The shape shifter loosened it’s grip just enough for me to turn around. The monster before me was as confused as I was but when it glanced back at me to only notice me smiling, smiling cause I knew I would be rescued once again. I think the monster lost it’s shit cause it just gripped the tail even tightly. Something slimy and velvet skin touched my cheek, and I could feel the two thick edged skin poking me at first. It was monster’s two wedged tongued and I could here something flying behind—Omkara, but it was too late. I was bitten already. And I fell. I gravitated towards the ground, my body jerking time to time as if I was experiencing seizure and the foam forming in my mouth was so sour and poisonous I spit out as soon as it was full. As I fell on the ground with a thud, my muscles strained, but my eyes were open having those last blurred visions. Omkara was fighting the monster off on the branch and as blinked my eyes to clear the mist I saw even blurrier vision of someone ripping someone’s throat off. I just hoped it wasn’t On who was ripped off. And the next last vision I had was some red haired girl sobbing over me, hugging me to her chest mumbling to not leave her.

A/N : Pfft, finally after a long time, I finished this off, so sorry…. This shit is about get real be read y’all.
So sorry and thanks see you soon… 

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