SHE..The Dark Truth (Chapter 2)


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She…an untold story(1)

chapter 2

Tariq Qureshi is a police officer in London. his wife Zareen was a cardiologist in London Bridge Hospital, she murdered 5 years back.They have 2 children,’SHE’ (I will reveal her name in another chapter) and her younger brother Ayan.SHE is a 20 year old architecture student in ‘Bartlett School of Architecture’.Ayan is a 5 year old primary school student. Arjun’s dad Shekhar and Tariq are colleagues.Shekhar and Tariq lived in same city as neighbours, their families are very close, they never had a religious problem even though they are Muslims and Hindus.

Shekhar and his wife Maya have two children Payal and Arjun. Payal is working as a teacher in Buckingham Primary School where Ayan is admitted. Arjun and SHE were same age and they are best friends, every time they were together, they shared every things to each other.

SHE was the only hijabi* girl in her college. everyone in their college was surprised because a hijabi girl is befriend with a Hindu boy.SHE proudly says that we Indians respect every religion.

SHE got missing one month ago.Being a police officer Tariq tried to find out her.police checked all the cctv footage which is placed in each and every corner of London. they didn’t get any clue about her or her kidnapper.a young man saw her near the Old park, it was her favorite place because when she were a kid she and her mother used to go there.police thinks that SHE got kidnapped from Old park because there is no cctv cameras there.

After one month of her kidnapping Shekhar got a call from a local who is living near the Old park. the man said they found a dead body wrapped in a blanket.

Shekhar and Tariq comes there with their team.they both frozen , the girl was SHE who wrapped in a blanket. they rushed to hospital. doctor said she is alive but she is in comma.all over the girl’s body was bruised, her lips were cutted, several nail marks on her br*asts and thighs. doctor said that SHE is raped very badly, her vagina is damaged and she has internal bleeding too.Tariq got a panic attack. Shekhar sent his team to find about the person who did this to her.


if u guys are not interested in this story I will stop it so please comment and let me know whether I continue it or not..

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  1. Oh god what is this yaar rape….. after nirbhaya incident we are very afraid of this name yaar god knows how much pain it is…. how can court release that bastard yaar 16years boy he is the main culprit stupid law…

    1. but this case is different from nirbhaya case..I too frustrated with court’s decision. I have no faith in judiciary now..I hope Allah will give him a big punishment.

  2. Poor girl. Felt bad for her… Ruby ur stories are different..

    1. thnx dr..njan ee story continue cheyyano?

      1. Of course ruby u should definitely continue… Anthu pati agane chodikan??

      2. enik thonni arkum ishtayitillan coz ithu love story allallo

      3. Alla storyum love story ayal aganaya shariyavuka. Its different concept. Don’t worry. Everyone will support u dear…

  3. Its nice .hw can that bastads do like this yaar.

  4. So sad for her n who ever did this to her should be punished.

  5. hey ruby pls continue this yaar… in real life these peoples are not getting punishment… atleast they will punish badly in your story… i felt really very bad…

  6. Itha plz cntinoue itha….evn i too dnt hve trust n judiciary..u knw wht same thng happnd in mangalore…

  7. Soujanya s her name ..evn she dnt gt justice bcs that criminals r belongs to rich nd fams lst sme 1 accptd tht he did it..actly it was grp rap..

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