Dark gives rise new light (epilogue)


Dark gives rise new light ( epilogue)

Hii guys …i know its shocking but I have to write this epilogue for the love I got for dark is more than too much for me…soumya my ladoo u made dark another cherished memory for me…ur comments on dark itself unforgettable…u wrote very nicely the OS even I don’t know if I can able to come up ur mark or not..i dedicate this specially to u…always u n this dark ff has a special place in my life…happy birthday ? dear..many many happy returns of the day…have a fun n wonderful day..i hope all ur wishes come true n u will be happy forever…
And Jessie n feby both scared hell out of me..i won’t leave u after this epilogue..ur stick made me to stay at mars…lol…cuties don’t mind
After six months

Everything has been changed after that cursed day,u can even say a fateful day for country..everyone seems silent…but inside them an unknown darkness growing in the form of vengeance…a deep hurt which made them robotic person without any soft feelings…

just six months ago who treated as traitors now considered as god; but what’s use of that…Adarsh was happy being as a traitor as his angel was alive but she was gone making a devil out of him…a devil who is emotionless filled with rage…he was new chief of SOS who brutally orders to kill culprits, terrorist, smugglers without thinking again…he cursed each n every black organizations and reason them for his own devastation…even nandini couldn’t manage him…she herself become silent,so never try to force Adarsh…although they are married they never shared any kind of soft emotions…both always busy emerged in their own thoughts n own work…

Neil was promoted…but if a chaos or any small commonation happened he was talking about encounter…not a few days back he beaten up one prisoner very badly…for which he got a notice from higher authority…but one good thing came out from Neil’s coldness n anger is no smuggling n trafficking occurred…even if public afraid to disobey the laws…every law of security was observed tightly n made sure to follow it..a small change occurred in his personal life though…after radhika gone Sam started to take care of him despite all his protest,anger n coldness..later slowly he accepted her seeing her selfless care..sam knew she could never take the place of rads in his heart but still she was acted the more mature person in this time…

Now NDN media topped the chart again…it got its lost position with its truth n reliable news…they never tried to show crap …teji n sam both promoted…sam took permission from editor n went to city hospital with teji..today’s her brother’s discharge day…the day sumit Khanna took bullet for Adarsh,afterwards he was admitted to hospital…all went to see him…

At hospital Neil asked whereabouts of Arjun…nandini replied with a low voice;” he headed for his destination”…Adarsh said bye to all after listening this n went away…

At the cliff where rads drowned below in the sea,Arjun stood by spreading his hands inhaling the wind that come to him touching after the sea…he was not like before now…the soft,calm,cool Arjun gone…he buried himself in all the dangerous missions n become a monster who filled with anger,vengeance…what he dreamt n what happened??…he never shed one drop of tear after she gone..that’s the big problem…he never let out his frustration n agony… more over he was angry with her for leaving him in a half way,angry with himself as why he should fall for her only,angry for why he didn’t confessed his feelings…everytime when he came to this place he didn’t know but he felt bit relaxed as if his fire is alive n he could heard her ideas ,her giggles…he closed his eyes to feel her embrace,a smile crept in his lips and he sighed in bit of relief…he felt someone’s touch on his shoulder n turned back after came out of his trance…

” missing her!! People said she’s gone,my angel was dead…but my heart said she is present somewhere in this world..she will definitely come back..m just waiting for that day”, said Adarsh with controlling his emotions..

” yes bhai,this time I’ll never let her go..will cage her within me forever..I’ll ask her why she played hide n seek with us..its unbearable for me now to live without her”, Arjun said with sad filled voice

Only those two persons believe Radhika is alive..she will return one day..when her death topic start they become volcano which ready to erupt..first others tried to calm them,argue with them for realized the reality but now all fell silent,never protest them..Arjun told with a lost voice ;” let us scream her name loudly so that our voice reach her wherever she is and she will run toward us,I know she will never ignore ur call”…Adarsh eyes were becoming wet listening Arjun..he knew very well how much Arjun loved Radhika..he got proof that day..what else a brother need for her sister’s lover that he should love her like him..he witnessed that incident..so now his utmost priority is Arjun..he responded happily Arjun’s request..both screamed upto their vocal cords last ability;” Radhikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,our angel,our life just come back”……

Six months back at same place :

Radhika jumped with nuke into the sea..everybody froze at their place with shock..Arjun stood edge of the cliff..he was dumbfounded..his brain couldn’t function ,what he saw with his own eyes?? How could he live without her..he remembered their beautiful moments,how they met,how they work together for Texas mission,their October snow night,their kiss everything..how he decided to propose her after all this…but she was leaving him..how could she?? If she’s not here then what is the meaning of him..before anybody could react he jumped off from cliff by shouting her name followed by Adarsh to rescue him…both were too much engrossed n engaged with her that they couldn’t think any further..

