The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side… (TVD) Intro


The dark side that everyone sees but not the light side… (TVD) Intro
Also remember to read the short stories of Thahaan, Asya and Ragsan at the very end….. Hello guys! I am back with another Fan-Fiction which is based on a Hollywood show… This is basically based on The Vampire Dairies (TVD) it will be exactly like that but it a little change into the show…. I honestly miss Damon and Elena together… Delena they were so cute… But they killed Elena off…. There will be exactly 6-8 seasons will 22-23 episodes in each season… It will be in parts for example (Episode 1 part 1) Then (Episode 1 part 2)… All the characters will play in this Fan-Fiction from this show… But I won’t add some because they pissed me off really badly… But I hope you enjoy this storyline… Trust me I am in love with Ian Somerhalder because of his acting but now let’s get started with the Character’s introduction and intro of episode 1… Also my name is Nusz writer of three other Fan-Fictions…
Characters Intro for season 1A (1-11) (Season 1B (11-22)
Elena Gilbert (Played by Nina Dobrev): Elena is a sweet and innocent teenage girl… After she lost her parents in a car accident… She has been living with her brother Jeremy and her aunt Jenna…. She loves them both dearly… Elena is 16 years old in the tenth grade… She returned to Mystic Falls after a year… Elena really misses her parents a lot…But in season one she is still reeling from her parents deaths which were caused by a car accident earlier that summer, she reluctantly returns to school for her junior year. While walking out of the boy’s bathroom, she bumps into a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore. Let’s see what the story lead too… (Main Protagonist Character)
Stefan Salvatore (Played by Paul Wesley): Stefan is a vampire who is 162- years old…. Stefan was the sweeter and understanding unlike his brother…. He was born and raised in Mystic Falls, Virginia to Giuseppe Salvatore and Lily Salvatore, who died when he was younger. Stefan is the younger brother of Damon. When Stefan and Damon were human, they were very close and were best friends in life. Damon always confided and trusted in Stefan and Stefan always defended Damon, especially to their father, and was fiercely loyal to him. However, this all seemed to change when he and Damon fell in love with the same girl, Katherine Pierce, who turned out to be a vampire. Stefan had strong feelings for Katherine before finding out that she was a vampire…. That changed everything between the brothers… You will find out how they Stefan got bitten… (Main Protagonist Character)
Damon Salvatore (Played by Ian Somerhalder): Damon is Stefan’s brother he is also a vampire who was turned by Katherine Pierce 145 years prior to the series’ debut. He is the son of late Giuseppe Salvatore, ripper Lily Salvatore and younger brother of Stefan Salvatore. He is portrayed as a charming, handsome and snarky person who loves tricking humans, and takes pleasure in feeding on them and killing them during the early episodes of the first season, unlike his brother, Stefan. Damon appears as the frightening older brother to Stefan Salvatore, and plays as the main antagonist for the first initial episodes with a hidden agenda… (Main Antagonist of season one for a bit then changes back in season one to Protagonist… After that he always is the Main Protagonist)
Katherine Pierce (Played by Nina Dobrev): Katherine Pierce is the doppelganger of Elena. Katerina Petrova was born into a wealthy Bulgarian family on June 5, 1473. In 1490, a very young Katerina became pregnant by an unknown man. She carried the child to term; but seconds after her daughter’s birth, Katerina’s father took the child away. He claimed it would be better for both of them to never see one another and consequently her family disowned her for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter. At this time it seemed to be a devastating “punishment” to her crime, but later revealed it was exactly as her father said- it was for the best the infant was not subjected to the wrath of Klaus.. Katerina was banished to England for her embarrassment of the Petrova family, but she quickly adjusted to becoming English. In 1492, she met Trevor. Although he was in love with her, out of loyalty he introduced her to Lord Elijah. He in turn introduced her to his younger brother, Lord Niklaus. Katerina was attracted to Klaus until she found out who he was and what he was planning on using her for: a sacrifice to break the Hybrid Curse placed on himself. She escaped with the help of Trevor, who led her pursuers astray. Trevor directed her to go to a cottage in the woods, expecting his friend Rose to keep