Through The Dark -os by ufaq


shr was ill from many days but don’t want to go to hospital as he was afraid of injections syrup and medicines
nirmala enters shr room he was getting ready for office
mom: shr kahan ja rae ho
shr: office
mom: halat to dekho tm apni haafte she be,mar ho doctor k pass chale jao
shr: mom ap ko PETA h doctors ka bs inhen kuch nae ata siwae injections r tablets ke
mom: shr shut up m tmhari appointment kr rae hn tm Jana sae office se break le kr
shr: but mom………
mom: no mom just go ok
shr; otherwise
mom: I will beat u
shr: hahahaha OK main dar gya chala jaon ga
mom: pakka…..
shr: paka
shr takes a break from all his meetings and goes to hospital named Well Care Center
this was the hospital owned by Dr suman singhania : goa best hospital having best staff
shr enters hospital
shr: oh god mom b na ab lagwaen ge mjhe injection khilaen ge mjhe medicines nae nae bsssss shr chal mur r ja ghr
saying this he takes u turn from the cooridor of the hospital but when he reaches entrance the he again takes u turn toward the hospital corridor
shr: shr beta injection is better very better than mom ki dant PR yar anyway chal ye ghum b seh Len ge hm
he goes to receptionist
shr: excuse me I m sharavan malhotra I have an appointment here with some doctor will u plz tell me with which doctor???
receptionist: sir just a minute………….yes sir u have appointment with doctor PARI ( anjooooooo see I have made u doctor here now work hard for MCAT yar its beeeeeesssssst ooffff lucccccck from my side to you)
shr: Dr pari r8???
receptionist: exactly sir
shr: OK thanks
shr moves and after 10 minutes he finds Dr pari cabin
shr knocks at cabin and enters cabin
shr: gud evening Dr
pari: evening yes??
shr: shr ,alhotra I have appointment here
Dr: OK come sit what happened to u
shr: fever from a week
Dr: a week OK let me check
she does her check up
Dr= u have got a normal fever due to cold but due to ur carelessness it stayed for this much time now u will get an injection
shr: what injection??????
Dr: calm down its just an injection
shr: no way I m not taking any injection
Dr: but u have to
shr starts resisting like kid
shr: no no no no no and no
pari was also our pari
pari: yes yes yes and yes

they both where fighting like kid when suman enters pari cabin
suman: Dr pari WO
she stops
sumu: ye kia ho raha h pari
pari : WO Dr see he is not allowing ,e to give him injection
sumu: he is not a kid
shr stands up
shr: who said that only kids r afraid of injection
sumu: soo u r not a kid
shr : no
sumu: jhot
shr: g nae
sumu: beth jao
shr: Ku bhae???
sumu : be tho Maine kha
shr sits like a child
sumu: gud bacha
shr= I m not a bacha got that
sumu: ya ya whatever
pari u also sit pari also sits down
sumu also sits like that shr and pari are sitting with each other and sumu is facing them
sumu: han to bolo nam kia h tmhara
pari: pari ……..
sumu: oh god tmhara nae hey u Mr what’s ur name
shr: sharavan malhotra
sumu: oho acha kam kia krte ho
shr: nokri de rae hain ap????
sumu: g nae btao to sae na
shr: OK I m lawyer and owner of priya associates
sumu: gud itna bara association kese sanbhalte ho han????
shr: mtlb???
sumu: MATLAB ye k tm to bache ho
shr: main bacha how dare u tm phr shuru ho gae
sumu: angry young child calm down
shr: again child
sumu: OK sorry
shr: tm married ho???
sumu: nae to
shr: ohooo bechari aunti
sumu: shut up
shr: Ku bachey
sumu: don’t call me bachey
shr: umar kia h tmhari
sum: 25

