PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 5


The cruel yet caring rays hit her porcelain skin making it gleam in the morning light.

Misha had removed the curtains which was enough to bring her out from the deep sleep.

She woke up with a smile on her face but when she remembered past night’s events her face left the smile and there were only worried crease lines on her face.

She immediately turned towards Misha who was getting her stuff readied.

“Misha, I want to ask you something. You remember last night also I had to wake you up, to ask the same thing.” Misha turned stone after listening it but she composed herself so that Piya don’t get suspicious.

“Do you remember what name was ..” she continued, but Misha interrupted, diverting her mind “Oh Piya, can u get ready a bit fast we don’t have time. You can ask all the other stuff later girl. Now just get up and come readied fast, I am out.” And saying this rushed out of the room.

Piya amazed, went in the washroom, with all her necessary things.

She came down in the hall and went to the breakfast table where Arnab, Mish & Birdie were waiting for her. She wished them morning.

Piya occupied the first seat beside Arnab to his left. Arnab patted at her back and asked if she slept well the last night.

It came to her mind that it must be Misha who told them about it. She looked at Misha who gave her an ‘I donno anything’ expression.

She nodded her head assuring him that she had a good sleep.

Piya decided to clear her mind of all the worries for the time being and sat comfortably heading for the covered pan on the table.

She undid the lid of the pan and moved her gaze towards the pan to find her mouth watering the next instant.

It was Caprese melt sandwich. Her favourite. And the next thing waiting for her now was Shake Shack, again one of her delicacies.

She immediately reached for it and took a heavy bite, sipping the shake alongwith.

She was enjoying the dishes as well, and soon she was full.

She got up and turned to get her clutch when her eyes fell on the open window, scening the magnificent woods, and it wasn’t long beore she lost herself, in them.

She didn’t know why but whenever she looked at them and tried to feel them, she felt most relieved as if a missing part of her soul has just attached back in its place.

The impatient snap of the fingers woke her up from her living dream. She looked at Misha who was now most irritated since she’s been waiting from past ten minutes for her to move from the place, but then finally had to get up herself and bring her back to senses.

She hurried fast out of the house and jumped in the front seat, beside Misha who was going to shake every single bone of her with her speedy and stunting drive.

They finally reach the college and Piya is thanking god murmuring that once again he saved her from the danger and that she is very thankful for it.

They get out of the car and Misha head towards the locker room without waiting for Piya to join her.

Piya tries to catch up with her but she seemed already vanished in thin air. So, she slowly moves towards the common room.

(Locker Room)

Misha is standing near her locker surrounded from all sides.

Kabir, standing to her left, Ruhi, beside him, Angad, just in front of her, Maya to his right and Shree, to her extreme right.

Misha is guiding them something and everyone is listening to it carefully.

Finally she stops talking. Kabir asks her “Misha everything else is fine but tell me why are you suddenly talking all this? I mean what’s the need that you want us to be extra careful!”.

Misha has a worried look on her face but finally speaks “it’s not all for name sake guys. We ned to do it. Yesterday night Piya woke me up and she was asking me about Abhay and..”.

“What? She remembers his name? She herself asked you that?” said Kabir, shocked.

“No guys. She doesn’t remember his name but she realised that we are keeping something from her. Yesterday she asked me if I remember the guy’s name Kabir was talking about, when I interrupted.” Said Misha.

“I am trying very hard to not let it out in front of her.”she said exhausted.

Piya is coming towards the locker room.

“But Misha. Why are you keeping it from Piya? She has the right to know about A..”said Ruhi, concerned about Piya’s state.
Piya was passing by the locker room when she stopped hearing her name and turned around. She found all the guys seriuosly discussing something.

Piya is standing near the side window when she heard Misha saying “No Tracker, she don’t need to know anything. Don’t talk as if you don’t know anything. And whatever we are keeping from her, is for her happiness only.”

She continued “All the ast memories are just going to bring her miseries and pain. She don’t deserve that you know very well! And that too when we don’t even know where he actually is? He is missing from the day of the accident. Was it love that he left her there in the middle of the forest, and ran away to never return back? ”. “He just pretended. Had he loved Piya, he would have thought about her at least once, it was all fake, he always lied to her, he used her, he don’t love her, he never did.”

Piya didn’t know about whom were they all talking but all those harsh words about him by Misha stinged near her chest in dip bottoms of her heart. She felt her feet pacing towards Misha, to shut her mouth to end all those words.

She reached them and held Misha by her arm asking her to stop at once.

Everyone was surpised by seeing her there, and Misha was shocked to see her react like this. She never reacted once like this.

“Piya. Piya leave my hand ”said Misha.

“Misha! Misha what’s the need, the need to talk all this rubbish about someone? He can be dear to someone. Why can’t you just stop talking bad about him?” said Piya, very irritated.

“Piya. You know, who am I talking about? For whom am I saying all this?” asked Misha terrified, if she heard it all.

“Whomever it may be. But what matters is that you can’t just start talking like that about someone” said Piya feeling disgusted that Misha doesn’t care about one’s feelings.

Misha felt relieved after listening to her, and so did the others.

Misha asked her forgiveness, and told her to stop thinking about it anymore and go to the class.

Misha again said that she is sorry that whatever she said she shouldn’t have and promised her not to repeat it.

Piya went to the classroom and soon others joined.

Its been 3 hours since she moved from her place due to all the sessions held one after the other without a break. She felt exhausted.

She tried to concentrate in the class and in between looked at Misha, it seemed too much for her to take into her mind in such a short period of time.

She laughed loking at her face and was instantly pointed out.

She was shocked to find herself again, the centre of all the poking fingers.

She stood up and couldn’t answer the questioning by Ms. Promila, and had to go out of the class immediately as per the warning.

She went out in the open ground in the mid of the building. She felt relaxed but at the same time it was disturbing her that she was pointed out among all, and thrown out as well.

She was moved with unmeasured steps and she didn’t realize that she was moving towards the forest.

It was only then when the soft but forced wind blow hit her soft cheeks, pink nose and still ears, that she noticed it.

She suddenly felt somethng in her chest, the stinging pain rose again with the familiar rustle of the trees.

She heard a sound, a name, the most beautiful name she have ever heard, as it relieved her of the stinging pain instantly.

The voice seemed to arose from miles of distance but the words were christ and clear. She heard it saying “Your love……..Your Abh…………..Abhay is waitin……………………”. And that was all she heard or the other way, that was all MUTTERED.

Precap: YOU KNOW ME………………………..I DON’T………..


Hey dudes…….. so here’s the one. Sorry culdn’t write a long one as I had expected. Hope u like it. Please tell me if its nice, and I shud continue, also if any complains.
Loveeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu

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