Fortunately marine’s rescuers reached at the right time..both were hospitalized..after coming into senses they continuously asked about her only..her body was not found..they seemed hopeful ; but after two days a body found which is almost decomposed..they were broken again but after seeing the body don’t know why,both felt it was not her body..they seemed more hopeful when PM n Defense ministry announced the death of black king with video proof after four month of her death news..

Ankush the only person who was in sane,composed n acting wise at that time figure out something is going on defense ministry only between PM n DM..as a diplomat he knew its something related to that incident..he called up everyone n they decide to ask DM directly…

But they never got any satisfactory answers for their questions..finally Ankush twisted the talking n asked;” sir ,u have no idea how much we r suffering now?? Its like darkness covered our life..would you please tell us truth..n yes another question I know Arnav sent the nuclear formula to their head immediately but why nothing happened??”..

PM first cleared that nuclear formula was fake..the original formulae was with him always..so no worries about that…they lost all of hope..but at their exit time DM called them back n said;” I know what u want to know but give me one answer why darkness is there?? It make you feel the importance of light,right..sometime it’s long awaiting night but morning brightness always awaits there..for that the only thing is need “patience”..behind everything happened there is a reason..I think u got ur answer..it make things more confused but they looked hopeful….

At present……..
Arjun now working for SOS directly under Adarsh…they got the news that the left out persons of E2 organization were vengeful n seeking their revenge..they are trying to rebuild their empire at great nicober island and when they will get suitable time they will attack…both got ready for mission but sudden outbreak of violence n chaos at border areas make them go in different ways..Arjun requested to let him go for great nicober n moved out..

Great nicober was Indian island where many wild old tribal community living inside the dark forest..some of them also eat human beings ..the most horrible place but for terrorist it is.. suitable place..Arjun was already experienced with this kind of horrified mission..he faced problem from tribal community but overcome it..finally he succeeded to find the bunker n carefully uncovered the layer of Bushes,straws and went inside..the underground abode was much developed n large than his thoughts,it was like some rooms rather than bunker..he set up bombs quietly n went into a corner while he heard some mumbling sounds..he went closer n heard they are planning to serial blasts at big cities..they already prepared their plan..

Arjun was shocked tried to come out from bunker to inform Adarsh by satellite phone with a hurry,bad luck he bumped with something n they got alerted…he ran to come out…at the edge time some one pulled down his legs he fell down n started back his fighting..they are almost 15 peoples ..one of them went outside to call others..another 20 people come to join them..Arjun with in a second decided that he should press the remote so everything will smashed here with him also..but their leader snatched that before he press..they captured him..their leader tried calling infiltrate some information..when he denied despite of their tortures,their leader told subordinate to inject truth serum in him..

After injecting twice he felt dizzy but still denied to give the security informations..they injected more but no use..he felt energyless,powerless with dizziness arises ..he couldn’t see anything properly..out of frustration n anger their leader beat him mercilessly but stopped by hearing some heavy footsteps jumped into their abode..they all ran toward with their weapons n a fight occurred obviously..all Indians force covered their faces with masks..when someone tried to hit Arjun on head another person on mask came forward and stopped him by kicking him..he shoot him..Arjun was loosing his sense feel a familiar touch on him,which make him alive again..yes he wasn’t wrong..those hazel brown eyes showing brightness like fire..that touch which calmed him..he could heard her saying;” r u okay..nothing will happen to u”..

” finally u come..u know how much I waited for u..i missed u..now m at ease”,Arjun said with painful trembling voice n fainted……..

A beautiful bright sunny morning..Arjun opened his eyes to found himself on hospital bed..he was looking lively n happy again..he saw Adarsh sat near him with a smiling face..Adarsh told;” m happy seeing u back my hero.. N u know u r selected as best agent n that honour ceremony will be held on after some days..m proud for u n happy for u”…

Arjun was all curious..he can feel her touch yet..he asked impatiently;” where is she?? She didn’t come to see me..i met her..she saved me”..