shr: a cha 29 saal ka main bacha ho skta hn to tm bache Ku nae ho skti Dr bachey
sumu: annnnnn pari ho gaya
pari; yes mam done
yes pari was giving shr injection when sharman was busy in fighting hahaha
shr: kia ho gaya
pari: ap ko injection lag gaya
shr: injection
he sees cotton
shr: ahhhh ahhhh dard ho raha h mjhe
sumu: dramebaz
shr: u shut up
sumu; whatever pari file LA dena mjhe mere cabin m r han bye bache
shr: han han bye …………oye tm ne mjhe phr ……….
sumu left shr also leaves
After One Year
here we see a beautiful mansion named as khanna mansion
a beautiful girl named affa khanna is dressed in red and pink lehnga in sitting on the stage it was her engagement
another girl was busy in preparations
a lady shouts
lady: mariaaaaaaa
busy girl was maria
Mario: han mom
lady: ur phone is ringing sweetu
Mario: kahn hai
lady: WO raha
maria goes and picks up the call
maria: hey khushi kese ho tm
khushi: m thk
maria: di ki engagement m arae haina
khushi: han r nae to yar acha sun mera Bhai b aae ga
maria: sharavan bhaya
khushi: han
sorry chamcham I made u sisi of shrsorry
maria: that’s great
khushi: sumu se BT hoe
maria: han kal
khushi: is she coming
maria: keh to rae the pochti Hn m uske tu phone rakh
khushi: OK take care bye
maria: bye
she hangs out and calls sumu
maria= hi sumu u r coming na
sumu: no yar some emergency case came
maria: mar khani h tu ne
sumu: g nae
maria: sharafat she pohnch warna bht mar khai ge
sum: hahaha mjhe pta tha tu yehi kehe gi mazaq kr rae the aka rae Han sham ko
maria: gud
sum: acha chal bye
maria: bye
sumu maria and khushi r best friends from childhood they love each other like hell
sumu reaches hall
maria was on the entrance
maria: hiiiiiii sumu shukar hoa to aagae
sum: Ku???
maria: kunke to mar se Bach gae
sumu: han han bari aae khushi ki bache kahan h
khushi comes
khushi: yahan ho main
sum: shukar h agae
khushi: tm ne pukara r ham chale aae
sum: hahahah
maria: shut up both of u where is shr bhya khush
khushi: abhi to pocket main the
sumu: Mr India bn gae hahahah
khushi: han shayad
maria: shut up kahn h bhya
khushi: important meeting so he will not come
sumu: ohoooo meeting r date????
khushi: very funny date
maria: kia
khushi: sorry sorry meeting
maria, ok did or mom come
khushi: yup she is coming let’s go inside
they go inside