her safe. During 1864 In 1864, Katerina arrived in Mystic Falls, Virginia, by which time she had taken the name Katherine Pierce, presumably to avoid detection by Klaus. At some point she had become friends with Pearl and her daughter, Anna, and she saved the life of the witch Emily Bennett, putting Emily in her debt. Emily forged her a special piece of jewelry with the stone Lapis Lazuli which allowed her to walk in the sun without being burned. She was taken in by one of the town’s founders, Giuseppe Salvatore, having spun a story about being orphaned by a fire that killed her family. Katherine met and fell in love with his son Stefan Salvatore, though she quickly began a relationship with Stefan’s older brother, Damon, as well. Katherine created quite a few vampires while living in Mystic Falls, which alerted the Founding Families of their existence. Alerting Katherine to an elixir containing Vervain that Honoria Fell had asked to be sold at the apothecary, Pearl tried to convince her to leave, but Katherine refused, claiming she had a plan in motion. Her plan was to turn Stefan and Damon into vampires, having seduced them both during her stay at the Salvatore household. Then finally season she returns back to take revenge…. (Main Antagonist)
Jeremy Gilbert (Played by Steven R. McQueen) – His Elena’s sister but later they find out they’re cousin not siblings… Jeremy was emotionally damaged by the death of his parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, and he begins to use drugs as a way of coping with his parent’s unexpected death. He was in love with Vicki Donovan, who uses drugs as well, but she was dating Tyler Lockwood, which causes a rivalry between the two boys. Vicki later breaks up with Tyler and starts a relationship with Jeremy. However, Jeremy later witnesses how Stefan Salvatore kills Vicki after Damon Salvatore had turned her into a vampire. Elena, afraid that Jeremy couldn’t handle this, asks Damon to make Jeremy forget this and take away his pain. This causes Jeremy to become more stable and to stop taking drugs. You will find out the rest in the upcoming episodes (Half Main Protagonist)
Jenna Sommers (Played by Sara Canning) –Jenna Sommers is Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s aunt. She was the sister of their mother, Miranda Sommers Gilbert. After her sister and her sister’s husband were killed in a car crash, she took over as Elena’s and Jeremy’s legal guardian and moved into the Gilbert family home… In the beginning Jenna had trouble coping with her new role as an authority figure, for she used to be a partying college student, but as the series progresses she becomes better at it. She begins dating news reporter Logan Fell, who had cheated on her in the past. However, Logan was turned into a vampire by Anna and then killed by history teacher Alaric Saltzman and Jenna was told that he had left town, which hurts but doesn’t surprise her. She later begins a relationship with Alaric. (Protagonist)
Bonne Bennett (Played by Kat Graham) – Bonnie Sheila Bennett is Elena Gilbert’s best friend. She is also good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is born from a line of witches and that she is also a witch. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, a witch too, helps her learn to use her powers, which causes them to create a strong bond. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie is devastated, but she keeps training and as the series develops she becomes more and more powerful. (Main Protagonist)
Caroline Forbes (Played by Candice King) – Caroline Forbes (is Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett’s best friend. Caroline is the daughter of the Sheriff of Mystic Falls, Liz Forbes, with whom she had a troubled relationship but later on in the series they gain a beautiful loving relationship. Her father, Bill Forbes, left her and her mother after coming out as gay. In the beginning of the series, she is shown as shallow, self-absorbed and envious of Elena. However, Caroline’s character becomes multi-layered over the seasons and she becomes mature. In season one, she was first attracted to Stefan but when he turns her down she goes for the other Salvatore brother Damon. He used her in many ways and she was compelled by him to forget many of the things. During season one; she starts a relationship with Matt Donovan (Ex boyfriend of Elena’s). (Main Protagonist)