Adarsh stood like statue with happiness coz he knows Arjun never jokes about her sister but why she didn’t come?? Adarsh said ;” Indian navy rescued u to here..i don’t know further”.. Arjun felt angry,even Adarsh..

It was ceremonial day..everybody present at presidential chamber for encouraging Arjun but he was absent..Adarsh took the award on behalf of him n announced he left his job permanently..other announcement were going on..everyone stood shocked hearing the best undercover agent award…..

Arjun stood near Texas hill station..cherished his memories with her..so it was another October month first snow fall starting..he felt revived..he spread his hands n wish” I made one wish ,I wanted that wish to be filled only..i only wanted her to be with me forever”.. He opened his eyes n remembered how she wanted to take a selfie both of them but with some urgency they couldn’t…he opened his camera for selfie n tried to smile ; but his smile stopped seeing another familiar lovely face behind him ..he was going to turn heard her saying;” don’t turn u idiot,just click that one”.. Arjun clicked photo robotically..n turned..he couldn’t believe his eyes she stood in front of him,his fire,his life everything…he just stared at her…

Radhika said;” r u not happy seeing me..oh man u make me run so much..see only coz of u I came here crossing so much distance..i don’t believe my brother could push me so much to come to u immediately n look at u ..u even don’t seem interested..what happened to u?? “..

Arjun couldn’t utter single word,just heard her saying..when she said ” v u gone mad??” He came forward n just touched her from distance to feel if it’s real or not…he pinched her a little for that rads screamed n pinched Arjun hard…he came back to senses..radhika said;” u idiot what made u lost??”..

Without a single word he pulled her into a bone crushing hug..he feel her to his heart content..his eyes were wet as well as hers..he said;” finally,u r here,I’ll never let u go again”..

Radhika replied;” I don’t come to u for leave,I come for permanent”..

He knees down n proposed;” marry me n become mother of my child..no other options available for u now”..

Rads said;” u really become shameless lately..who proposed like that ordering ..even u didn’t say that u love me”…

She turned her face n said I won’t if u don’t do it properly..otherwise m leaving again..she was just teasing him..Arjun pulled her into him n kissed her hard..he mumbled on her lips “I love u so much ,don’t say u don’t know that”.. And again kissing her..

They sat under a tree by hugging each other…He asked her how she rescued ..she said ;” something was better if unanswered,don’t u happy with the fact m alive n with u”?? He said ” u cant imagine my happiness even..as u wish we leave our past ..a new rise for us awaiting”…

Now he realized the sentences of DM if darkness is there bright morning light is also there..he need to have patience ..yes now their life will begin with a new story..with a new hope,new light n new aura..he promised himself he never let go his happiness again..earnest desires always make connections to our loved ones ,so always be honest….

I wrote in a hurry..sammy enjoy dear…and no jutta chapal plz…

Credit to: rossy

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  1. Sammy

    Oh yes …finally you make her alive .. yipee thanks di for this beautiful …superb day gift …oh god now iam crying …really iam crying …mind blowing ….marvellous …and don’t dare to use the words joota chappal ..I love u for writing this on such a short notice ..thanks for fulfilling my wish …arjun’s proposal ..oh god leave radhika ..now iam blushing badly …so cute and so emotional ….Neil and adharsh .. they both become cruel …lol …I mean at last I didn’t accepted that she will be for him and will click a selfie with him …I mean it was epic ..really now my dark is complete .. thank u Rosie di ..you are my shona babu …love u muaaahhhh..hehe ..now want mars romance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. happy birthday saumya….may all ur wish b fulfilled and b happy always….love u loads….

    2. Thanks Sammy dear…n a very happy birthday ? to u…may the almighty filled all ur dreams n wishes…u r blushing…lol…and Shona baby…awwwww cute…m gone ?

    3. Dipika

      Sammmy wish u a veryyyy happy birthday dearyyy…I wish s
      Sooooo much n much happiness n love..may u always smile n make life bright with chamak of ur tooth..haha…Have a great day..have a bday blast..shares some cake with u too..muhhhaaa..n yess today’s is neil aka shravan’ s bday tooo..

  2. Brin

    Outstanding episode, it was a perfect ending πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks brin for liking it..

