PKYEK- The Dark Love Story CONTINUES…..Episode 8 Contd.

“What do you mean Misha?” asked Piya.

“Well it goes like, you liked him, but was sensible enough to distinguish between good and bad.” said Misha.

She continued “especially when you got to know that he can trouble a girl to an unexpected extent and later throw her like trash, when Maya told you that she is pregnant with Abhay’s child”.

And Piya remembers how Maya confessed that the baby in her womb is Abhay’s, and realizing this, she felt a twinge near her heart.

Misha then continued “And you instantly decided to avoid him and his charm. You were almost successful. But then the worst day came soon”.

“There was a party in Abhay’s house, and then he asked you out, for a dance. You refused but he against your choice made you dance with him. You could not back out then, since the whole town was present there. You felt hurt.”

Piya remembers how she was made to swing along with him. Later she is seen crying.

“And then finally you collected yourself and the other day you showed him the real face of his. You showed him the mirror. You even slapped him. He felt insulted and out raged. He decided to take his revenge. He decided he will make you pant for him.” continued Misha.

Piya remembers slapping Abhay.

“He traced you several times, tried a lot to impress you, but all in vain. Finally he used several lies to make you fall for him. You did. And fell literally in love with his fake personality” said Misha with a fake sigh.

“And finally he said what you longed to hear from like centuries”

“Oh yeah! He said it” continued Misha.

Piya remembers how Abhay confessed his love in the forest. And how she fell for it, all over again.
This brought a smile on her face.

“But it was all set up at the first place to ruin it. The very next day when you had just started getting happier, but had fully trusted him, he did the most hilarious act ever. He came to the college with two other girls swinging in his arms, and he left you with the bits and pieces of your hart to cry for the rest of time.” said Misha with a guilt in her eyes unnoticed by Piya.

And Piya remembers the day when Abhay came to the college with Ruhi’s friends and passed besides her not at all paying any attention, as if she doesn’t exists.
And immediately a big round tear rolled own her cheek from the corner of her left eye.

“And then when you couldn’t bare it you fought for your existence, for your rights, on your love, on him. He couldn’t take it and, on Mom Dad’s anniversary party when even he was invited, he got really angry and felt frustrated that you are not leaving him and in his anger, he pushed you so hard that you hit the window glass, it broke and you got a deep injury near your spine. You could have been killed. But he didn’t care.” said Misha with a lot more guilt all over her face.

Piya remembers that she was bleeding profusely when she hit her neck on the window glass.

All the while she only sees light glistening from his face and so still doesn’t remember how he looks.
She remembers him but not his face. That was weird.

Misha is guilty as she remembers how she had pushed Piya risking her life and didn’t care to save her, when it was revealed that Piya is her sister. She felt disgusted of herself that she is blaming that person who actually saved Piya’s life.

But for now, it was important, since Abhay was no more there, they couldn’t find him anywhere and she doesn’t want Piya to take any further stress considering him, as that may result badly. So she needs to continue the story this way only, even when she feels most guilty that she is creating it such a way that Piya is developing hatred towards him, but that would at least save her from her mental breakdown which she would face if she finds Abhay missing.

Piya now felt all over more hurt, and was barely controlling her tears, when she realized, actually felt surprised that why she gets attracted to the woods, and feels his presence there in the woods.

She asks Misha “But I don’t get one thing. Why and how the woods are related to it and why always feel that they are calling me to help someone, to help myself.”

And Misha instantly reformed her face and hurriedly answered “Well, that may be because you guys used to roam quiet much in those woods and you felt familiar.”

Piya nodded an unsure yes.


All the Dobriyals except Piya, also Kabir and Ruhi present there were discussing about the ways by which they can make Piya trust that Abhay cheated her, when Arnab believed that he actually did, and to keep the truth from her.

Piya was in her room. It was 8 now and she was there on her bed since the afternoon when the conversation ended, very still, like statue, fighting a war with her heart to believe that he cheated her. She felt tormented and disturbed, bothered that he was not there anymore. She wanted to ask him all that all over again.

Why he turned it all hell? Why couldn’t he just get that she feels as if ripped in pieces, that she can’t bare it, it hurts like hell. She wanted to ask it all, but how and when.