Matt Donovan (Played by Zach Roerig) – Matthew G. “Matt” Donovan is Elena Gilbert’s childhood friend and ex-boyfriend. Vicki Donovan is Matt’s older sister, who he has to take care of all by himself, for their troubled mother has left them. When Vicki dies, Matt is devastated. He is best friends with Tyler Lockwood and the quarterback of the Mystic Falls High School football team. He is also employed at the Mystic Grill as a busboy. Elena had broken up with Matt after her parents had died and in the beginning of the series Matt still has feelings for her and wants to get back together with her, since both Elena and Matt were each other’s “first”. However, he later starts a relationship with Caroline Forbes. (Half Main Protagonist)
Vicki Donovan (Played by Kayla Ewell) – Vicki Donovan was Matt Donovan’s older sister. Vicki was a troubled girl and was addicted to drugs. She was being taken care of by Matt, for their mother has left them. In the beginning of the series she was dating Tyler Lockwood. However, Jeremy Gilbert also had feelings for her. Vicki and Jeremy hooked up a few times but Vicki didn’t want people to find out, since Vicki was older than Jeremy, but Jeremy didn’t care. Later on, Vicki, acknowledging that she had feelings for Jeremy too, later breaks up with Tyler and starts a relationship with Jeremy. She was later turned into a vampire by Damon Salvatore. As a vampire she was not able to control her lust for blood and when she starts attacking Jeremy. (You will find out more about her in season one) (Protagonist)
Tyler Lockwood (Played by Michael Trevino) – Tyler Lockwood is the son of Mayor Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood. He plays for the Mystic Falls High School football team and is best friends with Matt Donovan. Tyler does not have a good relationship with his father, who sometimes acts violently towards Tyler. However, when his father dies, Tyler is shown to be genuinely upset. In the beginning of the series Tyler is arrogant, selfish and a bully. He is dating Vicki Donovan, but she later breaks up with him due to her feelings for Jeremy Gilbert, which causes a rivalry between the two boys. His character will change in the upcoming season (two) (Half Main Protagonist)
Alaric Saltzman (Played my Matt Davis) – Alaric J. Saltzman, also known as “Ric,” is a history teacher at Mystic Falls High. Alaric originally comes to town to kill Damon Salvatore because he believes that Damon killed his wife. However, it was later revealed that his wife, Isobel Flemming, isn’t dead, but that on her own request she was turned into a vampire by Damon. He then starts to become friends with Damon. Alaric owns a Gilbert Ring, which he got from Isobel, which prevents him from getting killed by anything supernatural. However, John Gilbert later claims the ring. Alaric starts a relationship with Jenna Sommers. (Half Main Protagonist)
Elisabeth (Sheriff) Forbes (Played by Marguerite Maclntyre) – Elizabeth “Liz” Forbes is the Sheriff of Mystic Falls and the mother of Caroline Forbes. Her husband, Bill Forbes, who was a member of the town’s council, had left her for another man after revealing that he was gay. She is first introduced at a Founders Day party at Mayor Lockwood’s house. There, she is shown to have a strained relationship with her daughter. However, she does care a lot for her well-being, which is shown when she arrests a bartender after Caroline gets drunk. She is revealed to be a member of the Founders Council, a secret organization dedicated to protecting Mystic Falls from vampires. After Damon Salvatore saves her from vampire Lexi Branson, Liz becomes friends with Damon and is seen letting him know about the Council’s plans. (Half Main Protagonist)
Richard Lockwood (Played by Robert Pralgo) – Richard Lockwood was Tyler Lockwood’s father, the mayor of Mystic Falls and the head of the Founder’s Council. He had a bad relationship with his son and acts very authoritative towards him. It seems that he thinks of Tyler as a disappointment and when Tyler gets into a fist-fight with Matt Donovan at a party, he tells him to never embarrass his family again. (His only in season one because he dies after) (Not a main character)
Carol Lockwood (Played by Susan Walter) – Carol Lockwood was the wife of the late Mayor Richard Lockwood and the mother of Tyler Lockwood. She was a member of The Founder’s Council and knows of the existence of vampires, but not of the existence of werewolves. Throughout season one; Carol was locked in a hostile relationship with her best friend. She acts as a bad influence on her son Tyler, with much of his negative behavior emerging as a direct result of her snobbish behavior and emotional outbursts. In the season finale she shows, for the first time, that she cares for Richard, when he was knocked out by the device. (Not a main character)
Shelia Bennett (Played by Jasmine Guy) – Sheila Bennett was the grandmother of Bonnie Bennett and a very powerful witch. She died after overusing her magic to seal away the Tomb Vampires. She usually appears to Bonnie (as a ghost) to help guide her whenever she overuses magic or is having trouble with her powers. (Dies in season 1)
