PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 3 Chapter 2 Contd.

She is moving forward on the deadly silent road. She changed her course and headed towards the path to the woods and soon is out of sight amidst the thick jungle. She reached an old fort, now. She hears it again. The same voice.

“Piya” was the mild call. “Piya, I need you Piya, come here!” came the voice again. She turns around and searches for the origin of it. She is moving towards the profound part of the woods. She moves reluctantly but her curiosities overtake her fear.

She is moving fast now and just then she finds a flash over her face to add to her discomfort. It seemed to come from a source nearby. Next she had to close her eyes to save them from the severe hurting heat of it.

“Open your eyes! Get up!!” The screams fell into Piya’s ears. Still her eyelids remained shut. Again came the yell “Wake up Piya or else we will be late for college! Get up”.

Piya slowly tried opening them, blinking them several times in the process.

Her eyes finally drooped up. And she saw Misha standing there, glaring.

Her eyes were wide now since she discovered that it was a dream. She hurriedly got off from the bed and gazed at the clock for a moment and rushed to washroom for a shower realizing that she is late.

Downstairs she rushed to the dining table, hugged Madhu and wished her morning, and grabbed a spring roll from her plate.

She wished Arnab and Panchi as well, and rushed out of the hall after hearing the horn several times. Shouting over her shoulder that she will be there for lunch, she hurried to the garage.

She came out of the garage in a red shining Porsche. Misha on her Duke was ready to rush out of there.
She saw Piya and signaled her to leave. They both left and soon they were in their college premises.

Piya parked the car and almost jumped out of it after glancing at her watch.

Every single guy in and around the place was staring at her unblinkingly.

She wore a purple tank top and shallow cobalt blue shirt over it with a serene white jean below it.
She had tied her hairs high up in a pony tail. A butterfly black and silver watch, slit earrings, high golden heels to accompany it.

She was feeling awkwardly awkward since again she is becoming the centre of attention, even in Paris after the shoot, she used to hate facing media.

Just then a protective hand taps on her shoulder. She turns to go ahead with Misha, since everyone in the college knows about Misha and as well knows that she is very ill tempered thus won’t dare to go a step towards Piya realizing that she would bang any and every person who would dare to step forward.

Both of them move from there and towards their class. Misha is guiding her about how to talk to everyone, being a bit harsher at least or else like before only, people may tease her and some spoilt brats may even insult her like that dumb Abh…, I mean the ruined ones.

Piya notices that Misha was going to speak about something, may be some name but stopped amidst.

She thought of asking her to tell the whole thing, including what she was trying to hide, but after looking around, the cluster of girls and boys approaching them she decide otherwise and kept mum.

Misha jumped in front to shield Piya from all the tight hugs, all at once.

“Hold on, Hold on! Listen guys Piya is already very tired and moreover she is changed now, you know The Super Model!” “FLASH FLASH FLASH ”. “Give her some way guys!”And with this she dragged Piya out of there hurriedly.

“Comm’n Piya you got to meet my bestie” and she took her in the common room. “He is awesome! And you know him” said Misha. “Do I? Who is he?” asked Piya wondering whom about Mish is talking.

“God Piya don’t say you don’t remember him also. Piya it’s none other than…” she paused and started waving her hand high up in the air shouting “KABEEEEEER”. Piya turned around.

She saw a cluster of boys and girls surrounding some guy, his way cleared, and he was there staring at them in awe and then broke in a run. He came and banged with Misha’s front, held her in his arms swinging her all around. “Hey, Kabeeeeeraa missed you like hell man” blurted Misha enjoying the reunion.

“Oh Please! You dumb you went away just like that. I was left all alone to deal with all the girls. You know, my charm shakes the inner core of every single heart” said Kabir.

“Wow! Look who’s here.” “So, what’s up our super model? Comm’n Piya you forgot all of us so easily. I mean just a single accident and forgot all of us? I know, after all the person behind this was none other than that ..” said Kabir but stopped in mid after looking at Misha who was staring with wide eyes, realizing that he was just going to reveal his name.

“Hey guys! You can talk all about it later, we need to first move towards our class or else we ll be thrown out even before we get in!” said Misha diverting Piya’s mind. And hurried towards the class. Piya closely following her.

Kabir on his way realized that Piya din blurred even a single word all the while. Well this was something unexpected since he thought that she would soon turn into a brat due to all the fame. But after getting it that she is just the same except her dressing sense that changed for the better part to come up, he felt good that he din speak any stuff in front of her.


(The Classroom)

Misha gets in the class and finds all the guies busy with their own stuffs.
She clapped high in the air. And was boggled to find all of them on top of her in less than a second. She struugled to breath when Kabir came to her rescue.