sumu: ohoooo affa api u r looking ammmaziiiinnnggg
( kun nae lagen ge mere api h he beautiful love u a pi)
affa= thanks by the way u guys r late
maria: punish them
khushi; u shut up gandi
maria: tm gandi
affa: shut up
sumu: yes shut up
affa: punishment am am dene to chahiye
sumu: nae plzzz
affa: han g chalo uthaq bethaq karo
khushi: u mean sit stand
affa: yes
they both do sit stand maria was laughing
Affa: y r u standing u also do
maria: me.???????? y
khushi: company k liye chal kar
affa: exactly
trio do sit stand
after that they chit chat for some time and time comes for engagement
khushi and maria bring afffa downstirs
khushi: sumu bhya aae hain
sumu: PR WO to nae ane wale the na
khushi: han but now he came
maria: then go and bring him
khushi: no actually I m going to take ring from room u go
maria: I have to b with di sumu go
sumu: OK but how I will recognize him
khushi: wearing black suit and standing near black car OK???
sumu: OK
she goes outside and Sees a person was present there she can see his back she gives to him
sumu: excuse me???
shr turns
sumu: tmmmm????
shr: array Dr bachey kese ho tm
sumu: m thk hn bache
they both laugh
sum: bro of khushi????
shr: yup
sumu: her friend Dr……
shr: bachey
sumu: hahaha nae Dr suman
shr: oh nice name by the way
sumu: thanxxx Mr now come inside
both go inside
sumu: ye lo tmhare bhaya
khushi: thanxx sumu
sum; or welcome
khushi: hi bhaya
shr: hi choti
guys come for the engagement said maria
all go for engagement and engagement is done
shr mom khushi maria and shr and affa were standing
khushi: bhaya ab ap b shadi kr lo
shr acha ks se????
affa: itni sare girls aae hoe hain kisi she b
shr: hahahaah gud one
shr mom: kabi to serious ho jao
shr: main to serious hn ap nae ho tabhi to mere shadi nae hoe
shr mom: achaaa tu ruk main aj hi larki dhundhti hn yehen pr
shr: best of luck
maria: aunty aaye m ap ko dikhati hn girls
kkhushi: han mom let’s go
they go and chose sumu and bring sumu there affa and shr were charting with each other
aumu: oh god choro mjhe kahan le k ja rae ho paglon
khushi: han to bhya dekho hm ne dhondh le
sumu: kise dhondh liya
shr: hahaha ye????
maria: gggg
shr: hahahah nice joke
sumu: hide ur teeth Mr khaross and khush and maria what u both r doing
khushi: tu mere bhabhi bane GI????
shr; hahahah ms bachey
sumu: u shut up r khush ye to kia keh rae h
shr: mazaq kr rae h don’t take serious
sumu: oh acha
khuria : no we r not joking v r serious
sharamn : what????????
shr mom : yes
shr: mom u too
shr mom: yes she is nice
sumu: thanks aunt I but?????
shr mom: no but what I will come to or home tomorrow
sumu; what???
shr mom: yes
sumu dads call come
sumu: ya papa coming
sumu: aunt I I have to leave bye everyone
she leaves
shr was this much shocked that he can’t say a word
khushi : bhaya kia hoa???
maria: main batati hn
affa: zor ka jhatka hae zoron se laga
maria: hahaahah
shr: shut up u trio how can u do like that
maria: v can do and v did
khushi: bhya man jao na she is very cute and sweet
shr: but
shr mom: tm is se Ku poch rae ho Maine kaha dia na bs
shr: but……
mom: shut up
everyone laughs
evening ends
shr thinks all night about sumu
shr: yar WO h to bht cute but shadi………,yar bht confusion h shr……….ahhhha best solution so ja
he tries to sleep but can’t
he picks his car keys
and leaves his house
sumu side
sumu: I m happy that I m getting shr but y may b I …….love him pakka name sumu ya if not then y I m happy I think I love him yippppppeeeeee I love him but he does not love me???? annnnnn but. confusion h I think I should go out and think
she leaves her house but didn’t take her car by foot
she was walking when someone comes and starts teasing her they were bad people she starts running they were chasing her she stops in front of closed shop to take breath someone was present there she asked for his help the boy raises his face
sumu: shrrrr ap?????
shr: wht r u doing here
sumu: woooo
boys come shr sees them
shr: oh acha u brought a game for me thanxxx
he stands and beat that people because he was very angry
shr: tm into rat ko bahr kia kr rae the dimagh kharab h tmhara
sumu: ap dant Ku rae hain mjhe
shr: kunke tm bewaquf ho and I care for u
sumu looks at him
shr : yes I care for u
sumu: y???
shr: I don’t know
aumu; I know
shr: what????
sumu; nothing
she then sees that blood is coming from shr hand
sumu: shr ye kaya dekhao mjhe
shr: nae its OK chalo main tmhein drop kr dn
sumu:nae ruku mjhe dekhne do
shr: PR
sumu: shut up I said shut up ap ko to apni parwah nae h mjhe to h
shr: Ku
sumu: because I love u
shr was hell shocked
sumu: ya I love u I never became frank with my patient like I became with u then our meets I love ur antics I just love u
shr hugs her tightly
sumu: shr kia hoa I know u don’t love me but its OK don’t worry
shr: shut up I love u very mucccccchhhhh
sumu was on cloud nine
sum: aeriously??????
shr: yes love u very very much
they both were very happy next day alliance got fixed and engagement was also fixed Sherman was very happy
Engagement day
everyone was happy sumu and shravan were looking ammmaaazzzziiiinnggggg
shr: yar an to bijliyan gir rae hain
sumu: kahan????
shr: malhotra mansion
sumu blushes
shr: tmhein blush krna b ata h
sumu: shayad
shr: not shayad obviously I saw
both smiles
engagement time
khushi: bhaya ye lo ring
shr was just about to put ring in sumu finger when someone shouts
girl: ruk jaoooooo shr
shr turns
shr: cutey
guys I call lovely lady di as cutey di
girl: han main tmhein sharam and chahiye
sumu: who is she???
shr: my best friend
sumu: oh hi
girl: hi how r u??? glad to meet u
sumu: same here
girl: shr y don’t u invited me
shr: tm call hi nae pick kr rae the r m invite krone k liye Germany to aa nae skta tha
girl: shut up r sumu tm pagal ho gae ho Jo is insane boy she shadi kr rae ho
sumu: hahaha
shr: chup hahahah ki bache
girl: pillow do mjhe
khushi; q????
girl: pillow I said
shr: 2 plz
maria goes and gives two pillows
they both start their pillow fight suman and all were enjoying it
girl: jaldi sorry bol
shr: sorry