  3. Sammy

    I don’t know I am still wanting to say many things ..well I am still crying …u write it for me …on my bday ….you made my morning …now what to say . ..I just don’t have words to express my feeling .. thank u will be very small ..trust me if it is good that I am not the boy ..otherwise I have surely abduct u with me forever …lol sv will kill me as she is my posssessive hubby πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ but really Rosie di ..iam touched with this love shower from you ..thanks a lot ..thanks for making my day memorable …seriously ….I doing all weird dance in my room … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Sammy m super duper happy seeing u again…lol…itz gud that u r not a boy…otherwise my Arjun will not leave u…don’t be senti now..enjoy ur day with fun…cake,traditional dishes,masti etc…lots of love also

      1. Happy bday Sammy πŸ™‚ may u got all u desire for.

  4. Love you Rosie for bringing Radhika back…tight hug πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ see hw happy I am

    1. Thanks gauri…m very glad seeing u here despite u r too busy…tc??

  5. tis is my rosie di… lol..love u… now no jutha chappals only hugs and kissy…ahhh……i am sooo happy..finally ardhika together……now u can land on earth..i will not scare u….hahahaaaaa….well…now its a perfect ending…..
    and happy bday saumya…..

    1. Huh…don’t worry…now it’s my turn to scare u…see what I’m going to do????

  6. Shubhadha

    Nice one dear…lvu it..

    1. Thanks subhadha

  7. wow … rosie thanks for writing epilogue .. even i ask you to write πŸ˜› πŸ˜› … the chapter was soo cute… loved it to the core πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .. this FF is one of my ever favorite πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks vini for such compliments..tc?

  8. Jessie

    Rosieeeee… welcome back (from mars)?u Made me so emotional… God.. I had tears reading Adharsh n Arjun’s situation n their belief tat she wud be back… n was it Rads who is getting best undercover agent? Neill turned more strict.
    . And hugs n kissess for u for ardhika moment.. wow.. October snow.. selfie..n she came behind him as a. Surprise.. poor baby Arjun really went through a lot.. gosh.. wat a torture in islands?! Truth serum n torture..energyless..powerless..dizziness.. I almost stopped a sec b4 continuing 2 read1.. y do u love Arjun so much? u made him energyless.. powerless.. n lol dizzinesss… I really loved his proposal… who wud gn such a proposal..Man..he wasnt gn any other choice.. hahaha u nailed it yaar.. The selfie surprise n his outstanding proposal..wow.am so happy now.. my fav ff n its end as’and they lived happily ever after’ .?? wat did we scare u…No.. Jokes apart.. this is fab.. thanks for this epilogue.. I love tat..! Happy tat ppl who risk their lives selflessly finally got their happiness….Thanks a ton… hugs n Muaaaahh.. Take care.. hope u are healthy now.. keep smiling….

    1. Awww…Jessie dear thanks a lot…m really ready to scare u again..??..i love Arjun so much that I made him powerless n dizzy..??…hows my surprise ?…lol

  9. Myra

    Amazing rossy….i had tears in my eyes reading this ……sheer brilliance….rossy, this is the perfect ending…love you… πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the amazing comment dear…?

  10. Sweetie

    Rosie dear..I don’t have any words to praise you for this lovely epilogue..Tum khud hi doond lena words for you pleaseeee…?And now you are going to return from Mars..You will push away Arjun and eat the dishes made by me..Chooo sweeeetttt…?I can cook only Maggi properly..So sending you via virtual link..?Eat it alright..Arjun ko main alag se bana dhoongi..Bechara Maggi kha khake mota ho jaayega.. πŸ˜‰
    Anyways Epic and marvelous one as always..?Lots of love..❀Stay blessed and keep smiling.. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks sweetie geethu…i don’t eat nestle products..i want yipee…ok…let Arjun have whatever I left..??..ur compliments are too much for me..

  11. Now this is what we called as Jhakkas, fadoo, bole to super duper hit.. Rosie dear this was a perfect ending of a perfect ff…everything were so beautifully written as if playing like a musical instrument…was so much drawn in the emotions that didn’t wanted it to the end…Arjun, Adarsh feelings made me cry…Neil turned into a ruthless officer..OMG.. Arjun’s proposal…out of the world…become mother of my child..?..seriously..???…their selfie moment..damn cute…jst superb dear…thnx u for writing this one… And now u can surely land on earth…?? and m damn worried for my Arjun..don’t know how he survived for so long without me ??..I can imagine how much he was missing me..?.. Now waiting for double dhamaka of reincarnation ? and mars.. Post soon..love u..tc πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks a ton ritu dear…awww I told you Arjun will forget everything if m with him…lol?? don’t worry he is jumping n dancing now?? jokes apart m confused between reincarnation n manmarziyan on mars…which should I write??