She then realizes that she yet doesn’t know how and when he actually detached from her, and where was he NOW?

She couldn’t wait any longer. A hope filled gaze settled on the window pane, towards the forest, gave her eyes a soothing sight actually a relieving thought, that she may be able to know it all and understand better when she would meet him.

Now this excited her even more and now she was literally could not wait. It felt as if the time is slipping just the way the sand slips out of hands.

She started towards the stair and own in the hall, where everyone seemed to get shocked and instantly nervous when discovered that she is around.

What could be the reason that they seem to turn stone hearing her footsteps as a loud thud on the floor followed by her voice?

But she didn’t care the thought for now and headed straight towards Misha holding her bicep firmly and bringing her to a corner.

“I need to talk to you, now. It’s not all. And you know it. First let’s get away from here. You got to give me some answers.” said Piya, with a determination in her voice.

Misha and everyone else soon get, what she needs answers for and thus a serious atmosphere surround them.

Arnab seems annoyed that Piya still wants to know about that person.

“Piya. No need of any questions. Go back to your room” he said curtly.

“But Papa, I want to just ask that how did Abh…”Piya tried to argue but interrupted.

“Once said must be enough. No questioning, rather any conversations are going to be held on this. And that’s a clear instruction.” said Arnab, which looked more like an order to Piya.

She wanted to convey something more but stayed mute.

She felt it would help her to sort the situation, better.


In Piya’s room

Piya is lying upside down on the bed. Misha comes in.

“What is it Piya? What more do you wanna know now?” said a calm yet irritated Misha.

Piya instantly got up to face her and dared to ask her.

“Misha I hope you can answer it, because I think it’s the simplest of all. Why did Abhay leave me. When. And where is he now?”

“Piya you know that he was a playboy, so I hope u got the answer for the first one.” answered Misha, thinking ‘no Piya it’s not the simplest rather the toughest of all’.

Piya nodded, and indicated to answer the next.

Misha continued “It was the night when Panchi’s engagement was broken. You went to meet him. On your way, you found him, himself coming for you. You wanted to say it to him that you can still forgive him, since he was trying so hard to convince you that he actually loves you, if he promises to stay loyal to her.”
“He accepted and went on his feet. You both were in the forest then. He had been talking to you till long that night, then he asked to drop you to home. And promised he will start a new true life from tomorrow for you.”

“Then it so happened that his car went breaking. There occurred some problem and the car stopped and couldn’t move ahead. You were seeking around the way for help. And then there came some bully of guys, who troubled you.”
“And he stood there like stone and you tolerating it. Somehow you escaped them. But you met an accident in front of his eyes. Due to that only you have to face all this. That’s the reason for your present condition.”

“What did he do next?” asked Piya.

“Nothing. He didn’t even take you to hospital. He just ran away. Fortunately, we found you soon enough, or else you would have…” answered Misha.

“I would have had died. Right. And he didn’t care to treat me and my injuries.” said Piya with a gloom in her eyes.

“Piya. Why are you getting sad? That too for him! He was never bothered, nor you should be then.” said Misha, trying to calm and relieve her a bit of the stress.

“And……. Currently he is….”said Misha.

“Where is he?? Where is he, Misha? Tell me.” asked Piya, restlessly.

“I, I don’t know. No one knows where he is now. He disappeared the same night. Whole family seemed to have vanished that night. They just disappeared. I can’t tell you; sorry I have no answer to this.” said Misha, feeling her pain and her troubles.

Piya feels agitated hearing this. It tinged near her chest, a prickle that she didn’t, rather couldn’t bear any longer.

She turned her face away from Misha, and said “But why? Why he had to leave?” barely controlling her tears.

“I can’t answer this either dear, but why should you care?” asked Misha.

“Because for me, he is…” said Piya but stopped in mid.

Misha’s eyes widened.

“Because he was something for me sometime. And I need answers from him.” concluded Piya.

She went near the window, looked towards the woods, and then tried to calm her heart telling it that he Cheated her, but possibly the result was unfavorable according to her mind.

She then settled on her bed and tried to sleep.

She determined her mind that she would find the matter and his reasons soon.

And with that she covered herself till her neck with the feather light blanket and her eyes slowly drooped down.

Precap: HE……….BACK? ……………………….. DREAMS BABY……..

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