Everyone started cheering and all of them burst out hundreds of questions creating a havoc all around.

Only few got glance of Piya. Misha finally in a better state, came to Piya and held her hand in order to address her again as the famous personality, when Piya realised it and stepped forward formally introducing herself.

“Heloo everyone! I am Piya Dobriyal, and I guess many of you know me. But unfortunately I won’t have the pleasure of recognising you all, since my memory cheated me” said Piya slowly in a light voice all the time avoiding the awestruck gazes.

Many of them turned stone after listening to such polite words through her melodious voice.

Only then it was Ruhi who jumped ahead and hugged her a tight one, followed by Angad. She loved to see her in the new makeover. She realised that Piya actually have got a very nice dressing sense.

She turned to Angad saying “Oh my god Piya! You look fabulous. Ain’t it Angad”. Angad nodded his head in a yes slightly smiling. Piya was relieved that guies are so nice that they all respect and like her rather than taunting like which she used to face in Paris, coz of the jealousies.

But that was not all she had to deal with. There was something much more which she had to face.

“So you think you can throw your tricky charm over here? Don’t dare think that loser. Coz this one was always mine and will be the same forever.” Came the cunning voice. So this was what she had to deal with.
Yes, of course! T.

“Oh please! You bimbo. You don’t have the right to say anything.” spoke an angry Misha.

“What the he..”

“Just shut up for your own sake. Since you lost all the rights when you cheated on all of us, you needn’t speak anything. And believe me dearest T none cares what you blurt out. So just take a chill pill dude! And move out of here. FAST!” interrupted Misha in between.

“Hey cmm’n guys! Don’t spoil your mood coz of her. Hey Mish dude lets just move out of here.” Said Kabir, glaring T with a disgusted look on his face.

And the butterflies moved away and out of the class.

Then came Miss Promila, with all the heavy stuff still in her hands like always.

And the guies hurried to their seats. Misha sat on the second bench. Piya stepped to move to the vacant seat beside her when she saw it cleverly occupied. Yeah, Kabeera came and sat there and then looked up and nodded his head in a signal as if seeking favour. Piya nodded back and sat on the third one.

Miss Promila, realized Misha’s presence quiet soon and was keenly observing her to seek for any changes. She noticed her seriously reading and listening to the class proceedings, simultaneously.

She felt relieved that the girl finally got sense. Sh turned towards the board and was going to write something just when she heard a loud whisper. She turned back and was shocked to find almost ten paper planes flying in all directions and it wasn’t late before she had one of them hit her right on the tip of her ever straight and inclined nose.

Misha burst out in a heavy laughjter joined later by the whole class. Miss Promila glared at her in disgust and moved out of the class angrily.

With this Misha jumped on the bench and stood erect. She shouted “ Guies I am BACK! And it’s going to be ROCKING. Just chill evryone. Why not to fear when Misha is here!”.

Piya stood up aand was laughing looking at her totally unchanged sis.


Everyone is now in the canteen.

All are busy talking to Misha and Piya when Kabir comes there and wooes many of them saying that their presence is causing choking.

He holds Piya’s and Misah’s hand. And drags them out. He makes Misha and Piya sit in the car. While Piya sits un strugglingly, Misha continously tap on his shoulder.

He drives the car away from the college primises, and stps the car in front of the tea stall.

Misha after getting it jumps out of the car and Piya slowly moves out. She comes in front of the stall and punch Kabir on his chest, saying that he still remembers it.

Piya is shocked to see that kabir and Misha are ordering for each other.

She steps ahead to ask them thousands but then again gets lost in the mesmerizing cool breeze flowing and hitting her face at right angles.

She moves forward closing her eyes and then start swinging all the while closing them shut. She prepares her ears to go deaf since she want to enjoy every bit of it.

She is lost in her world when she senses a shock to her ears. It’s a hit, the blow of the changed winds.

Again hinting her that something is there in these deep woods that she needs to discover.

The winds blow and hit her eardrums every single time with a greater force.

“Piyaaaaaaaaaaa…..! Make me survive. Only you can… ” hit the voice and shook her inner core. Her eyes opened wide.

They went wild searching it all over again.

She ran deep in the woods following the voice.

The trees rustled in a hush. Expressing their chorous. Affirmation from all directions.

She searched around and ran again. The voice. It seemed fading. Was she gonig in the wrong one?
Her mind boggled and she tired of all the running drooped her knees down and landing them at the cold but delicately soft ground.

She looked around warily, and then sighed a heavy one.

Precap: BURIED MATTERS………………….. Out Again………………..

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