      1. Well Rosie dear I want a double episode of reincarnation first and then mars nxt.. πŸ™‚ sorry dear I know m sounding too greedy but I really cant help when it comes to my fav stories.. πŸ™‚

      2. Awwww..my greedy head…don’t worry..I’ll update long so u can feel like double but I really can’t write above that it’s of two characters…lol…how long I’ll write I only mention that one chapter…btw I have other idea but I have to supress it …?? m really wanted a loooooooooong update of LRD

  12. wow……………rossy..love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ammu ..radhika back…arjun proposal aweome.mingblowing episode…….thanks for updating…tc

    1. Thanks a ton subha dear for liking everything…tc?

  13. Hehe..Rossy I commented here too..anyways I totally enjoyed it…honestly speaking the words brought tears in my eyes.. Arjun pain I was nit able to bear that but now m on moon hearing he got his Radhika back…wow one Rossy..u should have written this one long back..and hats off to u for this ..kisses and hugs..

    1. Thanks pankh dear..glad to see u here also…m curious about something…if u don’t mind can plz say me pankh is ur real name?? Don’t mind my silly banters…tc?

      1. Actually my real name is Pankhudi (I know its too long) pankh just a nick name..my frnds and family call me pankh.. πŸ™‚

      2. Ooh…really beautiful name n not long…my certificate name is too long than u..lol..

      3. If u don’t mind can I know ur name

      4. Its sushri suchismita…hope u won’t faint??

      5. Ofcourse not.. Nice name..though I don’t know the meaning πŸ˜‰ and what are u doing currently..??

  14. Dipika

    Rosie my darling girl you made my evening n made my all tiredness fly in the air..Lovely amazing marvelous epilogue.. No u can come on earth….Thank you for writing this epilogue.. N bringing our rads back to arjun..m sooo happy for them…last lines stole my heart..you r amazing girl…i can’t thank u enough for this…love u..muhhha.tc

    1. Thanks heroine…ur comments make me smile…what yaar?? So much love…lol…keep ur heart safe for our jiju

  15. S.v

    Epilogue was soo adorable. I am a bit emotional now as u made me feel like a lost love found out again. Thank u for that. Pls let me sau this 1 thank j rosie as u donno how I was sad on that day but did not reveal it to u dear. Thsnks to sammy as she was the one with other whk made the request of this epilogue . U know what now the story got its ultimate and cute finish with my twins touch.

    I loved it to the core and never say jutha chappal u wil surely get my tight hug and lods of kisses for this adorable epilogue. Love u lods my twin . Love u soo soo soo ooooooo much.

    1. Twin…don’t be emotional yaar…u want me to cry…i also say u thanks n sorry this time..m really glad that u liked it..take care yaar n be happy always..and yes take care of ur wife..she is out of control…lol???? kidding

      1. S.v

        He he he my wife is always like that thats why I love her lol. Well when are u planning to go to mars and find my peace ??? Update yaar

      2. Lol…thinking about ur peace…after 50-60% which will be after one chapter I’ll write about mars..

  16. Oh this is like a dream, a sweet dream thank u for this Rosie, I know u don’t like the formalities but thank u so much for this epilogue. Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    1. Thanks giu baby…really happy to see u…how r. U…busy?? Ohk take care n have fun…update when get time

  17. Awesomeeeeee. ….omg Rosieeeee. …it’s mind blowing n superbbbbb beautiful epilogue. …you nailed it my sunshine….loved it very very much from the bottom of my heart. …rads saved n she came back to rescue arjun….wowwww. ..adarsh n arjun bonding was very heart touching. …darkness was there in both lives, nesam N nandini also in ankush’s life but now rads bright light will shine their life again… the confession n arjun’s proposal was really outstanding…..so beautifully narrated. …romantic n full of emotions. ….muaaaaahhhhhh. …rosieee I’m very happy to read this lovely update….thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh sweeeeeetheart for writing this unique story. …this dark ff will always be in my heart…..n reminding me your sweeeeeet words N msg which u gave through this story to all of us….be like this always N keep smiling n writing like this encouraging stories for us….take care sweetheart, stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh, bear hugssss. ….β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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