A dark tale: The unforgettable and Incomplete Introduction

A dark tale: the unforgettable and incomplete

The unwanted, the unplanned and the unrealized love story. A story which seems to be ended recovers as a new start. The story of a innocent girl nd a alienated apathetic guy, not a normal love story but a petrified story.
She was having The cutest bond of twins, a protective elder sister nd memories of lost brother. The coolest dad a girl can have , the most beautiful mom as her own possession. Above all having the most escatatic and blissful friends with her. But she was unnerved and downtrodden due to her unnamed intense guilt. She was guilt sticken nd stigmatized due to him nd his death.
Give this story a chance nd look deep into the up down chart of piya’s life.

Initially I didn’t planned to give actors face to the characters but as of my story plot was inspired by pyar ki ye ek kahani. Therefore, I thought to give them the same characters as of the show. So you can say it as abhiya’s ff. to be honest its their story but the family friends bonding is going to be quite important. Additional characters are going to be introduced.
Don’t get confused piya nd misha are going to be twins in my story.
This is going to be in pure English but with some hindi words in usage.
I hope I’ll get upto your expectations. It is going to be part present part past in flashbacks
So it is mystery cum supernatural story.
Even I didn’t planned to update this on telly bt as this has become a ff so here I am submitting this. Do comments. Thank you

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  1. Komal123

    Looking forward to this ff!
    It looks amazing!
    Post soon!
    Was missing this couple! Keep up the work!

    1. Suhani12

      tysm komal123 it means a lot

  2. where will you write it or where i can get the updates of the story?
    I am a blind lover of supernaturals and love stories so ill gonna b regular reader……

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