Emily Bennett (Played by Bianca Lawson) – Emily Bennett was the handmaiden of Katherine Pierce in 1864 as well as a powerful witch. She was a direct descendant of one of the women accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials, which took place in the Salem area of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692. Emily was also the ancestor of Bonnie Bennett through Sheila Bennett. She was the one who gave Katherine, Pearl, Anna, Harper, Damon and Stefan Salvatore the jewelry which enabled them to walk in the sun. Although she helped these vampires, she also secretly fought against them, for she spelled Jonathan Gilbert’s inventions, including the device, which could hurt vampires. When the vampires were rounded up by the Founding Families she and Damon Salvatore made a bargain. Damon would protect Emily’s descendants and Emily would use her grimoire to protect Katherine by entombing her with 26 other vampires under the old Fell’s Church. She was later burned at the stake by the Founding Families and her possessions, including her grimoire, were taken and buried in Giuseppe Salvatore’s grave. Damon rescued Emily’s children when the townspeople came for her. (Emily is only shown during the flashback)
Lexi Branson (Played by Arielle Kebbel) – Alexia “Lexi” Branson was a vampire and Stefan Salvatore’s best friend and companion. She had known Stefan and his brother Damon for over a century. Damon killed her to make the Town Council think that she was the vampire terrorizing Mystic Falls. Lexi returned as a ghost to help save Stefan. She returned as a ghost again. However, this time Stefan was delighted to see her. She later choked Damon for killing her but let him go. She and Stefan stayed together for the most part drinking and later parting on good terms. Through flashbacks we learn years ago when Damon was in New York killing people and gaining a reputation as “Son of Sam”, Stefan sent Lexi to “help” Damon. (Only in certain episodes… she will be killed in season 1 then in the future season’s only flashbacks of her)
Anna (Played by Malese Jow) – Annabelle “Anna” was a vampire who comes to Mystic Falls in order to free her mother from the tomb. Anna first appears at a local library, where she befriends Jeremy Gilbert. She helps him with his paper for history class. Anna later turns out to be a vampire who was in Mystic Falls in 1864 with her mother Pearl. She wants to open the tomb where the 26 vampires, including her mother, are trapped. It was revealed that she had turned Noah and Ben McKittrick into vampires in order to make them help her save her mother. She has also turned Logan Fell in order to get his ancestor Honoria Fell’s diaries. It was also revealed that she befriended Jeremy Gilbert in order to obtain his ancestor’s journal. (She will be dying at the end of season one… then it will only show flashbacks of her)
Isobel Flemming (Played by Mia Kirshner) – Isobel Flemming was Elena Gilbert’s birth mother and a descendant of Katherine Pierce. When Isobel was a teenager she had a relationship with John Gilbert, by whom she later had a baby, Elena. When Isobel was pregnant, John brought her to his brother, Grayson Gilbert, who helped her through labor. After Elena’s birth, a heartbroken Isobel gave her daughter to Grayson and his wife Miranda Gilbert. It is known that Isobel was a cheerleader in high school and was best friends with Trudie Peterson, whom she later ordered to be killed. Isobel also attended Duke University where she studied supernatural beings. Later in life she met and married Alaric Saltzman. However, Isobel became obsessed with vampires and after being romantically involved with him, she asked Damon Salvatore to turn her. (Will be dead in season one too)
John Gilbert (Played by David Anders) – Jonathan “John” Gilbert II, was Grayson Gilbert’s younger brother, and Elena’s biological father and Jeremy Gilbert’s uncle. In their youth, his elder brother Grayson taught him about the vampires through the journals of their ancestor, Jonathan Gilbert. They also inherited a ring each that prevented them from being killed. John had a crush on Isobel Flemming-Saltzman and he was the one who sent her to Damon Salvatore when she wanted to become a vampire. After her transformation, Isobel found John and they formed a partnership to get their hands on a mysterious invention created by Jonathan Gilbert. (He has a lot of dark shades)
Additional Characters of season one
Zach Salvatore (Played by Chris William Martin) – Damon and Stefan’s great-great-great-nephew, in the first five episodes of the series before being killed by Damon after Zach locked him in a cellar.
