My dark night raglak (Part 2)

Ragini was enjoying her,when it comes to food she can’t compromise. She completed her breakfast n looked at her aunt,who was getting ready,she asked mom where r u going?? That lady said not me u too.we are going to buy dresses for you .she said mom I already have more dresses na,why??

Lady answered ,for the Yule ball n mostly knight Laksh is coming there.Ragini felt irritated to hear the name laksh.The way all respected him n his rudeness.

She travels into a fb,

Laksh was playing ,he unknowingly he broke raginis doll.He saw her coming n his it under the bed. Ragini was searching for her doll. When she saw laksh hiding something, she pushed him saying u ,uuuu

Laksh said what uuuu after u its v don’t you know alphabets ms Betty,what a pity. Ragini said okk Mr.Knight or should i say Mr.fright I don’t want you to teach me alphabets.He said ragini n chased her. Both fell in mud n splashed it on each other n went away in opposite directions. From their started their fight.

A fight to best each other.Days passed by….

Ragini thought why him,I know he’s beat knight.But …okk leave it. Mom pla you go na.Lady said no you must come n that’s final or…what Maa air asked ragini.Lady said no one cares about me ,I thought at least you love me but n started her fake acting…Ragini raised up her hand in defeat saying okk mom I’m coming.

Ragini was sitting keeping both the hands on her cheeks n looking here n there.Her mom n dad were selecting dress for her ,it was nearly 1 n half an hour.They were fighting with each other for selecting her.

Her mom would take a dress n her father would say,see don’t take dresses like aunty,my daughter is such a pretty girl. When her father takes, her Mon would say some mistakes like color is not nice n bad selection.She laughed seeing their small fights,which were symbol of their love.She too wished to get a Prince charming,but it was long gone.She slowly tip toed n slipped out of place n let out a gasp,she went into another section.

She dashed with someone who was carrying a pile of clothes, she fell on him.she locked her scarlet eyes with his ice cold blue eyes….

UN vizhigalil vizhunthu nan elugiren
Elunthumae maraipadi vizhugiren

Un parvaiyil mothi da alaigiren
Alainthu naan maraupadi thozhaigiren.

Guys guess whom
Hope u like u all.

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  1. Awesome I tink is Lsksh

  2. Awesome episode

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    Wow super sema song

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    Nice.. But we don’t understand Tamil.. Plz translate


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  7. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

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    Nice. From which movie is that song?

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  24. It’s interesting episode dear and loved Raglak scenes. Please write lengthy episode and eagerly waiting for next. Post next part ASAP

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