PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 11

In college

“I am telling you dude, this girl is going to suffer a lot because of her stupidity.” said Misha wondering over Piya’s behavior.

“Why, what happened that you are saying this?” asked Kabir.

“Well nothing much but the usual stuff that happens, she again left alone, for the woods. God I don’t get what she needs from there.” Said Misha exhausted.

“Its fine Misha she would get it soon, that there’s nothing in there.” said Kabir trying to calm her down.

“That’s not the matter man, it’s the fact that she don’t want to listen to anyone and surely would end up in trouble, and this time a huge one” said Misha.

“Come on Misha! She won’t do any stupidity, she knows the difference between wrong and right, she would understand soon you just don’t” he dragged the last word.

Misha who had her face averted till now waited for him to complete but when he didn’t, she turned to find him staring at something and smiling a wide one.

Kabir is staring at the entrance and seems lost in something.

He saw a girl entering the college. She is wearing white belle boots which reach few inches lower her knees.

His gaze moves up and spots a royal blue mini skirt pleated at sides, and over it a serene white clinging top.

It exposed her shoulders. She is wearing a golden- silver bracelet in her left hand and a shavel charm band in the right which perfectly matched her dress.

Finally he saw her face. Its long and her eyes are big ones looking around to find her way.

He is lost checking her out when finally Misha follows his gaze and a bored expression accompanied her features now.

“I can’t believe it Kabir, you are ignoring me for the girl, just the way you do every time but you must get that this is something important, at least to me. Stop gazing at her now. She is just a random girl dude.” Said Misha

He turned stone hearing the word ‘random’. His expressions turned fierce realizing what she meant.

Misha who was looking at him constantly gave a confused expression.

He glared at her and she thought again about what she just said. Not able to find anything so annoying, she looked at him coldly.

“What happened to you, man? Why are you looking at me like this?” she asked still confused but uncaring.

“Listen Misha I don’t know what is with you but I surely know that you can’t call her RANDOM. No way. Get that straight. I don’t want to repeat it.” Saying this he left from there, leaving behind a totally amused Misha. She found it difficult to get what turned him so annoyed and how come he got so protective towards the girl.

She rolled her eyes at the thought and went towards the classroom.

Kabir is moving towards the corridor but before turning, he jumps the wall and another jump sideways landed him in front of common room.

He could see her still very unconfident eyes looking around, though she walked with attitude.

He saw her moving towards the common room, just when she turns around but in mid way she trips, he runs for her but before he could land her in his arms he find her already resting on a hard front clenching the t-shirt tightly, in order to avoid falling.

His eyes burned when he saw the pair of hands sliding down her shoulders and landing on her waist.

He waited impatiently for her to turn or tilt her head sideways a bit so that he can get the identity of the person holding her. Holding her like that.

He saw her stable on her feet now, and she moved to the side, the hand still on her waist slid to her arm and rubbed her back and then the forearm.

He saw a tall well built muscle stack in front of him. The guy was huge. His face a square. Light grey iris in those small eyes.

He looked hot in all black, and Kabir fumed realizing that he knew the girl from before and chased her here also before him.

He took few steps towards them all the while maintaining his gaze at the girl.

“Hey, dude!!” came the voice, and hence he looked at the tall fellow waving at him.

“Could you help us with the way please” asked the guy.

“Actually, we were looking for Principal’s Office.” came the sweet voice.

And her eyes turned frightened. Kabir looked on confused, his eyes then fell on the brutal fingers clenching at the side of her waist.

God these would leave marks, and the pain through the bruises will last long.

He glared the guy ready to rip him apart any moment.

The guy let go of the flesh and stepped forward. “Hey dude hope you can help us out with it, since you don’t seem to be new to the place like us.”

“Nope man, I am an older brat here.” answered Kabir in a firm and calm voice while his heart was barely controlling to not beat him to death.

“I am Krishit.” the guy answered, but Kabir moved his gaze to the girl.

The guy extended his hand and the girl slid her cold palm in his.

“And she is my fiancée, Alina.” and at that he gave her a side hug.

She just smiled. Kabir helped them to reach the Principal’s Office, and then moved around to go.
But before he left, he looked over his shoulder and gave her a last glance before leaving.

The girl felt his eyes first on her and then his head moving the other direction.

She bit her lower lip, and paced towards their destination.


Misha comes to the class and finds both her besties missing.

Neither Kabir was there nor Tracker. She fumed realizing it. She looked around for a seat to settle down.

She sat on the third desk, and it was not late when a familiar voice hit her ears. She turned her face to find a fuming Kabir sitting besides her muttering all the curses under his breath.

But before she could ask him anything, the classroom door thumped and entered the professor.

It’s Miss Shaina, she thought.

She expected Kabir to get cheered up at once but he only smiled a bit, a fake one rather.

She felt concerned about him and decided to talk to him after the class.

In the middle of the lecture she heard him mutter something; she concentrated to listen to him better and thus could finally catch hold of few words.

“How dare he do that, that b**tard, the son of a b***h. I would kill him. How dare he hurt her?”

Misha turned her face in front but it had lost its color by then.

She looked shocked and hurt.

She got up and went walking and out of the classroom.

Precap: LOVE I HAVE FOUND……………………………..

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