Logon Fell (Played by Chris J. Johnson) – He has a short romantic relationship with Jenna, but is later killed by Damon. He returns as a vampire, having been fed blood by Anna, but is eventually killed again by Alaric.
Kelly Donavan (Played by Melinda Clarke) – Kelly is the mother of Matt and Vicki Donovan, who returns to Mystic Falls and finds out her daughter has died.
Pearl (Played by Kelly Hu) – A vampire and the mother of Anna. She was locked up in the tomb, but Anna gets her out when Bonnie and her grandmother open it. She becomes the leader of the escaped vampires, but is soon killed by John Gilbert. She returns as a ghost for one episode.
Introduction of episode 1
(Remember all the scenes are not added… Just a few scenes)
Elena hears her alarm ringing and she turns it off… Then she looks at the time and its 8pm in the morning… She grabs her diary from the drawer and starts writing something…
Dear Diary
“Today is a new day and year…. I want to forget everything that happened in the past… I am going back to school again… I want this year to be great and amazing… I hope you understand my feelings… My dad and Mom I know you guys will be proud of me if I am happy… But what do I do with Jeremy who never listens to me… He has being take drugs and I have been making him stop but he never listens… Oh god I should put my dairy away… Aunt Jenna will be calling soon…”
She puts the diary back in her drawer and jumps off her bed… She wears a t-shirt with jeans… Jenna starts calling Elena and Jeremy… They both reach downstairs…
Elena: Hey Aunt Jenna, what’s cooking?
Jenna: Like always you know
Jeremy: Look I need to leave
Elena: Jer where are you going?
Jeremy: None of your business
(He leaves in anger)
Elena: He never listens to me…
Jenna: He just needs time Elena…
Bonnie and Elena both go in her car… Elena sees a crow and she gets scared…. Bonnie stops the car and ask Elena if she is okay… Elena says she can’t always be scared of cars…
Elena walks into the boy’s washroom… to stop her brother from taking drugs… She screams at him… and leaves the place… When she was coming out she bumps into Stefan… They both have an eye lock… She smiles at him and he smiles back… Seems like she’s crushing at him….
Elena and Stefan sitting in history class… Elena stares at Stefan and he smiles back at her… Then afterwards Bonnie catches them….
Stefan reaches him and sees is selfish brother Damon returning to Mystic falls after such a long time… They haven’t talk to each other for 15 years… Stefan and Damon get into a fight… Stefan tells Damon to stop killing innocent people… Damon says it’s fun….
Lastly Stefan thinks of trapping Damon and making him leave the place…
Introduction of episode 1 ended
Well I hope you guys loved the introduction… I hope many people will read and comment on this Fan-Fiction… I will honestly love if you guys do… Anyways enjoy the character’s intro and episode too…
Want to read Fan-Fictions by me… Here you go… (This is the only Hollywood show I write the rest is Tellywood shows)
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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the first episode at the last week of May or the two week of June… due to my exams don’t forget this Fan-Fiction!! See you guys later aha.
Short story of Thahaan, Ragsan and Asya
Bihaan: Thapki thank you for helping me out of Jail…
Thapki: Bihaan I am always here for you…
Bihaan: I can’t do anything without you….
Thapki: Bihaan you’re a person who always supported…
Bihaan: I always will till the end…
Thapki: I am happy you came into my life…
Bihaan: I am happy too…
Thapki: Promise me something
Bihaan: Yes what is it?
Thapki: You won’t ever leave my side…
Bihaan: I promise because I love you…
Thapki was shocked…
Thapki: What did you say?
Bihaan: That I love you….
Thapki walks away…
Bihaan: Thapki please I know you don’t love me like that… But I do…
Thapki is still walking away…
Bihaan: Thapki I am sorry… if you don’t love me….
Thapki turns around and smiles…. She runs towards him again and says….
Thapki: I love you too Pagal
Bihaan: I will never leave you
Thapki: Me too!!!
Bihaan: Also I want to tell you something
Thapki: Yea what is it?
Bihaan: You’re my chuk chuk gadi
Thapki: You finally said it…
Bihaan: Yes because you’re mine forever….