girl: that’s gud
they both hug each other
shr: guys she is my best friend sanju ( sorry di I just took random name)
sanju: hello everyone
she hugs sumu
shr: ab kr ln engagement
sanju: yup sure quick
shr makes sumu wears ring then sumu makes shr ring everyone claps everyone does dance evening passes like this
shr calls sumu
sum: hi shr
shr: hi
sumu: an bht maza aya na
shr: han bht
sumu: I promise u shr that I will be with u in every hour of ur life like a shadow I will always b loyal to u because I love u
shr: I promise u that oh I will carry u over fire and water for ur love
and I will hold u closer hope ur heart is strong enough
when the night is coming down on u
we will find a way
they chit chat for some time
after a week both got married and lived happily after
the end

hey guys its ufaq
I think its long and gud one because I personally like it
but u tell me how it was
I will be waiting for ur comments
with lots of love
ufaq and uffi

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Very nice Ufaq! I liked this OS very much! Sweet and simple yet amazing! Keep it up?
    Keep rocking! Keep writing!
    With Best regards,
    Zuha Fatima

  2. Nice story…

    1. Thank u lili

  3. Thank u soooooo much zoha I like or name
    Thanks again sweetu

  4. LovelyLady

    ufaq yarrrr tumhara os mst hota h….
    reallyyyyyyy liked it…
    sare charactrs amazing the…..
    sach batau actually i was missing my self in the story ….. mujhe lga mai ni hu…
    bt yipeeee i was there….. i was hell happy reading it ………..
    i enjoyed being best frnd of shravan…
    . ban na to kuch aur hi tha… bt its ok… sumo ki jagah kaise leti 😉 😉
    thnq u soooo mchhhhh ufaq

    1. Thank u sooooo much di
      Haahahaha God will give u ur real life shr very soon
      Di m ap ko kese bhol jati yar not possible impossible
      Ur welcome di
      And thanxx for the sweet comment
      Love u di
      Take care

  5. Marie

    Hello ufaq api….!!
    I have no words to describe my happiness n how much i loved it….bt phir bhi…..ut ws awesome mindblowing fantastic outstanding…..!!
    I loved it to d core di Ur imagination is beyond d world…..❤ n u r an amazing writer………..jis yarhab apne sab frnds ko mila dia i loved d way di…?????? n yeah i personally like dis one…..cause is mai hamari pyati pyari dosten hai??❤❤ n i will consider it mera one month complete hone ka gift?? or han han apka result kya aaya bheeee plzz btao na maine bht prayers ki hain hope they work……..n mosam kaisa hai wahan ka barish? All r okay?………. Take care api…????? love u sooooooo sooooo sooo much se bhi ziada!❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Hi love
      OK u take it as ur one month complete gift
      Thank u thank u thank u soooooo much
      Mjhe bht maza SB ko ikhata krone m
      Mosam ka to mt poncho love wohi garmi r kia
      All r super fine
      Result thori der tk pta chale ga I will surely tell u
      Love u soooooooooooooooo much se b sooooooooooooooo much she ziada se b ziada
      Love u take care
      With lots of love

