The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side… (TVD) (Starting on July 6th)

The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side… (TVD) (Starting on July 6th)
Hello guys! I am back with another Fan-Fiction which is based on a Hollywood show… This is basically based on The Vampire Dairies (TVD) it will be exactly like that but it a little change into the show…. I honestly miss Damon and Elena together… Delena they were so cute… But they killed Elena off…. There will be exactly 6-8 seasons will 22-23 episodes in each season… It will be in parts for example (Episode 1 part 1) Then (Episode 1 part 2)… All the characters will play in this Fan-Fiction from this show… But I won’t add some because they pissed me off really badly… But I hope you enjoy this storyline… Trust me I am in love with Ian Somerhalder because of his acting but now let’s get started with the Character’s introduction and intro of episode 1… Also my name is Nusz writer of three other Fan-Fictions…

Ramadan is coming up, So I can’t write to many Fan-Fiction… Also I have my exams during Ramadan which is really hard to deal with it!! But after July 6th this Fan-Fiction will hit the bomb!!!
Many Thahaan, Ragsan and Asya stories will be added hopefully!!! I hope you guys can wait till then!! But if you want to read other Fan-Fictions by me!! I will send you the links down here… Enjoy for now!! And have a wonderful summer break and Ramadan to my friends :))

Here’s the links (Other Fan-Fiction by me)
Destiny vs love (Based on Thapki Pyaar Ki, Qubool Hai and Jamai Raja)
A one shot on Ragsan (Based on Swaragini)
Sanskar: Will you marry me, Ragini: Yes Sanskar I will (Based on Swaragini) (I will be ending this soon)
Qubool Hai love like Beintehha (Based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai)
The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side (Based on The Vampire Dairies with shorts stories of Ragsan, Thahaan and Asya at the ending for a treat)
My heart belongs to yours… But why are you hiding from me? (Based on Ragsan only a few shots)
I know I seen you…. But it took me forever to find you…. (Based on Thahaan only a few shots)

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  1. Nusz yr I was seriousoy waiting for fan fic on the originals … But now I have hopes for that since someone is writing on TVD… Yep I also love Ian a lot.. 😀 good luck for the ff

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