They both hug each other emotional…
The end….
Ragini: I know Sanskar likes Swara…. I can’t tell him anything… He needs to be happy…. His getting married tomorrow… I need them happy together….
AP: Ragini are you coming downstairs… Swara needs your help…
Ragini: I am coming Auntie…
Swara: Ragini I love Sanskar a lot…
Ragini: I know you do…
Laksh: Hey Swara and Ragini…
Swara: Hey Laksh, can you help me choose a dress? This Ragini is not helping
Ragini: Sorry I need to get something I will be right back…
While Ragini is walking is slips and Sanskar catches her… They both share an eye lock….
Ragini: Sorry I didn’t see you…
Sanskar: It’s okay but can I ask you something?
Ragini: Not right I need to do something…
Sanskar: Did you write me this letter five months ago…
Ragini: No I didn’t….
Sanskar: Ragini do you love me?
Ragini: You’re marrying my sister… wrong person… (She leaves)
Sanskar: I know it’s you… because your writing is nothing like Swara’s… You’re the one always cared for me… got me out of problems… We both worked together… you wrote letters to and cheered me up… When Swara never helped me… You always did…. I love you Ragini…
Marriage day…
Swara and Sanskar are sitting in the temple and about to get married… AP asks Sanskar to put Sindoor on Swara…. Sanskar close his eyes and remembers the moments with Ragini… He stands up goes near Ragini and fills Sindoor on her head… Everyone is shocked… But Laksh isn’t he knew about that… but Swara is extremely shocked…
AP: Sanskar what did you do?
DP: Sanskar have you lost it?
Sanskar: I love Ragini and I wanted to marry her… She’s the girl who taught be about love when Swara left me over acting and music… She always tried to make me smile and eventually did… She always cheered me up and did anything that wouldn’t hurt me… I love her a lot…
AP and DP get happy while Swara is depressed…
Swara: But Sanskar…
Sanskar: I can’t see my future with you…only with Ragini….
Ragini smiles in happiness and Sanskar smiles…
They both get married and Swara accepted the marriage too….
Sanskar: I love you Ragini (Kissing her on the forehead)
Ragini: I love you too (hugging him)
The end
Dilshad: Why did you make her leave the house?
Asad: She’s driving us insane
Dilshad: Because god dammit she loves you
Najma: look what you did Bhaijaan…
Asad: Why do you guys want her back?
Najma: I want her has my sister in law
Dilshad: She really loves you Asad…
Asad: I don’t want to be with her…
Najma: Fine Bhaijaan she’s leaving for the airport today…
Asad gets shocked and remembers the moments he shared with Zoya…
Dilshad: Go Asad and get her back..
Asad runs out of the house and gets in his car… He starts driving fast…. It shows Zoya going inside the airport… Asad starts crying remembering the moments he shared with Zoya… He then reaches the airport and runs out… he fights the guard and rushes inside and calls out her name…
Asad: ZOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoya hears his voice and looks around the place…
Zoya runs back to the place and sees Asad….
Asad: Zoya don’t leave me…
Zoya: What are you doing here?
Asad: To take you back….
Zoya: I need to leave…
Asad: Please Zoya don’t leave…
Zoya: I am sorry Mr. Khan but you don’t like me… you dislike me…
Asad: No I don’t like you….
Zoya: Thank you for saying it…
Asad: Yes I dislike you…
Zoya: Stop it Mr. Khan and let me go…
Zoya gets shocked and there is moment of silence…
Zoya: What did you say?
Zoya has tears in her eyes she drops her suitcases… She starts running towards him and they hug…
Asad lets her go and gets a ring out… he puts it on her finger… everyone claps for them… Asad carries Zoya out of the airport… He kisses her on the forehead while she says
Zoya: You’re an idiot Mr. Khan
Asad: I am your idiot….
They both laugh romantically….
The end….
So guys every time you read this you get a short story of these three couples… Please don’t hate on me for this… Just do read this Hollywood show… it will make it happy!! Love you guys… Enjoy your day…. Take care and please do read this Hollywood show because it won’t disappoint you guys at all….

Credit to: Nusz(T!B!H)

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