  6. love iI got 95 percent
    I just can’t tell u how happy I m
    Thank u sooo much for praying
    Thanx Mario
    Thanx di
    Thanx api
    Thanx anju
    Thank u soooooo much yar

    1. Khushi

      What di….congratulations di it’s party time…m sooo happy for u uffi u r amazing kya baat hai itni achi writer hone me saath saath u r soo intelligent main toh aapki fan ho gyi uffi….m so happy party kab foge yeh batao??
      Love u yr congo

      1. Thanxxx khush
        Kese dn party apko yar
        Tell me??

    2. LovelyLady

      what a newssssss yaarrrrrr….
      super happyyyyy abttt this…
      u made me priud over u again…..
      n u dont need to thnk me.. u too hv prayed fr my admission….
      yar party chahiye to bt agar tum yaha hoti to mai deti party kyu ki tum choti ho n mai bare hone k nate tumhe party jarur deti….
      kash tum yaha hoti….

      love n miss u a lottt

      1. Thank u aooooooo much if u want party then when and how tell me I m ready

      2. Lets do an online party. Coz we cant meet in real life.

    3. Heartly heratly congratulationssss ufaq di. Humari wishes kaam aa gayi. Jokin. It was ur hardwork. Keep rocking. And yes the os was.mast.

      1. Thank u soooooooo much nandi
        Thanks for prayibg
        Online party how yar????

      2. I will defnetely tell u. See as i said we cant meet in reality. So the only option is online party with all the party and food emoticons.

      3. Party how yar tell na????

  7. Khushi

    Uffi it was amazing just can’t tell how mast it was….hehe m shravan ki sister no problem di…main shravan ki sis ho sakti Hun but namik ki kabhi nhi??
    Di kya amazing OS thi…hehe that bacheu wala convo super hilarious damn good kammal dhamaal bemisaal aaj toh aap bahut khush hoge after all itne ache marks Jo aaye hai….Congo Congo Congo humesha aise hi khush rho and itni achi OS likhte raho…love u muahh??

    1. Khushi

      P.S this is from sumo di also

      1. Thank u soooo much sumo di

    2. Thank u soooiio much chMcham
      Hahaha namik hahaha
      Thanks yar
      Han bht khush yar
      Thanks again
      Love u tooooo

  8. Prettypreeti

    Khushi ko shravan ki behen bana diya yeah kya kiya him Sab khushi ki sis hai MATLAB shravo nhi nhi I mean to say shravo bhaiya hai hmara
    Just kidding darling don’t take it at ur heart love it by the heart
    As I always say starting se lr kr end tak maza as gya
    U write superb os and ff
    Keep writing ufi
    I can call u ufi koi problem toh nhi

    1. Hahahahah sorry for making u sisi of shr
      Thank u sooooooo much sweet
      Ya I don’t mind u can
      Love u

  9. Affaa

    Congrats for your result….
    And my chul bulli became a great os writer really I think you should give your os to bindas channel…your each os is the best…I’m speechless on your writing…spectacular yaar…
    More than you I’m dancing here for your result…and your thanking us for your result…first of all its our responsibility to pray for our sis…and you got 95%…Only because of your heart work and your belive in Allah….love you baby…take care…mmmmmhhhhh

    1. Thank u sooooooo much a pi
      I m very happy today
      U prayed for me thank u soooooo much
      Me too dancing here hahahah
      No no don’t give it to any channel api plZ
      Thank u soooooo much
      I love u more than u love urself
      Take care

  10. WeirdSister

    It was so nice ufaq…loved it…!!!

    1. Thank u sooooooo much Ws

  11. Nice OS..☺☺
    Congrats ufaq..??

    1. Thank u soooo much sona

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